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Had this for breakfast (photo).

Discussion in 'Smeargle's Studio' started by Ichigeki, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Ichigeki


    Nov 24, 2012

    I know this isn't a drawing, but some people consider photography an art, right? One of the reasons I love living in Japan. I was stopping by the shoppette for some breakfast before work and ran into these. Posted it on Instagram as soon as I could. There were Tepigs in it too, but I didn't know til I was halfway done eating.


  2. Zracknel

    is an Artist Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 24, 2006
    Hello there! Welcome to smeargle's studio!

    While posting photographs isn't at all outside the bounds of this forum (several users have had photography threads before) we usually ask that you have three pieces in your opening post when starting an art thread as per the rules.

    If you'd like to PM me two additional pieces I would be happy to unlock your thread.

    Thank you!

    EDIT: you are good to go!

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