Haxorus (Female Dragon Dance)


<p> Haxorous has a new ability called Rivlalry, which can be very useful, but I'm going to use Haxorous a way most people would've never thought of. With access to attract, this set just might work, for me, and you.

Move 1: Attract
Move 2: Dragon Dance
Move 3: Dual Chop
Move 4: Brick Break
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Rivalry
Gender: Female
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Atk/252 Spd/4 HP

[Set Comments]
- With most pokemon being male, Attract is the perfect option for a female Haxorous
- With pokemon falling in love like you like 6 year-olds to Justin Bieber, you have a perfect opportunity to set up a Dragon Dance or two
- Using Dual Chop over Dragon Claw is for pokemon who are behind Substitutes(Whimsicott), are holding a Focus Sash(Alakazam), or have the Sturdy Ability(Foretress)
- Brick Break is simply a move for extra type coverage, and nothing more.
- Rivalry works well on the female pokemon that you can't Attract, so your attacks receive an extra boost for those who don't fall in love with you
- Leftovers is good for Haxorous so you can recover some health, really doesn't need an explanation

[Additional Comments]
- A Dragon Dance set is very valuble, although you have no bulk, so watch out for potential OHKO'ers
- Machamp wrecks you if you don't Attract it or get a high enough Attack boost
- Because of Rivalry, you don't do as much damage to male pokemon as much as female

[Other Options]
- If you absoloutely have to use Dragon Claw, then you're more than welcome
- Lum Berry will most likely be the second best item for this set, although a Focus Sash might work...
- Earthquake is your best move to replace Brick Break, although using Rock Slide or Shadow Claw isn't a bad idea, either

[Checks and Counters]
- Machamp pretty much 2HKO's with a Dynamic Punch
- Ice attacks will 2HKO you respectively
- Taunt will be a major setback for this set
- Good check to dragon types that are male
This has already been moved to locked and outdated once before, it's pretty dumb. Relying on a Pokemon's gender is unreliable, and seriously, Attract is an awful move. If you keep posting terrible sets, you're going to receive a lot more warnings. Please, lurk a little before posting for the sake of it.