Gen 5 Master Baton Pass Team

This is my first competitive team for Gen 5.

Please note that i haven't figured out what items to use.

Lead is Haxorus with a 56 HP/252 Attack/220 Speed spread.
He's jolly and has mold breaker.
Moves are Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Dragon Tail, and Roar for scouting.

I plan on Baton Passing Agility and Acid Armor from other members of my team.

My healer is a Vaporeon running a 248 HP/252 Defence/ 8 Special Defence spread.
He's Bold with Water Absorb.
Moves are Baton Pass, Wish, Roar, and the aformentioned Acid Armor.

My other Baton Passer is Jolteon running a 4 Defence/252 Special Attack/252 Speed spread.
He's Timid with Volt Absorb.
Moves are Charge Beam, Agility, Substitute, and Baton Pass.

I have a Shell Smash Cloyster that i also plan on Baton Passing into.
He's running a 252 Attack/4 Special Attack/252 Speed spread.
He's Jolly with Skill Link.
Moves are Shell Smash, Icicle Spear, Reflect, and maybe Attract??

I have a Perish Song/Mean Look Gengar running a 4 HP/252 Special Attack/252 Speed spread.
He's Timid with Levitate.
Moves are Mean Look, Perish Song, Hypnosis, amd Dream Eater.

Finally, i have a Blissey with a fairly unique moveset.
She's running a 252 HP/252 Defence/4 Defence spread.
She's Bold with Serene Grace.
Moves are Toxic, Sing, Block, and Soft Boiled.
I plan on using her as a Staller Waller.

This is my first legit team ever so feel free to give harsh criticism.
You need to be more descriptive on your pokemon overall. Why were they picked? Why do they benefit the team? Also on another note. Why are you using serene grace on a stall blissey. Switch the ability to natural cure. This team is too gimick based and would not stand up to almost any team in the ou
You need Espeon to bounce things back at opponent.

Priority move or Rapid Spin on Cloyster. White Herb. See:

~ Charge Beam on Jolteon, and No Agility. He's fast enough as is. He should have Thunder, HP Ice, BP, and substitute. w/ Life orb.

Gengar is horrible. Also, I'd think about Volbeat for your lead/main BP.

A special attacking Blissey might be interesting, but the moves you have there are horrible. You're better off w/ the traditional chansey evolite set, or make a legitimate attempt at Chansey Sweeper. Flawless Serene Grace Blissey w/ a solid flamethrower/special move/special move/softboiled set. A Volbeat or Cloyster boost/pass on her could stick around.