Harry Potter Mafia II - Game Over

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The Death Eaters (Melon and Kira) have won. Congratulations Death Eaters, and good game everyone!

Night 19. 5 people alive.
Day 18. 6 people alive.
Night 18. 7 people alive.
Day 17. 8 people alive.
Night 17. 9 people alive.
Day 16. 10 people alive.
Night 16. 11 people alive.
Day 15. 12 people alive.
Night 15. 13 people alive.
Day 14. 14 people alive.
Night 14. 16 people alive.
Day 13. 17 people alive.
Night 13. 18 people alive.
Day 12. 19 people alive.
Night 12. 21 people alive.
Day 11. 22 people alive.
Night 11. 24 people alive.
Day 10. 25 people alive.
Night 10. 26 people alive.
Day 9. 27 people alive.
Night 9. 29 people alive.
Day 8. 30 people alive.
Night 8. 32 people alive.
Day 7. 33 people alive.
Night 7. 34 people alive.
Day 6. 35 people alive.
Night 6. 37 people alive.
Day 5. 38 people alive.
Night 5. 40 people alive.
Day 4. 41 people alive.
Night 4. 43 people alive.
Day 3. 44 people alive.
Night 3. 46 people alive.
Day 2. 47 people alive.
Night 2. 48 people alive.
Day 1. 49 people alive.

Of those who are alive...
...there are 2 people allied with the Death Eaters.

Hogwarts has fallen.
The Ministry has fallen.


Several people have not posted AT ALL. If your role is better off being stealthy then that's fine, but many, many people do not even vote for lynching. Not only does this slow down the day time, but you have to be aware you're effectively robbing other people of a spot in this game and then not doing anything with it. That's gay and inconsiderate.

If this trend continues for certain people, I will not accept their sign-ups in future mafia games. You know who you are. Sign up and play, or don't sign up at all.

UPDATE to this: Of course, there are exceptions like unforeseen events, computer trouble, etc. If such a thing is the case I'd like to hear from you - after all, me and evan hating on you when it wasn't really your fault isn't a very pretty future!

Scroll down for the rules. They're important.

List of people playing

12. Hipmonlee
28. Melon
40. Kira
41. porygon3

Sign-up list:
1. Dak - Killed Night 10 - Rufus Scrimgeour (Ministry)
2. Blue Kirby - Killed Night 12 - Yaxley (Death Eaters)
3. cookie - Killed Night 5 - Student (Hogwarts)
4. Gormenghast - Killed Night 7 - Bellatrix Lestrange (Death Eaters)
5. Toothache - Killed Night 11 - Fred Weasley (Hogwarts)
6. Max - Lynched Day 2 - Ministry Worker (Ministry)
7. Karrot - Killed Night 3 - Hermione (Hogwarts)
8. [.darkie] - Lynched Day 5 - Death Eater (Death Eaters)
9. akuchi - Killed Night 12 - Ministry Worker (Ministry)
10. aamto - Killed Night 4 - Lord Voldemort (Death Eaters)
11. CaptKirby - Lynched Day 8 - Ministry Worker (Ministry)
12. Hipmonlee - Killed Day 19 - Madam Pomfrey (Hogwarts)
13. batpig - Killed Night 9 - Student (Hogwarts)
14. Lord Gloom - Lynched Day 17 - Student (Hogwarts)
15. Obi - Lynched Day 1 - Percy Weasley (Ministry)
16. Jackal - Killed Night 9 - Ministry Worker (Ministry)
17. Judgement - Killed Night 13 - Student (Hogwarts)
18. Shiv - Killed Night 1 - Severus Snape (Hogwarts, could have gone Death Eaters)
19. n3ther - Killed Night 16 - Hedwig (Hogwarts)
20. Mr.378 - Killed Night 15 - Ministry Worker (Ministry)
21. Thunderpup - Lynched Day 6 - Cornelius Fudge (Ministry)
22. Pim - Killed Night 17 - Student (Hogwarts)
23. GTS - Lynched Day 13 - Dolores Umbridge (Ministry)
24. Ae Sakura - Lynched Day 7 - Death Eater (Death Eaters)
25. Shiney - Killed Night 2 - Student (Hogwarts)
26. Pat - Killed Night 14 - Lucius Malfoy (Death Eaters, had option to switch)
27. Galahad - Lynched Day 15 - Ministry Worker (Ministry)
28. Melon - Survivor - Alecto Carrow (Death Eaters)
29. leafgreen386 - Killed Night 4 - Student (Hogwarts)
30. Kade Zonglo - Lynched Day 14 - Ministry Worker (Ministry)
31. CardsoftheHeart - Killed Night 6 - George Weasley (Hogwarts)
32. Basics - Lynched Day 16 - Student (Hogwarts)
33. sanjay120 - Lynched Day 9 - Ministry Worker (Ministry)
34. jc_rcw - Killed Night 8 - Student (Hogwarts)
35. mastadi - Lynched Day 11 - Death Eater
36. Zenigame - Killed Night 19 - Student (Hogwarts)
37. Pidgeot79 - Lynched Day 12 - Lily Potter (Hogwarts)
38. the Lexx - Lynched Day 10 - Death Eater (Death Eaters)
39. Fishin - Killed Night 18 - Student (Hogwarts)
40. Kira - Survivor - Peter Pettigrew (Death Eaters)
41. porygon3 - Killed Day 19 - Student (Hogwarts)
42. Lord_Sunday - Killed Night 14 - Kingsley Shacklebolt (Hogwarts)
43. Ghandi1988 - Killed Night 8 - Death Eater (Death Eaters)
44. GreenPikachu - Killed Night 5 - Student (Hogwarts)
45. StrangerDanger - Killed Night 3 - Argus Filch (Hogwarts)
46. gsumbreon - Lynched Day 3 - Ministry Worker (Ministry)
47. Zephyrman - Killed Night 6 - Arthur Weasley (Hogwarts)
48. Extrasensory - Lynched Day 18 - Student (Hogwarts)
49. Hairyama - Killed Night 11 - Student (Hogwarts)
50. Adamant Torterra - Lynched Day 4 - Ministry Worker (Ministry)

And now, here is the real Student PM, for everyone to see, and for no one to claim.

You are a Student.
You are allied with Hogwarts.

As if the homework from all these classes weren't enough, you now have to keep up your guard even outside of your lessons due to the threat of the corrupt Ministry of Magic and Voldemort's Death Eaters infiltrating inside the castle. Your only hope is situated in the Great Hall. Every morning, you get to cast a vote on that person you think is up to evil deeds. Beware that everyone else in the hall will do so as well, so be careful with accusations! The person with the most votes will be executed. At night, you will obviously sleep, or pray that someone comes to your aid.


Now, finally, I would like everyone to pay attention to the rules on the grounds of Hogwarts.

1. You are not to copy+paste or screenshot anything I tell you privately over any kind of confidental messaging system, including but not limited to: Smogon PM, IRC PM, MSN, AIM. The only exception is made by me - I will tell you right now the evil sides are allowed to do this, and I may tell you you can do this. Unless either of these is the case, trying to foolproof your innoncence leads to an auto-lynch, disqualifaction and a head-from-neck seperation.

2. You are allowed to communicate with everyone, everywhere, anyhow. Except if evan/me posted you're dead, which means you can't post in this thread anymore and you can't talk about the game at all unless to other dead people or people not playing, and even then you should be careful that the game is not ruined. Think before you act.

3. You can ask me anything if it's unclear. If I do not want to answer your question, you will notice. Reach me via Smogon PM or IRC. evan could answer questions too I think, we may need to conversate about something.

4. Do not clog this thread with a bunch of senseless discussion if you can. Arguments are part of mafia, but tl;dr is annoying for those wishing to keep up.

5. If you're PMing me to use your night role, it'd be very convenient if you made the title like: Night 1 - [whatever]ing [player].

6. If you have a night role but you're not using it, I still want you to PM me.

7. Use common sense. Don't ruin the game. I put a lot of work into it, evan put a lot of work into it.

8. If you're changing your vote for a lynch, edit it out. Your first vote will be counted. Also, bold your vote. To make it even easier for us, always use Lynch Shiv, that helps Ctrl-F a lot. You can change your vote until evan or I posts the day is over.

Good luck this year.


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All PMs should be sent by now. If you haven't received yours but you're on the list, warn me ASAP.

It is now Night 1. Night Roles, kindly don't stretch out your thinking too long and PM me when you know what you're doing.


I'm not retarded I'm Canadian it's different
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awesome stuff, this one will go well hopefully!

PS: there is a hint in this pos*gets shot*
Awww yeah, this is going to rock.

Now excuse me as I go smoke some gillyweed in the out of order girl's bathroom >.>

Edit: I like how there are only 50 students, and we're all first years
Hi everyone. I just want to let everyone know in advance: My sister has flown in from California so I wont be on a lot during this week. I will still be on enough to play the game, but dont expect me to be in all the votes.


Have a rice day
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The ministry are using polyjuice potion to impersonate real students, who are presumeably tied up in the broom closet.

I dont remember what the deal with the death eaters was..

Have a nice day.
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