Harry Potter Mafia II - Game Over

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I did my best -- I have no regrets
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In contrast to the speed and rapidity of the last day's meeting, there was much finger pointing and heated arguments on all sides. Eventually, the tiny mob turned against the lonely Extrasensory. With only small yelps proclaiming his innocence, the poor Aussie was offed by the remaining residents. Confident in their kill, they stride up to his body and pull out a parchment.


Shocked, all residents do a double take and begin to look at each other suspiciously. The numbers have dwindled to microscopic amounts. The castle of Hogwarts seems gigantic and uninviting as the few remaining residents make their way through the empty corridors and hallways, up the deserted stairwells, and into their cavernous bedchambers.

Night 19 has fallen.
Hip was cleared for numerous reasons...

Well Melon was cleared by both Tooth, and mentioned *shot*

You mentioned *shot*

Anyway I say you would be the only one it could be if either Extra, or Zeni are clean.

I base this simply because you have the least amount of reasons for being clean.

edit: I missed the BM'S POST AGAIN!!!!!

Anyway as I just said, it must be Zeni and Porygon.

We still have a shot... as Galahad said, I could very well be a bg... Hip is BPV and can't be killed. I just so might happen to be able to protect myself. So mafia has to take a gamble... either they target me and I protect myself, or they target melon and I protect him and they lose.

So it all comes down to prediction...


I did my best -- I have no regrets
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A bell rings from one of the highest of Hogwarts' many towers, signalling the crack of dawn.

The clear sound wakes up the few remaining residents as they make their way down to the Great Hall. As Hipmonlee makes his way out of the Hogwarts infirmary, where he has spent much of his time protecting himself and the occasional innocent from a dreadful attack, he runs into porygon3, obviously nervous but relieved to still be around. Together they walk down the stairs towards the Great Hall, neither speaking and neither looking at each other.

As they approach the Hall, they find the doors already wide open with sunlight streaming down from the enchanted ceiling. The standard tables and chairs have been replaced by one large table in the center of the hall. There are crimson stains on the floors and walls. Both know something terrible has happened last night. As they continue their approach towards the end of the table, they begin to see three figures. One, prostrate on the table, the other two sitting in chairs behind.

On the table, as if laid out for a sacrifice, lies the viciously murdered, barely recognisable body of Zenigame. Behind, the two cloaked figures. Both stand, take off their cloaks and reveal themselves as the final two Death Eaters. Melon's Dark Mark burns brightly in the sunlight as he removes his hood and raises his wand. Kira is much slower to take off his hood, revealing the ugly, disjointed face of Peter Pettigrew, better known as Wormtail.

They look at each other in triumph and raise their wands together, each pointing at a different target. Hipmonlee and porygon3 are frozen in fear and unable to run as the final Death Eaters let a low whisper out:

"Avada Kedavra."

The lifeless bodies of Hipmonlee and porygon3 fall to the ground.

The battle for Hogwarts is now over. The Death Eaters have won.
Very well played, right from the beginning, kira. You managed to get in with toothache early, and persuade people the entire game you were with the students. In the end, as things winded down, it was clear there were going to be one of two results: 1) you kill off the remaining death eaters (being a student), by wiping out everyone on your suspected lists (which, in the end, had they been true, you would have had a 0% chance of failure, hitting at least one person before the DEs could knock the students down to two), or... 2) what happened. As you kept hitting students it seemed to be getting more and more likely that you were a DE, along with several "over-dramatics," most notably with the bg that you insisted needed to protect the right person when you were so "sure" that the four people you had on your list were clean, which had they been you would've been in a winning position regardless if you were a student. There's also the fact that (iirc) you only hit ministry and students while you were directing the kills (and if you did hit a DE, I'm pretty sure it was only one), and after a point, you stopped taking the initiative, instead letting someone else in the game pick a name from your list of "death eaters," then going along with it. If you want to know the truth, on the last lynch, if I was still alive, I would have lynched you.

The PM I sent you (no mekkah, it did not and could not have influenced the game), was congratulating you on winning, basically, regardless of what camp you belonged to, before the game actually ended. I actually was already questioning you being a student at that point, but everyone else clearly believed you. So basically, it really didn't matter what happened at that point, as not only had you secured the people's trust, but you had also successfully implemented a backdoor for when you continued to hit students in your lynchings, to use as a way out when people actually realized what you were. It was quite genius, actually.

Although... there's still something I'm curious of... what was your "test" that you prepared, kira?

Anyway, it was a fun game, even after I died, and had to just follow along with the thread without posting. I'm looking forward to hopefully playing mafia again with you guys sometime in the future.
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