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[Gen 5 RMT] Bulky Semi-Offensive Stall Feat. Doryuuzu

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by [Zangoose], Dec 14, 2010.

  1. [Zangoose]


    Aug 14, 2010
    Hi all! I'm back with another team based around Doryuuzu. I just believe he has so much potential on so many different Sand Storm team variants...
    So, to the team. It's not completely polished (unlike the last one), but it's been laddering quite well, peaking at number 24 with 1472...but I'm still laddering.
    The focus of this team is to balance out Doryuuzu's weaknesses, all the while restricting enemy movement with entry hazards and statuses. I'm not sure what category it falls under; maybe something akin to "Bulky Semi-Offensive Stall"? Meh. See for yourself!


    Teambuilding Process.

    So here's this giant enemy mole.
    What two words rhyme with Doryuuzu? Sand Stream! Wait, let me try that again...
    At this point, I decided Hippowdon would set up Rocks (what else does it do?). As I want lots of rape-upon-entry with this team, a Spiker would be nice.
    Surprised? I thought not. Nattorei complements most of Hippowdon's weaknesses, and is my Weapon of Rain Destruction. A nice Special Wall would be...well, nice. Burungeru complements Nattorei's weaknesses perfectly, and vice-versa.
    A fairly nasty thought now hit me. A Breloom could now come along and completely fuck me over. I needed a defensive pivot to fall back on when times get tough for my UBER-CORE...
    Finally, some added power would help out my team a lot. As well as being yet another solid Doryuuzu check, Roobushin adds a bit of bulk to the team as well as mega-sweeping capabilities.
    After a suggestions from Chou Toshio, I decided to remove my precious Gliscor, and add Rankurusu. It can set up Trick Room, which really benefits my team, and has EPIC SWEEPING CAPABILITIES, as well as being a great Breloom check.
    That's it; the teambuilding process. Now it's time to show you my good stuff...


    The Team.
    Hippowdon @ Leftovers
    [252 HP / 148 Def / 104 SpD / 4 Spe]
    Impish Natured (+Def, -SpA)
    Sand Stream
    -Stealth Rock
    -Slack Off
    This guy is a beast. Well, you already know that, but still. This is taken straight from the Smogon D/P page, and it works perhaps even more effectively this Gen. It does well in the lead position, despite being completely shut down by Borutorosu / Sableye / Erufuun. Stealth Rocks are a necessity for my team, and although Hippowdon won't always lay 'em down at the start of a match, he always gets an opportunity to somewhere in the midst of it. Earthquake OHKOs Doryuuzu (w/o balloon), while it can't OHKO back at +2. Slack Off prolongs Hippowdon's already ripe old life, and Roar racks up the hazard damage later on, as well as scouts for the team. The EVs are the standard physically defensive ones for Hippowdon, except for the 4 in Speed. They don't really make a difference - it's just so, against opposing Hippowdon, I can get the Roar in first. It rarely happens :P.
    Roobushin @ Leftovers
    [120 HP / 252 Atk / 136 SpD]
    Brave Natured (+Atk, -Spe)
    0 Speed IVs
    -Bulk Up
    -Drain Punch
    -Mach Punch
    The size of the above image does not do justice to the tank that is Roobushin. Seriously, this guy has swept me almost as many teams as Doryuuzu, and that is really, really saying something. This is the standard Bulk Up Roob. Strategy is simple. After a Bulk Up, Roob hits 624 Attack and 339 Defense. If I manage to get Status'd on the way in, I'd say it's just about gg. And it is laughable how many people either Toxic, Paralyse or Burn Roob. Drain Punch, after status and a Bulk Up, OHKOs most anything that doesn't outright resist it, and it heals shitloads of health on the way. Mach Punch destroys Doryuuzu, and revenges Pokemon bulky enough to take a Drain Punch and hang on to whatever strands of health they're left with...Payback provides awesome coverage with Drain / Mach Punch, and OHKOs any Ghost that dares hit me. The EVs are set that way so that I won't get OHKOd by Shandera's Overheat after Stealth Rock and one layer of Spikes damage. I choose Brave and 0 IVs in Speed to maximise effectiveness of Payback spammage, and not much out-slows me anyway.
    Nattorei @ Shed Shell
    [252 HP / 4 Atk / 156 Def / 96 SpD]
    Relaxed Natured (+Def, -Spe)
    Iron Barbs
    0 Speed IVs
    -Powah Whip
    -Gyro Ball
    -Leech Seed
    Here he is, one-half of my UBER-CORE and the most pivotal. As well as having insane typing and fantastic mixed-wall capabilites, Nattorei packs a punch with his WHIP OF POWAAAAAH and Gyro Ball. But the key to this set is Spikes. There are always so many opportunities for it to come in and set up, that on average I get 2 layers, along with Rocks. Leech Seed keeps Nattorei healthy, and puts even more defensive pressure on the opponent (along with the Stealth Rocks, aforementioned Spikes, Toxic and/or Burn and Sand Storm :P). I use Shed Shell so as not to get fucked up by Shandera, as I really dislike it coming in and getting a "free kill". Lack of Pursuit really stings sometimes. Relaxed nature keeps me as wall-ey as possible, and powers up Gyro Ball as much as possible.
    Burungeru @ Leftovers
    [252 HP / 56 SpA / 200 SpD]
    Sassy Natured (+SpD, -Spe)
    Water Absorb
    0 Speed IVs
    -Ice Beam
    -Trick Room
    Introducing the perfect partner to Nattorei, Burungeru. As well as resisiting all (2) of the types Nattorei is weak to, and vice-versa, it helps out with walling on the Special side of the spectrum. This is a fairly unique set, made for supporting my entire team. I can always bring this in on something that can't hurt it (such as a Scarfed Shandera locked into Overheat), thanks to Shed Shell on Nattorei. Henceforth, Trick Room will be set up and any Burungeru counters (of which he has a lot of) are either Ice Beam'd or Burned by an incredibly fast move. Recover keeps me healthy, and I can use it intelligently to set up Trick Room many times in a match. Every single one of my team, aside from Doryuuzu, benefits so much from Trick Room it isn't funny. ON TO TEH NEXT POGEYMAN.
    Rankurusu @ Life Orb
    [192 HP / 64 Def / 252 SpA]
    Quiet Natured (+SpA, -Spe)
    Magic Guard
    0 Speed IVs
    -Trick Room
    -Shadow Ball
    -Focus Blast
    If only it got Aura Sphere...Rankurusu is a new addition on the team, courtesy of Chou Toshio. It acts as a fairly consistent Breloom counter (and all-round Fighting-type destroyer), and is an incredibly powerful and bulky Pokemon. As stated above, Trick Room is an extremely beneficial move to Rankurusu and the rest of my team (save for Doryuuzu). Once Rankurusu is safely in, it can set up Trick Room on a forced switch and proceed to sweep. Most of Rankurusu's "counters" are fast, frail Pokemon that will be OHKOd by the appropriate move. Psychic is absurdly powerful, factoring in Life Orb and 383 Special Attack. Shadow Ball and Focus Blast provide perfect neutral coverage - the only thing holding this set back is Focus Blast's shitty accuracy. Magic Guard is, I believe, the best ability in the game; not only does Rankurusu not take damage from entry hazards or Sand Storm, allowing him endless switching opportunities, Rankurusu doesn't take damage from Life Orb. At all. So basically, it has around 450 Special Attack. The EVs maximise Rankurusu's bulk beyond a simple 252 / 252 spread - it will never be OHKOd by 5 Bullet Seeds followed by 3 from a max-attack Life Orb Breloom. A Quiet nature and 0 Speed IVs make Rankurusu as fast as possible under Trick Room.

    Doryuuzu @ Balloon
    [4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe]
    Jolly Natured (+Spe, -SpA)
    Sand Throw
    -Swords Dance
    -Rock Slide
    Seriously, who would use any other sweeper? This is the man. The boss. When I get Doryuuzu in safely, and I get in a Swords Dance...well, shit goes down. My whole team is centered around the mole. EVs and movepool are standard; you've seen it all before. Blah blah POWAAAAH blah blah SPEEEEED blah blah. After my seemingly never-ending bouts of item-testing, I've found Balloon to be by far the most effective, giving me plenty of opportunities to switch in once "counters" have been taken out and wreak havoc. 'Nuff said.

    So there you have it, another Doryuuzu team from the man who brought you "Bugs with Lasers, Moles with Razors" (man, I love shameless plugs). Feedback is appreciated, and you can rate / hate all you like!
  2. [Zangoose]


    Aug 14, 2010
    Status: Work in progress.

    Ok, here's da threat list; I officially have no life. Basically, these are the top 50 Pokemon by usage, with Skymin + Darkrai + Manaphy + Deoxys-A added (basically, all the Pokemon that were banned on Pokemon Online's beta server). I've been testing this out a little bit on the Smogon server, so I have some idea of how they match up.
    Pokemon in red fuck me over.
    Pokemon in orange are troublesome, but workable.
    Pokemon in black are simple to deal with.

    [​IMG] Shandera: Usually only gets one kill every two games. Nattorei is obvious "bait" for it, but I run (trollolol) Shed Shell. No one seems to expect that. Burungeru takes around 40% from Shadow Ball and OHKOs back with Boil Over, with Stealth Rock damage and one layer of Spikes.

    [​IMG] Roobushin: Rankurusu destroys it. Destroys it. It takes little damage from a +1 Payback that goes first, and OHKOs back with Psychic. With Trick Room up, it OHKOs and takes very, very little damage from Mach Punch. As a second counter, Hippowdon can take any attack thrown at it and Roar it out.

    [​IMG] Nattorei: Set-up bait for my Roobushin. Roob heals off any damage dealt by Leech Seed, and can get to +2 easily. Spikes are an issue, but then that's the Spikes that are the threat. Not the Pokemon that sets them up. Rankurusu can 2HKO all variants with Focus Blast, but due to the FUCK ACCURACY it's usually a 3HKO.
    I hate Focus Blast.

    [​IMG] Breloom: Meh. Breloom is Breloom. Swords Dance variants are the shit, as they can come in on most things I have and Spore, then Swords Dance. Rankurusu is my only check, but then he dies to a 4-hit Bullet Seed after a Swords Dance, with one crit in it. Psychic OHKOs, but after Rankurusu dies? Breloom fucks me over a lot. Stone Edge variants are a lot more manageable. After Hippowdon is put to sleep (which usually happens), Nattorei can come in on the Bullet Seed, and then Rankurusu can come in on the Mach Punch. Bullet Seed is never an OHKO. Roobushin can handle Breloom somewhat, but then its more of a who-gets-in-first situation.

    [​IMG] Tyranitar: I enjoy seeing this thing, because 99% of the time it means a Doryuuzu is hanging out in the wings. My team has so much Dory-hate that it gives me no problem at all. Hippowdon can beat balloon-less Tyranitar with Earthquake - the most its gonna take is from lolIce Beam, and that is a 3HKO on standard mix variants. Roobushin can Drain Punch all he wants, and Tyranitar locked into Stone Edge is set up bait. Nattorei handles it well, but it has to watch out for Fire Blast, which is becoming increasingly common. Finally, Doryuuzu destroys it weakened without a Dance, and any variants after one.

    [​IMG] Doryuuzu: MAH DORY IZ BETTAH THAN URS. My team has so much hate for Doryuuzu, it's funny. Hippowdon can take a +2 Earthquake, and when Dory's at +2, it means his Balloon has popped, meaning Earthquake is an OHKO. Roobushin can take most things dished out at it (I'm not sure how much damage it takes from a +2 EQ...probably an OHKO) and Drain Punch for the win, and a Mach Punch whilst it's Status'd OHKOs. Rankurusu can survive an X-Scissor and Focus Blast for the OHKO, Burungeru takes 50% from an EQ and Will-O-Wisp's its ass...and my Doryuuzu is just better. Just because.

    [​IMG] Blaziken:Burungeru is the ultimate counter. Unless it's running lolNight Slash, which I haven't seen one do, it can Recover off any damage taken from a +2 Flare Blitz and let Blaziken kill itself. Or, you know, Boil Over or something. Rankurusu also laughs in its face as Blaziken Protects ONLY FOR TRICK ROOM TO BE SET UP, and then it's OHKOd by Psychic. Hippowdon can OHKO with EQ, same with Doryuuzu. All in all, no troubles at all.

    [​IMG] Ditto: Ditto doesn't give me too many problems at all. I generally don't let Dory's balloon get popped, so Ditto can't do jack shit to it, and that's really my only set-up sweeper than can be killed by it. Rankurusu sets up in a way that trolls Ditto hard. Nothing much else to say, my team doesn't really have many revenge killers that I can be revenged by.

    [​IMG] Jaroda: Graw. I hate this thing. I generally just stall it out with a combination of Nattorei absorbing Leaf Storms and Burungeru absorbing HP Fires or whatever it throws, and when its health has been whittled down by Sandstorm, I destroy it with Doryuuzu's X-Scissor after one of my Pokemon has been OHKOd. Alternatively, Rankurusu can take a +2 Leaf Storm, set up Trick Room, and KO it after Stealth Rock and one layer of Spikes. Either way, I have to let one Pokemon die.

    [​IMG] Garchomp: Sand Veil is the hax. That's all I really have to say about this 'Mon - it's not too troublesome. Most variants are Scarfed, so it's very easy to predict. Earthquake 2HKOs from non-SD'd Doryuuzu, barring misses. Nattorei can Leech Seed off the damage if it doesn't carry Fire Fang or some trolly move, and set up Spikes before killing it with Gyro Ball. Burungeru 2HKOs with Ice Beam. I'm gonna say it again - Sand Veil is the hax. It wins games when I go against it, and when I use it it never happens. Rage.

    [​IMG] Espeon: Only really bounces back either Stealth Rock or one layer of Spikes. Not a troublesome offensive Pokemon in its own right. So many things OHKO this, and Burungeru walls it to hell and back. All I'm gonna say.

    [​IMG] Politoed: These battles are the ones I really love. Rain does well against Sand when Sand is using an offensive team...but I have so many weapons against Rain it's hilarious. Nattorei is my primary weapon. Rain teams don't pack Fire moves, so the only thing I have to worry about are Fighting-type moves. Other than that, it 2HKOs Politoed with Power Whip, can set up Spikes on Kingdra with ease, etc etc etc. Burungeru is my second weapon, limiting the Water-type attacks thrown at me for fear of healing a Burungeru you worked so hard to take down to 20% health. Finally, Rankurusu trolls Swift Swimmers and can OHKO or 2HKO all of them, whilst they can only at most 2HKO it. In a battle of weathers, it's all about who can keep their user alive the longest, and that's when I generally win.

    [​IMG] Scizor: Burungeru. That's all I have to say. Takes nothing from Bullet Punch, Superpower, U-Turn, Bug Bite, Iron Head...every single move Scizor has to offer, aside from Pursuit. And why would I want to switch? Why switch when I can simply take 40% or so from a CB Pursuit and halve its attack, Recover off the damage and proceed to slowly and painfully kill it?

    [​IMG] Genosekuto: Sigh. First of all, I have to figure out whether it's Scarfed or an RP version. I generally work this out when a) it doesn't take Life Orb recoil, or b) it uses Rock Polish (ingenious, aren't I?). Then, I have to work around it, slowly whittling its health down before finishing it off with either Roobushin or Doryuuzu. Troublesome to say the least.

    [​IMG] Zapdos: The only "difficulty" is working out whether it carries Hidden Power Fire or Ice (TollFreak trolled us by not allowing Heat Wave and Lightningrod), and then walling with either Nattorei or Hippowdon. Once it is the last Pokemon (made easy by my walling skillz) I finish it off with Doryuuzu.

    [​IMG] Dragonite: Everbody rejoice! Your favourite tubby Dragon has overtaken both Salamence and Sazandora in the usage statistics! Seriously though, Sandstorm takes care of Multi-Scale. If it does have Leftovers, I burn it with Burungeru before setting up on it with either Roobushin, Rankurusu or Doryuuzu. Draco Meteor is the shit, but Dragonite overall is not a problem to my team.

    [​IMG] Kingdra: This Pogeymanz is generally accompanied by Politoed, so it foretells the interesting battles of WEATHER WARZ. Doryuuzu outclasses this guy as a sweeper. ChestoRest is annoying as ever, but fortunately is walled by Nattorei. Burungeru can burn it, and then heal off the Outrage damage by absorbing a Hydro Pump / Waterfall. Specs is just lol.

    [​IMG] Gliscor: Almost annoying enough to be classified under orange, but two of my Pokemon deal with it well. Ice Beam does MASSIVE DAMAGE coming off Burungeru's slightly-higher-than-decent Special Attack, and if Gliscor wastes a turn Toxicing then good for me. Rankurusu can 2HKO with Psychic after setting up Trick Room, whilst Earthquake off max Attack is only a 2HKO in itself. I "outspeed" = I win.

    [​IMG] Urugamosu: This is simple. Urugamosu is infinitely walled by Burungeru, who resists both of its STABs and can return fire with a super effective Boil Over. Alternatively, Doryuuzu can OHKO with Rock Slide. Nothing else to say.

    [​IMG] Heatran: I've actually never encountered a Nitro Charge balloon variant. But due to the massive amounts of my team that can OHKO this lava-ry beast, I won't assume it's any trouble. Seriously, once balloon is popped, Hippowdon OHKOs with Earthquake, Roobushin OHKOs with Drain Punch, Rankurusu OHKOs with lolFocus Blast and Doryuuzu OHKOs with Earthquake. And, it takes after a switch-in to 2 layers of Spikes and Stealth Rock, (I think) Mach Punch OHKOs. So np.

    [​IMG] Burungeru: Yay! I love these guys. And I love popping their pompous heads. Rankurusu can 2HKO with Shadow Ball, whilst burn gives me pseudo-status immunity and Shadow Ball is only a 3HKO. Aside from that, I can Leech Seed-stall it with Nattorei; Doryuuzu also OHKOs with +2 Earthquake, unless it's lolPhysical.

    [​IMG] Sazandora: Basically a Latios clone with worse stats and slightly better typing. Specs Draco Meteors are shit strong, 3HKOing Nattorei. UnSpecs'd Sazandoras are easier to deal with - Roobushin can ruin it with Mach Punch, Burungeru takes around 60% from a Draco Meteor, which it can then heal off, and it is OHKOd by Doryuuzu's X-Scissor after Stealth Rock and a round of Life Orb recoil.

    [​IMG] Hippowdon: Not a potent offensive threat, and my Pokemon can (fairly) easily take it down. Nattorei Leech Seed-stalls it, whilst dealing copious amounts of damage with Whip o' POWAAAAH. Rankurusu 2HKOs standard defensive variants with Psychic, and, unless it has Crunch or some annoying move, in a last Pokemon situation, Doryuuzu wins.

    [​IMG] Gyarados: Alas, poor Gyarados. I knew him...it might have lost its throne as the number one set-up sweeper, but it can still give my team a scare. Hippowdon is never OHKOd by a +1 Waterfall and can Roar Gyara out, racking up the Stealth Rock damage and putting it into Rock Slide kill range. Other than that, it is walled by Nattorei a hundred times over, whilst Nattorei can set up Spikes on it and Leech Seed. Burungeru must watch out for a boosted EQ, but absorbs Waterfall and can burn Gyara with Miss-O-Miss.

    [​IMG] Latios: I lol at the fact of Latios being UU on PO...Spec'd versions are incredibly annoying, OHKOing a lot of my team with Draco Meteor and HP Fire. I may amp up Burungeru's Special Attack EVs so I can 2HKO this with Ice Beam - it isn't KOd by Hidden Power Fire followed by a Draco Meteor - it can then Recover and proceed to 3HKO, which isn't exactly efficient. Other than that, a +2 X-Scissor OHKOs and a non-boosted one puts it into the kill range of just about anything. Life Orb variants are walled easily by my Nattorei + Burungeru core, and die from Sandstorm, Stealth Rock and Life Orb recoil.

    [​IMG] Porygon2: It is the defnition of setup fodder for Roobushin. If they're stupid enough to Thunder Wave, then +1 Drain Punch OHKOs. If they don't, I come out of the battle with +1 (or higher) and full health. If Roobushin is gone, Burungeru walls it if it doesn't carry Toxic, and can slowly whittle its health down with Burn (PP stalling Recover is annoying). Doryuuzu can also OHKO it at +4, and Rankurusu 2HKOs it with Psychic.

    [​IMG] Cloyster: This can be annoying if I let it set up. But, Nattorei walls it and can OHKO it after 2 Shell Breaks with DOOMVINES OF POWAH. Roobushin isn't OHKOd by Ice Shard at +2, and can kill it with the combination of Drain Punch + Mach Punch.

    [​IMG] Tentacruel: Useful only for setting up Toxic Spikes, which don't affect my team very much at all (in fact, it kinda helps, giving Roobushin an attack boost and giving Rankurusu pseudo-status immunity). Doryuuzu OHKOs with Earthquake; Hippowdon 2HKOs, whilst Rankurusu OHKOs with Psychic after Stealth Rock damage.

    [​IMG] Ninetales: Poor Ninetales. He's like the accident child of the weather trio. Both Sandstorm and Rain troll him and his minions hard. Sun teams on a whole are no problem to me. Ninetales falls to a single Earthquake from Hippowdon and Doryuuzu, and is OHKOd by Psychic from Rankurusu. Burungeru takes absolutely nothing from his attacks and can hurt it with Boil Over. All in all, an insignificant Pokemon.

    [​IMG] Gengar: See above Shakespeare quote on Gyarados. It's a shame such an awesome Pokemon is overlooked. Gengar still has the power, ability and typing to be a potent offensive threat, but it sits here, lurking in the shadows of OU, plotting nasty things. Gengar can cause my team trouble if Rankurusu is knocked out. Psychic OHKOs it whilst Shadow Ball doesn't OHKO me. If Ranku is down, I can switch between Nattorei and Burungeru (that's like the motto of this team) to absorb Shadow Ball and Focus Blast, respectively, until Focus Blast runs out of PP. Or, I can stall it out and then revenge with Doryuuzu - Sandstorm + LO recoil wears it down very quickly.

    [​IMG] Starmie: This is also a former King of OU which is nearing UU usage. With the advent of Nattorei, Starmie is walled unless it packs HP Fire; if so, it loses Rapid Spin, making my job of keeping up hazards a lot easier. Burungeru doesn't take 50% from Thunderbolt, so I can stall it out and let it die from Burn + Sandstorm + Life Orb recoil.

    [​IMG] Salamence: Sigh. What's happened? Salamence, another OU King in two previous Generations, has been mitigated to a position below freaking Ninetales? It is true that Dragonite somewhat outclasses it, thanks to Multi-Scale. Salamence poses no threat to my team. MixMence is walled by my core (isn't everything? :D), and physical variants are destroyed by Nattorei alone. After a while, Doryuuzu can switch in and revenge it with Rock Slide. Poor, poor Salamence.

    [​IMG] Rankurusu: Now this I don't get. Perhaps it is the nature of fast-paced teams to not include a slow Pokemon? Rankurusu is my new favourite sweeper, only being held back Shit Blast's 70% accuracy. Alas, it poses no problem - if it's the Calm Mind + Recover variant, it gets walled by either Nattorei (if it carries Shadow Ball) or my own Rankurusu (if it carries HP Fire). If it's another TR sweeper, my Nattorei outspeeds under Trick Room and can dent it with Power Whip. Once it's been dented, Rankurusu can Shadow Ball it if it wins the speed tie.

    [​IMG] Zuruzukin: In a Zuruzukin vs Roobushin matchup, Roobushin wins. Which is lucky, because Bulk Up variants can give me trouble. If I manage to get up Trick Room (Rankurusu isn't OHKOd by +1 Crunch) I can OHKO it with Focus Blast (if it fucking hits). Bulk Up > Dragon Dance. Dragon Dance gives me no problems; it's pwned even more by Roob.

    [​IMG] Randorosu: This can be tricky. If it manages to get a Swords Dance in, I need to work around it, not letting Hippowdon die to a +2 EQ with prior damage, and phaze it out. In a last Pokemon situation, if Burungeru isn't OHKOd Ice Beam puts it into Rock Slide kill range. If it is, Rankurusu can set up Trick Room on a non-boosted EQ and OHKO with Psychic. Doryuuzu can kill this with 2 Rock Slides after a round of LO recoil and 2 rounds of Stealth Rock damage.

    [​IMG] Skarmory: Skarmory is a bit of a problem for my team. I lack any really powerful physical moves that can hurt it, and I don't have any super effective Specially-based moves to kill it with, either. BUT, I can wall it to hell and back, and at worst both sides will have 3 layers of Spikes and Stealth Rock to deal with. I can take it down with a combination of Leech Seed, burn, and flinch from Rock Slide. In a last Pokemon situation, Doryuuzu beats any and all Skarmory.

    [​IMG] Kerudio: Kerudio aren't particularly threatening to my team. They are walled indescribably by Burungeru, who is immune to both its STABs and takes nothing from a piss-weak HP Electric. Burungeru can then proceed to stall it out with Recover + Burn damage. Doryuuzu can also OHKO this at +2, and deal excess of 60% without a boost.

    [​IMG] Zoroark: This is labelled a threat simply because of the 'shit bricks' factor. It generally nets a kill against me, and that labels it a threat. But it really isn't a difficult Pokemon to deal with in its own right. Roobushin's Mach Punch is an OHKO, and because of Sandstorm it can't keep its Focus Sash up. Doryuuzu's X-Scissor is also an OHKO. 'Nuff said.

    [​IMG] Ononokusu: The poor, over-hyped Dragon. Rayquaza's attack (almost) doesn't help that 'low' Speed or 'paper-thin' defenses, does it? Nattorei walls the omnipresent Outrage, and can 2HKO with Gyro Ball. Rankurusu OHKOs with Psychic, Roobushin OHKOs at +1 with Drain Punch, Doryuuzu OHKOs at +2 with EQ...the list goes on.

    [​IMG] Forretress: It's like a shittier Nattorei! The only reason people actually use this anymore is because it can set up Toxic Spikes, and as mentioned beforehand, Toxic Spikes is almost a benefit to my team. Forretress is setup bait for both Rankurusu and Roobushin (Rankurusu isn't 3HKOd by a Payback that goes first) and Ranku OHKOs with Focus Blast.

    [​IMG] Erufuun: It seems like all the over-hyped Pokemon received a curse that made them not seem as good as they should be. Erufuun doesn't trouble my team at all, mainly because they are just Drain Punch fodder for Roob. If they happen to paralyse me, good for me! Gyro Ball from Nattorei also hurts, and Ice Beam from Burungeru 2HKOs.

    [​IMG] Sableye: Much more troublesome for my team than Erufuun. None of my Pokemon like receiving a Scarf (if it's a TrickScarf lead), but an Iron Ball helps with my Trick Room sweeping. I generally switch to Roobushin to take the burn and then slowly take it out with Payback. Rankurusu can set up Trick Room and then 2HKO it with Shadow Ball, but it'll Recover-stall me. All in all, a very annoying Mischievous Heart user.

    [​IMG] Blissey: Not much to say. Even my special sweeper can take it out, with Shit Blast doing around 40% (IF IT FUCKING HITS). Roobushin is its biggest threat, with status only helping me.

    [​IMG] Vaporeon: Nattorei trolls this Pokemon. Even if it carries HP Fire it doesn't OHKO (unless it uses lolSpecs) and Powah Whip is a 2HKO. Leech Seed can heal off any damage Ice Beam does. Rankurusu also defeats it, with Psychic being a 2HKO.

    [​IMG] Metagross: Hell, even Hippowdon can beat this. The only Pokemon that is unlikely to beat a Metagross is Nattorei, and even then the only thing it can do is EQ. Rankurusu, Roobushin, Doryuuzu and Burungeru can all KO it before it KOs them.

    [​IMG] Borutorosu: Mischievous Heart leads give me the shits. Though this Pokemon is far from threatening in the lead position, it can give me some troubles. Since Hippowdon can do literally nothing to it, I usually switch to Rankurusu, who can 2HKO it with ease. If Ranku gets Thunder Wave'd, it just helps it's sweep, bringing the Speed stat down to a humble 14. Doryuuzu can handle this Pokemon well, with Rock Slide KOing at around 60%. Nasty Plot variants aren't much trouble at all, and are KOd with the same methods as beforehand.

    [​IMG] Mamoswine: The Dragon Killer. Luckily for me, I have no Dragons. Roobushin defeats this Pokemon, with a +1 Drain Punch OHKOing. Focus Blast from Rankurusu also OHKOs. All my Pokemon pack moves that can seriously damage Mamoswine, whilst it can't do very much to my Pokemon at all.

    [​IMG] Alakazam: In the right hands, it plays like a more offensive Espeon. But, it's got shittier defenses, so it's 2HKOd more easily by most of my Pokemon's moves. Focus Sash isn't negated by Sandstorm, so it actually can't be OHKOd, but Rankurusu takes jack shit from any of its moves and can set up Trick Room and finish it off.

    [​IMG] Jirachi: I can see why this little elf-thing is below OU. With Shandera running around everywhere, it just can't handle the Shadow Tag-induced pressure. Also, it's completely walled by Nattorei unless it carries lolFire Punch. Really only useful for setting up Screens, and even then I can outstall anything that would need screens. Not a problem.

    [​IMG] Machamp: One word. Rankurusu. I let Hippowdon get Rocks up (leads are the only variants I've seen), and then switch to Rankurusu, who OHKOs with Psychic. If it's not a lead, Burungeru can burn it, making it effectively dead weight.

    Beyond here are the suspects on the Smogon Server on Pokemon Online. As they haved been moved up to Ubers on the Beta Server, my main playing area, my team does not directly attempt to counter them in any way. But, I have played matches against them, and will post their threatening natures.

    [​IMG] Deoxys-A: This Pokemon dies at 60% to a Mach Punch from Roobushin. Before that, I can stall it out with my UBER-CORE and then switch in Roob on a Shadow Ball or something. Not too troublesome at all.

    [​IMG] Skymin: Aren't all teams trolled by these? Substitute + 3 Attacks variants can destroy my entire team, save for Doryuuzu. If one of these gets in early, I have to attempt to Stall it out to the point where Rock Slide can kill it. One of my Pokemon is KOd every time I face one. Scarfed versions are extremely predictable, and Substitute + Leech Seed are destroyed by either Nattorei or Rankurusu.

    [​IMG] Manaphy: +3 is trolly, but doesn't worry my team all that much. They all carry Rest, so depending on its moveset it is walled by either Nattorei or Burungeru. Burungeru can't do jack shit to it, but can Will-O-Wisp it early on and get it down to low health. Nattorei is the better destroyer of Manaphy; Power Whip is a 2HKO and Leech Seed whittles it down and heals me at the same time. Alternatively, Rankurusu OHKOs with Psychic after one layer of Spikes and Stealth Rock.

    [​IMG] Darkrai: Thank God this thing is Uber on the Server I play on. Sleep essentially takes out a Pokemon, making it a complete meat shield in this meta. Then, as I switch out my sleeping beauty (or fugly in Roobushin's case), it Nasty fucking Plots. That means another Pokemon is going to be taken out. Roobushin's Mach Punch puts it into X-Scissor kill range, but...God. 2 Pokemon down, and I'm basically screwed.
  3. Roger Fox

    Roger Fox

    Dec 13, 2010
    You probably need a special attacker as right now you have none and it seems to me that a dedicated physical wall could do a pretty good job of handling your team especially gliscor as the only attack he has to fear is burungeru. I would suggest a choiced scarf latias with draco meteor, surf, trick and a move of your choice as your team is also lacking a revenge killer besides doryuuzu.
  4. Chou Toshio

    Chou Toshio Over9000
    is an Artist Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Aug 16, 2007
    Lemme say I really like your team. Of course I've used all the pokemon on it (with similar sets) and they are all definitely top-tier OU pokemon who work fantastic (though Fling / Acrobat is decidedly my preference on Gliscor-- Acrobat hits shit insanely hard for Gliscor). It's a really solid looking team

    That said, I have to agree with Roger Fox. Ironically, I see the aforementioned Gliscor as your biggest problem. Yes, you can switch in Natto and get spikes up on it, but if Burungeru should happen to fall (very plausible as it fights to keep rapid spin off, especially since Gliscor is faster and can wail on you with Acrobat or Poison you)--

    And it comes down to Gliscor v. your whole team, I can easily see Gliscor coming out on top.

    My personal opinion would be to consider replacing your own Gliscor with Rankurusu. I mean, I love Gliscor, but Rankurusu could really help this team. It serves as your Roob / Fighter check instead of gliscor (might even be a better pick as right now you have a very slight Kerudio Weak), and you have so much Doryuuzu hate anyway, I think you can go without gliscor. Ranku's Calm Mind / Recover sweep also gives you one more possible win condition.


    Don' fight da powa-h!

  5. kcoug1


    Oct 1, 2010
    try tyranatar. i run a team like yours but i have nattorie as my lead and a tyranitar as a second sweeper. i know they have the same weekness but i cover for it with a lv 1 aron set witch hits everything but gosts realy hard with endevor letting the sandstorm finish them try it.
  6. Lightning55


    Oct 17, 2010
    I suggest a phazer. I've seen nothing but smeargle baton passing teams today, meaning that they still make up a decent portion of battlers. Without anything to stop a bp team that utilizes both defense and offense, you're done.

    In addition, defensive vappy takes care of a good portion of your team, especially once nattorei and burungeru are out (which is compounded by the fact that your team is almost all physical).
  7. [Zangoose]


    Aug 14, 2010
    @Chou Toshio: Thanks, I'll try out Rankurusu. I used to have it on my team (instead of Roob), and it did work well. I tend to prefer the Trick Room sweeper more than Recover + CM, but I'll test them both out. Gliscor does fuck up my team, but it's my only real Breloom counter; if Rankurusu dies to a 5-hit Bullet Seed or something, I lose.
    @Roger: I like the sound of Latios, after Rankurusu testing I'll test him out.
    @kcoug1: Tyranitar doesn't support my team as much as Hippowdon does; if I decide to take out Gliscor, I'll die to Breloom even more.
    @lightning: Hippowdon is my phazer, and he can survive most +2 physical hits and Roar them out. Vaporeon hasn't given me too much trouble - Nattorei destroys it unless it runs HP Fire, and then Roob can kill it coz they generally don't run Toxic with HP Fire (and even after Toxic, LOLROOBSWEEP)
  8. Torchic


    Dec 23, 2009
    Use Tar over Hippo,
    Nice team overall, change Hippo to Tar then this team's members are same with me :D
    Why use Tyranitar?
    Because it can pursuit Shandera and give you some special based offense like FB for Skarmory.
  9. [Zangoose]


    Aug 14, 2010
    @Torchic: I have no issues with Shandera; even though it can OHKO half the members of my team, I simply send in Doryuuzu. If they're locked into something other than Energy Ball or Overheat, I SD. If not, I EQ. Either way, it's a win-win - they tend to stay in after an Overheat / Flamethrower, and then they die. Tar doesn't work well with my team, I've found - he's better on offensive teams.
  10. [Zangoose]


    Aug 14, 2010
    Tested out both Ranku and Latios...
    TR Ranku is absolutely awesome. He can come in on a surprising amount of things, set up TR, and sweep. If he dies under TR, then I just get an incredibly fast Roob, Nattorei, Hippo and Burun. The only shaky thing about it is FUCKING FOCUS BLAST.
    Latios is, well, Latios. Draco Meteor spammage is the best thing about it...but without Soul Dew, I find it dies very quickly, and can't help my team out defensively. I've decided to replace Gliscor with Rankurusu.
  11. [Zangoose]


    Aug 14, 2010
    Added threat list. Bump.
    Also changed the name. I dunno why. Just felt like it.
    ALSO added suspects to threat list.
  12. [Zangoose]


    Aug 14, 2010
    k, I did more testing. Burungeru isn't really doing much for me. I mean, it's a fantastic special wall and all, and can keep Randorosu / Gliscor in check for a small amount of time, but...it just isn't doing much for my team. I found Tentacruel to be better on my team, but then I had an abundant Ground weakness. Any suggestions?
    Also, lol @ quadruple post, this is probably gonna get locked.
  13. Anbu-Black Op

    Anbu-Black Op

    Jul 27, 2010
    Nice mole fetish u got there
    U know i'm kidding
  14. boyofrito


    Sep 30, 2010
    im new to team rating, but how about using a Balloon somewhere on your team?
  15. Jaroda


    Sep 25, 2010
    Well technically only Tentacruel would be weak to EQ as long as Dory is on his balloon. And most pokemon that carry EQ aren't safe with a Tentacruel on the field thanks to STAB water. You could use Barrier on Tentacruel to protect him from EQ since his SpD is so great.
  16. [Zangoose]


    Aug 14, 2010
    My team wasn't weak super-effectively, it's just that a powerful EQ from Randorosu or some such could destroy a lot.
    Does anyone know a good Dragonite supporting set? Preferably one that can take down things that Burungeru could.
    EDIT: Disregard this and the above statement, I'm going with Burungeru. I'm angling it towards a more supportive role now...more in the team.
  17. The Main

    The Main

    Dec 25, 2010
    Why are people always using some stupid coverage move on Doryuzuu, when it has Brick Break to check some random balloon Terakion?
  18. Forte.EXE


    May 22, 2010
    In your threat-list, you mention Nattorei easily setting up Spikes on Kingdra. Choice Specs Kingdra is the most common threat (or at least, it is quickly becoming) on a Rain Dance team, and Hydro Pump will 3HKO in the Rain.

    I actually see a well-made Rain team beating this team, one on one. A Ludicolo in Rain with a set of just Hydro Pump/Giga Drain/Focus Blast hits 5/6 of your team for Super Effective damage, O/2HKOing them. Of course, you can slow down Rain with Trick Room, but Rain can just keep pushing and pushing on the pressure, and without Recover, Rankurusu can't take Hydro Pumps forever.

    LOL (open)
    Toxicroak in the Rain with a Substitute can 6-0 you. Yeah, I had to add that. Because it's Toxicroak.
  19. elDino

    elDino Deal With It.
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    Jan 9, 2010
    Hi Zangoose. This is a really great team with few weaknesses. It was really hard to find some problems with this but first of all, using Trick Room on Rankurusu real hampers your only team member that can sweep, Doryuuzu. To change this whilst still keeping your effective team synergy I think at you could switch to the CM Recover set that is so adept at breaking stall. This is what I think would work well:

    Rankurusu @ Leftovers
    Magic Guard
    252 HP/252 SpA/4 SpD
    - Calm Mind
    - Recover
    - Psycho Shock/Psychic
    - Focus Blast/Shadow Ball

    This helps to reduce your weakness to stall (as only Doryuuzu has a chance of breaking stall and many stall teams carry various counters to him) and it still retains the good synergy that you had with the rest of your team. Another weakness that you have it to Garchomp. Yo have no Ground resists and most do carry Fire Fang to KO Nattorei and also your Doryuuzu, your only "checks". To fix this I recommend a Skarmory.

    This set:

    Skarmory @ Leftovers/Shed Shell
    Impish Nature
    ~Brave Bird

    This set counters pretty much all the physical threats, much like Nattorei. Although you may argue that you lose a good counter against rain teams, with your own weather changer you will be able to counter them anyway.

    Once again this is a really great team and I hope you have lots of success with it. Good luck!!!

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