Harry Potter Mafia Sign-Ups (full wow that was fast)

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With the demise of Obi's awesome Saw Mafia due to someone fucking it up, I'm gonna try and host a new one. It'll be about the same principle: 1 good party, 2 mafia's, you don't know which roles are in the game, you're not allowed to copypasta anything I say to you in PM unless I allow you to, you can do outside communication.

If you want to sign up, do it here. I'll go for somewhere between 40 and 50 people, that seems to leave plenty of room for a format like this. I'll just put a roadblock somewhere.

Kindly don't post if you're not signing up, and don't post again if you have already signed up. Makes counting that much easier.

Anyone posting before post #50 is in guaranteed. After that, I think it gets too big.
If I had known Saw Mafia was going to be such a hit, I would've signed up for it!

So, I'm in.

1/15/08 10:40 AM EDIT (instead of another post for Mekkah's convenience; whatever): Will M0nkfish be allowed to join this one? We can't have him ruin this one like he did with Saw Mafia now, can we?
I'm in.

I have a much better clue how to play now, and a lot of ideas for whatever side I'm on, even though the other game didn't even get half finished!


Let the music play!
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I missed out on Saw Mafia, even with the abrupt ending I'm a little disappointed I didn't get to play. So I'm definitely in for this.
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