Golden Sun Mafia - Weyard wins!

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You all wake up to the brightest light anyone has seen in centuries. All across the land of Weyard, villagers marvel at the first rising of the Golden Sun. However, the scholars know that this is not a happy occasion. The legends tell the rising of the Golden Sun creates an uprising of evil forces across the land. Whoever can harness the power of the Elemental Stars and control the Golden Sun will be able to rule all of Weyard without opposition. Now, the strongest warriors from all continents have gathered together to attempt to thwart these evil forces. These warriors are simply known as the villagers of Weyard.

Within this group, however, small numbers of evil geniuses have gathered and infiltrated. The first of these consists of the Fire clans of the north and their allies. They are known as the army of Prox. In addition, a second group from deep in the uncharted reaches of the oceans have gathered to reclaim their once peaceful lands. They are known as the army of Lemuria.

Still also, others have infiltrated the unknowing villagers. They have a neutral standing in the current conflict, with priorities of their own.

Not knowing how to deal with these dire situations, you turn to the master of the lands and guard of the powerful Elemental Stars, the Wise One, who has gathered the group of 24 together to meet.

Dear asim,

You are the Wise One.

As the watchguard of Weyard and keeper of the Elemental Stars, it is your duty to make sure the control of the Golden Sun goes to its correct keeper. Therefore, you will use your incredibly powerful Psynergy to create agreement in this conflict.

At night or day, you may PM asim and askaninjask “Night x – destroy <user> with mind.” That night or day, <user> will be instantly godkilled with no remorse.

At night or day, you may also PM asim and askaninjask “Night x – switch <user>'s body.” That night or day, <user> will be instantly subbed out for someone else. With no remorse.

You also hold the Cri-kee's Cage. Whilst holding this item you can control Mushu and pretty much make him do whatever you want. This item cannot be given away or stolen.

You are allied with the world. You win no matter what.
Next to the Wise One, you see his assistant. It seems the Wise One has used some of his powers to bring characters from other worlds into this war.

Dear askaninjask,

You are Mushu.

You are the guardian dragon sent to help Mulan in her quest to fight the Huns. On the way to Mulan, you got very lost and now you find yourself on the world of Weyard.

At night, you may PM asim and askaninjask “Night x – show <user> that you don't do that tongue thing.” This will prove to <user> that you are not a lizard, but indeed a dragon, because you can't do that tongue thing. Too bad nobody really cares whether or not you're a lizard or a dragon.

You are allied with Weyard.
~Now, nighttime is approaching.~ It seems the Wise One was penetrating the thoughts of everyone around. ~When day breaks, you will all vote for who you want to kill, and he or she will be immediately eliminated. I will not be able to protect anyone from death, but I will only officiate these times of voting.~

“Wow I'm like the best disney character ever,” Mushu added.

~Everyone must sleep. It is now the first night of the final war in Weyard.~

Game rules here. The only change to the rules is that the game will begin on Night 1 instead of Night 0. Kills will now be valid Night 1 but all other parts of the rule still apply (ie. the sharing of role PMs is still forbidden on Night 1).

Player list:

Dubulous: Echo / vigilante charger / Weyard / winner!
Eo Ut Mortus: Briggs / thief, miller / Weyard
/ winner!
GoldenKnight: Isaac / vigilante / Weyard / winner!
Igor: Maha / inspector / Weyard / winner!
polelover44: Ivan / sheriff / Weyard / winner!

n1 - reachzero: Sunshine / item duplicator, item knowledge / Weyard / winner!
n1 - matty: Lunpa / thief / Lemuria
d1 - THE_IRON_KENYAN: Piers / ability checker, mole / Lemuria
n2 - Mattimeo: Chibi-Robo / tracker, watcher / Weyard / winner!
n2 - blue_light: Alex / thief, scavenger / Neutral (Elemental Star collector)
d2 - imperfectluck: Nergal / anonymous messanger / Prox
n3 - Crunchatize Me: Sufjan Stevens / hooker / Weyard / winner!
d3 - Flamestrike: Menardi / hooker / Prox
d3 - KnightoftheWind: Hama / funeral person / Weyard / winner!
n4 - Raverist: Crazy Dave / mayor / Weyard / winner!
d4 - Nook: Droideka / bodyguard / Lemuria
n5 - Team Aether: Chocolate Boy / item guard / Weyard / winner!
n5 - billymills: Doctor Heartbreak / question asker / Weyard / winner!
n5 - RB Golbat: Kevin / item checker / Weyard / winner!
d5 - Staraptor Call: James "Sawyer" Ford / persuader / Lemuria
n6 - Da Letter El: Mia / bodyguard / Weyard / winner!
n7 - reyscarface: Matt Parkman / inspector / Prox
n7 - RaRe555: Saturos / silencer / Prox
d7 - Yoshi King: Number 6 / killer, mailman / Neutral (wolf)

It is now Night 1. Night 1 will last 48 hours or until all PMs are received. The tentative deadline is Sunday, January 10 at 11 PM EST
yo everyone some of the PMs you got probably have a weird number of spaces between lines at some points. just know that most of the pms are like that but some look like the one in the OP etc. (although no one should be showing pms n1 anyway)

have fun!
I am but a harmless neutral that can convert users and kill every 3 nights...

Edit: If thunda was in this game, he would somehow end up being Mulan.
I'll cast myself into suspicion then.

Until we get ourselves a confirmed villager to claim to, I'll be running solo, and if I'm killed n1, fuck your shelves.


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If you're looking for someone to claim to, I'm actually an excellent choice considering that I'm both village and a relatively minor role, so it's not even a big deal if the mafia kills me.
I'm insignificant as well, but as stated before, refrain from claiming to me or anyone for now until n1 is up.

Cast me under suspicion if you must, but I'm keeping myself to myself this time round.
okay it is my birthday today therefore i claim immunity from all night actions this night

anyone targeting me gets godkilled when ff mafia starts
~WAKE UP~ the Wise One shouted into everyone’s minds.

“Yeah, listen up people.” Mushu added.

~Well I just floated over here and noticed these corpses sitting here. Pretty gross if you ask me.~

Two limp bodies flopped down in front of the crowd.

“Man those things are heavy.”

You looked at the corpses and recognized the first to be that of reachzero, mangled and charred by searing flames.

asim said:
Dear reachzero,

You are Sunshine.

As the master blacksmith of the small town of Yallam, you know much about many types of weapons and armor. So much so, that your knowledge is coveted by travelers from all continents.

At night, you may PM asim and askaninjask “Night x – reforge <item>.” The name of the item you use must be one currently in your possession. Reforging this item will create an exact replica for later use. However, you can only make one copy of any item in the game, and you know there are some items that cannot be duplicated.

In addition, you can also make use of your incredible knowledge of different items. For this reason, any time you hold an item in your possession, you will know all of its unknown powers.

You are allied with Weyard.
Saddened by the death of this villager, you look to the other corpse and see a more sinister face. This was the corpse of matty, shot through the forehead.

asim said:
Dear matty,

You are Lunpa.

Once, long ago, you were a master thief known throughout Weyard. However, after founding your eponymous town, you came to Lemuria to live for hundreds of years. For this reason, you feel you owe an incredible debt to those who have kept you alive so long.

At night, you may PM asim and askaninjask “Night x – steal from <user>.” If <user> has any items in his or her possession, you will obtain all of them by the next morning.


You are allied with Lemuria.
~Now. Go. Be….~ the Wise One was suddenly interrupted by an important announcement.

Would it be correct to assume at least one of Prox and Lemuria started with at least 5 players?
“Uh ok, whatever…” Mushu remarked.

~Anyway. Be barbaric. Just vote and kill someone. I don’t have all day.~

It is now Day 1. The tentative deadline for Day 1 is Tuesday, January 12 at 11 PM EST.
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