Heartbreak, Homicides and Hdrama: The Tale of a Matador

Happy 1K dude!

I think we first met several years ago on the Official Server of Shoddy where I believe I kicked you for...hm...no valid reason, really.

Good times~
6a9 ace matador, notorious for 5 things:

1.) Having his entire clan owned in a span of 2 hours by Aldaron and Light on official server...
2.) Being the only person in spl history to be legitimately banned and rejected from the alpharuiners...
3.) Being the first person to be denied a tier contributor because no one wanted him...
4.) Sowing discord and distress on Team UK, enough to be banned from his own wcop team's channel...
5.) Wishing vehicular homicide on a stand up user over pokemon...

An ultimately successful poke-career, culminated by truly making a difference wherever he went!

3 cheers for the matador!

6A9 Ace Matador

veni, vidi, vici, VERSACE, VERSACE VERSACE
aldaron, i appreciate you talking time out of your busy shedule of shitting up SPL threads to post such an extensive reply, full of memories which obviously mean a lot to you (i wish i could say the same..) and although i was at first rather upset neither yourself nor scofield could provide objective reasoning for not wanting me on alpha ruiners, i finally realised it was because you felt threatening by my majestic pokemoning ability, good looks and charisma. though i don't blame you for rejecting me, i think you should let it go.. noone likes a cry baby.

goose and fishy you're edited in now..