Got Arceus? Round 1!

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Smogon Tournament Rules
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Got Arceus?

Poor Arceus. First, he can't be EV trained properly, and when he finally can, what happens? People consider banning him from Ubers! There was even an Ubers tourney that especially excluded Arceus! But this got me thinking: what if Arceus was banned from Ubers, and got his own tier? Well, this tournament will find out!

What makes this tourney special is that all teams will have to use Arceus, and only Arceus. Along with that, every Arceus on your team has to be a different type.

Tournament Rules
*Gen 5
*Single Elimination
*All Pokemon on your team must be Arceus
*All Pokemon on your team must be a different type.

Standard Rules
*Sleep Clause
*Evasion Clause
*OHKO Clause
*Battle Timeout

Round 1!

  • Celsius vs .Robert
  • Plusle vs Victini the owneadorr
  • Bluewind vs Paradoxus
  • Blue Blur vs T-Dogg
  • un?lucky vs elDino
  • drcossack vs TropiOUs
  • Gabranth vs Es.Rayky
  • Breludicolo vs San Pellegrino
  • Lady Salamence vs Steeli
  • pok101 vs undisputed
  • Andviet vs BKC
  • DarkLoic vs Temptation
  • JabbaTheGriffin vs Lunar.
  • Ruppy vs blarajan
  • DC. vs Wrave
  • Pidge vs The Hurricane
  • kaonohiokala vs .Kyuusei
  • reyscarface vs Z-rex
  • Ala vs Grimm70
  • Lakers vs sahtyre
  • CHENN vs Charminions
  • Folgorio vs Goodluck
  • Dummy007 vs HSA
  • kael vs ~GreenCore
  • ssbbm vs Iconic
  • Snunch vs Ditto
  • KnightoftheWind vs Jackal
  • Go10 vs The Kyle
  • zarator vs Tobes
  • Furai vs Pedrock
  • Private vs McMeghan
  • Agammemmon vs pokemonrocks777
  • Eo Ut Mortus vs smashlloyd20
  • Focus vs Bloo
  • Rydro vs Soto
  • Plopper vs ZetoTarken
  • Boudouche vs Pippy
  • ChicoMono vs Ojama
  • Celebi42 vs Raseri
  • .I Wish You Well. vs wilson46
  • Lady Bug vs Krby
  • Random Pizzaman vs -Manu-
  • OcR Master vs Vinc2612
  • MSB vs Le Quack
  • reachzero vs lucasky
  • Cristal vs Twisted Cosmos
  • Golden Sun vs Hawkstar
  • iss vs skitz0phrenic

The deadline is August 6th.

Good luck to everyone!
Um... am I not in this for some reason? I'm listed in the sign ups.
The first 62.5% of places will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis, the remaining 37.5% will be randomly assigned to the remaining sign-ups.

You were the 61st to sign up, when you have to be in the first 60 to automatically get in.

You can join as a sub, though.
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