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Ideas for Challenge Cup Formats

Discussion in 'Other Metagames' started by Paperfairy, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Paperfairy


    Dec 20, 2004
    I need some ideas, maybe Smogon can help out. I'm pretty sure this is the correct venue to do so in.

    Every season I've been hosting tournaments at my house with varying formats because the skill level in my group wildly varies. The first tournament was Challenge Cup/Little Cup - people were assigned six different LC Pokemon that I created in PokeGen, and the randomizer balanced the teams to have equal "power" (it uses the Usage Statistics of that tier) so that everybody playing is on equal footing.

    I recently did the same thing with the RarelyUsed tier, also with great success.

    My problem now, is I can't find a suitable tier/theme for my next tournament. I can't use OU, UU or Ubers, because those teams require high(er) levels of synergy - it's easy to get fucked due to the randomizer through no fault of my own. (disclaimer: honestly, I barely play in these tiers, but this is my observation)

    Are there other themes I could explore that lend themselves well to a fair, balanced, Challenge Cup format?

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