---infernape-5 trade thread---


Rules and Notes:

No HACKS!!!!!!

You must have a trade thread Do not pm me your offers

Be nice and patient

5Gen Trades only

I can do file trades also

Services i offer:

EV training(1 credit for 1 pokemon)

Cloning(i clone with ar codes)

TMs and HMs

All of these sevices are both in 4th gen and 5th gen
Hey goodluck with your thread :), Please CMT for the Virizion please. I want the jolly one but if you see anything else you'd like I will accept both nature's.
shiny embour
shiny ferrothorn


i like

Umbreon91's Hoppip
Jolly Nature, Chlorophyll
IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31
Level 1 (UT)
U-turn, Encore, Substitute, and Synthesis
i like shiny
Is that for both natures? :O And which FC should I use? I can trade it to a 4th gen game to make it quicker or if you gimme a few more minutes I'll get it to white :)
Hey guys, Looking for event Celebi or Event dogs that will unlock the event in blk and wht for the Dark poke Zoaru. Anyone wanna be a pal and give me a hand?

Thanks everyone,