Gravity Hammer

A "Gravity" OU RMT

"Gravitation, or gravity, is a natural phenomenon by which physical bodies attract each other with a force proportional to their masses."

Gravity is a unique move starting in Gen. V that lowers all pokemon to the ground, and lowers evasion. It has many strategic well as disadvantages. This unique move has inspired me to create a team that can abuse it and aim for victory! The following team definitely has some flaws that I'm working on fixing, but for the most part it is a solid team that gets the job done. I have problems with stall, Gengar is my only real answer to it, and two of my pokemon are setup bait. With Gravity up I have 3 ground weaknesses, but I can usually work around it with proper prediction. I am however HEAVILY walled by water type pokemon, with no clue how to remedy it.

Team Bulding:

Even without the ability to start gravity, or even really abuse it. Heatran was the first pokemon that came to my mind. With his bulk he almost always sets up rocks, and on sun teams can usually pass around toxics with roar. He was also picked for his ability to sponge certain special attacks.

The first pokemon on the team that can set up gravity, as well as abuse it. Forretress' main job is to set up spikes, and spin away hazards. He has excellent synergy with Heatran, who can absorb fire attacks, while Forry can take a few earthquakes aimed at tran.

Next up is the mother of pink blobs. My status sponge, wish passing, gravity using, special wall. Blissey is generally the pokemon who sets up gravity more than once in a match with her longevity. Her shared fighting weakness with Heatran was a problem so I needed something to block that.

Out came Gengar. The spin blocking, fighting attack absorbing ghost. Under gravity Gengar could no longer absorb Earthquakes aimed at Heatran, basically no pokemon can sponge earthquake under gravity however, so it wasnt too much of a problem. My main goal for gengar was to spin block and take fighting hits, however with subdisable he was perfect for messing with people, and under gravity focus miss is rightfully named focus blast granting him some choice KOs

Next came Metagross. Mostly slapped into the team for being in my top 3 favorite pokemon, but also for his insane ability to abuse the heck out of gravity. Agiliross was already a huge threat, capable of sweeping most of if not all of a team, but with Gravity up Meteor Mash was 100% accurate and capable of smashing through almost everything. A nice addition to the team.

Next comes the star of the show, Landorus. Not only is he able to use gravity, but he is the absolute reason I decided to use a gravity team. After gravity has been used his STAB BP 100 earthquake hits EVERYTHING. He can usually comfortably set up gravity on his own, or can switch in after gravity has been used. All in all Landorus is the wrecking ball that ends the game.

The stars of the show

"Gravitation is one of the four fundamental interactions of nature"

Trait:Flash fire
Calm/252 SpD/252 HP/4 SpAtk
x Lava plume
x Stealth Rock
x Toxic
x Roar

The "standard" specially defensive Heatran. He is there with the goal to set up stealth rocks, be death fodder, and have the subgoal to spread toxic around.
Heatran is generally my lead against sun teams or non weather base teams that look like they are leading with something that doesnt threaten me. Lava plume is mostly filler, but is good to hurt Xatu and Espeon that switch in thinking they can bounce back status, or even SR.
Leftovers to help heal off small damage that is annoying. I may switch to air balloon so I can lead off against T-Tar.

Trait: Sturdy
Impish/252 Def/252 HP/4 SpD
x Spikes
x Rapid Spin
x Earthquake
x Gravity

Ah the first pokemon on the team that can use gravity. That is however Forretress' LAST priority.
With Sturdy Forretress can get at least 1 layer of spikes down or get a key rapid spin in. With Gravity affecting both sides of the field I have to make sure I keep my side clear of hazards that could slow down my sweepers.

Trait: Natural Cure
Calm/252 SpD/252 HP/4 Def
0 Atk IV
x Gravity
x Wish
x Protect
x Seismic Toss

The mother of pink blobs that strikes fear into the hearts of so many.......
But lets be serious for a second.
Blissey is my "main" gravity user. Blissey comes in on an attack that wont even dent her, throws up gravity on the switch, uses wish, and switches to Metagross if its set up bait, or Landorus if the OHKO is guaranteed.
0 IV in attack if she gets confused for whatever reason.

Gengar@Black Sludge
Trait: Levitate
Timid/252 SpAtk/252 Spe/4 Hp
x Substitute
x Disable
x Focus Blast
x Shadow Ball

Gengar, Gengar, favorite pokemon and one of glues holding this team together. Gengar plays a specific roll of spin blocking and taking any fighting attacks aimed at the team.
SubDisable messes with a lot of teams momentum and puts it back in my court. Under gravity I have to be extra cautious of Earthquakes, but I get the jump on T-tar and Scizor trying to ruin my fun with a 100% accurate focus blast. Shadow ball is for STAB and to teach Celebi a lesson.

Trait: Clear body
Adamant/252 Atk/252 Spe/4 HP
x Gravity
x Agility
x Meteor Mash
x Earthquake

My own take on Agiliross made just for this team. Maybe Ill call him "GraviRoss" haha. Metagross isn't the ideal user of Gravity but it sure can abuse the heck out of it. Metagross is mainly switched in on set up bait to get in a quick agility or two, with its solid defenses I can usually set up gravity (if its not already on the field) and go to town with 100% accurate Meteor Mash and Earthquake. This set is HEAVILY walled by water pokemon but can usually do a big enough dent to let someone else finish the job.

Landorus@life orb
Trait: Pressure
Naive/252 Atk/252 Spe/4 Hp
x Gravity
x Earthquake
x Stone Edge
x Hidden Power Ice

Finally the star of the show, the creme dela creme of gravity uses, and the most dangerous pokemon on this team. Landorus is ballsy enough to set up gravity by itself and finally smack down flyers that like to switch into his STAB earthquakes and finally laugh in their faces. Regardless of type or resistances NOBODY wants to switch into STAB life orb Earthquake from this guy. Under gravity, Stone Edge has 100% accuracy and is perfect for hitting things that dont want to die from Earthquake and Hidden Power Ice is perfect for opposing Landorus, Gliscor, and dragons that are too stupid to switch in to this beast.

Possible Changes:

Tyranitar would be an excellent addition to the team giving damage to pokemon throughout the match as well as a boost to Landorus through sand force. The only pokemon I would replace for T-Tar would probably Metagross which would lower my sweeping ability by a lot so I'm hesitant on this switch

Chansey over Blissey just for extra defense. Chansey also gets access to wish and gravity so it may be the better alternative, but without leftovers recovery I'm slightly skeptical.

Celebi is literally the only answer I could have to water types on this team, but with the sacrifice of gravity I don't know who Celebi could replace
I would probably go for the physically defensive set and give it leaf storm to abuse while under gravity,however.

Some Final words

"Love is metaphysical gravity."

The gimmick of gravity has been a fun thing to try and use in todays metagame, and I've had relative success with it. However there are always flaws that can be addressed. Not every pokemon on the team needs gravity, however I feel safer that 5/6 can use it and keep it on the field.This does however limit my move pool and is part of the reason why I can be walled by several threats. Any help with what to use over gravity/or what pokemon I can replace to maybe make gravity more effective would be very helpful.​
Hey man nice team although Gravity is really nothing more then a gimmick and is obviously outclassed by other playing styles like rain or sand they are still very fun to make and play with and a well built Gravity team can still be decent competitively.

Looking at your team i can see a big ground-type weakness with three weaknesses and no resists/immunities under your Gravity. This makes pokemon like Landorus and Choice Scarf Terrakion massive threats to your team. Your team also seems quite fighting-type weak as Conkeldurr, Scrafty and Lucario all look threatening once they start accumilating some boosts because if they carry Ice Punch they are capable of sweeping your team due to them being able to hit Landorus super effectivly while Gengar has no bulk and after Scrafty has gotten a few boosts he will outspeed Gengar and Ko it while picking up Moxie boosts.

To help against these two problems i suggest Dusclops>Gengar Dusclops provides your team with a fighting-type immunity exactly like Gengar while he also has the ability to wall most fighting types due to his massive base 130 defence backed up by Evolite. He also sets up Gravity for your team thus making him a better choice over Gengar. He works great in combination with Blissey as he resists Blissey's only weakness and he walls the physical side of things while Blissey walls the special. Both also set up Gravity for your team which makes them a great defensive core for this team. A moveset of Will-o-Wisp/Pain Split/Night Shade/Gravity would do quite well. Will-o-Wisp is good for punishing physical attackers that try and stay in on Dusclops, Pain Split is a good way to abuse Dusclops's low hp and give him a form of recovery, Night Shade is so Dusclops is not complete taunt fodder and 100 damage each turn is the most damage Dusclops will do to anything due to his terrible offenses and Gravity is obviously Gravity.

With Dusclops on your team you have one more Gravity user in your team then you had before. Your team still has quite a big ground weakness as well so i suggest Specially Defensive Celebi>Metagross Celebi provides you with a ground-type resist and a pokemon that can help you with your fighting-type weakness due to his stab Psychic. With your team being weatherless Celebi gives you a great pokemon to take on the boosted water-type moves from rain teams as well. This is great because without Celebi rain offense would be a bit troublesome with Blissey being your only pokemon to take rain boosted moves. A moveset of Recover/Giga Drain/Psychic/Thunderwave is probally the best. Giga Drain for stab and recovery, Psychic lets you hit fighting-types super effectively as well as recieve stab, Recover is so Celebi doesn't get worn down and Thunderwave to cripple opposing sweepers because with agiligross and Gengar gone your team is a bit slower.

Good luck with the team i hope i helped! Also you mentioned Landorus's ability to be Pressure Landorus can't have this ability i am sure that is just a typo though.


Dusclops @ Evolite | Pressure
Bold | 252 Hp / 252 Def / 4 Sp Def
Gravity | Night Shade | Will-o-Wisp | Pain Split

Celebi @ Leftovers | Natural Cure
Calm | 252 Hp / 4 SpA / 252 Sp Def
Giga Drain | Psychic | Recover | Thunderwave



Thank you very much for the rate!
I considered Dusclops but I wasn't sure if he would fit the team right, but how you explained it helps a lot.
Also I've been testing Celebi > Metagross and it helps a lot defensive wise, but limits my sweeping capabilities a tad bit regardless it gets the job done.
Thank you again! :)
I've been thinking about Heracross as a sweeper to take earthquakes, shaymin never crossed my mind, I'll test both out and see if they work well with the team
thank you for the rate bugdom
Hey, I've always kinda liked gravity even though it's not super competitive. This is a nice team although it does seem to be thrown together a little arbitrarily. Some comments:

There are a couple ways to solve your ground weakness, but none that I can think of is ideal. One would be to switch heatran for a ground-resistant stealth rocks user such as celebi. This makes you very weak to fire moves though, which could be solved by switching gengar to something like jellicent. Your choice though. If not, I would second the suggestion of dusclops > gengar, as he at least can take a hit under gravity. Another way is switch blissey for something resistant to ground, although i don't think there's anything that is that and can pass wishes and set up gravity.

I'd suggest LO > lefties on metagross for the extra power--he doesn't really need the recovery.

Finally, I would recommend trying out special sheer force landorus. It hits incredibly hard (even harder than physical) and has better coverage. The set you'd want is:
Landorus @ Life Orb
Trait: Sheer Force
Nature: Timid
EVS: 4 Hp / 252 SpA / 252 Spd
-Earth Power
-Focus Blast
-Hidden Power [ice]
Try it out, it's a really powerful set and it works perfectly under gravity.

GL with the team!