This was requested by a friend of mine, Chimpakt. Don't worry Ritter, I still have yours in the works but I was working on a deadline here sorta!

This is my first experience with a background and I must say I like the results. Simple sky, with clouds made from this awesome brush pack I got, and, of course, the giant flaming Latios. Also, this is my first experiment with actual highlights, and it took me a while to get them down. I really like how this turned out, but the amount of time that went into this piece was quite a lot, like, way more than I've done before. Getting faster is the one thing I haven't done since I started drawing, which worries me a little since I see other artists pumping stuff out at this level in hours compared to my days. Even so, I had a blast doing this and the time it took to do this flew by, so I suppose that's not always a negative!
Thank you very much Chimpakt!

Also, while rooting around in some old files, I found a drawing that I thought I had eradicated all traces of long ago. Circa 2009, this is my first drawing of a Pokemon ever.

Oh God. The reason I post this of course is for comparison purposes. When I look at this picture, and then at the one above it, I can see all my hard work so far paying off, and while I'm not where I want to be yet, I can at least say I improved!
Haha the Deo-D balloon is so great, I love it's expression and the expression of the happy Genesect, it's really cute :3
Glad to see your improvement over time, keep at it man and you'll just keep getting better
Deo-D Genesect is a pretty nice and clean piece! :) Also that shocked expression on Deo-D haha. But,,, I'd say try to avoid symmetries at all cost unless it's something like logo art or you're trying to make a contrast or something >.> Even if it's not perfect symmetry :O

I thought the exploding Latios/Latias was a nice touch then I finally realized the Genesect was actually bailing out of it o.o It flew on the Lati@s?? lol!! It's cool that you're telling a story with an image though!!! I mean how many of us actually does that??

Great job Hawkstar, like your clean style :)

This came up as an experiment with "flowing cloth", such as Mienshao's fur whips, but I ended up not knowing what the hell I was doing. That's to be expected, but even after reading plenty of tutorials and staring at stuff for a while, I was still confused. I am aware that Mienshao's whips aren't even that long, but I much prefer this length. As for the rest of the picture, I'm very satisfied with the rest of the shading, but I feel like the head is a little flat. It gave me a lot of trouble as I was sketching it, so that's something else I need to work on.

I have been slacking off recently, mostly out of laziness. My New Year's resolution this year is to remedy this and I really want to focus on getting better. In the past, I have simply never practiced. I was always too lazy to do so, and part of it also stems from fear. I was, and still am, afraid of failure, and even if no one else sees, I will still see my failure. As a stark perfectionist, this really becomes crippling sometimes, as I find it way easier to convince myself to stop and go play a game or some other distraction than to continue on a bleak looking path. As a result, I rarely practiced, and progress was frustratingly slow. I've reached a plateau, and I simply haven't had the will to overcome it.

This year, I want that to change. By the time 2014 rolls around, I want to be way closer to that artist that I had envisioned and envied at the beginning of my career than I am now. I've scoured my college library and the internet for good books and tutorials, and I've made a dedication to practicing everyday that I have every intention to keep. I have big plans for the rest of the year, with the eventual goal of starting a Nuzlocke comic, but first I need a lot more practice than I've been doing. While it's a few weeks late, here is the official start of my new year, and I feel like I've got the potential to make myself into something much better.
I finally finished the LC viability ranking thread picture that I said I'd do months ago!

I tried a different style of shading and highlights than I usually do, that being "not smudging them into unrecognizable messes." If you can't tell from the picture, Mienfoo is S rank (which it deserves!) while Scraggy is chilling in the A tier, spray painting how good he thinks Mienfoo really is. Aipom, of course, sucks so it got the can. Overall, I like how the shading and stuff turned out, but I really should have made Aipom and it's can slightly bigger. All the cramped lines and colors make it look like, well, garbage! This took quite a long time, but I'm glad that I finally got around to contributing something to the site art-wise, and I hope to draw more for Smogon in the future.
Hi there!
I must say, I really like your style and all your bright colors and clean lines. You certainly do have the basics down.
I would probably work on anatomy and perspective more because I find Timburr face a bit odd to me. Maybe if you could make its eyes and nose bigger then that could solve the issue. And Scraggy's arm could be elevated higher because right now it looks like it has a long neck with no shoulder.
Just my two cents, hope it helps!