Home Field Advantage II - Playoffs Round 1

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I feel bad for Cristal and Shining Latios. They could've played in my place
I literally got demolished in Ubers, and lost with some bad luck in OU
Timezones and tennis stuff for Jayde made it v. hard to play during the week since i'm something like 6 hours ahead.
I've just caught him but he says he's tired/busy right now ; 1 day extension would be cool.
Yeah I've been really busy, this is probably mostly my fault. We're planning to meet up and play pretty early tomorrow though, so this shouldn't be too much of a problem
Lost BW Uber, nice start and safe play + good 50% were working until HSA's mind control made me choke (still had to hit 3 Fire blast in a row). wp
Won BW OU in a gg
Lost BW OU in a close game.

ggs/wp and gl, pretty clean series overall btw
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