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Discussion in 'Dragonspiral Tower' started by Zcythe, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. Bynine


    Sep 22, 2009
    Hmm. Natural Gift. Fire off a 80 BP move of any type you choose.. sounds interesting.
  2. Alexa888


    Oct 8, 2009
    Harvest seems too gimmicky and situational to me. Only 2 Fully-Evolved Pokemon get it, both of which will benefit much more from their other abilities due to Gen V's weather fetish.

    Having unlimited resist berries is nice, and Enigma berry would work, but multiple pinch berries if going to be hard to pull off. Unless Gen V gets new berries, then I doubt this ability will be that useful.
  3. Zcythe


    Aug 23, 2009
    From this we can tell the most viable set with this ability are

    Custap -125 SpA is nothing to laugh at, sub down to 25% and then abuse the pseudo priority. With the highly specialized and offence metagame this is turning out to be 125 SpA should be enough to handle offensive threats. Because of Exeggutor low speed, when he is down to 25% he should have a sub up; this can act as a one time shield against priority.

    Lum -Who doesn't want immunity to status. He can do some fairly unpredictable and useful things with it as well.

    Tanga Berry -No more bug weakness. Allows him to get off some suprise KOs on unsuspecting opponents.

    Occa Berry -With out a fire weakness, this guy may be a reliable way to deal with the new Blaziken.

    Starf -Albeit random, with protect and sub, you are assured at least two +2 boosts. Would be a bummer if they went into attack.

    Leppa Berry -If you can get an ingrain + aqua ring pass; you win. Alternating between sub and protect prevents damage. Leppa keeps you from running out of PP. The only problem is getting the ingrain and aqua ring.

    Sitrus Berry -With this Tropius gains some serious health recover. Add protect and maybe Leach Seed; Tropius becomes a force to be reckoned with.

    Lum -The difference between Tropius's Lum set and Exeggutor's Lum set is the defenses. Tropius can make better use of the no side effects rest, along with access to SD and DD.

    Yache -A nice way to remove the nasty x4 weakness.
  4. Sandstreamer


    May 27, 2010
    Isn't that what we all wish for since Gen II?
    (Also, impyling Mence will ever see the Uber again...)
  5. The Gardener

    The Gardener

    Oct 13, 2009
    I dunno, Exeggutor seems more useful in the sun tbh. Removing a weakness still leaves you with 6 more to deal with and removing status still leaves you with all those weaknesses and laughable speed. I think the Sun is still where it's gonna be at for Eggy, specially with its new best friend Ninetails.
  6. theundecided


    Jun 19, 2010
    lol... you guys think to hard...my brain hurts now...lol thanks for your hard work
  7. Zowayix


    Oct 26, 2008
    Was this ability the reason for Complete Burn? =P

    After Micle Berry activates, the next move used is guaranteed to hit. Based on Smogon's description, it seems to act like a temporary No Guard, but it doesn't say whether or not it hits through Fly/Bounce/Dig/Dive/Shadow Force. It does give OHKO moves a 100% accuracy and has the same chance of hitting through Detect/Protect as No Guard.
  8. IceBeam946


    Sep 19, 2010
    This ability does seem gimmicky at best. While its cool and def. something to try I can see it being countered pretty easily by that new ability that stops the foe from eating berries (the name escapes me).
  9. Thorhammer


    Jun 18, 2008
    Anxiety probably isn't going to be seen too often. Most of the good Pokemon that can use it have better abilities.
  10. Deck Knight

    Deck Knight PillowmaGod
    is a Forum Moderatoris a CAP Contributoris a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    May 27, 2005
    After thinking about it a bit, Harvest Exeggutor with Lum Berry is a textbook Breloom counter:

    Immune to Spore and Leech Seed.

    Lum Berry activates and regenerates immediately on Spore, and Grass typing prevents Breloom from effecting it with Leech Seed

    Resists Brelooms STABs, common coverage moves, and has decent defense.

    95/85 Physical defense and resistance to Fighting and Grass STABs are ideal.

    Psychic is STAB and Super-Effective.

    Once in Exeggutor can force Breloom out with a threatening attack.

    Now, the details of the set are still in flux but here is a preliminary one:

    Exeggutor @ Lum Berry
    EVs: 244 Def/ 252 SpA / 12 Spe
    Nature: Modest (+SpA, -Atk)
    Ability: Harvest
    ~ Psychic
    ~ Substitute
    ~ Sleep Powder / Leech Seed / Hidden Power Fire
    ~ Grass Knot / Giga Drain

    It may be a bit specialized, but Focus Punch does 42% max to this Exeggutor, while Eggy OHKOs with Psychic. After SR damage, Grass Knot has a chance to OHKO Tyranitar, and Substitute facilitates this. Substitute is a good move on Exeggutor in general because it's such massive U-turn and Pursuit bait, and Sub turns the tables by making it a choice between getting smashed by one of Exeggutor's powerful attacks or sending another Pokemon in to do so. However, the set with the first slashes lacks healing, so you can either use Eggy as a modified SubSeeder, or use Giga Drain, which can 2HKO Tyranitar now thanks to its power boost. The Spe EVs let you get a drop on Machamp, and you can KO most sets with Psychic, though you need SR or Spikes for a guarantee. Good thing you also resist Dynamicpunch and are immune to confusion :D. I added HP Fire onto this in the third slash because Gen V sems to have a fascination with Steel/Bug Pokemon, and we can't be letting them get ideas that Exeggutor is setup bait.


    May 19, 2009
    If only Eggy didn't have such a horrid defensive typing... I could see it throwing out Custap Trick Rooms left right and center until it dies (which may be due to a Custap Explosion the following turn). Give it some Wish support and it's looking to be a great Trick Roomer... except for the typing.
  12. ungulateman


    Apr 11, 2009
    Deck Knight is doing it right, guys. I hate Breloom so much I'm tempted to use that just to screw it over.

    Packing a Heatran to back it up would be good - it's the same defensive typing as Celebi!
  13. howabe


    Jan 28, 2010
    Just had the following battle:

    @ Salac Berry
    vs Wild Minezumi

    Exeggutor was faster, so simply substituted 4 times to get to 3 of 19 HP.
    Salac Berry activated.
    Minezumi used Tackle. Substitute broke.
    Harvest activated.
    Salac Berry activated.

    Exeggutor used Protect.
    Minezumi used Leer. Protected.
    Harvest activated.
    Salac Berry activated.

    So seems it definitely is actually immediate, infinite respawn.
    Also, pinch berry basically activates twice on turn in which "pinch" is entered.
  14. Vampgelus


    Sep 18, 2010
    And btw, taunt works through substitutes, so the stall thing won't be that unstoppable. Not to mention trick users will love to spoil your fun.
  15. Raptorg


    Sep 18, 2010
    What would the difference in damage taken be if you were to exchange defense EVs for HP?

    Heck, you could even go so far to lower the SpA EVs to the point you can reliably KO Breloom, and run more HP while keeping the defensive EVs.
  16. Stallion

    Stallion 20% of the time, it works every time
    is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a Past WCoP Champion

    Jun 11, 2006
    I can't believe this ability hasn't seen more love, I've already started theorymonning a team around Tropius to use as soon as B/W is released online!
  17. Deck Knight

    Deck Knight PillowmaGod
    is a Forum Moderatoris a CAP Contributoris a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    May 27, 2005
    If you exchanged Defense for HP, attacks you might commonly encounter like Machamp's Payback and Scarf Tyranitar's Crunch will allow them to KO Exeggutor after they break a Substitute. Additionally, Leech Seed and Giga Drain will heal a smaller portion of your overall HP.

    For specific calculations:

    Exeggutor as I have built it:

    Adamant Breloom Focus Punch: 36-42% (cannot 2HKO with SR)
    Scarf Tyranitar Crunch: 71-85% (cannot KO after SR)
    Adamant Machamp Payback: 64-76% (rarely OHKOs after breaking Sub)

    Exeggutor with HP instead of Def:

    Adamant Breloom Focus Punch: 39-46% (can potentially 2HKO with SR)
    Jolly Scarf Tyranitar Crunch: 78-92% (can potentially OHKO with SR)
    Adamant Machamp Payback: 70-82% (often OHKOs after breaking Sub)

    Remember the object of the set is not generic survivability (where HP is usually maxed), but to specifically counter a certain Pokemon that ordinarily never goes mixed. Furthermore many of the common switchins to Exeggutor also use exclusively physical attacks (usually Pursuit or Payback), or else the Pokemon Exeggutor threatens outside of Breloom use them (Machamp being the primary example because you also cover its Dynamicpunch).

    I guess I should note that the 244 HP variant does survive Technician Life Orb Hidden Power Bug, but if Breloom is resorting to that to deal with Exeggutor, mission accomplished lol.

    As far as the special attack is concerned, Breloom could probably be defeated without any investment, but the point of the set, while it does counter Breloom, is also to take advantage of Exeggutor's marvelous 125 Base SA and threaten the opponent from behind a Substitute. You need all that SA to get the OHKOs/2HKOs on Machamp/Tyranitar.
  18. ginganinja

    ginganinja How do I live? How do I breathe?
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Apr 13, 2009
    Damn I love this ability. While its a shame that it was restricted to only a few pokemon Eggy can really abuse this getting Recovery or something like free boosts. Also having a random coverage move stronger than Hidden Power (which most people have to resort to) Eggy can just use the right berry in conjunction with natural Gift. Also you avoid all that nasty speed IV stuff if you do run Natural Gift. Heck could you not run Hidden Power + STAB attack + Natural Gift to get better coverage?
  19. mattj

    mattj blatant Nintendo fanboy

    Mar 30, 2009
    I'm so very happy Exeggutor finally gets rid of his Chlorophyll. Minus that, he can finally be the incredible TR Pokemon he's always wanted to be, without having to worry about Groudon (and now Ninetales) accidentally screwing him over.

    Ability: Harvest
    Nature: Quiet
    Base Stats: 95/95/85/125/65/55
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/0
    EVs: 4HP / 252 Atk / 252 SAtk
    @L50: 171/147/105/177/85/75
    Moves: Trick Room, Leaf Storm, Psychic, Explosion
    Item: Lum Berry

    Finally, with the help of Smeargle or Togekiss (OU Doubles), he sets up TR, knocks the $#!+ out of stuff with Leafstorm/Psychic, and then esplodes (just a general plan). IMO, he'd prolly work better in the back than in the lead though cuz Dusknoir still can't be Faked Out (new move priorities especially). His one advantage though is he now can't be put to sleep... or paralyzed... or confused... or...

    <3 Harvest!
  20. Smasher89


    Sep 2, 2006
    Now someone bulky enough just need skill swap+OHKO attack and this will be scary in 2vs2 atleast...

    Does the berry even activate at full health? it can't be that good?!
  21. Fisdunction


    Sep 20, 2010
    The ability appears to automatically restore your berry at the end of the turn. Any other effects depend entirely on which berry you happen to be using.
  22. petrie911


    Aug 27, 2005
    Cutsap doesn't affect priority. It just ignores speed. So Quick Attack always moves before a Cutsap Psychic.

    Also, what about Sitrus Berry? Surely having a free 25% HP recovery whenever your health drops below 50% would be great.
  23. NDenizen


    Aug 25, 2010
    How about Enigma Berry? It doesn't require you to be at low health to work, it just needs you to be hit by a Super-Effective attack, which I assume is what you would use againt Exeggutor given it's 7 weaknesses.
  24. DDRMaster


    Jun 26, 2008
    The problem with that is the fact that Exeggutor can't really take a SE hit, particularly Bug attacks.
  25. Farewell


    Jul 4, 2008
    Can someone test this ability with Focus Sash? I want to know how it works in 2v2 battles (the pinch berries are calculated at end of turn, but I want to know if Focus Sash is calculated based on current HP right away)... Say in 2v2 a Pokemon uses X-Scissor on Exeggutor breaking the Sash so Exeggutor survives at 1 HP, then Exeggutor uses Rest and fully heals, then is followed by another foe using say X-Scissor. Does the Harvest ability reactivate Focus Sash to return before the second hit, since Exeggutor is at full HP?

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