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Houndoom leading the pack

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by helldog, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. helldog


    Mar 21, 2012
    ^Sorry couldnt think of a better title lol. Anyway, if possible, I want suggestions on my pokemons evs, items, natures, and movesets instead of changing pokemon because they all happen to be my favorite pokemon especially Houndoom.

    Lead 1/Physical sweeper
    Breloom-Toxic orb
    Ability:Poison heal
    -Mach punch
    -Swords dance
    -Rock slide

    Breloom is going to be one of my possible 2 leads(The other being Skarmory) So basically, he is going to spore slower leads and stop them from setting up. If I feel that the lead can cripple or kill Breloom, I can have Skarmory as my lead. So spore is obvious for stopping leads, and then swords dance. Since the pokemon is sleeping, I can swords dance however many times I want before them waking up. And I could then proceed to finish them off with Mach punch. 2 swords dances Mach punch is the equivalent of a super effective seed bomb actually, and that is quite powerful. Rockslide over stone edge because stone edge always misses and the flinch chance is always nice. The HP evs are meant for him to take a little more hits and recover more from poison heal. Atk isnt needed as much because he is going to swords dance anyway. And finally Breloom is my status absorber.

    Lead 2/Physical wall
    -Stealth rock

    Skamory is my other possible lead because, obviously to set up hazards early as possible in the game. Most of the time in my battles, Im always successful in setting up 3 layers of spikes and stealth rock. Then I can just whirlwind away boosting pokes and let others take more hazard damage. Roost for its physical walling capability. You might say I can get screwed by taunt but I will ensure I kill the taunter before I send him out. And taunt isnt like the most common thing around other than aerodactyls. Skamory also takes poison and ground moves for my team.

    Special sweeper
    Gengar-Choice scarf
    -Shadow ball
    -Focus blast

    Gengar is my special sweeper and revenge killer to all base+130 speed and below. He is not meant to outspeed other scarfers or speed boosters. So that is why his speed with choice scarf is 396. And with its HP evs, he can even take a banded scizor bullet punch. All the moves are pretty obvious for him. Now you guys may say psychic sucks because it has bad coverage but I dont think so. Psychic takes out the ever annoying fighting types that exist. Gengar can just simply switch in to a stab fighting attack and kill them with psychic which he might not with shadow ball. Gengar is also my spinblocker for this team. Gengar also takes ground, normal, and fighting type moves for this team.

    Ability:Volt absorb
    -Light screen

    Jolteon is my supporter for this team. His speed evs are meant to outspeed every base+125 speed and below as I dont want to risk getting EQ by Aerodactyl. Magnet along with thunderbolt is powerful especially when his spatk is not as high with those evs, wish is for healing either itself with detect or my teammates. Detect over protect because I want all different type moves in my movesets to be creative. Light screen to be saved from powerful special attacks. Jolteon is also my electric absorber.

    Specially defensive tank
    -Dragon dance

    My specially defensive tank. He takes alot of special hits(Except electric but it could be dealt easily by my Jolteon) and hit back hard after some DD boosts. Taunt is to not let the opponent set up, though Im unsure of this move since I already have Breloom to do that job. But after 2 DDs he can possibly be the fastest taunter and avoid getting phazed. But with earthquake, it lets me hit Lanturn who resist both his stabs. Anyhow, Gyarados can even take physical hits when he intimidates which makes him kinda like a mixed wall. This Gyarados has always worked for me. Also Gyarados takes ground moves for my team.

    Mixed sweeper/Wallbreak
    Houndoom-Life orb
    Ability:Flash fire

    My god I love him...I even have a dog that looks just like Houndour lol. But anyway Houndooms job is to mix sweep, wallbreak, and utilize effectively its 2 immunities especially flash fire. Overheat>Fire blast because its his only special move and he really cant afford not getting a KO since hes so frail. Suckerpunch is awesome in that its a strong ass stab priority move. Thunderfang for some bulky waters. Now superfang is the interesting part of this set. Like say when blissey comes up, I can just superfang half its HP along with spikes and SR support and finish her off with suckerpunch. Same goes with other walls who doesnt seem to harm Houndoom. I can also use superfang on a predicted switch and proceed to finish them off with a suckerpunch. I know he is not the best mixed sweeper but thats not the most what Im looking for. So dont say infernape or mixmence or mixnite. I also love how he can absorb psychic and fire moves(especially fire with a double stab and kill them with his overheat)

    So do you see any specific threats on this team?
  2. nov


    Apr 28, 2012
    If Gyara and skarm lose even a little health, DDnite destroys your whole team. For this reason, I think we should change up some stuff.
    Your team is close to being hyper offense, but Jolten and Skamory Ruin this. I recommend replacing Skarmory with Mamoswine a simple life orb set will suffice. Ice Shard will allow you to handle dragon types (which you currently have trouble with) and you can even put stealth rock in there, so that you have some form of hazard.

    Using SpecsJolt will allow you to keep your Jolteon while bending more to the flavor of the team.
    Jolteon @ Choice Specs
    Nature: Timid
    EVS: 252 Sp.Atk/252 Spe/ 4 HP
    -Shadow Ball
    -Hidden Power Ice
    -Baton Pass / Signal Beam

    Hits like a truck and goes as fast as a Ferrari. Baton Pass allows you to scout, because if your opponent switches, you will be able to see what the switch in is and be able to act accordingly (which is great for a hyper offense team).

    Changing your gyara set to the hyper offense version is optional. Yours is fine as is if you have had lots of success with it.

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