i h8 art

if you wanna see a place where i actually update my art here you go it is here look
link this is the link *click*

am back u guys

here's all the shitty old art
PKMN Related


Digital Collages

Art on other things

Everything else

Words Words Words
Credit to Shiny Mew2 for Shell Sma$h, he drew it first
Nobody actually likes watching Frutsu Basketo
Baglogo is for My Tumblr

here's the great and good new art

I've made two oak cruisers. 3/4in. plywood, cut with a bandsaw, sanded and primed/varnished. Trucks and wheels are from friend's old skateboards, overall this project cost me 7 dollars, in screws ad griptape.
Ghost top view
Ghost bottom view
Ghost Decal Detail
Juunkboard full
Juunkboard detail

New to thiiis
kit10 (first attempt at animation)
quit messing

that's as much as i'm going to organize that ever
here's a bunch of random links to newer stuff

curse this one is good look at it

see look

hoops stars lol
Thanks chief.
Yeah, but if anyone wants to know I use Sakura Micron pens, with the nib sizes .03mm and .08mm. I also use a black Copiic and a black Sharpie. Oh and I color with Photoshop and a tablet.
Hey Mew2, I finished my own version of your Crustle drawing.

There ya go.
Many thanks!
So I'm pretty much in love with Battle Free For All, I probably will have to contribute.
Edit: done.

Edit 2: I made an Archeops.


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Well I don't necessarily like the mon (read: I feel lukewarm). It's just a cute thing, which is all that matters :p
Well thanks.

Thread related things:
I deleted the link to my Archeops because I'm sure I can draw a better one
If anyone wants me to draw something, just say so, I'll probably do it.
Electivire and Musharna on the way!
I will draw a Venusaur, I've been meaning to, but I want it to be real cool so I don't know how long it will take.
Thanks Paintseagull.


your art looks very cool; the style is very reminiscent of Nastyjungle. to be honest, I'm not sure why, but there's some sort of obvious similarity I can't spot.

anyway, can I see a musharna in your style?
@Breludicolo: Both nastyjungle and I use thin black lines, similar shading stuff and textures, only difference is they're good at it. I'm actually already working on a Musharna, so you won't have to wait long.
@Delko: Thanks, will do.
Gladly, Salamence looks fun to draw.
About the other requests, they're inked but I haven't scanned them yet. I'll hopefully have them up soon.
edit: This Salamence looks dumb, but Imma scan it anyway.