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Ho-oh – Is it truly an Uber?

Discussion in 'Stark Mountain' started by Jetx, Oct 8, 2008.

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  1. Jetx


    Jan 19, 2006
    blasphemy1, do you really think people would use the Choice Band set? So many things are immune to Earthquake, and there are many Flash Fire pokémon around to absorb Sacred Fire. Getting a Ho-oh in unscathed is enough of an issue in the first place, so to have its efforts rendered completely useless gives your opponent a huge advantage in free turns.
    Without Roost, Ho-oh and its mighty Special Defence still get worn down very easily by Surfs, especially from Bulky Waters like Vaporeon who also can use Toxic. Hell, even the likes of Skarmory can wall you easily if you're not using Sacred Fire.

    Sure, Snorlax might be at risk to a CB Earthquake, but that's like saying Zapdos can't counter Lucario because the opponent may assume that you have one and lead off with Ice Punch. The difference is that CBHo-oh would be much more uncommon, so Snorlax would still be a great thing to switch into it. And if it did end up biting into your health with Earthquake, just switch into a flying type and enjoy your free turn.

    Things like CBHeracross, who has only slightly less Attack than Adamant CBHo-oh, is threatening because it has two 120BP STAB moves that utterly destroy most things that aren't resistant. Ho-oh has one 100BP STAB move that burns a lot; Choice Banders aren't there to burn things, they're there to take things out, and Ho-oh doesn't do that any better than its rivals.

    I don't have a severely crippled anything, because I wasn't silly enough to switch my Rhyperior in on a Sacred Fire. I fail to see what's wrong with a Resttalker using Rest; don't most Resttalkers have to heal themselves after handling a threat? If you really want your Skarmory to get a free turn for Spikes, you could do it the much easier way and switch it in on a Mamoswine or something. "Skarmory walls Rhyperior" is no reason not to use it, because I think you'll find Skarmory can buy free turns on quite a lot of things.
    Going back to your comments on CBHo-oh, I'm going to use the exact same logic back: couldn't I switch in my Bronzong on CB Earthquakes and Returns and get a free oppurtunity to use Stealth Rock?

    The two most common Pressure pokémon, I think, are Suicune and Zapdos. Suicune has no problems with Sacred Fire, so I don't know where that came from. If Ho-oh was really that good, I think a lot of people would get pretty sick of other Ho-oh users just bringing in their own Ho-ohs to laugh at Sacred Fires. (not to be misinterpreted as "You need a Ho-oh to beat other Ho-ohs" as somebody did earlier)
    Also, what is this stuff about Substitute? Is this a SubRoost set with Earthquake, SF, Roost and Substitute you have in mind? Have you considered how easily this would be walled?

    Good stuff. The more people who want to test it the better.

    As said earlier, Skarmory can easily Roost off attacks from a lot of things, nothing new there. With all the Rapid Spinners that would apparently be running around, setting up Spikes would probably be even less reliable than before. I'm also surprised you'd use a Skarmory on a Ho-oh team; you would end up needing something to Rapid Spin and Starmie would give you a huge electric weakness, so you'd need a Donphan. Then you'd need a Water type to take Water moves for the team. It goes on and on until your entire team is centred around Ho-oh and you still might not have covered all your bases.
    On your comment about Ho-oh Roosting on the turn the opponent switches out, you are now letting Rhyperior get in absolutely free. You could be letting some Stone Edge Lucario in for free for all you know, so in that case the opponent wouldn't even need a counter (on that note, Ho-oh teams would also need counters to things like that, which complicates things even further). Also, Rhyperior can recover that 6.25% damage at the end of the turn, thanks to Leftovers. And if that didn't happen, maybe they'd be using a Lum Berry instead, in which case they really would have Ho-oh covered.
  2. Aeolus

    Aeolus Bag
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    Sep 12, 2005
    Ok. I've been told this thread is out of control... so here's what we're going to do:

    Obviously there is enough disagreement and interest to declare Ho-oh a suspect... so it now is that! It will be added to the list, along with Latios/Latias and the others for testing in due course. It will be voted on eventually.
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