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In Game 4th Gen. Team Looking For Some Positive Criticism

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by iM Tw0 fLyy, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. iM Tw0 fLyy

    iM Tw0 fLyy

    Aug 7, 2012
    Just starting off. Not completely immersed in competitive battling yet, but I'm interested. Here is my team from Soul Silver (I am not interested in the 5th gen. pokemon).

    • Electivire [​IMG]
    Magnet Rise, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Thunder Wave
    Ability: Motor Drive
    Sp. Atk:198
    Sp. Def:181
    Max EV Trained in speed and attack (besides 4ev points to HP)
    Adamant Nature
    Alert To Sounds
    Item: Life Orb, Muscle Band...Idk???

    I'm considering using this pokemon at the front of my team simply because with a decent speed and magnet rise it has no weaknesses. Also If a ground type pokemon is sent out, after being befuddled by magnet rise, I can use the super-effective Ice Punch. All attacks are relying on Electivire's high Attack stat, hence none of the more base powerful Thunder or Thunderbolt moves. As a personal favorite Thunder Wave, with it's 100% accuracy, can slow the opposing pokemon down to 25% of their maximum speed. With a well placed Thunder Wave and Magnet Rise I believe I can do reasonably well with Electivire (barring it's low defense stats).

    • Typhlosion [​IMG]
    Flamethrower, Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Blast Burn
    Ability: Blaze
    Sp. Atk:262
    Sp. Def:196
    Max EV Trained in speed and sp. attack.
    Timid Nature
    Quick To Flee
    Item: Heat Rock

    Typhlosion almost completely relys on it's speed stat to start a Sunny Day, and hopefully sustain it with the Heat Rock. Once Sunny Day is started things start to fall into place such as: powered up fire type moves, instant Solarbeam, and lower attack for water type moves if I'm not mistaken. The Solarbeam relys on Typhlosions speed to takeout any pesky water type pokemon, Flamethrower is a classic, and Blast Burn is a last resort when Typhlosion has low health, because of having to recharge the next turn. The suicidal Blast Burn also takes advantage of Typhlosions Blaze ability which ups fire type moves with lower health.
    • Absol [​IMG]
    Sucker Punch, Night Slash, Swords Dance, Psycho Cut
    Ability: Super Luck
    Sp. Atk:161
    Sp. Def:132
    Max EV trained in attack and defense
    Bashful Natue
    Capable Of Taking Hits
    Item: Scope Lens

    Absol takes advantage of many things, but the biggest of them being it's surprise factor. Most would underestimate this pokemon, yet it is a forced to be reckoned with because almost every attack it deals boosts critical hits..big deal right? Well multiply that chance x2 with it's Super Luck ability and then add 1 more point with it's Scope Lens. That's right....it has a whopping 50% chance to land critical hits(; If you're confused by why that's so great it's because normally there is a 6.25% chance of landing a critical hit. Btw Critical hits double your damage dealt. So lets imagine pokemon x fighting against Absol. Absol uses Night Slash and lands a critical hit. Let's do a little basic math 70 starting attack power multiplied by 2 because of STAB = 140. 140 multiplied by 2, because of the critical hit, ends with a base attack power of 280! Not to mention Absol's high attack stat or throwing in a few Swords Dance's on top of that. Absol also takes advantage of it's slow speed by using Sucker Punch to attack first against fast pokemon, and takes advantage of the super effective fighting type by using Psycho Cut(:

    Machamp [​IMG]
    Dynamic Punch, Earthquake, Payback, Stone Edge
    Ability: No Guard
    Sp. Atk:140
    Sp. Def:249
    Max EV trained in sp. defense and attack
    Adamant Nature
    Hates To Lose
    Item: Muscle Band...Idk???

    Machamp is your average brute. With an incredible attack stat and all of it's attacks taking advantage of that stat. Dynamic Punch (base attack of 100) is multiplied by 2 with STAB and compliments Machamp's attack stat very well, it also causes confusion to the opponent pokemon.....to bad it only has 50% accuracy. Wait!!! Machamp's No Guard ability causes 100% accuracy to every move! Machamp also counters the super effective psychic and flying type pokemon with Payback and Stone Edge.
    • Blissey [​IMG]
    Softboiled, Toxic, Minimize, Attract
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Sp. Atk:388
    Sp. Def:388
    Max EV trained in HP and sp. defense (I know that was stupid cuz it's only weak to fighting):
    Careful Nature
    Often Dozes Off
    Item: Bright Powder

    Blissey has alot of things about it that make it a pokemon that you roll the dice with often. 1 being it's low defense (it's only weakness is fighting type attacks) 2 being that once the opponent pokemon is hit with the low accuracy Toxic attack it won't blow itself up with an explosion or just use a beloved Giga Impact etc. (Hopefully the opponent plays along and attacks and boosts itself as usual while Blissey sets up it's Minimize's to boost it's evasivness with the help of it's Bright Powder) 3 Being that the opponent might be a girl, therefore attract is completely useless. If the dice is rolled in Blissey's favor I believe it could really wreck some unprepared teams, on the other hand if the dice is rolled against it's favor than it could easily be the one being wrecked, not to mention a basic Lucario being this pokemons worst nightmare.
    • Starmie [​IMG](This Pokemon is very open to criticism)
    Reflect, Surf, Ice Beam, Confuse Ray
    Ability: Illuminate (I know it's a worthless ability)
    Sp. Atk:285
    Sp. Def:265
    Tried to EV max in sp. attack, speed, and a little HP, but I think I overdid the HP.
    Calm Nature
    Somewhat Of A Clown
    Item: I Have No Idea???

    It's probably obvious I put the least effort into this pokemon. I chose it for it's high speed, special attack, and flexible moveset. The main issue is that it's moveset is almost too flexible and I won't always know what will work and what wont. I chose confuse ray because done right it can really piss off the opponent. Idk if I should use Reflect or Light Screen or just take both out all together. As with Ice Beam And Surf I obviously played it on the safe side with accuracy, but both attacks do fair damage as well. Honestly I just needed those Ice Beam and Surf on a fast hard hitter and Starmie is what I wound up with.

    Thankyou for taking the time to look over my team. please post your comments and criticism. I would appreciate giving serious advice and criticim on Starmie's moveset and the items of my team. I would also enjoy a "You did this right and this wrong". Thankyou very much for your advice :)
  2. Adamant Zoroark

    Adamant Zoroark

    Aug 11, 2011
    First, you need descriptions of what the Pokemon does.

    Second, I believe you aren't supposed to be posting in-game teams here.

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