In B/W, is there a perfect team?

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Firstly this isn't as stupid a question as it first appears, it is merely an observation that i feel should be discussed.

I want to call upon HipmonLee's article describeing the RBY era and how to battle in it:

He states that there are ~7 staples to any team and then a handful of other pokes that are designed for specific threats.

My question to you is given that Nintendo has declared that future tournaments (for the for-see-able future) will only involve Gen 5 so that they can re-boot the pokemon franchise and "go back to basics", surely we are in a similar situation. There are only 155 pokemon to choose from, even less given restrictions on the use of reshiram and zekrom etc.
Coupled with certain items such as berries are not legally obtainable.

Is there a perfect team? Or is there at least a staple as there was in RBY?
There's a usage statistics thread in this forum that shows what might be considered the "staples," but they're not nearly as vital as they used to be (mostly due to the fact that there are just so many more options now). For instance, my team has been doing fairly well and I'm not using anything in the top 20 or so.
If you want a perfect team just copy BlueCookies' most recent one. I believe it was Mankey, Octillery, Tangrowth, Magcargo, Altaria and Beedrill. Personally I've had a good win % with this team assuming I didn't get completely haxed.


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You're a little late though. With this new season TPCi has started to allow the old pokemon back in so there's as much variation as ever.
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