Got Arceus? Round 3! (Extended to Saturday!)

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Smogon Tournament Rules
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Round 2
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Got Arceus?

Poor Arceus. First, he can't be EV trained properly, and when he finally can, what happens? People consider banning him from Ubers! There was even an Ubers tourney that especially excluded Arceus! But this got me thinking: what if Arceus was banned from Ubers, and got his own tier? Well, this tournament will find out!

What makes this tourney special is that all teams will have to use Arceus, and only Arceus. Along with that, every Arceus on your team has to be a different type.

Tournament Rules
*Gen 5
*Single Elimination
*All Pokemon on your team must be Arceus
*All Pokemon on your team must be a different type.

Standard Rules
*Sleep Clause
*Evasion Clause
*OHKO Clause
*Battle Timeout

Round 3

Agammemmon VS Bloo
~Greencore VS Victini the owneadorr
un?lucky VS HSA
iss VS zarator
Bluewind VS Soto
Celebi42 VS Pidge
Darkloic VS undisputed
Pedrock VS Snunch
Ojama VS Cristal
Ala VS Reachzero

The deadline for this round is the 6th of September. Good luck!
Undisputed and me tried to play last week-end. On Saturday, he says to me that he has a too bad connection then says to me that it is OK finally but that he has no team (?) (I do not remember myself any more)
I make a rendez-vous with him on Sunday evening during the ST but he johned me.

I don't know when we can play finally and deadline is for tomorrow. I'll try to play him today but it's already the evening there.
lol we were kind of lost in translation. what happened was: i was on vacation where the only available internet is from a neighbor's house which is kind of far away but not reliable at all. i was able to connect after a while, and i asked dark loic if he was ready, but then i forgot that i was on the computer without my teams, so therefore i couldnt play. also our timezones are like 12 hours apart which is making it really difficult to be on when he is.

if possible, id really appreciate an extension so i can win this tournament
yes,my apologies for the misunderstanding Undisputed. With the new deadline,we can play....mmh, friday evening (my time) is little hard for you with school i presume. So,saturday we must do it !
i'm totally free this day and we haven't job/school normally the saturday.
yes,damn crit but it's nothing. Arceus tournament is just the most joking tournament i ever played.
Good game and good luck for nexts.
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