Greatest Troll Mafia - Postgame


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So, now that so many deaths happened, you may wonder who was the victor in this game?

Maybe it was this guy?

Or this one?

Or him again?


Trick question! It was none of these. This game has been, ever since the beginning, a huge troll, with as a target everyone involved. At first, we felt like hosting a game with 24 neutrals, but decided it would get out too quickly and turned into a popularity contest. This is what we finally came up with: everyone would be given a PM that implies they're part of the mafia group, but that they're seperated from their allies. In fact, those allies did not exist: there were 21 factions in this game (dak, thunda and Serenity were genuine #fluodome villagers). To keep this a secret, we had to snip them and any implication of them, out of the death/inspection PMs.

Everyone in the game had a role that could target another user with some kind of action that may or may not look useful, but none of them actually did anything significant. Except for one thing: every night, we would look at which users were targeted by most roles, and we'd kill those off. No one in the game actually had a night kill that worked. The amount of people we killed off was determined by the total population, divided by 10, then add .4 and round it somehow. Which is pretty much 3 early on, then 2 later. We would've continued to 1 somewhere soon if we didn't think it was about time to stop at a peak rather than when people would lose interest out of frustration for not finding their allies.

There would never have been a true winner. I would say the winners of this game are the ones who brought the most entertainment, as well as those who sent in their Night PMs rather than idling.


Best Troll Assistant: Serenity
After she died and was told how the game was a troll, she expressed desire to help out. So occasionally she would GIGANTIC METEOR or BUUUUU people, and even force Lightwolf to mention her name as if she would be revived through that (Lightwolf was terribly afraid she knew he was mafia).

Best Troll Target: Lightwolf
He talked to me pretty often about his false claim, and how he was afraid of Serenity...I think he caught on sometime later though. A runner-up in this category is Stallion, who had an elaborate plan and several people he suspected to be evil as late as Night 4-5 iirc.

Comedy Award: Accent (& Mekkah)
The moment Accent subbed in he targeted me (Mekkah) with his role, the MS Paint restriction. Nowhere in the rules did it say you were allowed to do it, but I didn't mind at all and just prepared the update several hours early. I've gotten many positive reactions about it (including Accent himself who was viewing my artwork in the train, started laughing uncontrolably to the point where people stared at him) and Gmax insisted I shared this award with myself. So be it.

Activity Award: Stallion, Shiney, Dragonite24, Accent, Fishin, Hobo Joe, Jimbo, CoTH, Mr. 378, Earthworm, Jedil, CrabNebula, Serenity, porygon3, dak and thunda
These are the true winners of this game if I had to appoint any. Mafia games couldn't exist without people who actively send in their night roles, and in some of these cases, actually talk in the thread and seek contact with others on IRC.

Sleeping Beauty Award: #Az, also whoever I subbed out for Accent and whoever else hardly sent in their night PMs
Az clearly didn't follow the game at all, having sent in a grand total of one target (and one idle), and that one was trying to target Serenity who was dead at that point.

Sharpest Pencil in the Box Award:: Stoo, for being pretty close to the truth of this game. A runner-up to others who may have thought of it. A big middlefinger to blue_light for pretending he did when Gmax actually told him everything. Fuck you.

Role PMs and Comments

If you're interested to see what they look like without all the snips. Our spreadsheet can be found here. We kept track of night actions there, as well.

Dear Stallion,

You are Robert Pires.

You are allied with The French Canadian Mafia.

You were one of the select few who could actually understand the French Canadian advertisement in the local newspaper, and so you were automatically accepted into their ranks. You will be using your wide range of language skills to aid them into disorganising the #fluodome village.

Every night, you may PM Gmax and Mekkah with “Night X – Study Portugese with USER”. Your target will only be able to post in the thread in babelfish’d Portugese. This includes their lynch vote.Your target must post at least once or they will move to Portugal to learn it better, leaving the game as a result.

You have been separated from your allies.

You win if the French Canadian Mafia wins.

This guy was from MAFIA FOREVER where he was actually forced to speak French. We wanted a role that forced other people to speak in Babelfish'd Portugese and decided on him, and only then found out through his Wikipedia entry that he does actually have Portugese roots. How convenient. Stallion played pretty seriously. Here, his night 4 PM main body:

Ok an update, i've found out jedil, porygon3 and knightofthewind are all mafia (I found out with kotw cause his fake pm was pretty shitty and I pretty much threatened to get him killed ^_^).

Finding my teammates is a bitch, I can't believe how many bloody obvious signs I've made so they can contact me but I probably have some idle dumbfucks as my teammates *sigh*.

Speaking of which, there's still a buttload of users who haven't spoken once in the thread :S

Dear Shiney,

You are Black Shuck.

You are allied with Hogwarts.

You are a scary black dog, not unlike Sirius Black from the Harry Potter series. This accidentally convinced the rest of Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that you were allied with them. You didn’t mind them, since they were nice to you, so now you will help them out with your ability to scare the crap out of people.

Every night, you may PM Gmax and Mekkah with “Night X – Assault USER”. Your target will be traumatized, and forced to post in the thread while howling in the midst of all their sentences. If they do not post at least once in the thread that day, they will die from the stress of holding in their pain.

You have been separated from your allies.

You win if Hogwarts wins.
A stellar postingAWOOOOOOOrestriction that made CN insinuate Serenity was the wolf. Heh, as if we'd make it that easy on you guys.

Dear Stoo,

You are Toothache.

You are allied with The King Cold Coalition. Again.

When you are not busy speedrunning Pokémon Collosseum, you are Smogon’s last check if a horse is really dead by kicking it just one more time, or you are crafting semi-clever puns. These pastimes are all very contagious, which you will use to your advantage to bring the KCC to victory.

Every night, you may PM Mekkah and Gmax with “Night X – Bid 5m for USER’s Station”. The name of this action is misleading, since the actual result is that your target will be forced to make a Pokémon joke in every post he makes. If he or she does not post at least once the following day, you will run them over with your bike, killing them.

You have been separated from your allies.

You win win if the King Cold Coalition wins.

The "Again." is referring to the fact Toothache was KCC in DBZ Mafia, the night action command to a hilarious auctionopoly incident. Stoo never sent in his PM except on night 1, and this was the result. He made up for his idleness with the awesome stealth lynch, which was done under not one but three posting restrictions: PokéFan Marianne's signpic one, the normal Angry German Kid one, plus we decided to add that he had to insult everyone he had targeted in the past. Because we could.

Dear Dragonite24,

You are The Angry German Kid.

You are allied with The Rejects.

After your downfall in iMafia where someone stole your keyboard, you were outraged, and rejected. It took you until recently to calm down. You became an outcast of even your internet society, and decided to join the other rejects. Not even they accepted you until you learned to speak English properly.

Every night, you may PM Mekkah and Gmax with “Night X – Verdammte Scheiße USER”. This user will be forced to insult the previous poster during the next day every time he posts. Unless he insults the previous poster at least once the following day, he will end up insulting his mother and having his internet access removed, effectively dying.

You have been separated from your allies.

You win if the Rejects win.

He requested to be subbed out, but we couldn't be bothered, so we just told him to send in his night PM and we'd have a sub for him the next morning. Then we proceeded to kill him off.

Dear Accent,

You are a Tag Playing Grown-Up.

You are allied with The Memes.

As a kid, you were once Rick Rolled when someone linked you to what was supposed to be a composition of amazing graffiti art work. You were traumatized, and since then your artistic skill was only surpassed by your amount of time spent on 4chan, lieking their mudkipz.

Every night, you may PM Mekkah and Gmax with “Night X – Show Painting to USER”. You will show your latest art to this target, which will inspire them to the extent that they can only express themselves in the thread through pictures made with MS Paint or some other drawing program. If they do not express themselves at least once the following day, they will have built up enough inspiration to keep painting for the remaining duration of the game, therefore having no time for it, and effectively dying.

You have been separated from your allies.

You win if the Memes win.

Shigen the initial holder of this role was just stupidly inactive and we decided to sub him out for Accent. Tag playing kids all grown up! Another of the post restriction roles. The one that had the most hilarious results!

Dear porygon3,

You are Volke.

You are allied with The Shady Men.

Who is more shady than you, an assassin, man behind schemes and shadows? After fulfilling your latest contracts successfully, you found this group’s ideals very close to yours, and you are on their payroll now. And they will get their money’s worth.

Every even night, you may PM Gmax and Mekkah with “Night X - Assassinate USER”. You will dispose of this target with extreme efficiency, so quickly that they will not even get to perform anything they were going to do at night.

You have been separated from your allies.

You win if the Shady Men win.

Heh, poor porygon3. While his role looks so awesome when you see his PM, in reality, his night actions were never meant to succeed. He would be told that he met with insane obstacles each time, such as a pig with an eyepatch! Unfortunately he died N3, so we only got to cook up one cool obstruction.

Dear Earthworm,

You are Sephiran.

You are allied with The Ministry of Magic.

As one of the most powerful magicians in the world as well as an expert to the Begnion Senate’s corruption, you only found it fitting to side yourself with the Ministry of Magic. Chatting in #fluodome is completely superfluous when one can communicate using magic.

Unfortunately, you are not as mighty as you used to be without your medallion, which you sealed most of your powers in. You gave it away to a young girl called Mist. Until you have it back, all you can do is PM Gmax and Mekkah every night with “Night X – Search USER”. If your target is holding your precious medallion, you will know it by the end of the night.

You have been separated from your allies.

You win if the Ministry of Magic wins.

Earthworm the invertebrate on a hunt, in a race against time and a little girl. For an ancient medallion boasting a legendary reputation, with the promise of much power if he could just get hold of it! He wandered into the wrong game while looking for it though, since it did not exist here! He took the game quite seriously, and even had a fake PM written up and all. TROLLED

Dear Jedil,

You are Mist.

You are allied with The Springfield Mafia.

Now that you’re finally done doing your chores for the Greil Mercenaries, you have some spare time on your hands! When you were about to go out and enjoy it, you found that your precious medallion was missing! And just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, you found a letter saying that your brother Ike has been kidnapped by the Springfield Mafia. You better co-orperate with them, or Ike won’t be able to fight for his friends anymore.

Every night, you may PM Gmax and Mekkah with “Night X - Ask if USER has seen the medallion”. Since you’re so cute, if your target has the medallion, he will tell you.

You have been separated from your allies.

You win if the Springfield Mafia wins. Or if Ike returns home safely, but I doubt it.

Jedil the cute little girl who just wanted her big brother to come back safely. She just needed that medallion to secure his safe release. Too bad no one in this game had it! Died N1, unfortunately.

Dear Fishin,

You are PokéFan Marianne. But you’re also Isy.

You are allied with The Lopt Sect.

I suppose you like the Lopt Sect because it’s mostly black themed, and PokéFan Marianne’s picture was in black and white, whereas Isy is…black. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me either, but here is your night role.

Every night, you may PM Mekkah and Gmax with “Night X - Photoshop a coloured sign saying you are PokéFan Marianne into a random black and white picture of a girl that is not you, then record yourself reading that sign out loud, and link both to USER”. You might want to shorten that to “Night X – Target USER”. Your target can now only express themselves in the day thread through posting a sign picture or recording themselves. If they have no means to do this, they are effectively silenced.

You have been separated from your allies.

You win if the Lopt Sect wins.
Fishin the man who kept targeting people who were about to die that night. He was eventually convinced that he was, in fact, secretly his faction's killer! The one time that he DID manage to hit someone though was when he hit Stoo at the same time as Angry German Kid, forcing Stoo to post, rather than just letting him stay silent, leading to the stealth lynching of Toothache.

Dear Lightwolf,

You are Zeus.

You are allied with The Greil Mercenaries.

The Greil Mercenaries have some pretty nice women in them, so naturally you could not resist joining. And Ike could not refuse you, seeing as you are the most powerful God in existence (Ashera who?).

Every night, you may PM Mekkah and Gmax with “Night X – Lend Scepter to USER”. This user will borrow your scepter for the day, and will only be able to vote for someone through a PM to Mekkah and Gmax. After the day, he will give the scepter back to you. The scepter is not an actual item.

When you accidentally looked away to check out a woman, you were separated from your allies.

You win if the Greil Mercenaries win.
Zeus the pervert. He could implement a posting restriction that forced people to vote privately, rather than out in the open. Not necessarily a bad thing, though Thickwolf didn't get the game at all despite being in the game for so long...

Dear CrabNebula,

You are a Twin.

You are allied with The Mortals.

You and your brother have joined this war unwillingly, simply because the other Mortals felt threatened by the #fluodome village. You’ll try your hardest to get out alive, but if worst comes to worst, you’ll be able to avenge each other’s death. If one of you is lynched, the other will turn into a lone psychopath (uh-oh!), killing everything until either he or everything else is dead. If one of you is killed at night, the other will turn into a vigilante for the mortals, trying to save the day (cool!).

You lost track of your brother and the other mortals. The mortals will have to show themselves sometime, but your brother seems different, like in proverb. PM Gmax and Mekkah with “Night X – I like your cow, USER”, and if this target is your brother, you will get a response of “but is to expensive”, and you will have each other’s identity.

You win if the Mortals win.
CN, the man whose hunt for expensive cows with mysteriously familiar owners didn't really last long. He denied being mafia to the bitter end, in a way that would've made Toothache the KCCer-who-is-neutral-not-mafia happy. It was probably a bad idea to start playing mafia on Smogon with this one, but oh well!

Dear KnightOfTheWind,

You are The Sherrif.

You are allied with The FCBI.

You were originally part of the #fluodome crowd, but since you were made obsolete by the inspector every game, you have designed to lend assistance to the FCBI, who seem to have trouble solving the heist of the Pink Panther.

Every night, you may PM Gmax and Mekkah with “Night X – Check USER”. If this user is allied with you, you will know after your investigations.

You have been separated from your allies.

You win if the FCBI wins.
lol a sheriff who lacks allies. KnightOfTheWind sent in his PM religiously every night after N1, but lol, as a sheriff who lacks allies, he couldn't really do much!

Dear Serenity,

You are Babidi.

b]You are aligned with The #fluodome village.

You are an ugly shrivelled up magician who oozes evil, and wishes to take over the universe by reviving Majin Buu. Before you can do that though, you'll have to come out of this carnage alive. The users of #fluodome appear to be people you can stick to though, so you will work with them to win this war and get back to reviving Buu.

You will use your mind controlling abilities for this purpose. At night you may PM Mekkah and Gmax with "Night X - Forcing USER 1 to target USER 2." USER 1's actions that night will be redirected towards USER 2 rather than his original target.

You win if the last men alive are members of the #fluodome village.
The first of the 3 villagers in this game! She was pretty helpful in trolling the game, scaring most people (I'm looking at you Lightwolf) into believe that she was actually alive even after she died. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Dear dak,

You are Aphrodite.

You are aligned with the #fluodome village.

You are the most beautiful beings in existence, celestial or otherwise. The fact that you arose from the severed genitals of the castrated Ouranos is forgotten in an instant by anyone who sees you, as they are entranced by your unmatched beauty. You will be aiding the #fluodome village in their bid for victory.

Your timeless beauty is your greatest asset, and you're going to put it to use alright. At night you may PM Mekkah and Gmax with "Night X - Becoming The Centre of USER's attention". You will appear before USER as he is about to act and he will forget everything as he turns towards you, entranced. He will also forget to stop acting though, so you will be targeted by him that night.

You win if the last men alive are members of the #fluodome village.
The second of the 3 villagers. Heh, a martyr in a game that lacks a bodyguard. dak was quite ready to idle all game, but he was quite a popular choice for being targeted on N2, when he breathed his last.

Dear Thunda,

You are Cell Junior.

You are aligned with the #fluodome village.

You're small, you're sneaky, you're annoying, you're powerful, overall, despite not being quite as mighty as Cell, you are still quite fearsome. You have been separated from Cell, and you were attempting to find him when this war broke out. The #fluodome village seemed like the most likely candidates to win, so you have decided to assist them.

As mentioned earlier, you're small and sneaky. You're damn fast too. You can get around without people noticing you, you are a master of stealth. During the night you may PM Mekkah and Gmax with "Night X - Spy on USER". You will find out what their goddamned business is.

You win if the members of the #fluodome village are the last men alive.
The village inspector. Would've probably shaken things up a bit, but after a hard fought N1 three-way battle with Stoo and Jedil, where Stoo triumphed, he was eliminated.

Dear #Az,

You are BURTER!

You are aligned with The Abominations.

According to you, you're the fastest guy in the universe. While that may or may not be true you're pretty damn fast. After Frieza was destroyed by Goku, you decided to find yourself better masters. Nyarlathotep found you on one of his many jaunts across the universe. Impressed by him, you decided to work with team he was following, the Abominations.

You're so fast that you can actually move people without their realising it. During the night you may PM Mekkah and Gmax with "Night X - Switching USER 1 with USER 2". You will interchange USER 1 and USER 2's positions just when they're about to act superfast, resulting in their targets that night being interchanged.

You have been separated from your allies.

You win if the Abominations win.
BURTER! Another "real" role, that is one that was capable of doing something at night. Unfortunately Az was inactive most of the game, and didn't use his role at all since he had no information to go on.

Dear Hobo Joe,

You are The Cat Burglar.

You are aligned with The Begnion Senate.

You're wanted all over the world for many, many heists. You've looted Fort Knox, stolen from the Louvre, hell you even managed to steal the hearts of the pair from tAtU. You've been contacted by some men known to have deep pockets and a lack of scruples, the Begnion Senate.

You're going to put your skills to use for them, after all they've promised you a fortune! During the night you may PM Mekkah and Gmax with "Night X - Robbing USER". You will divest USER of all items in his possession at that point of time.

You have been separated from your allies.

You win if the Begnion Senate wins.
One of the greatest thieves in all of history. The only one in the whole game! Too bad there wasn't a single item in the game for him to steal!

Dear GTS,

You are Disco Stu.

You are aligned with The Lustful.

Disco Stu is ready to paaaaartyyy. Disco Stu is getting pretty old. Disco Stu's last mafia outing was forgettable. Disco Stu hasn't gotten any in ages. Disco Stu wants some. Disco Stu is feeling Lustful. Disco Stu was feeling like SCREAMING a while ago. So Disco Stu bought a MEGAPHONE.

Disco Stu is going to help the Lustful end this war, so that he and his Lustful comrades can finally get some. Disco Stu may PM Mekkah and Gmax during the night with "Night X - Disco Stu Is Lending His Megaphone To USER". Disco Stu will have forced that user to post all messages in capital letters with many an exclamation mark during the next day. Disco Stu will reveal his real identity to them at the end of the next day if they do not post, causing them to die of a heart attack.

Disco Stu has been separated from his allies.

Disco Stu wins if the Lustful win.
Disco Stu was another of the myriad posting restriction roles. Disco Stu was pretty cool. Disco Stu was also pretty inactive though, and pretty quiet overall.

Dear Mister Militia,

You are Dr. Nick.

You are aligned with The Death Eaters.

Put simply, you are incompetent. Hell, you're not even a real doctor according to Marge (who always knows best). Well, Voldemort knows how much you suck, but he realised he could use use you in this war, and under the threat of an Avada Kedavra, you happily yielded to him and became his subordinate.

Uunder his orders you're going to get out there and heal people during this war, whether they want it or not. During the night you may PM Mekkah and Gmax with "Night X - Healing User". Unfortunately, your patients will always end up looking like zombies for a while (say, a day?) and during that period their votes will count as negative.

You have been separated from your allies.

You win if the Death Eaters win.
We lied. This role doesn't actually negate User's vote, it just slaps a random posting restriction on them, like Simpsons Mafia Dr. Nick killed his targets instead of protecting them.

Dear CardsOfTheHeart,

You are Albert Einstein.

You are aligned with Mr. Burns.

You are a genius, through and through. You are the man who came up with the theory of relativity. The theory of relativity played a major role in the construction of the atomic bomb, so you were responsible for that as well. You heard of another genius, by the name of Professor Frink. When you arrived in his town to visit him, you were kidnapped by the evil Mr. Burns, and pressed into his service.

You've implemented a whole new application to the theory of relativity, you've built a machine that can speed up time within a field. You may PM Mekkah and Gmax with "Night X - Speed Up Time For User". USER's actions will take top priority that night, since the night will end fastest for him.

You have been separated from Mr. Burns (not necessarily a bad thing).

You win if a person allied with Mr. Burns is the last man alive.
Albert Einstein, another one of the "real" roles, which had some actual effect. Not like it mattered though lol, since no action actually did anything. To make things interesting we added a second Einstein so that there would be 2 people posing as Albert Einstein creating loads of confusion. Continued below...

Dear Mr. 378,

You are Albert Einstein.

You are aligned with The Red Ribbon Army.

You are a brilliant man. Your research on the theory of relativity was vital in the creation of the Atomic Bomb, i.e. you helped the world create weapons capable of destroying itself. In this raging war, you've put your head together with Dr. Gero, another brilliant scientist, to help him and the Red Ribbon Army take over the world.

Together, the two of you invented a machine that fires a real tractor beam, which keeps pulling on a user all night long. During the night you may PM Mekkah and Gmax with "Night X - Firing Tractor Beam At User". USER will be pulled by a tractor beam all night, resulting in his actions having the lowest priority of all that night.

You have been separated from your allies.

You win if the the Red Ribbon Army wins.
The second Einstein! Too bad neither ever claimed, which meant that we didn't get to see the awesome sequence of one being lynched, being found to be Albert Einstein, then the second being lynched the day after, ALSO being revealed as Albert Einstein! Sucks that it never came off lol.

Dear Darkie,

You are Rubeus Hagrid.

You are aligned with The Sometimes Big-Boned.

You are tall and fat, a half gi- er, I mean, big-boned, yeah! You've always felt alone in this respect, and while you found home at Hogwarts, you recently found something you've always wanted in your beloved Olympe, who is also similarly big-boned. You don't really know what you would do if something happened to her.

You have been separated from Olympe by this war. You may seek her out during the night though. During the night you may PM Mekkah and Gmax with "Night X - Attempt to Kiss User". Unless USER is Olympe, you will be kissing the air above their heads, since she's tall, as expected from a half gi- er, someone so big-boned.You will be notified if you kiss Olympe.

You have been separated from your big-boned allies.

You win if the the Sometimes Big-Boned win.
Jimbo subbed in for darkie, all pumped up about actually getting into the game, only to die N1. A piece of trolling we did not intend! Hagrid's beloved Madame Maxime did not exist in this game, so he'd just have been sucking air every night.

Dear Toothache,

You are Captain Obvious.

You are allied with The Superheroes.

Whenever there are dumb users, there's you. Whether it is to ruin a joke's clue, or to tell people that this story could never be real, you are the captain of the sinking ship that is the internet.

Of course, you can only come to the rescue if someone says something obvious. Therefore, you can send Gmax and Mekkah a PM with "Night X - Tidal Wave of Obvious USER". Every single post of theirs must contain at least one sentence that states the blatantly obvious, and they must post at least once in the next day thread.

You have been separated from your allies.

You win if the Superheroes win.
Well, quite obviously, this role did not belong to any mafia in particular. It just seemed like such an awesome post restriction that we couldn't pass it up!

Closing Words

Even though this was not a serious game, there are some lessons to be learned.
- Please send in your role PMs when playing. It makes the game more fun for everyone.
- Don't take mafia so seriously. It is but a game, on the internet no less.
- Lesm is wolf always unless Jackal is. But we'll call it a draw.
Shiney said:
Shiney said:
You don't seem to understand what sort of a position you're in here.

Shigen claimed that he held the medallion. His power was that he could bribe someone into voting as he chose by giving them the medallion.
My role is fairly simple, I get to assault people at night and cause them unbelieveable pain.

Accent said:
Time for an answer... Tell me your role and what Shigen told you before, then maybe I'll give you more info.

Shiney said:
Sorry it took me so long to reply to this, Shigen was talking out his arse to me. He claimed a completely different power, and he also claimed to be a good guy.

So this really begs the question, which mafia are you part of? I don't believe Shigen would only change his role and not his allegience if he was false claiming.
I may be wrong of course, but either way I'm sure we could come to some sort of an arrangement without making, ah... hasty and irreversible decisions.

Accent said:

Shiney said:
I can. Right after you tell me about your role. It wouldn't give me any advantage to give you information that you could then feed back to me if he was false claiming to me.

Accent said:
Sorry for not answering before. Could you please show me what he told you?
Shiney said:

I'm not really sure what's going on in the mafia at the moment. Serenity seems like she's talking for the village but she tries that every game and most of the time she's mafia.

I'm really sending this pm 'cause Shigen contacted me wanting us to work together. He told me a fair bit about his role, but I'm not sure I actually believed him. Now though, I have a golden oppertunity to see if he was telling the truth or not, if you're interested.
If you are then tell me as much as you're willing about your role (I'm not asking for the actualy pm, though if you want to send that then great!).
If your story matches his then great, if not then I guess we see where we go from there.
Shiney said:
Shiney said:
How mature. You've condemned yourself either way now by your actions.

But I am curious, what exactly am I bluffing?

Accent said:
I don't remember telling that I was mafia.

Here's my allegiance.

Oh and I perfectly know in what sort of a position I am: I'm faking a negociation with someone who's making a poor attempt at bluffing.

Shiney said:
You don't seem to understand what sort of a position you're in here.

Shigen claimed that he held the medallion. His power was that he could bribe someone into voting as he chose by giving them the medallion.
My role is fairly simple, I get to assault people at night and cause them unbelieveable pain.
And to think I gave the Bermudas up for this game!
I survived to the very end so I'll count that as a win in my book! XD

Seriously, wow, what a game. By Night 2 I was pretty sure I was alone in the game, but I didn't know what to do with that information. The only thing I knew to do was to get in touch with the "villagers" so I could tell them what was going on and save my ass. I suppose I was more lucky than anything else that I was able to survive so long, but it was interesting nonetheless.

It was weird, though; my first two targets died on me so I thought for a second that I did have a killing role!

Again, great game, guys!

EDIT about Serenity: She talked to me shortly after she died and told me that she was going to be revived in a few days. I didn't care at that point, though, because I already assumed that I was set up to fail in this game when my "teammates" never surfaced. Now that I look at the PMs, I guess, in a sense, Mekkah and gmax WERE setting me up to fail! XD
gmax mekkah this was fantastic and i love you both, now to give my personal thoughts/experience:

i figured that this was a big mindfuck from a fairly early stage but i didnt really have any idea of the specifics. i actually thoguht that we were all neutrals who thoguht we had mafia allies at one stage, which was pretty close to the all neutral idea talked about at the start!

after it became apparent that nobody had any idea what they were doing i decided to stealth lynch toothache for fun, and under multiple posting restrictions heh

but seriously this was great you guys; the second greatest troll of all time
I was so excited when I saw my role PM :(

also I had fake role PMs made up and everything (and my fake role would have fit in perfectly) this is so disappointing even though I had already found out the game was a troll

gmax stinks


I do it for the CHICKS
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Haha I didn't threaten him irl I meant i threatened for him to be lynched :P. I saw it was a big mindfuck after everybody had no lynch but it was pretty clever by you guys haha. Well done lol.

Edit: I was pretty brutal on interrogation methods to try and get my teammates to surface. I was kind of suss about this game (my spreadsheet actually said "this game is a joke!!!" at the bottom), but I'm relatively new to mafia so I never realised that it was a joke until all of the last nights deaths.
Haha Shiney the crappy bluffer

My last pm was actually part troll, part investigation: if he was a meme too, he could have found out with the rickroll and all.

I never really took this game really seriously though, being a sub with a useless role, which led me to simply mess around. I never expected it to end that way though - thanks gmax and mekkah!
Haha Shiney the crappy bluffer

My last pm was actually part troll, part investigation: if he was a meme too, he could have found out with the rickroll and all.

I never really took this game really seriously though, being a sub with a useless role, which led me to simply mess around. I never expected it to end that way though - thanks gmax and mekkah!
Just to inform you but Rick Astley was against the memes in that game
An interesting game, but I was disappointed that Isy was with the Lopt Sect and not the secret wolf faction, Team (BAN ME PLEASE).

Volke had the best troll role, though.
I only joined this mafia because gmax hosted it :[
I thought there was something odd going on when rev didn't die and I couldn't find anyone in 'my' mafia, but I didn't think it included everyone in the game!
Amazing job Gmax and Mekkah :]

accent said:
My last pm was actually part troll
no shit, sherlock


just who is the coon?
So what you're saying is that the 2 mafias i've been in on Smogon have both turned out to be big jokes?

At least i got a cool death post though ^_^.