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All of the Pokemon-themed art in this thread is free use as icons, signatures, whatever, I really don't care. However, if it's not Pokemon-themed, don't use it, because those are commissions and personal works! Thanks!

You can find non-PKMN art at my portfolio site and Weasyl (where I post commission openings):


Reviving my thread from a couple years back!

Please see latest pages for new stuff.







Can I use this as an icon?
--If it's Pokemon-themed, yes, don't worry about asking!

What program do you use?
What brush set(s) do you use?
--Primarily this one, along with ones I made myself: http://adonihs.deviantart.com/art/My-Brush-Pack-118954791
(There are a LOT MORE in my set now than two years ago, but that is still one of my favorite default ones.)

Do you have Work In Progress images?
--I do now! See the links below the FAQ.

Will you draw requests?
--Sometimes. Rarely. Only, really, if I make a call for requests specifically.


This stuff is about two years old now! Please see recent pages for recent stuff. THANKS!

NOTE: The image host I was using for these images greatly reduced the quality of these a few months ago, sorry!

Process Images!

Process for Aerodactyl. - totally jank 'painting'
Process for Honchkrow. - slightly more painterly and less messy.
Process for Metagross. - emphasize setting and shadow, intensity of mood
Process for Roserade. - another way of shading, and simple BG

Original Post:

Feel free to use them as forum avatars, signatures, whatever!

Large Files:
Batch 1: http://i46.tinypic.com/n15y0l.png
Batch 2: http://i46.tinypic.com/og9ocn.png

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I'm not the biggest fan of all of these, but I love Gengar and Honchkrow, they're just oh so evil :3

The actual artistry behind these is great though all around, bravo :D
I LOVE these things, they are very damn amazing, also idk if its your style or not but that Gengar reminds me of the Joker, Roserade of Watchmen, and Gliscor of Batman.

Seriously all of these are completely awesome, I would love to see what you could do with other mons.

5 stars from me.

PS. hang around more, we love to see talented artists like you around!


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Rated 5 stars. That art is incredible. Stick around and keep posting your work, please! There's so much room here for amazing artists, and we'd love to see them. My favourite is the quite sinister Xatu, though I've got to concur, Gengar is kind of reminiscent of the Joker ^^


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Although this isn't my favorite style, all of these look amazing! Metagross scares the living daylights out of me, Breloom is great, and Dragonite is one of the few pieces of art worthy of the adjective "epic". Keep it up!

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Rated 5 stars, this is all amazing with how threatening and powerful you made everything, but Vespiquen feel. Even that's great though, since you didn't make just the Pokemon look amazing, you made their backgrounds just as good.
Oh definitely -- these are awesome! My favorite by far has to be Metagross. Look how awesome that is! It's insane! That's how it should be in the anime. My second choice would be Roserade. It has a very human-like style to it. That's probably what Pokemon would look if they ever decide to make Pokemon later on like how Digimon did where the humans morph/dress up as the Digimon (though, I hope they never do that for Pokemon). And 3rd choice would have to be Milotic. Only if Milotic really looked like that. It looks like a Water/Dragon type. That's just pure Pocket Monster look.

The rest are all great. Props on your talent bro. Also, am I the only who at first glance thought that the Dragonite was a Charizard? Might have just been me.

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I love how much expression is put in to each of these through the backround/ foreground, it really makes each of those unique. As well, the eyes... it just gives each of them a really creepy, evil look, which is awsome.
As well, the shading is perfect in each of these. I especially love luxio, dragonite, and infernape for the lighting that's comeing of their attacks/ flame. That gives it a really sick effect.

Honestly your work is more than the sum of it's parts; I love each of your paintings for all of these reasons, but it also is alot better than just this.
My favorites there is easily Nidoqueen and Vespiqueen.

Vespi just looks so tranquil (in contrast to the others)

Nidoqueen just screams "You entered my nest, Im gonna crush you skull!"

As a matter of fact, Im stealing the Nidoqueen to use as my msn avatar:p

Any chance you'll draw Hypno someday?
<-- How could I possibly resist? :heart:

Really interesting style man, do you have anything else to show us like a DA account or something like that? Although this is a Pokemon forum, you can post all kinds of art here.


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Hey guys, wow I'm kind of blown away by this response, haha.

First off, yes, I have a DeviantArt account and it is:

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'd like to do more in a wider range of styles (I guess I was just on a creepazoid kick for most of these, and for some it fits, for others it's forced) in the future.

As to the requests for more, I don't have much spare time between work but I'll probably do a couple more of my favorites. Still, I DO take commissions, haha. 9u9 Would probably do Hypno and Empoleon on my own since I love them and they would be good de-stressors.

(And yeah Dragonite looks like Charizard on first glance because ORANGE and also probably since bulky mcDraggypants is never drawn badass?)
These are just so sick! I enjoy some of the devious faces you gave them. For example, Nidoqueen looks nowhere near nurturing and Froslass looks absolutely demented. They're unlike anything I've seen before! Great job, dude!

Edit: I'm totally giving you credit! =D


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I LOVE Tuxedo Roserade. They are all very good pictures, but thematically it's kinda weird to have spore floating around the Fighting type box. Well, it's your favorite fighting type and not mine.