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Because the most active competitive Pokemon community would advertise itself on a lowly site like ours, obviously.


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by most active NB means most active VGC community
Not even that though... Nugget Bridge has a total of 5,832 posts in its entirety, when our sole VGC subforum features 41,706. That's over seven times the amount of posts that they have. It's true that our stuff extends back to 2008, but I'm pretty sure that we would still have more posts for the 2012 season. Furthermore, not all of their posts are competitive; they have about 1,000 posts in non-competitive discussion and more in other, various forums. Heck, if you only count their competitive posts, Smogon's Other Metagames subforum has more posts then them (by around 1000 posts too).

I'm not saying that they aren't gaining momentum; it looks like they're building a good, hardworking, little community. I don't really have that much against Nugget Bridge either (except for them calling us scrubs; what in the world, firestorm) but I am curious what they're basing this idea of "most active" off of. It is all very interesting, haha.
Maybe over 5000 members is the "most active" milestone of the internet.

Meanwhile I get nothing but pizza ads and then get pissed at google for making me hungry.


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As a future Marketing and Advertising Major, I think using your competition's website to advertise is such a great idea, hell, I joined because of the ads


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i cant get those rectangles to show???
you know
I probably should have googled for otter body experience in an incognito window
but still I was expecting a cute pun on out of body expirience
and I'm disappointed by some wanna be bear stupid archetype
thanks elephant


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I am curious what they're basing this idea of "most active" off of. It is all very interesting, haha.
Probably presence at VGC events, given that if I were a VGC siteowner I'd use the same metric to measure success. The fact that they have ads means they're using their revenue to find more users. So, I don't really see what's so laughable.

(don't explain the joke to me because I understand it, it just does not tickle me)

((metaphorical tickle))
Only thing that's weird to me is the "I did my best, I have no regrets!" in the banner. Might be confusing to new users who have no idea what that's referring to...
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