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Great God Ryuumaru

Discussion in 'Trou Du Cul' started by Pokémon Master Ryuumaru, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Pokémon Master Ryuumaru

    Pokémon Master Ryuumaru

    May 30, 2011
    Great God Ryuumaru

    "Ryuumaru" is the real name of the Highest God in the universe. He is the true identity behind the "One God" who mankind had known throughout history, and he stands even above Dragonaurus and the other five Pokémon Gods, although his existence is not known to most people on Earth, and his name was not even recognized by most beings of Earth, unlike the names of the Pokémon Gods. Being God Himself, Ryuumaru is the one who rules over Heaven, Earth and Hell, and he is the leader of all Shinigami, angels and Holy Creatures, divine beings of Heaven and Hell who serve various roles, such as to manage deceased souls on Earth and send them to Heaven or Hell, and to protect Earth and make sure that everything is going there as it should. Ryuumaru is also the Legendary Hero of the Ancient Pokémon War, being the one who put an end to that war by splitting Earth, which used to be three times its current size, into three, creating Heaven, Earth and Hell to isolate the powers that caused the ancient war. In Heaven, the people refer to Ryuumaru by many different names, such as the God of The New World and the Heavenly King.

    Although Ryuumaru is now the Highest of all Gods in the universe, he was not actually born as a God to begin with. At first, he was just a normal human born sometime during the late Ancient Pokémon War Era and lived his childhood in the Holy Forest, a forest where many orphan children were left under the care of a Meganium. However, unlike ordinary humans, he was actually an incredible super genius with an extremely great sense of justice, who shortly after leaving the Holy Forest and avenging the Meganium who took care of him during his childhood, who was killed by the forces of West Desert, realized that what was happening in the world was absolutely evil, and that it was wrong for the world to continue going on the way it was. Immediately upon his realization, Ryuumaru began to strongly desire that the world would change in such a way so that all of the evil which was happening would come to an end. Due to this strong desire, he immediately thought about what would be the fastest way to change the world so that it meets the conditions that he desires. Since he was young back then, he was initially quite naive like all people of his age, and he thought that he could convince the people of the errors of their ways and eventually make the whole world realize that they cannot continue on the way they did, and he also believed that the world could be forgiven as he had faith that they could change. But upon noticing that no one would listen to him, he quickly learnt that to change people is something which is extremely difficult. He also noticed the extremely harsh, rude, hurtful and disrespectful attitude the people he tried to change had towards him when he talked to them, and seeing that, he out of curiosity thought about the world which he desired, and he noticed that in that world, people like the ones he encountered did not exist, and he realized that they did not exist in the world he desired as those people were capable of harming other people, which was an evil thing. Aside from that, he also realized that he can never be absolutely sure about whether he had changed someone from being evil to good, as there is always the chance that the evil person may simply be pretending to be good, something which is very common. Seeing that people cannot change so easily and that he could not even tell whether he had changed someone or not, Ryuumaru decided that the only way to eliminate the evil that certain people brought to the world would be to eliminate those people themselves, and doing that would actually be an even faster way of making the world meet the conditions of his desire than his original plan. Like most normal humans, Ryuumaru at first held the idea that all life had value, whether they are evil or not, and wrongdoers should be forgiven. However, that belief he had, along with his naivity as a child instantly shattered at that moment, his personality changed drastically within the space of a single moment, and that was when he made his resolve to stop the Ancient Pokémon War. Starting from that moment onwards, he went on a journey to stop the war, and ever since he started the journey, his personality changed rapidly as he became more and more exposed to the war. His childish personality which he had at the time rapidly faded as he became calmer and wiser. Aside from those changes, another notable change he had undergone rapidly was his reaction to the evil people he killed or were about to kill. At first, even though he knew that the people he killed were evil, he had various big reactions to their deaths, sometimes even childishly insulting them for their evil, and he would bring them up in his conversations with his Dragonair, a Pokémon which had accompanied him on his journey. He also lectured evil people about why they were evil and argued with them for a while before killing them at first. But as time passed, as Ryuumaru became older, his personality changed and his number of kills greatly increased, his reaction to each evil person who he killed became less and less, until he eventually reached a point where he would kill any evil people he found without even looking at them at all or replying to anything they say. But despite the fact that he viewed evil people as being nothing more than obstacles that prevents the world from being a Utopia, and that he eliminated evil without feeling anything out of the ordinary, his old self still remained when he interacted with those who stood on the side of justice and especially those close to him, such as his Dragonair. Throughout his journey, Ryuumaru also met many good people, some of whom greatly admired him for resisting the war, and upon seeing these people he knew that the world's population was split between evil and justice, and eliminating the side of evil completely would achieve the same as completing his ultimate goal. Being a great genius, Ryuumaru's strength also grew rapidly as he went on his journey and mastered many different techniques. He was even strong enough to recruit Dragonaurus, the strongest legendary Pokémon in the world, and Kylorados, Kyuutsune, Exrai, Hinakaze and Magmegalosaurus, five legendary Pokémon who's strengths rivalled that of Lugia, Ho-oh and Rayquaza to his side. Early on his journey, Ryuumaru also invented spirit energy, the holy power which he passed to his Pokémon companions, and to the beings of Heaven much later. This power was what actually allowed Ryuumaru to succeed in his goal to stop the ancient war, as it allowed him to effortlessly crush entire armies just by radiating spirit energy from his body. Because of this power which Ryuumaru and his companions had, they soon became extremely well-known and feared throughout the entire world. Some people who were against Ryuumaru even found a way to attempt to counter spirit energy, although even they could not do anything due to the sheer difference in power, as Ryuumaru's skill, strength and spirit energy level was growing rapidly throughout his journey, and sometime throughout his journey he even gained the ability to grow angel wings and greatly increase his strength. Sometime during the journey, Ryuumaru's Dragonair also evolved into a Dragonite, and it possessed spirit energy due to being in contact with Ryuumaru for so long. By the time he stopped the ancient war successfully, his power was already greater than all the other beings on Earth combined. In fact, his power level had reached so high that he was capable of effortlessly obliterating the entire Earth with an unbelievably enormous explosion of spirit energy from his body in his first form, obliterate millions of galaxies with his ultimate attack in his second form, and transform into a gigantic golden dragon almost one thousand million times the size of the Sun in his final form, although he's never had the need to take into this form in his life. But in actuality he did an even greater feat than any of these, as with careful magical manipulation and with his unbelievably huge energy capacity, as well as with the help of his blade, the legendary Dragon Sword, he split the world into three sections which were all equal in size but were located in different dimensions! After doing that and establishing Heaven and Hell, he gave birth to his army of Shinigami, angels and Holy Creatures by bestowing spirit energy upon the good people and Pokémon of the world. His existence as a human also ceased upon the New World Era, which started upon Heaven's creation, as he had evolved into a superior Shinigami. The ten strongest beings under him, other than Kylorados, Kyuutsune, Exrai, Hinakaze and Magmegalosaurus, who stayed on Earth to serve as the Pokémon Gods to guide that world, became known as the Ten Holy Elites. Naturally, Dragonaurus immediately became one of them. The other nine Holy Elites were all beings who had lived during the Ancient Pokémon War Era, and some of them had even met Ryuumaru back during that war and before Heaven's establishment. And so Heaven was established, with the Shinigami, angels and Holy Creatures keeping order in Heaven, with them being coordinated by the Ten Holy Elites, who were all directly under the Great God Ryuumaru himself. Being a God of Justice who could not accept a world any less than one in which there is absolutely no evil whatsoever, Ryuumaru created many extremely strict rules for Heaven's inhabitants, and breaking any of these rules resulted in extremely harsh punishments, although in actuality it is extremely rare for these punishments to actually happen, as the inhabitants of Heaven all stand on the side of justice anyway, and extremely rarely would one who stands on the side of evil actually somehow be able to enter Heaven. So despite the strict rules in Heaven, almost no one actually feels any fear of being punished at all, as they are only there just in case of any evil people who are somehow present in this world. The strength of Ryuumaru, the Ten Holy Elites and all the Shinigami, angels and Holy Creatures continued to grow even through the millions of years after the Ancient Pokémon War Era. As of today, Ryuumaru's power had become strong enough to the point where he can revert the entire universe back to nothingness, like the universe was in the beginning of time, by simply radiating an unbelievable amount of spirit energy from his body to disintegrate all existence in the universe, although he obviously has no reason to do that.

    Ryuumaru's personality can be described very differently depending on the point of view. Some people, including every single inhabitant of Heaven, views Ryuumaru as being a God of Justice or Justice itself, who passes divine and righteous judgment on evil and eradicating them as soon as they appear in order to prevent them from spreading, and by doing so, he keeps those who stand on the side of justice happy by preventing them from having to make contact with evil people. Those who oppose him, on the other hand, views Ryuumaru as being a cold, emotionless mass murderer who has no respect for life and a conceited and corrupt God of Death who is completely without faith and forgiveness and is also not incapable of extreme cruelty and ruthlessness, as evil people, the ones who oppose him are nothing more than obstacles and inconveniences for the world to him, and he simply disposes of any evil he encounters without batting an eye. Despite his extremely cold attitude towards his enemies, he is very kind and friendly towards those who stand on the side of justice, and especially those who are close to him, such as Dragonaurus, Rika, his Dragonite and his Gyarados, Arcanine, Latias, Latios and Tyranitar, five Pokémon he had caught and trained after the New World Era. To those who are close to him, Ryuumaru even acts as almost a completely different person, who is very caring. His strong ideals of justice was also written down in fourteen statements of belief in the Fourteen Truths About Justice, which were ideas he had developed throughout his journey in the Ancient Pokémon War Era, although they were not written down until millions of years later, after the great battle between PokéKage Shujinshinobi and Pokéia King Fujishi on Earth. Ryuumaru's beliefs about justice were written down in the following statements:

    - Justice is the absence of evil.
    - People are either on the side of evil or justice. Those who are on the side of evil must be eliminated.
    - Those who purposely harm others are evil.
    - Those who support evil are evil themselves.
    - Performing an action is not evil as long as all those who are affected by the action do not mind it.
    - Those who do only evil are evil.
    - Those who do both good and evil are evil.
    - Those who do neither good nor evil are good.
    - Those who do only good are good.
    - Human lives are only valuable as long as they stand on the side of justice.
    - With revolution comes sacrifice. In exchange for a world of justice, the lives of those on the side of evil must be sacrificed.
    - If all those who stand on the side of evil were to be eradicated, conflicts would cease to exist.
    - The amount of justice that exists in the world can be calculated through the ratio between the number of good people and the number of evil people in the world's total population. The higher the number of good people in ratio to the number of evil people, the closer the world would be to being a Utopia.
    - All evil shall eventually fall before the power of justice.

    And here is a message which Ryuumaru also wrote across the bottom of the two stone tablets Fourteen Truths About Justice:

    And so in truth, it is far easier to stand on the side of justice than it is to stand on the side of evil, as all it takes to stand on the side of justice is to simply avoid performing any evil actions. To follow the correct path is not difficult at all. With that being said, there should be no reason for evil to continue existing. Those who continue to choose the more difficult path and stand on the side of evil shall face even more difficulty after life as they struggle in Hell in regret of not having followed the easier path, which would have led them to the Utopia which stands at the end of the opposite path of which they have took in life.

    A few hundred years after writing the Fourteen Truths About Justice, Ryuumaru and the beings of Heaven had to deal with some trouble caused on Earth by some beings known as machines from another planet, called Chaos Planet, which was located in the same dimension as Earth. There was a tradition on that planet, in which every fifteen months, ChaosLord, the ruler of Chaos Planet would demonstrate his great power, which was believed to be infinite by the beings of that planet who consider him to be the "Ultimate Organism", to his fellow machines on the planet by destroying stars in space using various projectile attacks. Everything began on one of those days when ChaosLord would demonstrate his power to the beings of Chaos Planet, but this time, he was not the only one to demonstrate his powers, as ChaosBlackWarGreymon, ChaosMetalSeadramon and ChaosPiedmon, known as the three Chaos Generals, the three machines directly under ChaosLord, joined him as well. However, they did not realize that the destruction they were causing in space affected Earth as well, causing much destruction on certain areas of the planet. When Ryuumaru found out about that, he sent some beings of Heaven to space in the living world to investigate the source of the destruction. Eventually, they came upon Chaos Planet, but they were soon disposed of, as despite the holy spirit powers which they possessed, which allowed them to easily control the beings of Earth, the beings of Chaos Planet were unimaginably stronger than the humans and Pokémon of Earth. Upon being informed of what happened, Ryuumaru sent more beings of Heaven, who were much stronger than the ones he sent before, and had Kuroi, one of the Ten Holy Elites lead them to Chaos Planet, where Kuroi interrogated some of the beings there to gain some information on Chaos Planet, before leaving and kidnapping Guardromon, a machine from that planet to be used as a source of information. When Kuroi and the others arrived back in Heaven, Ryuumaru held a meeting with the Ten Holy Elites to inform them about the situation. Around that time, ChaosLord discovered Earth and sent six machines to investigate the planet, but five of them were destroyed when Mag, one of the Ten Holy Elites led five beings of Heaven on an unauthorized assault on those machines, and only one of them managed to escape back to Chaos Planet to inform them about what had happened. Upon finding out about Earth, ChaosLord became interested in the beings there and wanted to be worshipped by them as a God. So he went to Earth and landed on Vermillion City in Kanto, where he began to demand the beings there to worship him as the PokéGod and the Ultimate Organism, but then Ryuumaru sent Dragonaurus and Rance, two Holy Elites down from Heaven to stop him. After a long battle, it was revealed that ChaosLord's power was not infinite as he was damaged by Dragonaurus's ultimate attack, Golden Blast, but his power was so great that even the combined powers of Dragonaurus, the second strongest being in Heaven, Earth and Hell and another Holy Elite were not able to defeat him! Just as ChaosLord was about to finish them off, Ryuumaru stepped in and stopped him, and then he warned him to stop his activities every fifteen months, before blasting him back to Chaos Planet with a point-blank Hyper Beam.

    After returning to Chaos Planet, ChaosLord sent the three Chaos Generals and their subordinates to the Johto Region on Earth, where he had the Chaos Generals spread his name in an attempt to eventually make the whole planet worship him, while at the same time he had the other machines who accompanied them form a black energy barrier around the entire Johto Region so that Heaven cannot detect their activities there. While the black barrier was up, Ryuumaru highly suspected that it was the work of the beings of Chaos Planet. After the machines left Earth and the black barrier faded, Ryuumaru sent many of his subordinates down from Heaven to perform the Soul Burial on many of the deceased souls in the Johto Region, who were killed by the Chaos Generals. Ryuumaru's suspicions became a reality after he sent Kuroi to question the souls who were sent to Heaven about what had happened to them. Seeing that ChaosLord had ignored his warning from before, Ryuumaru decided to pass divine judgment on Chaos Planet by first having Yamix, one of the Ten Holy Elites spread mass destruction on the planet with his powerful fire, lightning and holy techniques. After that, he had Vaiknite, another Holy Elite, as well as Kuroi and Rance occupy the Chaos Generals, while he confronted ChaosLord himself. The leaders of Heaven and Chaos Planet faced off against each other, but despite his incredible powers, which almost granted him a victory in a one on two battle against Dragonaurus and Rance before, ChaosLord found himself to be gradually overwhelmed by Ryuumaru's superior power and speed, although ChaosLord quickly adapted to the later and was able to react to it towards the end of the fight. This battle surprised most of the machines on Chaos Planet, as they considered ChaosLord to be the Ultimate Organism and had never seen him have so much trouble in battle before. Despite the fact that he was having the advantage in the battle, Ryuumaru returned to Heaven halfway through the fight without finishing ChaosLord, and when he returned to Heaven he explained to Dragonaurus that his reason for doing so was for the slight chance that the idea that evil people cannot change very easily and eliminating them would be more beneficial than forgiving them, a belief he held strongly ever since the Ancient Pokémon War Era, which he was sure applied to humans, may not apply to machines, and he believed in the slight chance that this may be true out of having an open mind. But contrary to Ryuumaru's belief, ChaosLord immediately launched an attack on Heaven after Ryuumaru left, and ChaosLord had planned this ever since his first encounter with Ryuumaru. The machines had also already found a way to enter Heaven, which was using the Key To Heaven to open a dimensional gate inside Yggdrasil, the largest tree on Earth, located in the Pokéia Region, as ChaosLord had secretly sent a machine to Earth to search for a way to reach Heaven during the same time as when the Chaos Generals attacked Johto.

    And so ChaosLord sent his machines to Earth, where they climbed up Yggdrasil's interior and eventually made their way to Heaven. ChaosLord himself, however, chose not to join in the attack. Upon arriving at the place where the Shinigami, angels and Holy Creatures were, the machines launched an all-out against the beings of Heaven, who also fought back, and some of the Holy Elites also got involved in the many destructive battles. Ryuumaru, however, was not too concerned with the machines' attack, as he suspected by the fact that ChaosLord did not participate in the attack himself, that this invasion served as nothing but a decoy while ChaosLord carried out his true plans. His suspicions became a reality when he found out that ChaosLord had entered Earth once again, with ChaosMetalSeadramon accompanying him. However, as that happened, Ryuumaru also realized that the machines' attack was more serious than he thought when he saw the machines breaking down the door at the front of his castle, Vinheim and entering the castle itself, a feat he did not imagine that the machines were capable of doing before getting killed by his many subordinates outside the castle. Seeing that happen, he sent Kuroi to observe ChaosLord's actions on Earth, while he started to focus more on the machines in Heaven.

    As the war raged on in Heaven, ChaosLord landed on Earth, and by that time the number of people on the planet who were willing to worship him had increased much more than ever. ChaosLord also further tried to convince the people that he should be worshipped, by revealing to them that a few billion years ago, he was actually acknowledged as the Ultimate Organism on Earth by the dinosaurs, which were in fact the dominating Pokémon on the planet back then, before the dinosaurs were later wiped out by some machines from Chaos Planet who attacked Earth and later got chased back to their planet by ChaosLord, and the fact that Earth was the very same planet he had originated from was a realization he came to shortly before entering the Earth's atmosphere. After explaining how he was acknowledged as the Ultimate Organism on Earth by defeating Lugia, Ho-oh and Rayquaza, three of the most powerful beings on Earth known at that time, he showed the humans an unimaginably great feat by destroying millions of galaxies up in space with his ChaosCannon, his ultimate attack. ChaosLord was then worshipped by even more people than before as a God. After that, he and ChaosMetalSeadramon headed to Yggdrasil to await the machines to return from Heaven.

    As that was happening, Ryuumaru had observed the machines who were moving throughout Vinheim through his computer, and so he used a special function to manipulate the hallways of his castle to change the paths in there, in such a way so that all the machines would eventually arrive in the Great God's Throne Room, Ryuumaru's throne room in Vinheim, where Ryuumaru then went to await the machines so that he could eliminate them all at once by the time they arrive. After Kuroi arrived back in Heaven and informed Ryuumaru of ChaosLord's actions on Earth and then left the throne room, the machines who were invading Heaven arrived in the throne room, face-to-face before Ryuumaru himself. Despite their huge advantage in numbers, Ryuumaru disposed of them all with minimal effort. After destroying them all, seven more machines entered the throne room to confront Ryuumaru, who destroyed six of them without even fighting them himself, but he sent out his six Pokémon and let them destroy the machines instead as training for them. The seventh and final remaining machine in the throne room was Liquidman, who was also the same machine who had discovered how to reach Heaven and told that to the other machines. Liquidman, who had heard a lot about Ryuumaru from the Storyteller of Elf Village, a man he had visited during his search for the Key To Heaven, had a brief conversation with Ryuumaru, who also in this same conversation revealed in an apathetic tone that he will personally destroy ChaosLord once the current Heaven invasion is over, as Ryuumaru had attempted to have faith in ChaosLord and forgive him after their previous encounter, but the machines' invasion in Heaven had proven his faith to be completely wrong. When Ryuumaru revealed that he was the one who wrote the Fourteen Truths About Justice on top of Mountain City, Liquidman felt extremely surprised, shocked and a little betrayed, as sometime during his search for the Key To Heaven on Earth, he had stumbled upon those fourteen statements, and upon reading them, he gained a great admiration to whoever who had written them. Now that he found out that they were in fact written by the same man who opposed ChaosLord and the machines, Liquidman was greatly resolved to destroy Ryuumaru, as he could not forgive himself for admiring the machines' greatest enemy unless he does that, and he even revealed an ability to transform himself into a gigantic metal giant in doing so, but even in that form, Ryuumaru was able to easily stop his attacks with his bare hands with minimal effort. The one-sided battle was interrupted when Seigi, one of the Ten Holy Elites showed up in the throne room. Upon being informed of all the chaos and fights which were happening outside the castle, Ryuumaru left and let Seigi take over the battle with Liquidman.

    Towards the end of the machines' invasion in Heaven, ChaosPiedmon fought with Rika, one of the Ten Holy Elites, after also having defeated hundreds of other beings of Heaven single-handedly by himself. Throughout the battle, Rika was slowly being overpowered by ChaosPiedmon, and just as she was about to lose, Ryuumaru stepped in to save her, interrupting the battle and then taking it over. Ryuumaru took the battle up to the top of the head of the golden dragon statue above his castle, where he and ChaosPiedmon fought. In this battle, Ryuumaru's incredible powers were revealed even more, as despite ChaosPiedmon's incredible skills at using magic attacks and his enormous movepool of deadly techniques, Ryuumaru effortlessly rendered them all useless, either by cancelling them out simply by pointing his palm at them, protecting himself from them with his cape or avoiding them with Instant Movement, while ChaosPiedmon was fighting an extremely steep uphill battle as he was suffering many hits from Ryuumaru's attacks. ChaosBlackWarGreymon later came to the top of the dragon statue as well to join the fight, although he was not able to do anything either. After Ryuumaru used a single arm and overwhelmed ChaosBlackWarGreymon in a hand-to-hand combat and deflected his Terra Destroyer, known to the beings of Chaos Planet as one of the most powerful techniques in existence, it became evident that Ryuumaru was completely impervous to any of the Chaos Generals' techniques, and they were forced to retreat from Heaven. Using a darkness-element teleportation technique known as Black Device, the two Chaos Generals teleported to the front of the dimensional gate leading back to Earth, before opening them and flying outside. However, Ryuumaru, who knew exactly where they were going, opened a dimensional gate out of thin air himself, and confronted the two Chaos Generals outside the dimensional gates in Yggdrasil on Earth. Just as ChaosBlackWarGreymon and ChaosPiedmon were about to be finished, Ryuumaru was interrupted by an ambush from ChaosMetalSeadramon, who had been waiting outside, but even he did not last long, as Ryuumaru's Dragon Sword effortlessly sliced through his near-indestructible body and defeated him with ease. Ryuumaru then attempted to eliminate the three Chaos Generals together once and for all, but he was interrupted once again, this time by ChaosLord, who had been waiting outside of Yggdrasil with ChaosMetalSeadramon. Ryuumaru engaged in a brief battle with ChaosLord outside the giant tree, while the Chaos Generals took this opportunity to escape back to their planet. During the short but fierce battle, it was revealed that ChaosLord's powers had grown considerably since the last battle, and not only was he able to react to Ryuumaru's Instant Movement perfectly even upon being blinded by his various spells such as Holy Light, but he also gained the ability to move at blinding speed himself. After a short clash, ChaosLord received a message created by some special signals emitted from the GAIA Radar, a radar built on Chaos Planet by Mechanikat, the greatest scientist and researcher from Chaos Planet, who is also ranked seventh in the Seven Chosen Champions, the seven strongest beings on Chaos Planet after the Chaos Generals. This radar was built from the remains of Overlord GAIA, an incredibly powerful machine who ruled Chaos Planet as the Ultimate Organism long ago, before he was defeated and destroyed by ChaosLord, who gained the title of Ultimate Organism upon victory. Using the GAIA Radar, Mechanikat emitted some special signals from Chaos Planet all the way to Earth, to inform ChaosLord that two former Chosen Champions had been causing trouble at Chaos Planet. Upon being informed of that, ChaosLord abandoned his battle with Ryuumaru, and he threatened that he will destroy Ryuumaru along with the rest of Heaven and make the entire Earth bow before him, before leaving back to Chaos Planet, while Ryuumaru also returned to Heaven as he prioritized keeping everything back in order in that world, as it was thrown into chaos after the machines' invasion.

    And so the machines' invasion in Heaven ended, but peace was not yet restored completely. Due to the previous influence of ChaosLord and the three Chaos Generals on Earth, many conflicts arose amongst the beings on Earth. Many people were convinced that ChaosLord was truly the Great PokéGod and the Ultimate Organism, and under the orders of ChaosLord and the Chaos Generals, they began attacking their fellow humans, and the ones who denied ChaosLord fought back. The Pokémon also got involved in the battles, fighting alongside the humans who they served, and the belief in ChaosLord as a God spreaded quickly throughout the Kanto, Johto and Chaos regions of Earth. The inhabitants of Kanto and Johto were quickly corrupted by the spreading heresy, as they were the regions where ChaosLord and the Chaos Generals landed on when they first went to Earth, respectively, and spoke to their inhabitants directly. As for the Chaos region, the source which gave birth to the belief in ChaosLord in that region was its ruler, King Randor, who was strongly convinced of ChaosLord's existence and his status as a God despite not having met him directly, and he imposed a strict rule which requires all inhabitants of the Chaos region to worship ChaosLord five hours a day, threatening his people with extremely harsh punishments if they refused. Due to King Randor's influence, the Chaos region became even more corrupt than Kanto and Johto, and these three regions eventually allied together to form an alliance known as the Triple Alliance, and they worked together to expand their heresy across the entire Earth by engaging in wars with other nations in hope that they would eventually submit to ChaosLord and bow before him. As the situation became more and more serious, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Pokéia, three regions on Earth which were strongly opposing ChaosLord allied together to form an alliance known as the Triad of Power to fight against the Triple Alliance. A world war eventually took place, with the Triad of Power led by Mugenryuu, the King of Pokéia, as Pokéia was the region which opposed ChaosLord the most, due to the fact that this region's dominant religion was a belief in the Six Pokémon Gods (Kylorados, Kyuutsune, Exrai, Hinakaze, Magmegalosaurus and Dragonaurus) and its inhabitants had strong faith and refused to worship any gods other than those six, while the Triple Alliance was led by King Randor, the King of the Chaos region, who had strong faith in ChaosLord. The entire Earth quickly became divided into two sides: those who worshipped ChaosLord and those who opposed him.

    However, the war which took place was not the only source of chaos which arose on Earth. A number of criminal organizations, which were Team Rocket, Team Dragon, Team Aqua and Team Magma took advantage of the chaos caused by the war to make their evil dreams come true. Within all the chaos caused by the battle between the Triple Alliance and the Triad of Power, these criminal organizations' plans were faced with little resistance, and in the end, three legendary Pokémon of immense power, which were Dragozard, Kyogre and Groudon were summoned by Team Dragon, Team Aqua and Team Magma respectively, further causing unrest on the planet due to the huge destruction caused everywhere by those Pokémon and their powers which even influenced the entire planet, while Team Rocket managed to capture Mewtwo and used it as a powerful weapon against others in an attempt to bring the entire planet under their control. Aside from the chaos on Earth caused by its inhabitants themselves, further troubles were also caused by Vamdemon and Knightmare, two former Chosen Champions from Chaos Planet who had taken advantage of ChaosLord and the Chaos Generals being absent from Chaos Planet to slaughter the machines and other beings there while the Heaven invasion was taking place, as they had long ago dreamed to become the Ultimate Organisms themselves and tried to reach that title as their goal by slaughtering other beings, since they had the ability to increase their powers by absorbing the powers of their defeated foes, although they were stopped by their fellow Chosen Champions long ago. Besides the fact that ChaosLord and the Chaos Generals were away from Chaos Planet, another reason for those two Chosen Champions to begin actively attacking the beings at Chaos Planet was due to the fact that they had heard about ChaosLord being harmed by Dragonaurus and Ryuumaru in battle before, something which most inhabitants of the planet believed was impossible, and upon hearing this news, the two Chosen Champions believed that the power of ChaosLord, believed to be the current Ultimate Organism, may not be too far above their's, and this further inspired them to continue their attack against other beings. When Vamdemon and Knightmare found out about the fact that Mechanikat had contacted ChaosLord about their activities via the GAIA Radar, they fled to Earth, a planet which they had found out about from other machines in order to avoid punishment from ChaosLord once he returns to Chaos Planet. In the process, they also brought a number of dark beings from a forest known as ChaosGraveyard with them to Earth, where they planned to continue gaining powers, by killing the beings there instead, despite knowing the insignificance of their powers compared to the beings of Chaos Planet.

    Upon arriving on Earth, they increased the chaos that was already present there. Knightmare began massacreing the humans and Pokémon to take their powers, and he even attacked King Randor's Castle of Might on Northern Island in the Chaos region and killed all the people there, including King Randor himself, before taking over the castle and commanding a large army of Lizardmen and golem there, who gathered people from all over the Chaos region and brought them before Knightmare to be slayed by him. At the same time, Vamdemon attacked Shinobi Village, a Hidden Ninja Village in the Pokéia region. On top of killing many ninja there despite their great skills, he also captured a Jinchuuriki, who are ninja who have demons sealed inside them using a Fuin ninjutsu, and Vamdemon left to his base of operation somewhere in the Pokéia region after capturing that Jinchuuriki. Sealed within the Jinchuuriki who Vamdemon captured was the Lizard Demon, one of the most feared and renowned demons in the history of Earth, who had killed countless people and was sealed away at the cost of the lives of a thousand monks to prevent him from killing any more people. In Vamdemon's base, the Lizard Demon was released from his Jinchuuriki by Vamdemon using a special dark technique, and upon being freed, he continued his massacres, which further increased the troubles caused on Earth. As the chaos continued over an extended period of time, the attention of Kylorados, Kyuutsune, Exrai, Hinakaze and Magmegalosaurus were caught, and they emerged from the respective temples where they rested in and they began restoring peace back to the planet by crushing any sources of the chaos, which they saw as evil, a view which was taught to them by Ryuumaru himself back during the Ancient Pokémon War Era.

    Despite the chaos caused by the Lizard Demon, Vamdemon, Knightmare, Team Rocket, Team Dragon, Team Aqua and Team Magma, the global-scale war between the Triple Alliance and the Triad of Power was what most people were focused on. With the death of King Randor and the reign of Knightmare, who was uninterested in the world war over the Chaos region, the Triple Alliance began to rapidly lose its stability, but despite that, they were not gaining any disadvantage in the war whatsoever, as the Triad of Power also began to lose its stability due to some internal conflicts within the Pokéia region. Despite the inhabitants of Pokéia's great faith in the Six Pokémon Gods, the ninja from Shinobi Village or the remains of the village who had survived Vamdemon's attack were actually faithful to ChaosLord, mainly due to the influence of the Sixth PokéKage, the village's current PokéKage, a title given to the strongest ninja of the village. When King Mugenryuu found out about the PokéKage and Shinobi Village's betrayal to Pokéia and the Triad of Power, he was deeply angered and sent his men to eliminate all the ninja of Shinobi Village, although in the end their efforts proved to be futile, as the Sixth PokéKage possessed incredible abilities, including extremely great psychic powers which allowed him to effortlessly dispose of all of the King's men all by himself. Seeing that happen, King Mugenryuu decided to confront the PokéKage himself, as Mugenryuu was one of the greatest martial artists on Earth, having mastered Taekwando, Blade Fist, Wing Chun, Tai Chi Chuan, Mantis Fist and Drunken Fist. King Mugenryuu and the Sixth PokéKage confronted each other at the peak of Mountain City, and engaged in an extended battle, which many people compared to the famous battle between King Fujishi and PokéKage Shujinshinobi which also took place at the same location a few hundred years ago, although ironically this time, the PokéKage was the one who was seen as evil, while the King of Pokéia was seen as good. However, just like in the last battle, the PokéKage was the one who stood victorious over the King's corpse in the end after a long battle.

    Just as the PokéKage achieved victory, a number of beings descended from Heaven to help solve the chaos on Earth, with Ryuumaru, Dragonaurus, Rika and Seigi being four of those beings of Heaven. The beings of Heaven also made themselves visible to the humans and Pokémon, and Ryuumaru and the three Holy Elites he brought with him appeared before the PokéKage, along with many other humans on Mountain City. This was the very first time in history when Ryuumaru revealed himself and made himself known to the beings of Earth, and he also identified himself as the Highest God, the creator of the Fourteen Truths About Justice, and the one who stopped the Ancient Pokémon War. When the people saw that his claims were not denied by Dragonaurus, who was so far believed by the people of Pokéia as the Highest God, the people immediately recognized Ryuumaru as their God. This marked an extremely significant moment to the beings of Earth and the history of religion, as it changed the beliefs of many people on Earth forever within the space of a single moment. The people who saw Ryuumaru himself with their very own eyes had also witnessed an event which they would never forget in their lives. Ryuumaru then defeated the PokéKage in a Pokémon battle, before disposing of the PokéKage himself, although in the process he was struck by Warugan, a special illusionary ability possessed by the PokéKage, which causes the illusion's victim to relive the most painful experiences of their lives. Ryuumaru had always considered the pre-New World Era time of his life to be his most painful experience, as it was the only time of his life when he lived in a world which was something less than a Utopia like Heaven, and he strongly disliked such world. And so at that instant, Ryuumaru once again relived his life while he was on his journey to stop the Ancient Pokémon War, which took place millions of years ago. Ryuumaru's experience with the Warugan started a bit before the death of the Meganium which cared for him in his childhood, and extended all the way up to the instant when he seperated the Earth into three in order to form Heaven and Hell. Despite being caught in such a long illusion, the time which had passed in the real world was less than a split second. Although the experience was painful and awkward, Ryuumaru was be unaffected by it due to his great intelligence which allowed him to easily be unaffected by mental and emotional pain. After sending the soul of the PokéKage to Hell, Ryuumaru reminded the humans to stay on the side of justice and avoid evil, referencing to them the fourteen statements on the two nearby stone tablets which were personally written by him. At the same time, all the chaos on Earth, including those caused by the criminal organizations were ceased by the efforts of five of the Pokémon Gods, as well as by a little effort from some other beings who had descended from Heaven with Ryuumaru. The Lizard Demon, Vamdemon and Knightmare, however, remained unnoticed even after the beings of Heaven ascended back to their world, while the Pokémon Gods retreated back to their temples.

    After the unrest on Earth were over, Ryuumaru thought about a plan to go to Chaos Planet to finally put an end to ChaosLord, who he viewed as being an extremely great source of evil and his elimination was a huge priority. However, he knew that since the machines' invasion in Heaven had happened, it would not be surprising for ChaosLord and the rest of Chaos Planet to be expecting an attack from Heaven, and so he knew that Chaos Planet would definitely be on guard. However, he also did not want to destroy the entire Chaos Planet with his powers, as after having come into contact with some machines during the Heaven invasion event and getting to know about the personality of some of the machines, the beings of Heaven discovered that not all the beings on Chaos Planet were on ChaosLord's side, and one of the beings of Chaos Planet who went to Heaven even revealed to his opponent that he had intentions of betraying ChaosLord, although that being was not considered to be good either. However, that was enough evidence to conclude that not all the beings of Chaos Planet supported ChaosLord, so they may not all be evil. And so, in order to eliminate ChaosLord with as little trouble as possible while at the same time not destroying every single being of Chaos Planet, Ryuumaru planned to confront ChaosLord at Chaos Planet while taking many of his subordinates there as well and have them cause chaos all over the planet and keep some of the most powerful machines there, who the beings of Heaven had learnt about through Kuroi's interrogation of Guardromon, at bay while Ryuumaru himself would be able to defeat ChaosLord without being interrupted by the other powerful machines there. But before returning to Heaven to begin his plans, Ryuumaru took Dragonaurus, Rika and Seigi to a tour around many beautiful places on Earth in order to spend some time reflecting on all their experiences so far, as he believed that after so much fighting during the machines' invasion in Heaven, it would not be a bad idea to take a break and also contemplate about the upcoming battles with the machines.

    To be continued...
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    Your facts are incorrect and your theories are weakly supported. 0/10.
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    This is a great war story.
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    oh boy it's this guy again.
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    great battle, standard formatting, but the intro was too long imo...
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    Your opponent made a HUGE misplay on turn 3, which guaranteed you the win from the start.
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    the lack of sprites and percentages really hurt.

    however once u edit it in, i think its a solid 10/10.

    looking forward for more warstories. good job!
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    how can justice be the absence of evil????

    if there is no evil how can you exercise justice.............
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    my warstory


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    Stop banning him, otherwise he can't finish his story (read: To be continued..)

    And I'm being completely serious....
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    Pretty sure it is closer to 8.

    Actually, I am pretty sure he was doing a less evolved form of this back at tvsian.. It could be closer to 10?

    But the Lord's work is never done..
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    [16:20:14] <%Mekkah> i liked it better when he included pictures
    [16:20:20] <%Mekkah> of terrible splices
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    Digimon is for nerds
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    Dunana Dunana Dunanananana

    Dunana Dunana (doodidoo) Dunanana
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    Let's take this further. I was bored and wanted to show that the GGR necessarily had to destroy the whole universe, including himself. I guess I got carried away, but the consequences are so worth it in my mind.

    I. Moral code (open)
    i. Excerpts

    1. "Due to this strong desire, he immediately thought about what would be the fastest way to change the world so that it meets the conditions that he desires." -> Definition 2

    2. "He out of curiosity thought about the world which he desired, and he noticed that in that world, people like the ones he encountered did not exist." -> Axiom 1

    3. "Ryuumaru decided that the only way to eliminate the evil that certain people brought to the world would be to eliminate those people themselves, and doing that would actually be an even faster way of making the world meet the conditions of his desire than his original plan." -> Theorem 1 (Not proven by GGR... but geniuses don't have to be accountable to us!)

    4. The Fourteen Truths About Justice (TAJ)

    ii. Definitions and axioms

    Definition 1: A moral code is a set M of functions mapping a reality R to an ideal reality, or end, E.

    Each function represents an execution of M in R to achieve E.

    Definition 2: The best execution of a moral code M in a reality R is a function f in M that maximizes the Lorentzian metric distance between each point x in R and f(x) in E. (Excerpt 1)

    i.e. The best execution is the one that minimizes the time taken to achieve the end.

    Axiom 1. A moral code M' agrees with another moral code M if the end of M' is equal to the end of M. (Excerpt 2)

    I'm only really looking at the the people that the GGR encounter and attempt to convince. I consider the moral code of an individual after the GGR tries to reason with him or her. It's important that the listener agrees with the entirety of the GGR's moral code, and only the GGR's moral code, else the GGR will find the listener "extremely difficult" to convince, and deem him "evil". This also conveniently accounts for most of the Fourteen Truths About Justice. (Weren't they eight before?) Talk about inefficient.

    Axiom 2: "Those who do neither good nor evil are good."

    Axiom 3. One person A harms another B if A causes B suffering.

    This excludes instant killing. This is important due to Theorem 3.

    iii. Theorems

    1. The best execution of M is unique (and is reflected in GGR's moral code execution below). (Excerpt 3)

    Proof: Exercise for the reader, apparently.

    Basically, if an individual's moral code M' disagrees with GGR's moral code M, then in order to fulfill GGR's end E, the dissenter must be killed.

    2. "Those who do only evil are evil. Those who do both good and evil are evil. [...] Those who do only good are good."

    Proof: All of these are directly implied by definition 2.

    3. GGR should not kill himself only if he causes no "harm" (Definition 5) to the victims of his murder (typically kill them quickly and painlessly).

    Proof: Suppose he does harm his victims. Then, by TAJ 3 ("Those who purposely harm others are evil."), he is evil. By TAJ 2, he must kill himself. Q.E.D.

    4. Either GGR's moral code is inconsistent, or his end is empty.

    Proof: Axioms 1 and 2 contradict each other. If an individual does nothing that can be categorized as good or evil - even after the GGR tries to convince him or her to do good - assuming that GGR has a nonempty end goal, there is a disagreement. Q.E.D.

    Remember that everything has to be categorized as good or evil, because good is the absence of evil.

    II. Analysis of &quot;spirit energy&quot; (open)
    We get quite a few clues about the nature of spirit energy. Since GGR is born of the earth, clearly the more "awesome" powers that he possesses come entirely from "spirit energy", which he claims to have invented. Since energy can't be created (well... "virtual particles" and such but that's outside the scope of this post), let's just say that he discovered it and somehow learned to harness it.

    GGR mentions having three forms, the second being able to obliterate millions of galaxies, and the third being a billion times larger than the Sun. Assuming he's referring to mass, the Milky Way is still about 1400 times more massive than GGR's golden dragon form. Additionally, splitting the world into three parts and putting them into different "dimensions" (whatever that means... but oops, don't question GGR) requires MORE spirit energy than is required to obliterate millions of galaxies. Clearly, GGR hadn't achieved his end when he did so, since otherwise he wouldn't even have needed to expend that much energy.

    We later read that the GGR can "revert the entire universe back to nothingness, like the universe was in the beginning of time"; let's refer to this as the doomsday scenario. This seems to indicate that spirit energy makes up at least half of the universe's total energy. Dark energy is theorized to comprise 73% of the universe's energy. Something to think about. We additionally see that the way to do this is to radiate his energy to "disintegrate all existence in the universe". I guess the spirit energy has to collapse on itself, effectively demanding the "Big Crunch" scenario of the end of the universe. Cosmological observations indicate that the universe is nearly "flat", but GGR hasn't actually committed this supposed act of obliterating the universe, so we shouldn't presume that he's sure of his own prediction of this what-if scenario.

    III: Consequences (open)
    The GGR tried to make things simple by considering someone good if he/she doesn't do anything evil. Unfortunately, the GGR explicitly tied evil to disagreement with him (Axiom 1), which includes of course the "sin" of inaction if someone "evil" intentionally hurts someone else. This means that his moral code is inconsistent, because the person who does nothing is both good and evil. Since an inconsistent set of axioms can prove any statement, everybody is both good and evil, including the GGR himself. Since his inclination to kill any one person depends only on whether he/she is evil, the GGR must kill everybody, including himself. Of course, the fastest and therefore best (Definition 2) way to go about doing this is the doomsday scenario (II). Even if the GGR's moral code includes nothing, he can't even enforce this because he can't even punish anybody, when he must punish everybody, causing the doomsday scenario again. If the GGR somehow doesn't realize that he himself must be evil, he must STILL cause the doomsday scenario, because that is the fastest way to kill everybody painlessly. Cosmological observations may indicate that the doomsday scenario is actually impossible, but a forced heat death is close enough.
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    i don't want to alarm you capefeather, but i think you might have too much free time on your hands

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