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Glalie (Update) [QC Rejected 3/3]

Discussion in 'Locked / Outdated Analyses' started by Komodo, May 15, 2012.

  1. Komodo

    Komodo Huff
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    Nov 8, 2008

    -Relatively average stats, both offensively and defensively, but its Speed is usable
    -Its movepool isn't great, but it has access to Spikes, Taunt, and Explosion to set it apart from Jynx and Cryogonal etc.
    -Ice is probably one of the worst defensive typings to have in a tier with Moltres and Entei running around
    -None of its abilities are extremely helpful; Snover is banned so Ice Body is pointless, Inner Focus is only useful against Fake Out leads, and Moody is banned.

    name: Spikes
    move 1: Spikes
    move 2: Taunt
    move 3: Explosion
    move 4: Ice Shard
    item: Focus Sash
    ability: Inner Focus
    nature: Jolly
    evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

    -It's probably the only way to use Glalie in all fairness.
    -Spikes, Taunt, and Explosion is only shared with Qwilfish~Glalie has better HP and Special Defense
    -Spikes and Explosion turn Glalie into an excellent suicide lead. As much as they're rather predictible with team preview, Glalie is difficult to beat regardless. It'll still get up a layer of Spikes, Taunt, or Explode on you.
    -Obviously, Taunt stops slower walls from setting up Stealth Rock or other entry hazards.
    -Ice Shard is a filler but it gets a free hit before Glalie is KOed and breaks the opponent's Focus Sash.

    -Avalanche, Ice Fang, and Ice Beam are alternatives, but Ice Shard's priority and ability to break Focus Sash is more important. Ice Beam also requires Special Attack EVs or a nature that hinders a defensive stat to keep Explosion.
    -A defensive EV spread and/or nature may seem tempting, but Glalie isn't going to survive anything significant, and it's much better off setting up Spikes and Exploding. It's an offensive lead designed to pick up momentum, not stall.
    -Glalie is supposed to work on an offensive team, keeping up the momentum is key. Rotom and Haunter can block Rapid Spin and pose a decent threat; furthermore, they force switches and have potential to sweep with Spikes. Choice Scarf users with U-turn and Volt Switch also work well to force switches and keep up momentum. Manectric, Moltres, Rotom-A, and Scyther are a few examples. Stand alone powerhouses can also 2HKO many Pokemon in the tier with Spikes support. Moltres, Jynx, Omastar, Rhydon, and Gallade are a few examples.
    -It's designed to be a lead, glalie doesn't need defensive support, it IS the support. Though, Crustle is a bit of a dodgy matchup as it can Rock Blast Glalie into oblivion. Feraligatr can deal with it pretty well and take advantage of Spikes.

    [Other Options]
    -A Choice Band set can be used with Earthquake, Crunch, Avanalche, and Explosion, but Glalie doesn't have enough raw power to pull it off. Similarly, a Choice Specs set can utilize Ice Beam, Hidden Power Ground, Shadow Ball, and Explosion, but it's largely outclassed by Jynx who has superior Special Attack, Speed, and access to Nasty Plot and Lovely Kiss.
    -Rain Dance can be used alongside Hidden Power Water or Weather Ball, but Glalie isn't the best Pokemon to use on a Rain Dance team.
    -Light Screen is available but it's pretty iffy without Reflect. It would be great with Explosion though.
    -Substitute can be used with Spikes and Taunt, but Glalie isn't the fastest Pokemon around and it appreciates a Focus Sash.
    -Icy Wind and Bulldoze are options to lower the opponent's Speed, but they're largely pointless.

    [Checks and Counters]
    -Offensive Spinners can force Glalie out, remove its hazards, or outright KO it and spin. Kabutops and Hitmonchan. They have priority to get past Glalie's Focus Sash too.
    -Entei and Moltres can 2HKO Glalie and limit it to a single layer of Spikes.
    -Rock, Steel-, and Fighting-types can shatter Glalie with their STAB moves; Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Aggron, and Gallade are a few examples.
    -Glalie isn't the fastest Pokemon around, and it isn't very bulky. Anything with a decent offensive presence and higher Speed can pose a threat to it and 2HKO it.
    -Faster Taunt users can stop it setting up Spikes and force it to Explode. Qwilfish, Aerodactyl, Bulky SD Drapion, and Whimsicott are a few examples.
    -Honestly, it isn't threatening, just remove its Spikes and KO it as fast as possible.

    -Moody is banned, and even if it was allowed it's pretty unreliable and unfair.
  2. Oglemi

    Oglemi oh my gosh you found me
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    Secret Boss Mod

    Oct 13, 2009
    QC Rejected 1/3

    There's no real reason to ever use Glalie over Qwilfish, Smeargle, Roselia, or Crustle, and it sucks. Let's get it offsite please.
  3. SilentVerse

    SilentVerse Into the New World
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    Dec 12, 2009
    Agreed. If I wanted a fast suicide spiker with Taunt, I would just use Qwilfish since it has a higher Speed stat, a stronger Explosion, and a priority attack which is just as useful. Or you could just use Accelgor which can actually kill something with Final Gambit, since Glalie's Explosion is pretty weak.

  4. Honko

    Honko he of many honks
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    Dec 6, 2009

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