Hitmonlee (New Moveset) [QC: 3/3] [GP: 2/2]


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Minor nitpick, Mach Punch is slashed with Earthquake, however
Mach Punch may be used over Stone Edge
I suppose the latter is the one with the mistake, since Ground+Fighting isn't the best attacking combination
GP check. Looks good. Good job on writing this!

name: Reversal Sweeper
move 1: Reversal
move 2: Endure
move 3: Stone Edge
move 4: Earthquake / Mach Punch
item: Liechi Berry
ability: Unburden
nature: Adamant
evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe


<p>After a boost from Unburden and Liechi Berry, Hitmonlee can become becomes one of the most fearsome sweepers in RU. With the boost from Liechi Berry, it reaches a staggering 558 Attack, meaning Hitmonlee can hit anything it faces hard. Not only this, but after an Unburden boost, Hitmonlee hits 546 Speed, which is good enough to outspeed everything unboosted in RU and quite a few Pokemon with Choice Scarf as well. Endure pairs well with Unburden and Liechi Berry because it allows Hitmonlee can to survive an attack that would normally KO it, gain both boosts, and proceed to sweep. Another great reason to use Hitmonlee is that no relevant (I'm going to say this is an optional change; technically Baltoy is legal in RU and resist Fighting/Rock/Ground but you don't need to add this if you don't want to as I agree Baltoy is very irrelevent to the RU metagame and probably dies to this set anyway with dem 40/55 defenses) Pokemon resists its entire moveset. Between a Reversal at low HP, Earthquake, and Stone Edge, Hitmonlee poses a big threat to every Pokemon in RU. However, Mach Punch may can be used over Stone Edge Earthquake to take care of priority users who would otherwise KO Hitmonlee.</p>


<p>Uxie is a good check to this set, as Reversal is resisted and only 2HKOes when at full power from Hitmonlee even after a Liechi Berry boost. Thus, Hitmonlee can be taken out by any attacking move from Uxie the same turn, ruining an opportunity for a sweep. Priority users also destroy this set. Hitmonlee would will ideally be at 1 HP to take full advantage of Reversal, so any priority move would will bypass Hitmonlee's great Speed and KO. Bulky Water-types, such as Slowking and Qwilfish, can survive any hit, meaning that they can pose a threat to Hitmonlee. The same is true for Ghost-type Pokemon, such as Cofagrigus (change to another Ghost since Cofagrigus is UU now). It should be noted that a resisted Reversal at 1 HP is more powerful than a neutral Earthquake or Stone Edge, so the latter two moves should normally only be used in cases in which they are super effective.</p>

<p>Spiritomb and Drapion are both great partners for Hitmonlee, as they can take out the Ghost-types that are immune to Hitmonlee's Fighting STAB. Tangrowth is also another a good teammate for Hitmonlee, as it can take hits from the priority moves that could be aimed at taking it out Hitmonlee. However, this may be unnecessary if Hitmonlee carries a priority move of its own in Mach Punch.</p>[ /HIDE]