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Handicapable Mafia Postgame

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So real quick, a disclaimer before we get going. If you’ve never encountered one of my tl;dr posts before, know that I have a tendency to ramble on and on (and on) at times. So be ready to use the search function unless you’re in it for the long (really long) haul.

Table of Contents:

1) The Premise
- General stuff about the game design and intentions of the hosts.

2) The Roles
- The full list of role PMs, as well as an analysis of each role.

3) The Players
- A look at how each player did in the game.

4) The Game
- Notes on the game mechanics and some of the stuff that was thrown in.

5) The Rest
- Awards and some fun logs.

The Premise

How this game actually came to be is kind of questionable. One thing that’s for certain, however, is that it it doesn’t look too much like it did when the idea first popped into my head.

The theme for this game can probably be contributed to my major, which is psychology. That, and the fact that House is one of my favorite TV shows. So obviously mental illnesses and so forth are on my mind pretty often, whether I like it or not. However, the initial incarnation of this game was a bit different (and probably a bit simpler).

The game was always designed to end up as a 3-faction multi-faction game. The Staff faction was always going to be the “mafia” group, since it seemed like a fun play on “good and evil” factions within the game. The Patients, however, weren’t always all mental patients. At first, the “village” was split down the lines of physical and mental handicap.

I honestly can’t recall all of the physical handicaps that were there, but things like Paraplegic, Blind, Deaf, Mute, and Siamese Twins were included. There were a few reasons we ended up cutting the physical handicaps. One was that a role I was determined to use for Mute was pretty incredibly broken. Another was that we were having trouble coming up with eight good roles for them. Oh, and Eep thought Encepholacele was “gross,” which is what pushed him over the edge...

Anyway, after that the village became all mental patients. Which, really, is more fun. It made the split even more chaotic, and there was just a lot more freedom in role creation by using all mental illnesses. It did sorta make “Handicapable” a bit of a misnomer, but Eep had already registered the channel, so we couldn’t be bothered to change it.

Now, the Split was always something that was meant to happen, obviously. The game was designed to be fairly geared toward the Patients early-game, based on the infuriating CLAIMTOME mentality that is Smogon mafia. But with the chaos of the Split, the Staff would have a chance for a comeback of sorts (which they did, but more on that later). The role of Huntington’s Disease was supposed to be pretty crucial to that particular point in the game, but, as always, the worst possible option is the one that ended up happening, so the flavor ended up being sorta fudged a bit.

In general, the roles were designed to be decently non-standard, or twists on really common/necessary roles. Things that Smogon doesn’t see very often (Insane Cop), or a new take on something you see a lot (changing Question Asked to Lie Checker). Sadly, most roles didn’t get to realize their full potential. This is largely because almost everyone in the game had access to a near-complete role list very early on, and they all purposely maneuvered around some of the cooler (at least we thought so) roles.

The reason for the non-standard stuff was to somewhat throw off the mass claim initially. People wondering “Where’s the BG?” and so on. Sadly, people see what they expect to see, and they sort of untwisted all of the role twists, so it ended up not causing confusion for the players, but just grief for the hosts. Things like having four different info roles were offset by the fact that the info roles were all meant to be pretty unreliable.

Outside of the non-standard roles, there were a lot of other little things thrown into the game. The bold words in role PMs were fun, since it made everyone sweat. And plenty of individual roles had their own little quirks that made this game end up somewhere on the spectrum of interesting and infuriating for players. That, combined with the fact that Eep and I gave away very little information and forced players to figure it out for themselves.

Overall, the game was meant to be fairly heavy on flavor, which I think was accomplished. That’s more a personal preference, since it makes the game at least a bit more exciting to read if someone ever comes back and attempts to read the game, since there’s at least something resembling a story to follow. Oh well, even if no one besides the hosts read any of the flavor, it was still generally fun to write.

Wild Eep

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The Roles

So this is probably the section of Postgame people care the most about, right? Well, like it was said in the intro, these roles were meant to be non-standard twists on a lot of the classic roles. And some worked better than others, obviously.

Now, some things you may (or may not) notice about the role PMs.

1) All role PMs follow a fairly standard format of three sentences of flavor. The first two are pure flavor. In the third sentence, however, there is always a number (three or four). That was pretty massively important but, unfortunately, no one really picked up on it until it was too late to matter much.

2) All of the PMs (should have) had four bold words in them. I think there was one case (Schizophrenia) where we failed to have four bold words. These played no role in the game outside of the Tourette’s Syndrome role’s ability. But they were a fantastic way to get people thinking.

3) Patients (excepting Huntington’s) have Initial and Post-Split sections for their faction/win conditions. It’s pretty obvious why. Here’s where another of the host screw-ups came into play. The role PMs were stored without a space between the Faction/Win Condition initially. In about half of the PMs sent to Patients, a space was added. In the other half, a space wasn’t added. This was something we recognized, but didn’t bother fixing, which was dumb, since it would’ve taken five minutes to remedy and saved us a lot of grief. It wouldn’t have been a concern, except that we split up the sending of Patient role PMs based on their post-split factions, and when someone seemed to be catching on, it caused a bit of panic.

The Patients

So obviously calling anyone the “Patients” is only partially right. Initially, everyone started off as a Patient, Staff, or Neutral, but then the Split turns the one faction of Patients into two. However, of the 17 “Patients” in the game, there was technically one real Patient, since he was never going to be split.

Also, as a general note. Not all of these would actually require that they be hospitalized. Jumpluff and askaninjask, who both apparently have synesthesia, got a bit offended when they found out that role was in the game. But yeah, saying that the flavor has to make 100% sense in a mafia game is just silly.

Dear Quagsires,

You have Huntington’s Disease.

Huntington’s Disease is a neurodegenerative genetic disorder that leads to a loss of muscle control, dementia, and, eventually, death. In your case, you’ve miraculously managed to retain enough muscle control, and even general lucidity on a daily basis. Sadly, the doctors said you were going to die three years ago, and you know your time is very, very near.

Mustering all of your will, you managed to grab a syringe of something that looked dangerous when you and the other Patients started this riot. At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Injecting <user> with something deadly.” You can’t control your finer movements, so you won’t be able to stick them with the syringe precisely. As a result, they won’t die right away, instead dying the Day after. Unfortunately, you only got one syringe before the others were smashed, so you can only do this once.

You are allied with the Patients.

INITIAL WC: You win if all Staff members are eliminated.
POST-SPLIT WC: You win if any of the Patients win.


You’re dead. You knew it was coming, though, because you’d been living on borrowed time for all of these years. But that just means you had the foresight to make sure your influence would persist after your death. During the Day, you may PM the hosts “Day X - Asserting my influence over <user>.” You will receive a list of all of <user>’s actions. Then, that Night, you may choose the target for <user> by PMing the hosts <user>’s actions. You can only use this twice, once per person, and not on consecutive Days.

So the first thing about this role is that the Post-Split WC never ended up coming into play. It didn’t really matter too much, since the Psychopath (Wolf) had been eliminated pre-Split, and that was the only real difference between the Initial and Post-Split WCs for any Patients.

This role was originally meant to be the catalyst for the Split. He was going to suddenly die on Day 3, causing the Patients to devolve into chaos, and end up splitting into two separate factions, divided by floor. However, the Staff decided that Quagsires was, for whatever reason, enormously dangerous, and killed him Night 1. Well, that meant the flavor for Day 3 was altered, but it wasn’t a big deal. However, the question of whether or not this role was a true lynchpin had come up quite a few times in the design phase. It ended up not being a lynchpin, which is a good thing. A one-shot BPV would have also solved the problem, but overall, this wasn’t that big of an issue.

His ability was just a one-shot Poisoner, which worked out fine.

Here’s where the shitstorm starts. His post-death ability.

Now, this ability was a derivative of something meant for a completely unrelated game concept. However, it was a way to make a character that suicides into something more than just a plot device. And, personally, I think have post-death abilities is something that can be worked with much more. It forces dead players to stay engaged in the game. In this case, it meant that Quagsires had to gain sufficient information pre-death to be able to do anything useful with his ability after dying. And since he didn’t know about his post-death ability until he actually died, it made it a bit of a crapshoot.

The Possession, as we’ve called it, was maybe a tad overpowered. However, because of deadtalking rules (Quagsires was not allowed to talk to anyone after dying), it could have worked out less-than-stellar for the Patient factions if the Possession had targeted one of them. However, it ended up hitting two Staff members, and, coincidentally, those were the Staff members who were in control of the kill on those Nights, which is something that any non-Staff member couldn’t have really known. So it certainly came off as a bit stronger than it could have been.

Overall, with this role, I think it was a fun way to experiment with the seriously under-utilized world of post-death in Mafia games. The drawback of this role, of course, was that there was nothing else to really balance it, besides the lack of information. When the Possession target was decided, there was nothing that could really stop it from happening. However, something like this, done on a more global scale role-wise, would certainly make for a fun game.

3rd Floor Patients

Dear GoldenKnight,

You have Synesthesia.

Synesthesia means you perceive things with different senses. In your case, when people lie, you see the text in a different color. This special ability manifested when you were just three years old.

You can put your human lie-detecting skills to use by asking people questions. During the Day, you may PM the hosts “Day X - Preparing a question for <user>.” In the body of the PM, include one question you wish to ask <user> about his role PM. At the end of the day, you will anonymously slip a note to your target. That night, you will pick up his response, and any lies in the response will be colored red.


You are allied with the Patients.
You win if all Staff members are eliminated.


You are allied with the 3rd Floor Patients.

You win if you eliminate all threats.

So this is one of the twists on a pretty standard role. In the original version of the game, this role was supposed to be “Blind” and could hear when people were lying to him (basically Daredevil, yes). After a while, Synesthesia became the replacement.

Now, the original version of this role was that the player could ask any other player a question anonymously, and then the response from that player would be colored red in any places that a lie was told. However, the problem that was realized was that if a player asked a question that the hosts didn’t know the answer to, we wouldn’t be able to properly note whether or not a lie was told. So this ended up becoming limited to asking questions about role PMs, which wasn’t really bad necessarily.

Overall, this is a fun role on paper, but pretty annoying when put into practice. GK initially planned to make it as broken as possible, but ended up only using it as a full role PM inspection, which wasn’t really what it was intended to be. And then the other players all ended up knowing the details of the role almost immediately, thanks to DLE’s antics, so there really wasn’t much fun to be had with the role. And GK’s “questions” were never really anything that could be cleverly circumvented, which kinda killed the fun of this role.

That said, I think this role really just suffered from something that a few other roles suffered from, which was that it wasn’t fully realized as an idea. With some more fine-tuning to aspects of the role, mainly some more specific restrictions on the type of questions that can be asked, it could probably be a cool replacement to Question Asker in future games.

Dear danmantincan,

You have Amnesia.

Amnesia is a condition involving memory loss. You lost your memory in a car accident, and ever since, you’ve also had difficulty forming new memories. You can’t remember anything before three years ago.

Your fondness for detective comics leads you to think you may have been a detective yourself before you lost your memory. At Night you may PM the hosts “Night X - Investigating <user>.” You will take extensive notes about <user> and find his role PM.


You are allied with the Patients.
You win if all Staff members are eliminated.


You are allied with the 3rd Floor Patients.

You win if you eliminate all threats.

This role, maybe more than any other, was such a disappointment to lose before it could be fully utilized. An amnesiaic inspector?

When inspecting a role, he would obtain their full role PM. However, and this is the part he didn’t know, after “getting” the PM, he would put it away and forget where it was placed. So even though he had done the inspecting, it didn’t matter, since he wouldn’t be able to share the info. However, when he died, all of the inspected PMs would be found along with his own information. As such, we called this role the Funeral Cop in development. As it worked out, dan’s first inspection was blocked by SG, and he died upon using the second inspection, so only the one role PM was made public. However, if he had managed to stay alive for a while longer, this role could have had some much more significant effects on the game.

Dear iiMKUltra,

You have Echopraxia.

Echopraxia is an uncontrollable impulse to repeat movements of others. When you see someone do something you can’t help but mirror the action. Once you managed to even copy three people simultaneously.

Whenever you’re hit with another person’s ability you’ll be able to copy it. At Night you may PM the hosts “Night X - Going after <user>.” You will use all abilities that were used on you the previous Night phase on your target.


You are allied with the Patients.
You win if all Staff members are eliminated.


You are allied with the 3rd Floor Patients.

You win if you eliminate all threats.

What a disappointment this one was. Again, it was largely because of the way the information of the game was made so public so early. But this role allowed iiMK to copy any and all abilities that were used on him the Night before. However, he was not told what he had been targeted with, or if he had been targeted at all.

Interestingly enough, the time this role was most-utilized was when DLE was in control. He had a few players all target iiMK Night 1. Sadly, one of them was a SG, so it ended up cancelling out everything except that. After that, iiMK was generally left untargeted, which meant a lot of forced-idles, and thus this role was also crushed by the fact that everyone knew what every role did.

Dear zorbees,

You have Kleptomania.

Kleptomania is an irresistible urge to steal things. The things you steal are usually not even worth any significant value, but you can’t help it. It started as a kid when you started taking three-cent pieces of candy.

You don’t have any abilities right now, but don’t worry. You’re bound to steal a few interesting things along the way.


You are allied with the Patients.
You win if all Staff members are eliminated.


You are allied with the 3rd Floor Patients.

You win if you eliminate all threats.


“You checked the corpse of <user> today and found:”

At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Protecting <user>.” You will guard <user>, stopping someone else from attacking him.

At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Stopping <user>.” You will prevent <user> from doing anything he was planning to that Night. You can’t stop the same player two nights in a row.

At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Shielding <user>.” You will block any non-killing actions that are being used on <user>.

This role (and its counterpart) were thrown in as ways to include the standard/necessary roles, but without making it available right away. In the case of Kleptomania, he picked up abilities from dead bodies. Clearly there were no items in the game, so this was a bit of a funny role to include, but it worked out.

The BG ability was picked up from either Exhibitionism or Intermittent Explosive Disorder, the two suicide-guard roles. Hook was picked up from Echopraxia or OCD, the two “repeat” roles. And the SG was obtained on the death of Alzheimer’s or MPD, the two unreliable SG roles. The problem with this, however, was that these roles just didn’t die very early on, and the role was, quite regrettably, rendered useless until Night 5. That’s really the only complaint, and it can’t be helped, since the human element of Mafia is what screws up everything.

Dear theangryscientist,

You have Williams Syndrome.

Williams Syndrome means you have an overly sociable personality. When you’re with a group of people, you can’t help but go up to them and have an enjoyable conversation. Because of this “cocktail party” personality, you’ve never left a party with less than three new friends.

Because of your amicable nature, you’ve already made friends with a couple of the other Patients. And there’s strength in numbers. If the two people you’re friends with vote the same as you in the lynch, then your three votes will count for five.

While you’re not as close with everyone else, everyone does like you. So much so that, if you’re killed in the lynch, anyone who cast a vote for you will be unable to cast a lynch vote in the next Day phase.


You are allied with the Patients.
You win if all Staff members are eliminated.


You are allied with the 3rd Floor Patients.

You win if you eliminate all threats.

So this role was something that came out of excessive paranoia. Roles like von Karma that lynch the second-highest-voted person in a lynch exist. But what if a role just went and killed everyone who voted for it? Obviously that would be ridiculously overpowered and stupid. That said, what about a role that silences anyone who voted for it? In practice, it would basically be the same as a role that lets you kill off someone when you’re killed in the lynch. Except it relies on your surviving teammates (who hopefully didn’t vote for you) to work.

Regrettably, this role was Nightkilled, because everyone knew that it couldn’t be lynched without having nasty effects on the following lynch. But again, there was really nothing wrong with the role itself. It wouldn’t be a bad role to throw on a Mafia team in the future, maybe.

The secondary part of this role was the “friend” thing. It wasn’t really a Twin role. Instead, it was a pseudo-mayor. The two “global” roles were part of this little alliance, as it gave them something to do after their one-shot abilities were used up. Unfortunately, this got slightly messed up when the other two roles said they were “looking for a friend” in the public channel, and Williams Syndrome (J-Man, at that time) wasn’t around to respond. So the 3 -> 5 vote value thing only came into play once, and it didn’t really play any part in the game.

The two global roles, however, were purposely put on different Patient factions. It was meant to add to the chaos of the post-split environment, since it would seem pretty strange for a “twin” to end up on an enemy faction after the Split.

Dear askaninjask,

You have Exhibitionism.

Exhibitionism is desire to bear your chest and/or buttocks to others in situations where it isn’t considered normal. While it isn’t a disorder in every case, for you it has become a compulsion. On a normal day, you’ll flash at least three different people.

While you usually take care of your urge to expose yourself during the day, you’re no stranger to doing it at night too. At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Flashing <user>.” You’ll run up to <user> and flash him, startling him, but having no lasting effect. If <user> was going to try and kill you that Night, however, he’ll be so startled that he’ll mess up his kill, and kill himself instead. You’ll be wounded, even appearing dead, but you’ll be back for more. If, however, <user> was going to kill someone other than you, you won’t be so lucky about surviving, and it will be a complete murder-suicide of you and <user>.


You are allied with the Patients.
You win if all Staff members are eliminated.


You are allied with the 3rd Floor Patients.

You win if you eliminate all threats.

Another twist on a classic, this was something that was called the “Offensive Rogue,” or sometimes the “Hero” since the former is a lot to type. Either way, it was a way to make the Rogue into something a bit more exciting for the player. Instead of just mindlessly targeting people in case you were the killer’s target, this actually rewarded the player if he picked the right target, even though it meant death.

So this role, along with its 4th Floor counterpart IED, faced the problem of players being (somewhat) selfish during the game. One can argue (and trust me, one did argue) that players want to stay alive as long as possible in a game, so roles that potentially suicide are terrible ideas. However, the other side of that coin (which was also brought up by a player) is that going 1-for-1 on kills for the Night is a pretty good deal. Or, when the game turns into multi-faction and every faction has its own kill, this role has the chance of essentially giving its faction two kills for the Night, while protecting another important role. And if by some chance someone was targeting the Hero, and he targeted them back, then it has the bonus of a Rogue.

Of course, this never ended up happening. But that’s not really too unexpected, since Rogue is usually a pretty difficult role to pull off. That said, it’s still a cool way to make Rogue into something more exciting for they player stuck with it. Halfway between a Rogue and a Suicidal Vigilante, or something.

Dear Pidge,

You have Alzheimer’s Disease.

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative condition most often afflicting the elderly. The most notable symptom is the loss of long-term memory. You’ve lived a long and fruitful life, but because of your condition you can’t remember much about it, not even about your three children.

You have a special talent, but unfortunately you forgot what it is. At Night you may PM the hosts “Night X - Using ability on <user>.” Even if you don’t know what it does, you’re sure it’ll be helpful one way or another.


You are allied with the Patients.
You win if all Staff members are eliminated.


You are allied with the 3rd Floor Patients.

You win if you eliminate all threats.

Here is another of the roles that sort of go against the idea of hosts being truthful to players. In this case, it was that the player didn’t know his own ability. Guesses for what the role was were things like SG, prio-boost, and probably some other non-major roles. In the end, it was just a simple SG. However, it was a pretty influential role throughout the game, despite its actual function being unknown.

One of the most amusing things was that the ability’s real effect was discovered Day 2 by Da Letter El, after having the other abilities that targeted iiMK failed. However, DLE was promptly lynched, and he took the secret to his grave. This meant that no one really knew what the ability was for sure until Night 5, when the Drug Dealer’s Steroids made him “remember” his ability’s effect.

Anyway, giving players roles and not telling them what they do is certainly toeing the line of bastard modding, but the fact that this role can essentially be verified through double-targeting meant it wasn’t too awful. Particularly if the player ends up going along with the village leader, who will be able to see that a SG role popped up somewhere.

Dear Yeti,

You have Tourette’s Syndrome.

Tourette’s Syndrome is characterized by having multiple tics, both physical and verbal. These tics can come in a variety of forms, and, in the case of physical tics, may not always be visible to observers. In addition to a verbal tic, you have three different physical tics.

While your physical tics are annoying, the most embarrassing is your verbal tic, and you’re sick of being laughed at. At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Making everyone know how it feels.” The next Day, everyone will develop their own verbal tics, being forced to post words from their role PMs for the world to see. But you can’t stand everyone staring at you that much, so you’re not about to do this more than once.

Your verbal tic is calling someone “wigga” or “bruh” and/or saying someone has downs. You can’t ignore the urge to include this tic in every post you make.

You’ve got a friend among the Patients.


You are allied with the Patients.
You win if all Staff members are eliminated.


You are allied with the 3rd Floor Patients.

You win if you eliminate all threats.

More than anything else, this role was good for laughs. The personal post-restriction was added after roles were assigned, and thus customized for the player, and Yeti certainly did a great job with it. Clearly, after the first post made everyone more or less figured out that it was Tourette’s (including Walrein, a man notorious for pointing out the obvious and killing the joke in the process).

Now, the ability of the role would have been pretty important, had it ever been used. Essentially, it would have outed anyone who wrote a fake PM, unless they had made a point of including all of their original bold words in their fakes. Since none of the Staff did that, it would have been a pretty big blow to them. However, the role was never used on a global scale (it hit Pidge individually, due to Sterioids), so it didn’t really matter. That said, there was nothing wrong with the role, really. The only real issue is that a lot of people with one-shot roles feel the need to conserve their role for a while, in case a good opportunity shows up to use it. (Krakatoa in Chaos Mafia, for instance, was activated immediately, and it probably wasn’t the best way to use the role.)

4th Floor Patients

Dear Nightmare jigglypuff,

You have Insomnia.

Insomnia means you are unable to fall asleep, or have difficulty staying asleep. Instead of being able to lay down and go to bed you will remain awake much longer than you should. On average, you’ve found that you take at least four hours to get to sleep when you’re trying.

Because you can’t fall asleep, you find yourself wandering around when others are resting, and sometimes following other restless people. At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Following <user>.” You will watch <user> that night and every night after, and find out everyone your target visited and everyone who visited your target. Once you have used this ability, you cannot change your target. When your target dies, you may select a new one.


You are allied with the Patients.
You win if all Staff members are eliminated.


You are allied with the 4th Floor Patients.

You win if you eliminate all threats.

So here’s a way to take roles that are otherwise somewhat weak, Tracker and Watcher, and mash them together and then give another little power bump, but then pull it back. That sounds a bit ridiculous, but it’s essentially how this role came into being.

Whenever the initial target for this role was chosen, that target became permanently Tracked/Watched, until either the target or Insomnia died. Which meant it required some thought, because if you end up choosing someone with no Night action (or someone on your team) it pretty much renders this role useless. On the other hand, targeting an enemy is great.

Now, this role’s “power bump” at is was, came in the form of the fact that it was essentially immune to all other roles. The priority for “locking on” to someone was pretty much unsurpassed, unblockable by SG and Hook, and then the results/information also weren’t blocked by Hooking or other things. So it was pretty powerful in that sense, but, overall, was pretty limited because Tracker/Watcher just aren’t that powerful. If this role were used again, then removing the perma-target effect and making it susceptible to Hook/SG would probably be fine, which I’m pretty sure has been done before.

Dear Crux,

You have Schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia means you often suffer from hallucinations and delusions. However, you compensate for that by having incredible deductive powers, and, prior to being admitted, you did your best to help local law enforcement solve some cases. To hear you tell the story, you played a crucial part in breaking four different cases, though others would disagree about the accuracy of that.

In a time of conflict like this, your experience in rooting out scum is practically a necessity. At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Finding out <user>’s intentions.” You will use your full powers of deduction to decide if <user> is friend or foe. It will be just as big a success as your work in law enforcement has been.


You are allied with the Patients.
You win if all Staff members are eliminated.


You are allied with the 4th Floor Patients.

You win if you eliminate all threats.

Ok, the first thing to notice here is that two bold words are missing. Host error there. After writing the initial incarnation of this (voices in his head) it got changed to what it is now. However, after the change, the bold words weren’t re-inserted, and the hosts never noticed until Crux pasted his role PM publicly, at which point it was too late to really do anything about it.

On to the actual role. This was your standard Insane Cop role, but he didn’t know he was insane, obviously. It seemed almost required to have an Insane Cop thrown into a game of crazy people. And the fact that “Paranoid Schizophrenia” is something that comes to mind for a lot of people certainly helps make this role pretty questionable as far as reliability for its results.

That said, Crux was sort of obstinately against the thought that his results were anything but accurate. While “No Paranoids” was indeed confirmed to him (it shouldn’t have been, but it can’t be helped now), there was still the chance that he was Insane. And when he tried to lead the charge against DLE (who was leading the Patients at the time) a few people did bring up the possibility of him being Insane.

It was always assumed this role would lead to at least one mislynch. It just happened to lynch properly, since what would have been a mislynch in any other case ended up being the Psychopath... This was another case of the worst possible target being picked at the worst possible time, obviously. But otherwise, Insane Cops are fun. Much better than Naive/Paranoid, which are both just useless roles that are only worth using in Cop 5 games.

Dear Dubulous,

You have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, means that you have obsessions that compel you to perform various rituals. The compulsion most associated with OCD is excessive hand-washing, and it’s one of the ones that’s plagued you for years. Before leaving the house in the morning you wash your hands no less than four times.

You know your obsessions are irrational, and you’re tired of the flak you get for them. At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Compelling <user>.” You will show <user> how it feels to be in your shoes and compel him to repeat his action from the previous night on the same target, if applicable. You’re obsessed with variety, so you can’t target the same player with your ability two nights in a row.


You are allied with the Patients.
You win if all Staff members are eliminated.


You are allied with the 4th Floor Patients.

You win if you eliminate all threats.

This role was a fun one because the inspiration for it came from Pokemon. Prior to assigning role names, it was just referred to as Encore, the move it was based on.

The real usefulness of this role would be once a killer/inspector was identified, since it could just force that person to waste a Night. Either by targeting someone dead, or by targeting someone that they would get nothing useful from. It also out-sped SGs, but was susceptible to Hooks.

In the end, this role never really played a big part in the game because Dubs never got that into the game. But it would maybe be decent as part of a mafia faction, instead of village, as a semi-weakened hooker.

Dear capefeather,

You have Munchausen Syndrome.

Munchasen Syndrome is a disorder in which you lie about having one or more diseases or conditions in order to get attention or sympathy. Sometimes you’ll even go to extremes to feign an illness, such as taking drugs with dangerous side-effects. Once you were craving attention so much that you pretended to have four different conditions at once.

You don’t have any abilities right now, but don’t worry. You’re bound to get a few interesting ideas soon enough.


You are allied with the Patients.
You win if all Staff members are eliminated.


You are allied with the 4th Floor Patients.

You win if you eliminate all threats.


At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Protecting <user>.” You will guard <user>, stopping someone else from attacking him.

At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Stopping <user>.” You will prevent <user> from doing anything he was planning to that Night. You can’t stop the same player two nights in a row.

At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Shielding <user>.” You will block any non-killing actions that are being used on <user>.

So here’s the 4th Floor counterpart to Kleptomania. This role stockpiled a few necessity roles, BG, SG, Hooker, and then could use one each Night. Of course, unlocking the roles required certain events to take place. The BG ability was gained automatically when the Patients split. Hook was gained if the player was Hooked by Steroids. And the SG was obtained whenever the first Staff member was killed.

Now, in hindsight, the Hook requirement was pretty poor. Steroids would have auto-unlocked one of the other abilities, but the other two weren’t really all that difficult to obtain. And, in fact, both were obtained by Day 3 when the split occurred, while the Hook was never gotten. But since the BG ability was the only one ever actually used, it probably wasn’t the biggest loss.

Again, this role wasn’t really a problem, but it suffered a tiny bit because of the unlock conditions. That, and the fact that the usefulness of BG generally seems to outweigh SG pretty massively, based on what actions were submitted.

Dear Objection,

You have Bi-Polar Disorder.

Bi-Polar Disorder is having uncontrollable mood swings between highs and lows. During the high, manic periods you’re overly happy, while the low, depressed periods you tend to be withdrawn and crabby. To date, your worst depression ended up with you locked in your bedroom for four days straight.

Your mood changing has a pretty big effect on what you can do. On even-numbered Days you’ll be in a good state, and your vote in the lynch will be worth 2 votes. But on odd-numbered Days your mood will take a turn for the worse, and your vote will be worth -1 instead.

The biggest thing to make your mood take a nosedive, however, is getting voted for in the lynch. If you are the person lynched on any day, you’ll take your revenge and kill the last person who cast a vote for you in the lynch.


You are allied with the Patients.
You win if all Staff members are eliminated.


You are allied with the 4th Floor Patients.

You win if you eliminate all threats.

Here’s another shitstorm waiting to happen. This role is, arguably, the biggest host mistake. For whatever reason, when it was written, neither of us picked up on the fact that bipolar disorder lacks a hyphen. And so, when it came time for everyone to claim, this role stuck out like a sore thumb. And yes, both hosts felt terrible about it. And yes, everyone who went on and on about how it’s such a massive, unforgivable host error can go to hell.

That said, the Split more or less allowed the error to be remedied.

Also, the fact that the Staff used Bipolar Disorder as one of their fake roles added to the confusion, but only until Kingofkongs was killed.

Anyway, about the role itself. Giving it the oscillating Mayor/Negative Mayor was pretty cool. The problem, of course, was that the votes were never really close, so the whole Mayor effect was kind of moot. However, a Mayor that oscillates between regular/negative on a daily basis in a more normal multi-faction game would be pretty cool, as a way to throw people off about what faction you are or aren’t.

The Revenge thing isn’t really something new. But it certainly has the chance to screw over people during the lynch. Sadly, like so many other roles, this effect was completely circumvented via a Nightkill.

Dear ginganinja,

You have Intermittent Explosive Disorder.

Intermittent Explosive Disorder, or IED, is characterized by explosive outbursts of anger. These are usually very disproportionate to the situation at hand, and can reach levels of uncontrollable rage. You’ve been in a state so bad that it took four of your friends to hold you back.

You’re protective of your friends, but people are a bit afraid of you. At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Standing guard by <user>.” If anyone tries to attack <user> that night, you will stop the attack, but you will end up in a blind rage that ends with both you and the attacker dead, but you will have saved whoever you were trying to protect. You can’t bear to just stand around all night, so you can’t target yourself.


You are allied with the Patients.
You win if all Staff members are eliminated.


You are allied with the 4th Floor Patients.

You win if you eliminate all threats.

This was a suicidal BG, obviously. It was more or less stolen shamelessly from the Mafiascum list of roles, where it is called “Elite Bodyguard,” and thus was usually referred to as EBG during development. However, Suicidal Bodyguard is a pretty cool name, even if it’s a bit of a confusing acronym for Smogon mafia.

The only reason this role couldn’t self-target (normal BGs could) was because it would essentially lead to a guaranteed Nightkill for the role, barring it getting lynched. So the goal of this role was to pick a high-profile target and save them, while killing the killer at the same time.

So this role, along with its 3rd Floor counterpart Exhibitionism, faced the problem of players being (somewhat) selfish during the game. One can argue (and trust me, one did argue) that players want to stay alive as long as possible in a game, so roles that potentially suicide are terrible ideas. However, the other side of that coin (which was also brought up by a player) is that going 1-for-1 on kills for the Night is a pretty good deal. Or, when the game turns into multi-faction and every faction has its own kill, this role has the chance of essentially giving its faction two kills for the Night, while protecting another important role. And unlike Exhibitionism, which required correctly picking who the killer was, this allowed you to just protect someone who was a likely target that Night, and then take out a major threat at the cost of your life.

Of course, this never ended up happening, since the killers always managed to target differently than this role did. But that’s always the concern of a BG. And, in the end, this role ended up just getting lynched due to some in-game political moves. But it did make a good combo by working with the regular BG. It was just a lot of unlucky targeting.

Dear billymills,

You have Multiple Personality Disorder.

Multiple Personality Disorder, or MPD, means having more than one distinct identity or personality within you. Each of these different identities has its own unique way of dealing with the world. At last count, you had a total of four separate personalities living in your body.

While two of your other personalities fight for control at night, your dominant personality can at least point them in the right direction. At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Directing myself toward <user>.” You’ll set your sights on <user>, and one of your other personalities will take hold, using a random effect on him. One of your personalities will stop people from doing anything, while the other will prevent most non-killing effects from hitting him.


You are allied with the Patients.
You win if all Staff members are eliminated.


You are allied with the 4th Floor Patients.

You win if you eliminate all threats.

This role didn’t have any glaring host errors, but there was one thing that should have been changed about it. In truth, there was nothing random about the ability used each Night. The Hook was used even Nights, and the SG used odd Nights. So, if the role hadn’t been quite as misleading maybe it could have been better utilized. Most notably was Night 1, when this targeted bearsfan (who was the Staff killer, though no one actually knew that), and was a SG, not a Hook, which could have changed to course of the game pretty significantly.

So while the idea of an ability that changes Nightly isn’t something that should necessarily be avoided in the future, the way in which this ability’s mechanics are described is the key. Letting someone think it’s random when it isn’t is pretty cruel.

Dear Aura Guardian,

You have Narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy is an urge to sleep at random and inappropriate times. This can be accompanied by sudden muscular weakness, that can result in collapse. On an average day, you’re likely to casually doze off four times without anyone really noticing.

While falling asleep usually doesn’t attract too much attention, it can also cause a problem. At Night you may PM the hosts “Night X - Collapsing in front of everyone.” You’ll fall asleep standing up and crumple to the ground. Everyone else will stop what they were about to do and rush to your aid, preventing them from doing their night action. But no one's going to fall for that again, so you can only pull it off once.

You’ve got a friend among the Patients.


You are allied with the Patients.
You win if all Staff members are eliminated.


You are allied with the 4th Floor Patients.

You win if you eliminate all threats.

Apparently the idea of a role that just ends the Night phase isn’t really news to anyone. But it was definitely a fun global effect. Essentially, it just hit all other roles with a Hook. However, this Hook was a lower priority than all other Hook and Hook-like abilities, as well as being out-sped by SGs. And that last one is the key, since any SG’d role would be able to act normally (and with four potential SGs in the game, it meant quite a lot could happen even if this role activated).

The friend thing was the same tie-in to Williams Syndrome that Tourette’s had, but, in this case, it was on a different faction post-split. So it hindered the ability for Williams Syndrome to have a super-Mayor vote somewhat.

This role was generally left alone throughout the game, but when it finally was used, it did lead to one of the more exciting plays of the game.

The Staff

Like it was said earlier, making the Staff the “mafia” in a game was kind of a fun play on the “good and evil” sides in a game, since you would think that the lines were drawn a bit more clearly. Overall, some of the Staff roles were pretty powerful, with a very potent Redirector and a Dickens. But, for whatever reason, the thing that worked in the Staff’s favor more than anything else was the fact that most people in the game were utterly convinced that there were only five Staff, not six. That’s pretty inexplicable, honestly, but it certainly helped them out.

Regarding the kill, it passed along in a set order between the Staff (Nurse -> Doctor -> Orderly -> Pharmacist -> Psychiatrist -> Receptionist). Whenever one was killed for whatever reason, the syringes (kill flavor for the Staff) were just passed on automatically. The fact that the Staff members ever even considered the fact that they (the mafia) would ever be left without a kill is just offensive.

The numbers within the role PMs were maintained for the Staff, but only to prevent them from accidentally trying to write fakes without numbers. In reality, of course, the numbers didn’t really have any effect on the Staff roles, of course.

Dear Flamestrike,

You are the Doctor.

Until this riot broke out, you were enjoying the many perks of your highly lucrative career as a surgeon. You got called in prior to the riot to help with an injured patient, and then all Hell broke loose. But, in the end, you’re glad you’re there, because your girlfriend of three years happens to be a nurse at this mental hospital.

As a Doctor, you’ve got to think quickly when something goes wrong. So, when the Patients choose to turn on someone, you can act fast and save them. During the Day, you may PM the hosts “Day X - Saving the lynch target.” After the Patients try to kill someone, you’ll do some quick work and save his life for that Day. But you can only do this once, because the Patients will make sure that all subsequent lynch targets are very, very dead.

When the riot broke out you managed to grab a stack of files of patients previously released. As a result, you know that none of the Patients have the following illnesses:
Rumination Syndrome
Conversion Disorder
Histrionic Personality Disorder

You are allied with the Staff members.

You win if all Patients are eliminated.

Day 3 Result: After seeing your significant other get killed in such a brutal fashion, you can barely contain your rage. You managed to get the syringes before the Patients did, so now you’ll be doing the killing.

At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Injecting <user> with a syringe.” Whatever is in the syringe is a lethal dose, and <user> will be dead when the Day starts.

In addition, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Unleashing my rage on <user>.” After killing the first target, you channel all your anger and will kill a second time that Night. But with so much rage behind your attack, it’s guaranteed that everyone will know it was you who dealt the killing blow. And you definitely won’t be able to pull this off more than once.

This role led to a fair chunk of frustration on the part of the Staff members. Because it was the role that got the safeclaims to use for writing fake role PMs. But, of course, there were only five safeclaims given, to be distributed between six people. Which was very much done on purpose, forcing the group to work with the five sure things, and then take a chance on the sixth. However, this ended up being thrown out, as only four of the safeclaims ended up being used. Somnambulism was discarded, replaced by Megalomania (a lucky pick on the part of the Staffers). The sixth was Bipolar Disorder, which pretty much led to Kingofkongs getting killed, or certainly would have.

In a closed-theme game, not giving the mafia faction enough safeclaims is certainly some degree of bastard modding. However, the fact that the went and deviated so much from the safeclaims provided was pretty crazy and unexpected. And choosing Bipolar as a claim was just a crazy move, since it’s a mental illness commonly thought of.

The lynch stop ability was a pretty standard thing to throw onto a mafia faction, really. The problem with it was more how it was implemented by the Staff, but oh well.

The real fun of this role didn’t come until the Nurse was killed. In the event that the Nurse was killed before the Doctor, the Doctor gained a secondary kill, but using it came at the cost of revealing himself. When this ended up being used lategame it very nearly got the Staff a win, amazingly enough.

Dear Walrein,

You are the Orderly.

Unlike most members of the Staff, you grew up on the streets in a pretty hostile environment. But now that the Patients have started rioting, it seems like you’re going to be able to put your rough childhood experiences to use. As someone who spent three years in a gang, you’ve got toughness to spare.

There’s no question that you’re one of the strongest people working at the mental hospital. At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Holding <user> down.” Whatever actions <user> was planning to do will be stopped in their tracks. But even a guy like you has his limits, so you can’t go after the same person on consecutive nights.

Alternatively, at Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Keeping <user> out of harm’s way.” You’ll get between <user> and anyone who might try to kill him that night. If you want to just guard yourself, that’s fine too.

You are allied with the Staff members.

You win if all Patients are eliminated.

This role was pretty decent, if a bit too standard. The idea was to Hook earlygame (assuming the Patients, as the village, lacked a kill worth BGing against), and the later, the BG effect would be a bit more useful. And, shockingly, that’s pretty much what happened. Good to know at least one role got to do what it was supposed to. This was also the last Staff member to get the syringes, but he never had the chance to use them, due to the Possession ability of Huntington’s Disease.

Dear bearsfan092,

You are the Nurse.

You may not necessarily be the best nurse out there, but you’re good at your job. And the fact that your long term boyfriend is with you through this massive Patient riot crisis is definitely something that’s helping to settle your nerves. You would think that after four years of Nursing School you’d be more comfortable on your own, though.

As the riot broke out you managed to grab a bunch of syringes with something in them. At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Injecting <user> with a syringe.” Whatever is in the syringe is a lethal dose, and <user> will be dead when the Day starts. But if your nerves get the better of you anything could happen.

You are allied with the Staff members.

You win if all Patients are eliminated.

This was, by far, the most straightforward role in the game. It was a standard mafia killer role. However, the flavor of the role making allusions to becoming unable to use the role properly caused a good deal of concern within the Staff.

As it turned out, the drawback of this role never came into play. In the event that the Doctor was killed before the Nurse, the Nurse kills would change from Nightly kills to Nightly poisons. Not really a massive drawback in the sense that the number of kills would only decrease by one, but it did mean that a player would know they were dying for the Day leading up to their actual death, as well as be able to act the following Night, even though they wouldn’t be able to get results.

Dear makiri,

You are the Psychiatrist.

This riot at the hospital had really screwed up your already over-full schedule. You were supposed to just be passing through, making your weekly rounds, but now you’re trapped inside the building with all of these crazy people. Other than this facility, you had four other hospitals that you needed to make rounds at this week.

Even though you’re not familiar with any of these Patients, you’re very good at manipulating their fragile psyches. At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Asking <user> how he feels.” Without a second thought, <user> will spill his guts, telling you the complete contents of his role PM.

Alternatively, at Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Advising <user1> to vote for <user2>.” You’ll plant the idea in <user1>’s head that he has to vote for <user2> in the lynch the following Day.

You are allied with the Staff members.

You win if all Patients are eliminated.

Again, this was a bit of a standardish role thrown onto the Staff, as well as the only reliable inspect in the entire game. The idea here was the inspect early on as necessary, and then start persuading toward the end once the villages had cross-fired sufficiently.

As it turned out, this role only actually persuaded once (what led to AG’s godkill death). All other Nights were either and inspection or idle due to inactivity. And the fact that Night 7, when this role was killed, Walrein (who submitted for makiri that Night) chose to inspect someone... that’s just abysmal play right there.

Dear Ditto,

You are the Pharmacist.

This riot is proving to be a huge test of your character. Unfortunately, test-taking has never been one of your strong points throughout your whole life. When you went to enter Pharmacy school, you had to take the entrance exam three times before you passed.

While your test-taking may not be the best, you certainly know your drugs. At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Swapping meds for <user1> and <user2>.” Instead of using their normal abilities, <user1> will go after his intended target with the ability of <user2>, and vice versa. This can only affect Patients. Obviously it won’t work if either target wasn’t planning on doing anything that Night, or if either of them wasn’t going after anyone in particular.

You are allied with the Staff members.

You win if all Patients are eliminated.

No, Walrein was not the Pharmacist, as chuckle-inducing as that would have been. For those wondering: yes, idea did cross our minds.

This was one of the cases where the Staff got a twist on a more standard role. Roles that swap the Night targets of two roles have been done, though they’re generally considered pretty powerful in the realm of redirects. This role, however takes the opposite approach, and instead swaps the abilities of the two roles, but they still target normally. It’s a bit confusing unless you see it.

Ability Swap:

5 characters:

The BG sends in his action: “Protect Townie.”
The Inspect sends in: “Inspect Mafia.”
Swapper sends in: “Swap BG and Inspect.”

End result: Inspect ends up protecting Mafia, BG inspects Townie (and gets the results).

That’s the easiest way to look at it. And this role certainly ended up being pretty powerful, particularly when the Staff had a complete list of roles in the game.

Dear kingofkongs,

You are the Receptionist.

As someone who got placed at this mental hospital by a temp agency, you certainly did not sign on for a massive riot of Patients. But regardless of the situation, you’re a very adaptable person. That’s a good thing, because you’ve recently gone through four different jobs in as many months.

When the riots broke out you were thinking on your feet, and you managed to grab a radio connected to the PA system. At Night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Broadcasting for everyone to hear.” Below that, you may put, in
tags, any message you would like, as long as it is relatively brief. Everyone will hear the message broadcast over the PA system, but won’t be able to tell it came from you.

You’ve also got some slightly questionable morals, and are pretty decent at forging information. So, at Night you may PM with hosts “Night X - Falsifying records for <user>.” Below that, you may put, in
tags, whatever fake information you would like. Anyone trying to investigate aspects of <user>’s role PM will grab whatever fake information you’ve cooked up, so you’ll have to prepare a new copy every night.

You are allied with the Staff members.

You win if all Patients are eliminated.
With all of the info roles floating around on the Patients, it only seemed fair to give the Staff something to fight back with. And the fact that it fit pretty well with the flavor didn’t hurt either.

The use of a Dickens (or any Mole role, really) is usually pretty dangerous as far as crossing the line into bastard modding. However, it ended up not being an issue in this game because kingofkongs was killed so early on. That said, a Dickens really isn’t a problem so long as there’s enough to balance it out. And since there were four info roles, three of which dealt with PMs and one that was immune to Dickens, it was adequately handled.

The real fun of the Dickens would have been to put fake PMs onto actual villagers, trying to get them lynched. At some point the Staff did realize this, but the role was killed before it would really have any chance to do this.

The Announcer ability was largely there for flavor. However, the Staff chose to use it as a way to prove village-ness. Which both worked and didn’t, since they chose to split it up. Really, though, the Announcer role is pretty much useless since it’s so expected. It’s just a way for someone to prove their role in a way that’s almost irrefutable. Unless they’re a mafia announcer, of course.

The Neutrals

The fact that people constantly went back to the possibility that there were more than two neutrals was something that both amused and puzzled the hosts. That said, there were two neutrals thrown in. One was the standard Wolf, while the other was a not-quite-harmless, though non-killing, neutral.

Dear Da Letter El,

You are the Psychopath.

Psychopathy means that you have a lack of empathy, as well as relatively anti-social tendencies, despite how psychopaths are commonly portrayed in the media. You, however, are exactly the kind of psychopath that the media has made into what everyone fears a psychopath to be. In fact, you’ve already killed countless people over the past four years, and feel absolutely no remorse for having done so.

First, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Killing <user>.” You’ll go after your target in a vicious manner, and murder him in a brutal fashion.

Next, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Distracting <user> with a random train of thought.” You’ll ramble on about something, causing your target to not perform his night actions as he planned. However, you’ll find out exactly what your target planned to do that night. You can’t distract the same player two nights in a row.

You’re a smart psychopath, and you realize that you need some kind of mental illness to keep suspicions from falling on you. So as a quick fix you decided that you’re in for ADD treatment. Upon inspection, you will show up as a Patient with ADD. But it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to keep up this deception forever.

Finally, you may use this Quicktopic during the day to discuss with an anonymous player. At night, if you both send the action “Night X - Co-inspecting <user>.” then you will both get that player’s role PM.

You are allied with no one.

You win if all Patients and Staff have been eliminated.

ADD said:
Dear <user>,

You have Attention Deficit Disorder.

Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD, means you have trouble paying attention to anything. Although you’re pretty smart, you found yourself in a mental hospital because your inattention led to terrible grades. Admit it, you only read this PM for, what, four seconds?

Since you’re so easily distracted, you can catch other people off guard too. At Night you may PM the hosts “Night X - Distracting <user> with a random train of thought.” You’ll ramble on about something, causing your target to not perform his night actions as he planned. However, you’ll find out exactly what your target planned to do that night. You can’t distract the same player two nights in a row.

You are allied with the Patients.

You win if all Staff members are eliminated.
The Wolf of this game was the Psychopath/Serial Killer, which is, of course, a bit of a joke in itself, since the “Serial Killer” is often a replacement for what is really only ever called a “Wolf” on Smogon. Anyway, that’s not really that amusing...

So there was a good bit to work with on this role. The most obvious thing was the kill, which was 100% standard on a Wolf. Amazingly, this kill was NEVER used in the game, since the Psychopath was Hooked Night 1 and Lynched Day 2. The flavor, which it was a shame not to use, was going to involve lots of blades and blood. Sadly, all of the killing was done with lynching, bludgeoning, and syringes.

Next up was a twist on the Hook. This Hook, however, was slower than standard Hook roles, but faster than the Global Hook of Narcolepsy. The justification for it being slower, however, was that it would also tell the Psychopath what ability would have been used, turning it into a pseudo-inspect for abilities. Flavor-wise, a Psychopath tends to be fairly good at manipulating people, so the flavor of the ability worked out for the role without it requiring the ability changing for the fake PM.

The Mole PM (Attention Deficit Disorder) was another pretty standard thing to give to a Wolf role, who would clearly have to try and mole the village to survive. Now, the original intent of using ADD as the mole was to be a bit of a joke, since ADD is nothing you would get hospitalized for (later roles like Synesthesia sorta crippled this) and the fact that it’s even a mental illness is sort of debatable (which is maybe a bit too in-depth for the scope of this game). But regardless of the intent for this to be only somewhat believable, the Mole PM was very strong.

Essentially, the PM could not be “broken” by any of the info roles that dealt with aspects of the role PM. That meant that his PM showed up as “Foe” for Schizophrenia, the Insane Cop, any questions about the PM asked by Synesthesia were directed to ADD, and other inspections would simply receive the ADD PM over anything else. The fact that DLE didn’t trust in the Mole PM to keep him from being bothered by any inspections was pretty much what led to him getting destroyed in the Day 2 lynch. Of course, the Mole PM wouldn’t last forever, and would have expired as soon as the Split happened. So it was in his best interest to get inspections out of the way early, which required making himself pretty high-profile within the village. Which was pretty much what he did.

The co-inspection between Psychopath/Drug Dealer was a way to give the Neutrals a way to have an inspection without relying on the Patients or Staff, but still kept them from getting too overpowered. Sadly, the Quicktopic was deleted, so you can’t see what was there. But it amounted to a log between Life (the original Dealer) and ginga (Life’s name removed), and DLE’s alias there using a bit of misdirection by suggesting that they investigate him.

The Quicktopic was more or less anonymous, initially. It was meant to make the two of them work a bit to figure out who the other neutral was (they didn’t know they were both neutrals, but you could sort of make the assumption the other was neutral if you were). Since it was possible for the two neutrals to win together it could have been a decent alliance, but it ended up not working out so much.

Dear Paperblade,

You are The Drug Dealer.

You started selling drugs a long time ago, and it’s only escalated from there. At all times you have a pretty extensive stash on you, and you can use these drugs to get other people to do all sorts of crazy stuff. The best thing you carry is a Steroid of your own creation, a unique combination of four common steroids.

First, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Get <user1> to turn on <user2>.” You’ll give <user1> a little gift of some good stuff, and they’ll be so grateful that they’ll feel obligated to vote for <user2> the next day.

Additionally, during the Day, you may PM the hosts “Day X - Give Steroids to <user>.” During the Day you slip these Steroids to someone, and that night they’ll get a super-charged version of their normal ability. The next Night, however, they will be unable to act. This ability has no effect on the Staff, but they will still accept the Steroids so they can resell them later.

Finally, you may use this Quicktopic during the day to discuss with an anonymous player. At night, if you both send the action “Night X - Co-inspecting <user>.” then you will both get that player’s role PM.

You are allied with no one.

You win if all other living players have received your Steroids at least once.

So this was the non-killing, not-entirely-nonthreatening Neutral in the game. The goal of this role was to work alongside the killing Neutral, the Psychopath, in order to help bring the game down to a relatively close finish. The abilities given to the Dealer essentially allowed him to semi-align with any of the factions (Steroids for Patients, Persuade for Staff), while the win condition was pretty clearly geared to favor the Psychopath, as anything but a close finish would make it very difficult for the Dealer to meet his win condition.

The persuade was 100% standard, as far as how it was implemented. It gave the Dealer a bit of an in with the Staff, as it bought them another vote in the lynch (giving the Staff enough power to go head to head with either of the village factions in a lynch, if it came to that). If the Dealer chose to work with the Staff, then the Steroids became a relative non-factor in the game, just a part of the win condition. The Steroids also had no effect on the Psychopath. But that was an easy enough thing to use in the case that the Psychopath looked like he was going to pull off a Wolf win.

The Steroids, however, were where the Dealer really shined. He could supercharge (almost) any Patient’s ability, giving them some kind of buff for that Night. Every Patient had a different effect customized for his role:

Huntington's Disease - This was the only Patient unaffected by the Steroids. It didn’t matter, since he auto-died anyway.
Synesthesia - Able to ask two different people questions at once. While it wasn’t much better than two regular Nights of questions, it did guarantee bypassing of Dickens.
Amnesia - Instead of losing the role PM, you actually get to see it. That PM will still be revealed on death, however.
Echopraxia - You know what abilities targeted you the previous Night.
Kleptomania - Auto-unlock of one of the three abilities. No effect if all are unlocked.
Williams Syndrome - Finds out identities of the “friends.” The “hook” is a vote of zero the next Day.
Exhibitionism - If you target a killer, you will Rogue, regardless of who the killer was trying to kill.
Alzheimer's - Remembers his ability is a Safeguard.
Tourette's - Gains a single-target version of the Global PR, which does not count against the one-shot Global version.
Insomnia - Able to tag an additional player.
Schizophrenia - Your inspection is sane and it is made very clear that it is (essentially reveals insanity, as well).
OCD - Find out what abilities you repeated the previous Night, and who was targeted by your target.
Munchausen's - Auto-unlock of one of the three abilities. No effect if all are unlocked.
Bi-Polar Disorder - Vote becomes 3 or -2 on next Day. The “hook” is a vote of zero the Day after that.
IED - When defending against a killer, the killer will die, but you will not.
MPD - Choose your ability (hook or SG) for that Night, and the cycle returns to normal afterward.
Narcolepsy - Gains a single-target version of the Global Hook, which does not count against the one-shot Global version.

The co-inspection between Psychopath/Drug Dealer was a way to give the Neutrals a way to have an inspection without relying on the Patients or Staff, but still kept them from getting too overpowered. Sadly, the Quicktopic was deleted, so you can’t see what was there. But it amounted to a log between Life (the original Dealer) and ginga (Life’s name removed), and DLE’s alias there using a bit of misdirection by suggesting that they investigate him.

The Quicktopic was more or less anonymous, initially. It was meant to make the two of them work a bit to figure out who the other neutral was (they didn’t know they were both neutrals, but you could sort of make the assumption the other was neutral if you were). Since it was possible for the two neutrals to win together it could have been a decent alliance, but it ended up not working out so much.

And that’s the roles.
The Players

So obviously this was a Standard game, so we didn’t have too much control over which players we did and didn’t get. That said, the playerlist for this game was pretty excellent. And the fact that signups filled up in less than a day after posting the thread was pretty exciting.

Despite the fact that I sort of pretended like we were going to fully randomize sometimes, it was usually pretty obvious that at least some of the roles would be assigned, since full randomization is just a recipe for disaster. As always, a few people requested certain things, and we were actually pretty good about honoring requests, I think.

The Patients

There’s more to say about the Patient factions in their respective sections, but something we did make an effort to do was include some strong players on the Patient factions and not get all of the stronger players on the Staff/Neutrals, especially since they would have to work in the post-Split environment.


Having been the host of TTV Mafia (which Eep and I were both in, and won >.>), and also as a replacement cohost for FF5, letting Quags have some input on what type of role he wanted was fine. Sadly, the types of roles he requested (most notably Recruiter) weren’t in the game. So instead he got the third thing he asked for, which was a role that could kill. The fact that it had one of the cooler features of the game tacked onto it was a nice bonus, too.

Since Huntington’s was definitely something that required a combination of competence and a lot of activity, Quags seemed like a good fit for the role. The activity requirement was to ensure that, after dying (which was completely inevitable), he would stick around the channel and keep paying attention to the game, despite not being able to discuss it with anyone, which was essential for his post-death ability to be effective in the slightest.

Quags’ earlygame play was fine. At one point he said something about wishing he could have tried to lead the Patients (which would have been awesome for flavor, coincidentally), but with the scramble for leadership that happened early on he didn’t bother throwing his name in for consideration.

He was, regrettably, picked off by the Staff on N1, but chose to target with his one-shot kill that Night, and thus took kingofkongs down with him. And the fact that his role was going to automatically die when the Patients split anyway meant that killing him essentially robbed the Staff of a “better” kill, though they couldn’t have possibly known that at the time.

Post-death, Quags was fine. He idled his ability the first couple times, but that’s usually pretty expected when it’s something with limited uses. When he finally did use the Possess, he hit Flamestrike, robbing the Staff of another kill. And his final action robbed the Staff of a third kill as well, which really contributed to their loss (and Quags’ win, of course).

3rd Floor Patients

So first up for the post-Split factions is the winning bunch, the 3rd Floor Patients. Overall, this group had a few players who were pretty highly involved with the game and making good decisions. Of all the factions in the game, the hosts pretty much felt that the 3rd Floor most deserved the win, so it was nice to see them pull it off, even though it was a Kingmaker scenario instead of a grand blaze of glory or something cooler like that.


The biggest concern here was that one of the first things GK said was that he was going to try and abuse his role to the point of breaking it, which was certainly a concern, since the role was pretty wide open in that sense. However, he ended up using it initially to check a win condition, and then later to act as a full role PM inspection, which was fine (though not exactly what his role was intended for).

Probably the funniest part with GK was when he tried to catch the hosts lying, since “Don’t share Role PMs yet” was posted in red text on Night 0. But that was, sadly just coincidence.

After that, GK was just sort of uninterested in the game, unfortunately. He got his actions in, for the most part, but wasn’t really particularly engaged. Finally, after the Split, he said he was going to start getting serious, which was pretty exciting. Which was just about when the Staff killed him.


Not really much to say here, good or bad. He was active early on, which is always a good thing. Like everyone else, he claimed to Da Letter El. Maybe a slight misplay in that he (assuming he was a normal inspector) went along with DLE’s target, instead of confirming DLE’s claim for himself, but it wouldn’t have made any real difference, since he wouldn’t have been able to put the “result” to any use.

His Night 2 action was reasonable, since ginga was trying to become a major player in the Village, and clearly they had just been “led” by the Wolf, so checking out the leader was important. Sadly, DLE’s actions earlier meant the Staff knew that dan was an inspector, which pretty much sealed his fate.

macle -> iiMKUltra

So first up is macle. He ended up getting subbed out Night 0 because he was going on vacation (and going to be unable to use IRC), so pretty much nothing to say on that front. iiMKUltra to the rescue.

iiMK did a good job, considering that he really didn’t have too much to work with for a lot of the game. He was active enough in the channel and votes. The real problem was that his ability didn’t give him much to go on. The two times he actually had an ability (SG on N2, Hook on N6) he idled, but in both cases he didn’t really know that he had an ability. Other Nights he idled his non-ability except for once, when he targeted Walrein, but had no effect. It’s definitely regrettable that a good player got landed with a role that ended up being not-so-great.

Where iiMK really shined, however, was that he was the first (and pretty much only) player to figure out that the number included in every PM was the number of what floor that person came from (assuming they were a Patient). Regrettably, this came pretty late in the game, after most factions had pretty well united and everyone’s alliance was essentially known, but it’s still satisfying to see some of the things thrown into the game actually get picked up on.


zorbees was a player who suffered from having a pretty poor role for a significant portion of the game, since he didn’t manage to collect any abilities until the end of Day 5, after ginganinja was lynched. As a result, he couldn’t do too much besides talk and negotiate with other players for the former half of the game.

Once he got his first ability, BG, he became a much better force in the game, especially since the 3rd Floor had gotten somewhat united at that point. Unfortunately, while his team was excited at the prospect of having a reliable BG to work with, neither of the times zorbees protected anyone were really successful, and he never used his Hook.

When zorbees was in charge of the 3rd Floor kill (Night 5, right after gaining his BG) he killed Crux, which essentially eliminated anyone who was in any kind of leadership role in the 4th Floor Patients. So that definitely made a pretty notable contribution to his win.

J-Man -> theangryscientist

So J-Man was another person who was subbed out Night 0. While subbing someone this early would make t seem like there’s no way he could have had a big effect, positive or negative, his lack of activity actually did hurt a couple of other players. As the “leader” of the little three-man voting alliance that his role created, he was the only one who knew what “looking for a friend” would really entail. However, since he wasn’t on IRC when Yeti and later Aura Guardian said they were seeking a “friend,” it hurt the two of them and made everyone assume that those two were just twins.

tas followed, but, unfortunately, the damage was pretty much already done. To the hosts’ knowledge, the little voting alliance never really got together properly, which sort of killed the fun of the Williams Syndrome role, both in its double-mayor power and the confusion it could have caused in the post-Split environment.

Overall, tas did fine. The Staff killed him promptly after the Split, to prevent him from being lynched and throwing off the next vote, but he was active while he was alive, even if he wasn’t really as aggressive with finding “friends” as he could have been.


So aska pretty much ended up being in charge of the 3rd Floor and leading them to victory; easily MVP of the faction. He was happy enough with his role, which was clearly a support role, so he didn’t bother trying to make a run for a village leader position in the earlygame. Had aska’s ability been successful Night 1, he would’ve been out of the game very early, and the outcome would have been changed pretty dramatically, most likely.

Post-Split, aska pretty much asserted himself in a leadership position within the 3rd Floor, generally working to coordinate actions and make good decisions. He managed to mole ginganinja hard by helping him set up the 4th Floor IRC channel and got 4th Floor sheet access. His real misplays were that he was a bit too trusting of some of the Staff claims, and was pretty susceptible to moling at first, but made some good decisions with who to check, so it didn’t hurt the faction.

One of the best moments for aska was when he took part in negotiating the lynch of ginganinja, which was to be followed by Aura Guardian using his Global Hook effect. Pidge, who learned that Night that his ability was actually SG, then targeted the killer that Night, zorbees, making him immune to the Hook, and thus allowing the 3rd Floor to get a kill, the only one that Night. While aska’s ability didn’t play any part in it, he was pretty much the one who coordinated the whole thing.


For someone who had one of the more frustrating roles (not knowing his own ability’s effect), Pidge did well. He was involved with the decision-making, regularly active, and so on.

Pidge’s ability played a pretty big role in two places. The first was Night 1, when he targeted iiMKUltra, thus negating the other abilities that were used on him (Inspection and Suicidal BG). Had that not happened, iiMK would have been a pretty considerable powerhouse Night 2. The other time Pidge’s ability played a pretty major role was Night 5, when his SG essentially enabled the killing of Crux and the end of 4th Floor leadership.

Pidge was also the only person who was ever hit by the Tourette’s role’s effect, and the way he handled it was pretty much amazing.


Yeti succeeded in being pretty hilarious throughout the game, which was more or less what her role was supposed to do. The post restriction she had to work with was made for her, but she definitely went above and beyond with it, and never failed to be hilarious with her in-thread posts.

Other than that, Yeti didn’t really have much she was able to do in the game. And the fact that MUDS was coming up so soon was probably a big factor for her not being a bigger force in the game. It would have been cool to see the ability get used properly, but she pretty much just idled it until she was killed.

4th Floor Patients

The 4th Floor went into the post-Split game pretty strong. ginganinja (who had been publicly cleaned, of course) made efforts to organize the faction and they had a pretty solid core of leadership calling the shots for a while. However, once the main leaders were killed, the faction completely stopped functioning and ended up being resigned to the role of Kingmaker in the endgame.

Nightmare Jigglypuff

NJigglypuff started off the game pretty strong, but then completely fell apart and had a pretty negative effect on the gameplay.

When everyone was claiming to Da Letter El, NJigglypuff’s claim was considered, by DLE, to be one of the most trustworthy, so he got added to DLE’s very comprehensive spreadsheet. Another great thing for him was that he targeted Ditto Night 1, which meant that Ditto would be forced to either idle his ability or pretty much be outed as a Staff member.

Sadly, that’s where the good part ends. NJiglypuff’s activity dropped off some after the earlygame leading up to the Split. After the Split, he was the first member of the 4th Floor Patients to have the kill. He was not, however, active anymore, and thus idled the kill. Something this game-changing wasn’t something that the hosts wanted to happen, certainly, in particular because it was happening right after the Split.

The problem was that, while NJigglypuff the killer was idling, he was also being targeted by the 3rd Floor’s kill. So while subbing NJigglypuff out for someone else was strongly considered, we weren’t about to make someone join the game and take time to get up to speed only to be immediately killed off. That was definitely a pretty game-changing choice, but inactivity almost always has some pretty nasty consequences. But subbing someone who is guaranteed to die that cycle is just rude to the sub, as well as a waste of someone who could be a good sub for another player (at the time we were considering subbing out two other people who weren’t being particularly active).


Crux, in addition to being one of the better players on the 4th Floor, had an enormous impact on the flow of the game early on.

After Da Letter El pretty much won the fight for Patient leadership, Crux was one of the people who was wary of DLE, and thus targeted him with his alliance check on Night 1. He was fairly confident that his ability was reliable. When his result turned up “Foe” the next Day, he immediately went to ask if he was paranoid. “No paranoids” was confirmed, which was another one of the several host errors, and this was all Crux needed to hear to lead a charge against DLE to get him lynched, and also inevitably led to DLE giving sheet access to the Staff. A few other people (askaninjask and Yeti were two) brought up the possibility of Crux being non-sane, pointing out that he could be and Insane Inspector without being a Paranoid Inspector, but the damage had already been done, as DLE had already thrown away any chance of him surviving the lynch that Day. So while it was a bit of a fluke, Crux did save the Patients from being led by the Wolf.

After that, Crux continued to play pretty well, though he was hindered by the fact that he was a pretty big target because of how public he was about being in charge of the 4th Floor along with ginga. The two of them did a good job leading their faction together until they were taken out and the 4th Floor pretty much fell to pieces. Because the two of them didn’t really let the other 4th Floor members into the loop as much (which was understandable, since uniting the Patient factions was near-impossible), this was kind of inevitable.


Dubs was kind of disappointing in the game because he never really got involved, but was never quite idle enough to merit subbing him out. VGC had a pretty big part in that, and it’s just a shame that timing issues like that always show up.

His ability was definitely a tough one to work with, since it was a a pseudo-Hook, so it was hard to be really effective with it. He got a bit mad when Eep cncnd’d whether or not his ability would have stopped a killer from choosing another target (which it would have, though this never ended up being an issue). He did cause askaninjask to target a dead character once, but it wouldn’t have made any difference anyway.

The real low point was that dubs was lynched Day 6 with a measly 2 votes, both cast by Staff. That lynch was certainly one of the low points of the game for everyone, but the fact that Dubs failed to even attempt to defend himself was just depressing. Had he not died for some reason, he would’ve been subbed afterward, no doubt.

Cereza -> capefeather

Initially, Cereza was a bit of a concern, since the hosts weren’t really confident in her activity and IRC presence. Right away, Cereza received an IRC 101 from Eep, which seemed to help, since she did manage to get on a few times throughout the game. The IRC use was definitely less than we would have liked, but Cereza was good about voting in the lynches and using her abilities (once she gained them), so we couldn’t really complain.

For no reason that the hosts can figure out, she started claiming Wolf or something after the Split. Which was... interesting, let’s say. It certainly threw the Staff off, and they spent a good portion of the rest of the game concerned.

Cereza only ever used the BG ability, never bothering to use the SG ability. This wasn’t really a problem, but, had she used the SG on Dubs N5, the 4th Floor would have had a successful kill (like the 3rd Floor did) and askaninjask would have been taken out, which would have hurt the 3rd Floor pretty significantly.

When Irene hit, Cereza lost the ability to get online for a few days, which meant she had to be subbed out, since we couldn’t be sure how long she would be out of commission. So, even though it was pretty much endgame, capefeather was subbed in to prevent the 4th Floor losing another kill due to not submitting a target.

Cape pretty much joined and was instantly put into the Kingmaker position because the rest of the faction had been picked off, making it all but impossible for the 4th Floor to pull off a win, and leaving a solo Cereza/capefeather to finish out the game. In the end, the substitution worked out pretty nicely, as it meant that cape was on IRC (which Cereza usually wasn’t) to negotiate in the end.


Ok, gonna lead this one off with an apology. Misspelling bipolar was definitely one of the more prominent host errors in the game, and we of course feel pretty awful about it. In the end, he wasn’t ever mistargeted as a result of the error in the earlygame, and the Split pretty much managed to work out the problem, since he became confirmed as a 4th Floor member.

No objections about activity. When he idled his vote it was because of being a Negative Mayor, and there was never really any reason to fight the votes he took part in. He was killed before any real vote shenanigans could take place between the three factions, which is kind of regrettable.


ginga spent a pretty significant part of his time in the game complaining, both to the hosts and publicly, about how awful his role was. While it was annoying, it also meant that Life (the Drug Dealer neutral) went and asked him about it. Then, Life posted a log of the conversation in the co-inspection Quicktopic thread, to try and get ginga inspected. This meant that when Da Letter El ragequit like a foo and sent ginga his role PM, it ended up with ginga finding out that Life was the second Neutral.

That was pretty much the highlight of what ginga managed to do leading up to the Split. When the Split came, danmantincan, the amnesiaic inspector whose results were revealed on death, happened to die right after inspecting ginga. And so ginga thought he was dead, since he apparently doesn’t actually read the updates at all.

After that, though, ginga took some good initiative and started leading the 4th Floor Patients along with Crux. The two of them did a solid job while they were alive, but were also two pretty big targets within their faction. In the end, they both got killed off and the 4th Floor fell apart.

Like a lot of other players, ginga was subject to some moling. askaninjask, who was a leader for the 3rd Floor, moled him for a while. Which included aska actually walking ginga through how to make an IRC channel, which was equal parts painful and hilarious to watch, as it revealed more than half of the 4th Floor to aska. As a suggestion to everyone, don’t ask other players in a mafia game to show you how to do stuff on IRC. Find one of the non-players or something, since they won’t try to trick you at all.


billy was kind of a let down in this game, since he never really made any major contributions. In his defense, his role wasn’t something that could be majorly effective in the game. Sadly, that was kind of calculated, since it was somewhat expected that he would be (annoyingly) targeted purely because he was billymills, and we didn’t want to give him a massively important role to the Patients and risk it being killed or over-targeted for a stupid reason (which did sort of happen, as the Staff chose to redirect him multiple times).

Like it was said in the Roles section, the role billy was landed with was probably one of the worst in the game, since it wasn’t really random, despite saying it was, and with little to no way to verify otherwise. As a result, the role ended up having a few notable impacts on the game. One was Night 1, when he unintentionally saved askaninjask from suiciding. And he also managed to Hook Pidge on the Night he was killing, which saved Cereza, who had idled.

Trying to lead the village initially was just a joke, though it did add to the fun off all the potential village leaders.

Aura Guardian

AG was one of the four people to attempt to lead the village in-thread, though he ended up being beaten out by Da Letter El, of course. After that, AG was active enough in lynch votes, while he idled his Night action, saving it until the right moment.

AG was a pretty big part of Night 5, since it was when he finally used his action, Hooking all players with lower priority than his Global Hook (which was a pretty fair amount). Of course, this ended up not working out ideally for AG and his faction, as their remaining leader was killed in the process, and AG was pretty much as a Vanillager afterward.

It’s disappointing that AG didn’t really step up after Crux’s death, since he could have really helped his faction out. And the fact that he was a Vanillager would mean that another faction would have to forgo killing off a power role in order to take out the leader.

Getting himself godkilled by breaking a persuasion was a pretty bold move on AG’s part, since it essentially handed the 3rd Floor the win by keeping askaninjask alive. Had he not done that, it’s not really sure what the final outcome would have been. but a Staff win would have been much more likely.

The Staff

The Staff definitely had a rough game, and that’s putting it kindly. The game design was purposely set up to favor the Patients pre-Split, there’s no question about that, but the Staff definitely made some questionable, if not bad, moves throughout the entire game.

The Staff roles were purposely given to some of the newer players, since having a mafia faction with some inexperienced people helps those newer players get better by being able to watch others. It also gives them a united faction to discuss stuff with. Unfortunately, we pretty much went overboard with this, with four players being first-time Mafia members, and one player being pretty drastically new to mafia as a whole.

One of the hosts’ issues with the Staff, though it ended up not being a problem, was that some of the Staff members were pretty obnoxiously vocal in the public channel, and a few times it seemed so bad that someone could have potentially drawn a conclusion that they were a united faction. “Chumminess leads to scumminess” was one of the many host mantras during the game.


Flamestrike was definitely the MVP of the Staff, without question. He was active and usually was the voice of reason on the Staff, stopping the other members from making some rather poor decisions on multiple occasions, and pointing out that some of their theories about the game were pretty crazy on others. Using his lynch stop ability so early was kind of regrettable, but it worked out pretty well since it essentially saved bearsfan from being lynched for two Days, since Da Letter El was a much bigger target Day 2.

The fake role PM he put together was good, since it kept him under the radar in the earlygame. He made an effort to mole the 3rd Floor later on, but got outed, which put an end to that. But he did a good job at helping with coordinating the Staff’s targets, and certainly never hindered the faction.


Walrein had requested to be mafia, and we gave him what he wanted, since we were looking to have some new people on the Staff. Walrein was a good Staff member in that he was probably one of the most active players in the game, but he tended to make incorrect assumptions (and was usually very sure of himself in these cases), and also had some questionable targeting choices. He was pretty massively affected by Cereza’s trolling about being another Wolf, and he was all but convinced that zorbees was also a neutral. The worst choice of the game, by far, was when he submitted makiri’s action, choosing to inspect in the endgame instead of persuade. Madness.

Walrein’s fake role PM was written well, but claiming yourself as a BPV with nothing else just reeks of scumminess, so a poor decision there.

Early on, he was pretty much eclipsed by Ditto, who was in command of the Staff at that point. As the game went on, Walrein became much more vocal in the Staff’s decision-making process, for better or worse. The biggest thing he did was constantly harass the hosts asking if all acitons had been submitted (this started after Chenn’s failure to submit an action Night 2).

Another of Walrein’s issues was that he was one of the Staff that was entirely too chummy in the public channel. Do what you want in the mafia channel, but keep it down when it’s public. Also, he made a comment along the lines of “die staff scum” directed at bearsfan in a public area, which is pretty much along the same lines. Fortunately for Walrein, he was too new for anyone to have a real read on his play style, so it ended up not really hurting him.


Handicapable was bears’ second mafia game, and, unfortunately, it didn’t really go too well for him. After writing a serviceable fake role PM (despite not using one of the safeclaims), he made the error of sending the wrong version of the PM to Da Letter El, and the one he sent didn't’ contain any bold words. This, of course, instantly outed him as mafia and there wasn’t much he could do about it.

After that, it was pretty much just a waiting game for bears to get killed. The Day 2 lynch of DLE certainly prolonged his life, but, in the end, he was pretty much finished in the game on Day 1. He went along with the decisions made by the more experienced players, which is what’s generally expected of new people.

Something good (well, good in the sense that it helped the Staff, but not really “good” in that it was a horrible game-breaking moment) that came out of bears being a confirmed Staff member so early on was that, when DLE went and lost his mind, he willingly handed over his complete spreadsheet and list of the full text of all Patient role PMs directly to bears. So there’s that.

CHENN -> makiri

CHENN wrote a pretty solid fake, and going with a backup inspector claim was definitely a good move, especially since it fit perfectly with his actual role, which gave him an inspection every Night if he wanted. He was a bit too friendly with other Staff members in the public channel, but it didn’t really hurt him in the end.

CHENN’s pretty much went along with what the leaders of the Staff (whoever they happened to be at the time) asked. CHENN’s only real failing was inactivity (due to vacation). Night 2 he failed to submit an action, which hurt the Staff somewhat. Failure to submit actions wasn’t really a problem after that, thanks to Walrein. But the Night 2 idle pretty much led to CHENN getting subbed out for makiri.

makiri was never hugely involved in the game, but he was active enough to work, or at least not quite idle enough to merit another sub (which would have just been infuriating). The combination of CHENN’s fake and makiri’s relative non-presence actually kept him out of harm’s way until Night 6, when he was finally taken out.


When Ditto was put on the Staff he was expected to be one of the leaders, and he delivered in that sense. He was one of the leading voices early on in the Staff, which is what an experienced player should be. Publicly, Ditto was one of the people who took part in the race to be village leader, a good thing for a mafia member to be. But, of course, he was beaten out by Da Letter El.

Now, Ditto’s failing really came in that he was determined to lead the Patients by having an easily verifiable role and then gathering claims once he had proven himself. And the most obvious choice for that would be Announcer. Unfortunately, the Announcer was kingofkongs, not Ditto. So when Ditto claimed Announcer publicly it made for some very awkward tension in the Staff channel.

The fake that went along with his claim was decent enough, but the problem was mostly that KoK died right off the bat, so if anyone ever tried to re-challenge the Announcer claim Ditto was out of luck. What did him in, however, was a chat with ginganinja after the Split, in which Ditto came off as scummy, which led the 4th Floor to rally against him in the lynch, and the 3rd Floor wasn’t far behind.


KoK was a Dick.

Well, Dickens, at least. KoK was another first-time-mafia placed on the Staff (also by request). And he really managed to hurt his faction more than help it.

When the Staff realized that they weren’t going to get a sixth safeclaim, KoK pretty much decided he was going to “take the bullet” for the team and pick a non-safeclaim to use for his fake role PM. And he somehow landed on bipolar disorder, an exceptionally well-known disorder, and decided to make himself a priority-changer. While the ability claim was fine, that was where his fake stopped being acceptable. The format of the PMs in the game was missed, which was particularly rough. In the ability line, he put periods outside of quotes, which was not the case in any of the nine PMs we was able to look at (three samples in the OP, plus the six Staff PMs), and no amount of telling him it was incorrect ever got him to notice the periods. There were a few other inconsistencies, but the periods outside of quotes was just offensive.

His bipolar claim, of course, met instant trouble because the actual bipolar disorder claimed as well. However, the error in Objection’s PM meant that the double-claim was a bit of a toss-up. It ended up being mostly remedied by the fact that KoK was killed early on by Quagsires, and thus revealed as Staff, of course.

As an Announcer, KoK of course wanted to be able to use the easy claim. Unfortunately, Ditto kind of stole it from him by claiming as Announcer publicly first. So, of course, KoK was then responsible for Announcing whatever Ditto needed said to prove himself. That would have been fine, except KoK failed to actually submit anything for the Announcement on Night 1. Because we’re kind hosts (and the Staff was getting pretty fucked at the time) it ended up getting added, despite never being formally submitted. But really, now.

The Dickens was another mess on KoK’s part. For whatever reason, KoK was convinced that he was going to be inspected Night 1, and used his ability on himself, even though the “orders” were to use it on Ditto. It didn’t matter in the end, since, of the two info roles used on Ditto Night 1, one wouldn’t have been blocked by the Dickens (Nightmare Jigglypuff’s Track/Watch) and the other ended up failing because half of the Neutrals’ co-inspection was Hooked.

KoK didn’t submit any actions at all for Night 2 (he was on a cruise or something at that point), but it was pretty irrelevant, since he was already guaranteed to die Night 2 via Quagsires’ prior attack. Had he not been killed, there’s really no telling what he would have done, but it probably wouldn’t have been great.

Overall, KoK really suffered from the fact that he made extremely rash decisions without adequately consulting the other Staff members. At one point, he managed to take a log about him making a fake PM and send it to Da Letter El, which was pretty ridiculous as misplays go. Had KoK just slowed down a LOT, and kept a more open channel of communication with the more level-headed players it might have gone better for him.

The Neutrals

Da Letter El

DLE’s play in this game was pretty much the thing most worth talking about it. He went from the obvious choice for game MVP to an absolute failure in pretty much nothing flat. It was pretty mind-boggling. We wanted a very capable person to be in charge of this role, since any Wolf needs to be able to rely on himself, but also wanted to make sure it wasn’t someone who would be seen as an obvious candidate for a Wolf. With him leading the village to victory in the NOC game still relatively fresh in everyone’s mind, DLE seemed like a pretty great choice for a Wolf.

Right off the bat, DLE went for the highly aggressive approach and tried to lead the village, counting on his Mole PM to guard him from anyone trying to verify his claim. He was up against Ditto, Aura Guardian, and billymills (though he wasn’t really serious). For whatever reason, presumably the fact that DLE was pretty forthcoming with his claim of ADD/Hooker, DLE came out on top and promptly started collecting claims.

Once he had started collecting claims, DLE had two (or three, depending on how you look at it) good targets almost immediately. A mistake meant that bearsfan was outed as Staff, and then the double-claim of bipolar from Objection and kingofkongs (both of whom had inconsistencies in their PMs, one of which was due to host error) meant that both of them were suspicious, and one was Staff.

Interestingly enough, DLE felt that Objection was more trustworthy than KoK, so he had KoK pegged as the Staff member. However, because Objection’s ability gave him an auto-kill in the event that he was lynched, DLE actually was not opposed to “mislynching” Objection, since it would be in his favor, obviously, to get that extra kill. Thoughts like these were definitely some of the high points in DLE’s scheming, since it looked like he might actually be able to plan enough that he could pull off one of those notoriously difficult Wolf wins.

Really, during Night 0 and Day 1, DLE made a whole bunch of good moves that were laying the groundwork for him to control the Patients and remain in control for a while. The Split would have certainly been an enormous wrench in his plans, but there was no way for him to plan for that, since no one knew it was coming, obviously.

At some point or another DLE was the one who noticed the spacing inconsistency in the role PMs. Some poor decisions were made and it ended up with the accidental cleaning of half of the Patients. But since DLE died pretty soon after that, it didn’t really make a difference.

Night 1 was the beginning of the end.

DLE did some decent coordination of the Night actions for the Patients Night 1 (there were quite a few Idles, but those were all generally unavoidable because of how a lot of the roles worked). He tried to abuse iiMK’s copy role by having the Suicidal BG, Inspector, and mystery role all target it, which didn’t really work out so well, since the mystery role was SG. However, it did tell DLE that Pidge’s role was SG. He kept that to himself, however, so Pidge remained in the dark about his ability for a good while longer.

Two actions that DLE didn’t have control over, however, were Crux’s Alliance Check and GoldenKnight’s Question Ask/Lie Check. DLE did receive claims from them, however, so he knew what was coming when he got the question from GoldenKnight, and knew not to lie, since it would be revealed. However, he faltered here, since he didn’t think that his Mole PM of ADD would block the Question Asker, so while he phrased his answer so that it wouldn’t show up as a lie if it were used on his Psychopath PM, there were some lies that popped up based on the ADD PM, which made it look really suspicious.

Crux, however, was what really did him in. The Insane Alliance Check meant that, when inspecting the role of ADD, it turned up as “Foe.” And the moment Crux saw “Foe” as his result for DLE and had gotten “no paranoids” confirmed, he led the lynch on DLE.

This is where it turned shitty. The most upsetting part of the whole DLE ordeal was that, prior to the Night 1 actions, DLE had considered that Crux might have been paranoid. However, seeing the line of log that said “no paranoids” made him completely panic. And that was game over.

For no reason that anyone can figure out, DLE sent a copy of his full role PM, the Wolf one, to ginganinja. That right there would have been more than enough to end him. Had he not done that, the other people who questioned the sanity of Crux’s role would have probably been enough to save him. But a word from ginga would have been plenty to kill him.

Oh, but he didn’t stop there. No.

DLE proceeded to make one of the most offensive and gamebreaking moves he possibly could have, and proceeded to give the Staff (via bearsfan, the confirmed Staff member) access to not only his spreadsheet, but the full text of every single claim he had received as village leader. This pretty much gave the Staff a ridiculous edge over the Patients, as they now knew almost everything about every role. The fact the Staff had been playing poorly overall up to that point made it even more infuriating, since it gave the Staff a ridiculous sense of accomplishment that was completely undeserved.

DLE’s intention for giving the Staff the information was because he wanted to give them a fighting chance or some nonsense, since the ratio of Patients to Staff was pretty skewed (roughly 3:1 in a 1v1 game on Smogon is pretty overwhelmingly Village-favoring). Of course, he did this without knowing about the Split that would happen the next Day cycle. Because of who DLE had shared his spreadsheet with prior to this, it essentially meant that almost every player in the game ended up with a near-complete list of roles by the midpoint of the game, which was insane, and contributed enormously to so many of the roles not being able to function like they were meant to.

After DLE gave the Staff access to all of his info the game was actually almost canceled, because of how broken it was going to inevitably become with all of the role information so freely accessible. As it ended up, the Split somewhat fixed the massive unbalance created by DLE’s antics. But regardless of whether or not it was fixed, DLE’s actions on Day 2 were pretty much completely unforgivable.

LifeAdmiral -> Paperblade

Life got the role because it was expected he would do a pretty good job of talking with a lot of the players in the game, which was absolutely necessary for the Drug Dealer role to even have a chance at success. Sadly, Life wasn’t really happy with his role initially, as he was a neutral without being a “harmless” neutral. The most frustrating thing about his complaining was that he pretty much identified the way the role was supposed to play (loose alliances with everyone) in his rant, but didn’t seem to care.

Later on, Life got a lot more into his role, which was nice. He sort of slightly missed the mark on the role’s purpose (it wasn’t necessarily an “equalizer,” but it certainly required a close finish to have any chance at victory). Life was pretty open about being a Neutral, telling people about the Steroid ability, but keeping Persuade under wraps. He did well enough with laying the groundwork for the role, even though all of the people he used Steroids on ended up dying (and thus not contributing to his win condition).

Life ended up asking to be subbed out, so Paperblade picked up where he had left off.

Paperblade got to work after that, trying to get some good targets Roided, since it wasn’t looking like he’d be able to pull off the win at that point. But due to a combination of good choices and negotiating he ended up giving Steroids to people who survived to the end. Really, the only massive misplays Paperblade made was persuading Pidge to vote for askaninjask, which would have killed off one of the people who had received Steroids, and then trying to use Steroids on aska a second Night in a row when there were other targets still alive who had yet to receive Steroids.

Wild Eep

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The Game

Now would probably be a good time to finally post the link to the master spreadsheet.

So for the majority of it, you can pretty much figure out a good amount of the game mechanics from just looking over that sheet. It used to be a lot prettier, I guess.


Anyway, the first sheet it opens is the “Roles” tab. That should be pretty self-explanatory. It lists the roles, broken down by faction, their abilities, win conditions, a bit of flavor, Steroid powers, and any other things worth noting.

Below that is a list of a bunch of other potential illnesses that were considered for the game. The pale yellow are the ones that weren’t used, while bright yellow are the five safeclaims that ended up being given to the Staff. Of the completely unused ones, Pica was sort of disappointing to not have in the game. Had there been items, Pica would have been in and eaten the items to destroy them or something.

Oh, and Encopresis ended up getting used, since it was the joke PM made for IPL in the OP. That PM was only really made up because the Patient win condition hadn’t been publicly posted anywhere up to that point, and the Staff had to have it for writing fakes. Plus, it was fun to give IPL such a shitty role.



This is probably the tab of the sheet that’s the most interesting for players.

The big gray mess there is the priority list for the roles in the game. You might have to refer back to the first tab if you’re not sure on what some of the abilities named there are.

There ended up not being a Silencer in the game, so that’s technically a pointless line. Originally the Drug Dealer had both Silence and Persuade, but it seemed like he’d be able to be too pro-Staff with power over two votes, so the Silence got dropped right before the game started.

The Poisoner having higher priority than the Kills was kind of pointless, but, again, it didn’t really make any difference.

Kill priority in the game was a bit of a concern for some players, who were annoyed that it looked like one faction had a higher kill priority than others. However, ALL factions (and the Wolf) had equal kill priority. If two killers happened to target each other then both kills would succeed (barring BG etc.). The time this really came up was when someone killed despite the Global Hook being used (that’s “Lull” in the sheet), but that was due to SG usage.

After the priority list, we come to the post-Split kills. And it’s pretty much what it says. Details on it are in the tab called “The Split.”


The third and fourth tabs are where all Night and Day actions were recorded.

Blue means the action was successful, red means it failed, yellow means it was semi-successful (either modified in some way, or part succeeded and part failed). Light gray is an idle, dark gray means they were dead at the time.

The fifth tab was where some templates for action result flavor were written up. They were pretty ridiculously helpful for the first couple of Nights. After that, it was pretty much just copying the results of previous updates and fixing the names. But doing the templates ahead of time made those first couple of updates go a LOT smoother.

The Split

The sixth tab is all about the Split, obviously. The way that the Patients would Split up had been predetermined, since all of the roles were more or less paired up with similar roles on the opposing Patient faction. (The general category of why they were paired can be seen at the bottom of the first tab.)

What wasn’t predetermined, however, was how some of the post-Split things would be handled. One member of each Floor was told how many members of his Floor were left alive. Since danmantincan was the only Patient other than Quagsires (who would not have lived past the Split, and thus is not included), the 3rd Floor “Numbers” guy knew they had seven, while 4th Floor has eight people. Both of them knew that two other people (the Friends) knew The Numbers Guy’s identity.

The Numbers Guy had to be someone who was fairly active, since he would need to be around when the two friends came looking for him.

Next up were the “Friends.” These two people each knew the identity of the Numbers Guy, so they could easily seek him out. This allowed each Floor to get three people united right away after the Split happened.

In the case of the 4th Floor, both Friends were chosen because they had host errors in their role PMs, and this was pretty much the best way to auto-clean them.

Finally, the green block is the list of the order in which the two Patients factions cycle through the kill. The first person on the list was not included in the three that could unite on purpose. Then the second person on the list was “Friend 1” so that the united members were assured that one of the kills that had taken place the Night before was indeed their faction’s. And dead people in the list were skipped.

The first set of names/green is the one that ended up being used, of course. The second and third sets were just us planning in case Night actions got changed to something else right before updating. The third set would have probably been the most amusing.

It’s not included in the sheet anywhere, but each Staff member and the neutrals were given a result that contained the post-Split win conditions for the Patient factions, based on the number contained in the original role PMs. This was just to make sure that they could have half a chance at not being completely outed after the Split, assuming they were using a fake.

Overall, the Split was pretty great for the game. It essentially worked like a huge self-correcting mechanic for the game overall. The nasty PM errors that were made (specifically Crux and Objection) got pretty well fixed by cleaning them via the Numbers Guy/Friend thing. It also fixed the huge imbalance between the Staff/Patients (this, however, was planned, unlike the PM errors). And the confusion caused by the insane amount of moling that took place was pretty great.

Other Things

It was mentioned in the PM section, but the PMs all contained a 3 or 4 in their third sentence of flavor. For all Patients (except Huntington’s), this was the number of their Floor post-Split. Regrettably, this was never noticed until it was too late.

It pretty much goes without saying, but IRC was a huge part of this game for a lot of aspects. And one thing that really could have destroyed some people (in the end it didn’t) was that people didn’t seem to get how to make channels properly.

ginga’s 4th Floor channel was fine, but he went and asked askaninjask about how to make it. Which meant that aska ended up learning half or more of ginga’s faction almost immediately.

Worse than that, however, was the Staff channel. After it was made, the modes were never locked. This meant that whenever the channel emptied out the +si dropped. And no one ever bothered resetting it for quite a while. So when Da Letter El did /whois on kingofkongs, he popped into the channel like it was nothing. So yeah, remember to make your channels properly, guys.

There’s a thread called “Gmax-Proof: Making a Secure Mafia Channel” stickied in OSI. If you haven’t read it, you really should. And then just make whatever channel you’d like and you’re all set for next game.
The Rest

Ok, last section! If you’ve stuck through the whole thing then you’re pretty impressive.


3rd Floor MVP: askaninjask

Pretty much took charge of the 3rd Floor. When he got Aura Guardian to use his Global Hook Night 5 and had the good sense to SG the 3rd Floor killer was one of the best plays in the game.

4th Floor MVP: Crux

Had the sense not to trust DLE right away, and was crucial to keeping the game from being serial-killer-dominated. Also was one of the two 4th Floor members to lead, but wasn’t the one who let aska mole them.

Staff MVP: Flamestrike

Kept a level head for the entire game, made a lot of good decisions and assumptions, and was active enough to properly take part in leading the faction.

Lolserialkiller: Da Letter El

DLE had one of the two kills that worked every Night, and yet managed to not kill anyone in the game. Ever. Not even through lynching. Lol.

Actual Serial Killer: Flamestrike

This is a dumb award, but Flamestrike, with four kills, was one of only three players to nightkill more than one person. bearsfan092 and iiMKUltra were the others, with two each. Overall, the carnage was very well spread out.

Most Idle: Aura Guardian

Aura Guardian idled five times, because he was saving his one-shot ability for the right time. iiMKUltra idled his ability six times, but two of those nights don’t count since he had the kill those nights.

Worst Night: Night 2

It seemed like EVERYONE idled. Geez. And it made Eep make the *~* face. That’s how you know how bad it is.

Worst Day: Day 6

2 votes cast, and the person getting lynched didn’t even attempt to defend himself. Just depressing.

Some Logs

These are a couple of the more amusing logs collected from early on in the game. We sort of stopped archiving then after a while, so if you have anything particularly good then feel free to throw it in.

[14:24] <Daenym> so I just realized
[14:24] <Daenym> my role is perfectionism
[14:24] <WildEep> lol
[14:24] <Daenym> which is why imperfectluck can't be in this game
[14:24] <WildEep> ogod
[14:24] <WildEep> lmao
[19:48:45] <chenn> hi role exchange y/n
[19:48:59] <WildEep> I'm pyromania, what're you
[19:49:03] <chenn> HA
[19:49:03] <chenn> ILIED
[19:49:05] <chenn> I WONT EXCHANGE
[19:49:09] <WildEep> you bitch
[19:49:15] <WildEep> ;)

~later, in pubchat~

[19:49:16] <chenn> [16:47] <chenn> hi role exchange y/n
[19:49:16] <chenn> [16:48] <WildEep> I'm pyromania, what're you
[19:49:17] <chenn> everybody
[19:49:21] <chenn> i found out his role
[21:34] <+askaninjask> petition to change the name of the game to Distasteful Jokes Mafia - signed, askaninjask
Staff Spreadsheet said:
chinnchenn: hi
how are you guys
who is wildeep219
syjamestx: that is wild eep
our esteemed host
Day 1 (also said:
[16:28:13] <kingofkongs> you're splitting up the fucking patients
Day 1 said:
[00:42:36] <chEATING> wouldn't it be funny
[00:42:47] <chEATING> if da letter el was a third party role
[22:51] <tas> well, i guess i was mad itg
Night 3 said:
[19:19] <&askaninjask> 3rd floor villagers: me, pidge, tas, femalestrike, walrein, goldenknight, iiMKU
[19:20] <&askaninjask> 4th floor villagers: aura guardian, cereza, crux, dubulous, ginganinja, nigglypuff, objection, billymills
[19:20] <&askaninjask> mafia: yeti, makiri, ditto
[19:20] <&askaninjask> neutral: life, zorbees
[19:20] <&askaninjask> a lot of those are guesses
[19:20] <&askaninjask> but they are all educated guesses!
There was a LOT of speculation like aska’s at that point. That just happened to be the only log saved about it. Similar speculation by the Staff usually included Walrein being fooled into thinking Cereza was a Wolf. And everyone but zorbees seemed to think zorbees was Neutral at one point or another.

And yes. We find CHENN pretty funny.

So, at the end of this horrendously long postgame we hope anyone reading enjoyed however much of it they actually took time to read over. As a couple of first-time hosts we definitely learned a lot from hosting this game, and, overall, had a lot of fun doing it, despite some low points along the way. Thanks to to everyone who played for taking part, and thanks to everyone else who followed along. Expect to see more games from both of us!

[16:17] <WildEep> feels weird having no more commitments to handicapable
[16:17] <WildEep> it's all over
[16:17] <Daenym> @_@
[16:17] <WildEep> *~*
could you by chance have made this any longer

no offense or anything, you've obviously put a huge amount of effort in making this and all, but damn @_@
One big thing that was left out of the postgame: Life giving us the wrong numbers for the mafia early on (he said there was one more neutral and one fewer member of the mafia) almost ended up in our loss. I viewed the mafia as ineffectual until it was (arguably, too) late.

This game was too fun.
i didn't play, but i would have loved to see "visitors" as another mafia
Dear User, you are the Dad

Dear User, you are the Mom

Dear User, you are the Girlfriend

Dear User, you are the Sibiling

Dear User, you are the Priest


Tastes Like Candy
claiming wolf was madness fun.Actually, I was just following KoK's steps. He told " YOU ARE WOLF" ans so I was like "ok :0". Anyways, sorry about being inactive on IRC, it's just that I still have some problems handling it, not as before tough.


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This game was fun as HELL.
If I hadn't been outed by Crux, who knows how long i could have moled dem thirds.

OK well it wasn't that good of a fake, but whatever. I definitely made some rookie mistakes in this game, considering how new I was at the beginning. Oh well. I loved the game design, and flamestrike is definitely staff mvp.


Also, we would have avoided the whole CEREZA'S A WOLF HERP DERP debacle if makiri had inspected him night 3/4 (I forget which) like we told him. Instead, he wound up targeting Pidge =/


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haha yeah aska moled me. In my defence tho he was the like 8th person to claim so I thought (according to my PM which told me there were 8) "thats it then all faction members accounted for". Then like 48 hours later billy claimed and I realised aska was 3rd floor which sucked.

Also gaaay NJigg idled his kill even tho I actually gave him a target (which he recieved). Damn. I had sent him to kill Zorbees that night too


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I win again, I'm da best

(good game, seems like you put a lot of effort in, but not having a role for most of the game kinda sucked)
The "voice of reason" probably should have been louder N0 when I knew that letting Ditto claim the announcer instead of KoK was a bad idea, but I went with it because I just didn't want to argue. Needless to say that was also bad. Also I wasn't so much a voice of reason N0 given that I suggested the Bi-polar fake because I was having absolutely 0 luck figuring out how to use somnambulism or the claim that I ended up using that Ditto made the fake for. I should have been more patient (pun not intended).

Yeah Staff definitely didn't deserve to win this game at all, we made three big mistakes in the first cycle alone and never really made any good plays until close to the end. I managed to mole aska, but only because he came to me assuming I was third floor and I ran with it (thankfully that was the win condition I was sent for moling, had I been sent the 4th floor one I might have been fucked). Thankfully Quagsires hit me the night that our kill would have been hooked by AG anyway, and he didn't target a mafia like I expected him to (though at that point I kinda figured it was because the hosts decided what happened and that Quagsires had nothing to do with it). The best move I'd say we made was the timing of the double-kill, and that was arguably an obvious "now-or-never" time to use it so even that's debatable. Most hilarious moment for me was when aska had me negotiating with 4th floor on his behalf since he was still moling them at the time, mainly because ginga ALSO assumed I was 3rd floor (though that was probably more "well either he's 3rd or he's Staff and I highly doubt he'll claim Staff" on his part.

I would still like to know why AG godkilled himself though. Did you ever take a chance to look at the numbers? It was 3/3/2/1 and you weren't being targeted at all. You could have let the lynch happen however it happened (if paper voted with them IIRC it was tied) and then while we were busy crossfiring you could slip in with your kill and give yourself a shot. Yeah, we were the "mafia", but the 3rd floor were just as much your opponents. Speaking of kingmakers, kingmaker neutrals suck.

Finally, 20 bucks says Walrein used that last inspect to find out if cape was wolf or not >.> Anyway, great game Daenym and WildEep, hopefully next time I do it a bit more justice!
Yeah, my role (Insomniac) was a pretty interesting one. It was only after i got a message paraphrasingly saying "Somone tried to grab you, but you kept watching (whoever it was, i think ditto?)" that i realized that i couldn't really be blocked, and that was a cool feeling.

Ginganinja, i don't remember getting a target, although i did idle a lot in this game.