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Gliscor (AcroFling)

Discussion in 'Locked / Outdated Analyses' started by Hydro Pimp, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. Hydro Pimp

    Hydro Pimp

    Dec 12, 2012
    I've never written one of these before, so if I've done something wrong, let me know. Anyway, I've experienced great success with this set, and I believe it definitely merits a spot on Gliscor's analysis.

    name: AcroFling
    move 1: Earthquake
    move 2: Acrobatics
    move 3: Fling
    move 4: Swords Dance / Facade / Taunt
    item: Toxic Orb
    ability: Poison Heal
    nature: Jolly
    evs: 212 HP / 64 Atk / 8 Def / 224 Spe


    <p> Neither fully offensive nor fully defensive, this set takes a middle-of-the-road approach, being able to wall many physical attackers in OU, deal solid damage back with its great dual-STAB coverage, and possibly set up a sweep. It is one of the best answers to Breloom, as it is immune to Spore (once Toxic Orb has activated), can outspeed and OHKO with Acrobatics even while still holding its item (unless Breloom is SubSeed, which doesn't threaten Gliscor), and can take Bullet Seed reasonably well. This set serves as a good check to many other OU threats as well, such as Terrakion, Toxicroak, Lucario, and most Celebi and Jirachi. Additionally, it is a good tool to use against Sun, as it beats both Ninetales and Venusaur lacking Hidden Power Ice one-on-one provided Toxic Orb has been Flung.

    The idea is to get Toxic Orb activated and use Fling as soon as possible. Poisoning something is nice, but the main draw of Fling is to give Gliscor a powerful Flying move without taking away its recovery and status-absorption. Earthquake and Acrobatics provide excellent coverage, hitting 8 types super-effectively, with the only relevant Pokemon resisting them being Rotom-W, Skarmory and Bronzong. Because the two-move coverage is so good, Swords Dance is usually the preferred move in the last slot, to allow Gliscor to get past walls like Ferrothorn, the Pink Blobs, and enemy Gliscor, while also keeping the doors open for a sweep. Alternatively, Facade can be used to hit Rotom-W hard, or Taunt can be used to get past Hippowdon lacking Ice Fang. </p>


    <p> The EVs may seem very strange at first glance, but they serve very specific purposes. With a Jolly Nature, 224 Speed EVs allows Gliscor to outspeed positive Nature Landorus-T, Lucario and Toxicroak, as well as neutral Nature base 100s. The 64 Attack EVs guarantee that Gliscor can OHKO offensive Toxicroak, Lucario, Venusaur (after Stealth Rock), Breloom (whether holding its Toxic Orb or not) and offensive Volcarona. It also allows it to score 2HKOs on Jirachi, Celebi, Bulky Volcarona, and Bulk Up Toxicroak, while avoiding being KOed back from these Pokemon in most cases. The remaining EVs allow Gliscor to maximize its bulk and its recovery.

    Bulky Water types like Jellicent or Tentacruel make great partners for Gliscor, since they can take Water and Ice attacks with ease, and Gliscor covers their Electric weakness. It should be noted that this Gliscor set works best on a balance team, as it needs to find time to use Fling before it can pose much of an offensive presence, and offensive teams don't have the luxury of using momentum-losing moves.</p>
  2. shrang

    shrang Man I'm pretty
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    Jul 24, 2009
    This set was rejected like 2 years ago when we wrote the Gliscor set. There's no need for this thing in the new metagame either.

  3. Fuzznip

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    Mar 3, 2009
    I'd never use this over the current Acrobatic set in the analysis. This is a gimmick at best.

    QC REJECT 2/3

    By the way, you have this formatted incorrectly. When you're suggesting a set, you should include a "Why does this deserve to be on-site" section and bullet point the reasons why it's worth having. You're not supposed to write out set comments until you get two QC approvals, which is not the case. Everything is to be in point form, keep this in mind for next time.
  4. AccidentalGreed

    AccidentalGreed Please leave.
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    Jun 12, 2009

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