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Postgame Internet Mafia Postgame

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by Walrein, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Walrein

    Walrein seize the memes of production
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    Jun 9, 2011
    poof can post his thoughts later if he wants

    Internet Mafia Postgame

    Overall Game Design

    Hoo boy... this is the part that’s going to start riots.

    First off, let me get something out of the way. I’m not going to name names (*coughyeticough*), but certain individuals have accused me of copying the design of the game Revenge of the SANDS. Let me say for the millionth time that I had never, and STILL have never, read RotS, and had no idea how similar this game was. Of course, it was inevitable that something like this would happen eventually. As Daenym has said, there are only so many ways to arrange factions in a multifaction game. Still, I do feel slightly obligated to apologize, and I promise that I will read over every single damn game that’s ever been created before designing my next game (is that sarcasm? You decide!).

    Now that THAT elephant has been ushered out of the room...

    At the time I started developing this game, the first thing I wanted to incorporate was ununited factions in multifaction, something that at the time of this game’s conception was quite rare. Of course, RPS, Shift, Metroid Prime 2, and SANDSemonium have all happened since then, but I assure you it was a relatively novel concept at the time.

    Originally, the neutrals weren’t neutrals at all. My original idea was a 4-man organized faction with the ability to mole into every other faction. Sound like Yeti’s VOCALOIDS? It WAS a quite similar idea. I’m not sure what I would have made the win condition, but early on I realized that this faction might be a bit overpowered, so I replaced them with neutrals, each one needing to take down part of a specific faction.

    The wolf was in the game from the beginning, designed to keep any one group from steamrolling. The Epic Let’s Players probably recall how I couldn’t remember what exactly “last man standing” meant. While planning this postgame, I found some of my old notes on this game and discovered that the intention was that the factions had to lose, but neutrals could win. In hindsight, a neutral alliance would have been pretty tough to beat, but some questionable plays by neutrals (more on this later) would have made this tough.

    The faction themes were a slightly later addition that I added in. The general idea was that each faction was designed to be a certain thing. This caused complaints from pretty much everyone in the game (except for the slightly-op-for-this-game Pokemon Websites), so perhaps I went a little overboard (shut up Penny Arcadians). The theme for each faction will be described more in-depth with their analysis.

    I knew from the beginning that I wanted items to be in the game, but the items weren’t finalized until the faction themes were created. The ten items in the game were as follows:

    -Soul of Shining Latios: One-time kidnap
    -Peace Treaty: One time global kill cancel
    -Von Karma’s Wig: One-time Von Karma
    -Megaphone: Announcer
    -Hypnotoad’s Mandate: Post restrictor
    -Orb of Confusion: One-time IPV
    -Tiki Idol: Two-time prio raise
    -Coin Flip Poketch App: Target chooses heads or tails, heads=kidnapped, tails=role name publically revealed
    -Link to TV Tropes: Two-time prio lower
    -Terms & Conditions (yes the ampersand is necessary!): Announcer, post restrictor

    As you can see, I had a lot of fun coming up with item flavor. The items will be discussed in-depth along with the people holding them.

    Player Placement

    To be honest, I was a bit disappointed at which particular P2s got into this game - a lot of experienced players were dicked over by the RNG.

    Anyways, the general idea was to give each faction one “star”, who would have lots of experience, one other solid experienced player, a semi-new player who still had some experience, and two almost-complete-noobs. The way that worked out is as follows:

    (players are listed in the following order: star, experienced, semi experienced, noob, supernoob)
    Penny Arcadians: Yeti, MK Ultra, Nightmare Jigglypuff, Jalmont, Fancy Sceptile
    Epic Let’s Players: Flamestrike, Daenym, Tsuk, Dummy007, Infinity.Cypher
    Pokemon Websites: Da Letter El, kingofkongs, TalkingLion, Leethoof, SoulTorrent
    Cheezburger Network Sites: Spiffy, Coronis, Lady Salamence, Snike, Maniacal Lemon

    As you can see, the Cheezburger Network Sites were kind of lacking in a big name, so I gave them the most experienced of the 3rd tier (Lady Salamence) and a noob who isn’t really a noob (Snike) to make up for it.

    Of course, this was kind of ruined by subs. Fancy Sceptile being replaced by Quagsires, Layell replacing Tsuk, and Paperblade taking over for Maniacal Lemon left the Pokemon Websites with a kind of inferior playerlist. Since the Websites were kind of strongth, this should have worked out pretty well, but they kinda got boned (more on that later).

    The neutrals were all supposed to be pretty experienced players, but not the people who would first come to mind when thinking of neutrals. In hindsight, I probably should have swapped wickdaggler with Dogfish44 to make the best neutral player the wolf, but oh well.

    The Penny Arcadians​

    Team Layout (open)
    MK Ultra - Tycho Brahe - Bodyguard/Twin/Designated Leader
    Fancy Sceptile Quagsires - Anne “Annarchy” Brahe - Role Name Checker/Twin/BPV
    Yeti - Jonathan Gabriel - Co-inspector
    Nightmare Jigglypuff - Kara Gabriel - Co-inspector
    Jalmont - DIVX aka Div - Thief/Scavenger

    This was the information-gathering faction, with the standard thief and a bodyguard to give them some defense against nightkills. They were supposed to obtain the most accurate sheet (though Jalmont’s clusterfuck was such a mess that I never read it too closely), be nearly impossible to mole, and unite as soon as possible. This is exactly what they did - they easily outed their only mole, Brammi (though it was due to his shaky claim rather than use of their info roles), and they were the only faction to unite as soon as possible (night 2).

    The Penny Arcadians played a pretty solid game overall. From what I saw, there wasn’t really a clear dictator in the faction - Yeti, Quags, and Jalmont collaborated on most of the decision making. The most questionable move they made was bum-rushing Spiffy in endgame when they KNEW the Epic Let’s Players had a mayor, but in fairness to them they had no idea the Peace Treaty existed and they thought they had a one-time hook and a BPV, both of which turned out to be fake.

    The Penny Arcadians in particular were the faction that complained the most about faction design, and in hindsight I really should have made them a bit more useful. However, when designing the faction, I never thought that the non-inspectors would be the first 2 to die, so it’s another sordid case of Murphy’s Law in mafia.

    (quick note: players from factions will be analyzed in order of their death)

    MK Ultra - Tycho Brahe - Bodyguard/Twin/Designated Leader - Soul Stolen N1
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    Dear MK Ultra,
    You are Tycho Brahe.
    You are allied with the Penny Arcadians.
    You consider yourself to be the only sane man in the entire Penny Arcade universe, but in reality you’re just as crazy as the rest of them. You are very intelligent, but are heavily lacking in the common sense department. On top of this, you are an incredibly sadistic person. You’re also into bestiality.

    Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - There’s a giraffe over near USER”. You have a strong “love” for giraffes, and you will go “play” with a giraffe in USER’s general vicinity, which will keep all killers away from USER. Giraffes tend to avoid you, so you can’t “play” with giraffes near yourself.

    As her proud uncle, you know that your niece Anne “Annarchy” Brahe is in this game, and you know that she is Fancy Sceptile.

    Since you are the most popular character from Penny Arcade, you are the only one who can unite the faction. Once every 3 nights, starting on night 2, you may send a PM titled “Night X - Uniting the Penny Arcadians”. In the body of the PM, you must name all users, including yourself, who are on the faction, with no extras. If you do this successfully, your faction will become united and gain the ability to kill.

    You win if the Penny Arcadians are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: One of only two bodyguards in the game, this was added to the Penny Arcadians to make them not totally useless once they had all the info. Of course, Murphy’s Law happened.

    Player Comments: MK was very active and interested earlygame, getting me to sub out Inactive Sceptile so that he’d have a twin who could match his activity. He met up pretty early with Quagsires and started planning, and they might have claimed to Jalmont (I’m not sure), but a N0 randspect from Dogfish led to MK’s untimely death.

    Jalmont - DIVX aka Div - Thief/Scavenger - Lynched D4
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    Dear Jalmont,
    You are DIVX, aka Div.
    You are allied with the Penny Arcadians.
    A former DIVX player that somehow managed to sprout limbs, your default mood is drunk and surly. You qualify as a “minor character”, but when you do appear, expect drunken allcaps rage to occur. A firm believer in the philosophy of needing nothing but condoms and rum, you once did unspeakable things with a Playstation2.

    Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Pickpocketing USER”. You will pretend to be drunk to lower USER’s defenses an them promptly steal any items they posess. You may also do this on dead players.

    You win if the Penny Arcadians are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: The standard thief of the Penny Arcadians. Every faction had at least one thief (who could also be used as a scavenger), which the Cheezburger Network Sites complained undermined their role as the item control faction. Go figure. Div isn’t really a main character in Penny Arcade, but then again there really aren’t any “main characters” outside the main 2, plus maybe Anne.

    Player Comments: Jalmont actually played a pretty good game. He was the first person to step up for any faction, which helped the Penny Arcadians’ speedy unite. After that, he mostly deferred to Yeti and Quags, though occasionally he helped make some decisions. The real impact he left on this game, however, was his use of the moniker “qwerty” to weasel lots of info out of the neutrals. In particular, he managed to fool Brammi into thinking Lady Salamence/imperfectluck and Tsuk were Penny Arcadian, and he had Ace Emerald eating out of his hand all game. Unfortunately, his death came when Engineer Pikachu failed to inform me that he would be changing his vote later on like Jalmont said, and I called majority on Jalmont. In fairness, I doubt Engineer would have changed his vote, since lynches didn’t count for the neutrals’ kill count. Oh well, you played a good game, but the Penny Arcadians simply made too many enemies.

    Fancy Sceptile Quagsires - Anne “Annarchy” Brahe - Role Name Checker/Twin/BPV - Theorylynched D7
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    Dear Fancy Sceptile Quagsires,
    You are Anne “Annarchy” Brahe
    You are allied with the Penny Arcadians.
    You are the most badass 11-year-old the world has ever seen. You’re kickass at video games, are possibly even more sarcastic than the KING of sarcasm (your uncle Tycho), and when Telltale games made a video game out of Penny Arcade, they gave you a fucking flamethrower. Yea. You’re just that awesome.

    Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Playing USER in an online game”. You will challenge USER to a video game throwdown (and likely kick their ass at it) and learn their screen name in the process, which just so happens to be the same as their role name.

    As his niece, you know that your uncle Tycho Brahe is in this game. He is MK Ultra. You also know that Tycho gave you a shirt recently that reads “Stay the fuck away from my niece!”. As long as Tycho remains alive, this shirt will ward off the first killer to attack you, as no one wants to mess with an overprotective uncle.

    You win if the Penny Arcadians are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: The second half of the Penny Arcadian twin pair, this was supposed to basically be an alliance checker with more useful moling applications (you can tell which role names NOT to fake claim). I also enjoyed writing flavor for this one, as Anne is probably my favorite PA character :3

    Player Comments: Fancy Sceptile is a frustrating sibling, but I’ll spare you that rant. Quagsires subbed in at MK Ultra’s behest and got to work on strategy things with MK. He wound up name checking Jalmont N0 and claiming to him on D1, when he took over as the main decision maker of the Penny Arcadians. Quagsires got the rest of the PA’s into a good position in the endgame, which was helped by Jalmont’s neutral exploiting, but in the end he made the same mistake as the rest of the faction and spynched Liffy.

    Nightmare Jigglypuff - Kara Gabriel - Co-inspector - Theorykilled N8
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    Dear Nightmare Jigglypuff,
    You are Kara Gabriel.
    You are allied with the Penny Arcadians.
    You are the wife of Jonathan Gabriel and the voice of reason around the Gabriel household. Aside from being the token female, you really don’t serve much of a purpose. However, for our purposes, we’re going to say that you are a world-famous psychic, capice?

    Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Prophesizing about USER”. Using your made-up medium skills, you will psychically discover USER’s role PM. However, because you’re a Trelawny-style medium, you won’t remember a thing you said. However, you DO have a tendency to talk in your sleep...

    You win if the Penny Arcadians are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: “talk in your sleep”=the other co-inspector gets your results and vice-versa. I wanted the extra inspection of the PAs to be a bit nerfed at the beginning, but this would also help the faction unite faster, since the two receiving each other’s results would help clean them.

    Walrein’s Player Comments: Niggly really did not do much of anything at all. His biggest contribution to the game was becoming convinced that Jalmont was a liar due to Brammi cancelling his results the night before, and pubclaiming in the process. Those of you who were involved with Underground Mafia know how well I take to people pubclaiming when someone has already claimed for that faction. Ironically enough, Niggly was so under-the-radar that in endgame the Epic Let’s Players had completely forgotten that he had pubclaimed and used their final inspection on him. Other than that, all Niggly did was take orders and generally not be very active.

    Yeti - Jonathan Gabriel - Co-inspector - Theorylynched D9
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    Dear Yeti,
    You are Jonathan Gabriel
    You are allied with the Penny Arcadians.
    An avatar for Penny Arcade artist Mike Krahulik, you’re a bit... out there. You happen to be a fan of Star Wars, Pac-Man, pocky, Spider-Man, roleplaying, Patrick Swayzee, and your own wang. You have a glass eye after your real one was lost in a Warcraft-related argument, and you’ve shown hardcore Sony fanboy tendencies as of late. You also have a tendency to have unusually... erm... vivid dreams.

    Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Having a “vivid” dream about USER”. You will have one of your special dreams, which will involve seeing their full role PM for some reason. Unfortunately, you probably won’t remember this dream when you wake up. However, you occasionally say things in your sleep...

    You are currently holding the Soul of Shining Latios. While you are holding it, once during the game you may send a PM titled “Night X - Giving Shining Latios’s soul some nudes of USER”. These pics will excite SL’s soul so much that he will relentlessly pursue the subject of the photos, forcing them to go into hiding for a full day and night. This can only be used once.

    You win if the Penny Arcadians are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: See Niggly’s role comments. I will say that I think Gabe had one of the better death pictures in the game. It’s a shame he died last.

    This role did start with an item - the one-time kidnap, to be precise. It was supposed to be either kill protection or an incapacitator. Unfortunately it was stolen on Night 0 :/

    Walrein’s Player Comments: Yeti spent most of the earlygame being kidnapped (courtesy of a certain wick-daggling individual) and confused about her role (she demanded that I make sure I had written down her correct target). Once she hooked up with the rest of her faction, she helped Quagsires in the decision making process. However, when she wasn’t doing that, she was bitching about how similar my game design was to Revenge of the SANDS (something that Quags also did, but to a lesser extent). Her constant complaining about fucking everything made her one of the more unpleasant players in the game, though I won’t deny that she played solidly, if under-the-radar.

    (I actually wrote the above much sooner after the game when I was still pissed about the ranting. Tbh it wasn’t that bad, it was just a bit annoying. She DID play p. well)

    The Epic Let’s Players

    Team Layout (open)
    Your team consists of:
    Flamestrike - ChuggaaConroy - OT Lynchstop/Twin/Designated Leader
    Infinity.Cypher askaninjask - NintendoCapriSun - Mayor/Twin/BPV
    Dummy007 - JoshJepson - Stealth Voter
    Daenym - PlayingWithMahWii - Inspector
    Tsuk Layell - The Yogscast - Thief/Scavenger

    This was the faction designed to be the best in the lynch. Ironically enough, I didn’t give them the worlds greatest roles for doing so. However, they did fufill my expectations as far as being the team with the most useful lategame abilities (dat mayor).

    The Let’s Players mostly kept their heads down and got people to ignore them until D4, where they got Jalmont of the Penny Arcadians Lynched and emerged as the obvious powerhouse. Even then, a combination of bad timing and weird neutrals prevented any night kills from being aimed at them, and Daenym orchestrated an excellent endgame plan that got them the win.

    If I have any regrets about the design of this faction, its mainly the weakness of the theme. Lynch control in multifaction is pretty pointless until endgame, and the roles I gave them weren’t the greatest for doing so. In hindsight, upping the mayor to a champion and changing the stealth voted to a persuader/silencer would have helped greatly.

    Dummy007 - JoshJepson - Stealth Voter - Soul Stolen N2
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    Dear Dummy007,
    You are JoshJepson.
    You are allied with the Epic Let’s Players
    You are a Let’s Player who toiled in relative obscurity until you were featured in TheRunawayGuys’s playthrough of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. As such, you are now most commonly known as “That guy who played with TheRunawayGuys”. Regular features of your videos are cussing like a sailor and some of the most epic intro music in history.

    Each day, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Day X - Voting for USER”. Since people tend to overlook you, your vote in the lynch will be cast for USER without them noticing. You may still vote in the main thread, but this vote will override it.

    You are currently holding the Peace Treaty. While you are holding it, once during the game, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Day X - Signing the Peace Treaty”. It will be announced in the evening update that a Peace Treaty has been signed. No kills will work the night directly after the treaty is signed. This can only be used once.

    You win if the Epic Let’s Players are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: This role was supposed to be for deception in endgame - make your “allies” think you’re voting one player, then backstab them by stealthing one of their own. Of course, it’s really ONLY useful in endgame, since one measly vote doesn’t matter much until then.

    This role started with the Peace Treaty - the one-time universal kill block. Rage all you want, but this item was really only considered “broken” due to the perfect timing with which it was used and the fact that nobody except the Let’s Players knew of its effects (due to people ignoring the opportunity to scavenge it).

    Player Comments: Dummy really didn’t do that much. I think he claimed to Flamestrike and then took orders regarding lynches until he died to a Dogfish rand.

    Flamestrike - ChuggaaConroy - OT Lynchstop/Twin/Designated Leader - Soul Stolen N5
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    Dear Flamestrike,
    You are chuggaaconroy.
    You are allied with the Epic Let’s Players.
    You are quite possibly the most popular let’s player on Youtube, having obtained over 200,000 subscribers and becoming a Youtube partner. You specialize in Nintendo games, terrible puns, and sending your microphone levels careening into the red. You are also part of the collaboration group TheRunawayGuys, which is one of the most popular collaborations on Youtube.

    Once in the game, and only during the day phase, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Day X - Epic NO!”. As soon as the PM is received, the day will be ended with no lynch and immediately proceed to the night phase.

    You know that fellow RunawayGuy NintendoCapriSun is in this game. He is Infinity.Cypher.

    Since you are the most popular Let’s Player on Youtube, you are the only one who can unite the faction. Once every 3 nights, starting on night 2, you may send a PM titled “Night X - Uniting the Epic Let’s Players”. In the body of the PM, you must name all users, including yourself, who are on the faction, with no extras. If you do this successfully, your faction will become united and gain the ability to kill.

    You win if the Epic Let’s Players are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: Pretty standard lynch stop. In hindsight, a lynch redirect probably would have been a lot more helpful, but this game already had a lot of kills.

    Player Comments: Flamestrike was extremely efficient at organizing the Epic Let’s Players. He ensured that their sheet was the most complete and well organized, he got them united quite quickly, and up until endgame he did a majority of the planning.

    Infinity.Cypher askaninjask - NintendoCapriSun - Mayor/Twin/BPV - Theorykilled N7
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    Dear Infinity.Cypher,
    You are NintendoCapriSun.
    You are allied with the Epic Let’s Players.
    You are one of the most popular Let’s Players on Youtube, with over 150,000 subscribers to date. As your name would imply, you are a fan of both Nintendo and capri sun. You also recently gave up smoking, which isn’t really relevant, but hey, good for you!

    As one of the most universally well-liked Youtubers around, people will usually listen to what you have to say. As a result, your vote counts double in the daily lynch.

    Since you are both members of TheRunawayGuys, you know that chuggaaconroy is in this game. He is Flamestrike. You also know that Chuggaa is a kind person who would do anything to keep you alive. As long as Chuggaa remains alive, he will prevent the first attempt on your life from working. Nobody messes with chuggaaconroy.

    You win if the Epic Let’s Players are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: I thought that a straight up mayor in a multi game would be the weakest on its faction. Sure proved me wrong in endgame when it wound up becoming the role that was most crucial to the ELP victory.

    Player Comments: Cypher basically scraped along with the bare minimum of activity throughout the game. He didn’t really do anything besides take orders from Flamestrike. aska came in just to be an active body when cypher randomly disappeared for a day. He chilled in the channel, but deferred to Daenym regarding planning.

    Tsuk Layell - The Yogscast - Thief/Scavenger - Won D9
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    Dear Tsuk,
    You are the Yogscast.
    You are allied with the Epic Let’s Players.
    You are probably the #1 source for PC gaming on Youtube, maybe even the entire internet. A pair of British guys (and occasionally one’s girlfriend), you have played everything from Modern Warfare to Minecraft. You have a maniacal fan base known as Yogonauts who will tar and feather someone for even IMPLYING that you are anything less than gods.

    Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Let Hanna play Fallout 3 with USER”. Since Hanna is a kleptomaniac when playing Fallout 3, she will take any items in USER’s posession. You can target a dead user with this - Hanna doesn’t care who she steals from.

    You win if the Epic Let’s Players are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: Thief/scavenger blah blah blah

    Player Comments: Tsuk is one of those players who is juuuuuuust active enough to give you the illusion that he doesn’t need to be subbed when in reality he is quite inactive. Tsuk simply took orders and then got subbed at his team’s behest due to never being in the channel. Layell came in and immediately assisted Daenym in planning endgame, so props to him.

    Daenym - PlayingWithMahWii - Inspector - Won D9
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    Dear Daenym,
    You are PlayingWithMahWii.
    You are allied with the Epic Let’s Players.
    Despite having over 10,000 subscribers, you never seem to get the recognition you deserve. A hardcore Nintendo fan, your videos routinely feature interaction from the viewers in the form of answering questions and giving shoutouts. You have described your commentary style as “wacky”.

    Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Looking up USER on Wikipedia”. Since you seem to get all of your video game info. from Wikipedia, you will look USER up on there and discover their full role PM in the process.

    You win if the Epic Let’s Players are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: inspector

    Player Comments: Daenym in the beginning took a backseat to Flamestrike, allowing Flame to control his inspections (which wound up cleaning Tsuk and outing Pika) and only offering limited input regarding planning. However, he was the mastermind behind the brilliant endgame plan that started N4 I believe and culminated in the ELP victory, so MAJOR props for that.

    The Pokemon Websites​

    Team Layout (open)
    kingofkongs - Smogon University - Hooker/Twin/Designated Leader
    Soultorrent - Serebii - Bodyguard/Twin/BPV
    Da Letter El billymills - Pokemon.com - Announcer/Safeguard
    Leethoof - Pokebeach - Thief/Scavenger
    TalkingLion - Psypoke - Inspector

    This faction was the anti-faction - that is, they were designed to stop other roles from happening. In hindsight, this is a hell of a lot more powerful that the other factions. I think I kinda realized this pregame, since I gave them IMO the weakest lineup of players, but their roles were just that much more powerful than others in the game.

    Now, the quality of play, on the otherhand, was a complete mess. Hooker pubclaims D1 and is predictably lynched. Bodyguard pubclaims and gives all info to a mole. Announcer thought to be wolf and lynched... it was all kinds of mess. The sole bright spot of the team was... actually, there really wasn’t one. It was the Light Aether of this game.

    I could talk about ways to nerf the faction, but I have no idea how strong the faction originally was because they died too fast :/

    kingofkongs - Smogon University - Hooker/Twin/Designated Leader - Lynched D1
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    Dear kingofkongs,
    You are Smogon University.
    You are allied with the Pokemon Websites.
    Considered the go-to site on the web for competitive Pokemon information, you are quite famous in the Pokemon community. You have a server on Pokemon Online, dozens of SynIRC channels, and a bustling forum community. You also host many a forum mafia game, such as this one.

    Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Banning USER from the Mafia tier”. USER will be banned from using his night action that night.

    You know that your sister site Serebii is in this game. He is SoulTorrent.

    Since you are the website this game is being played on, you are the only one who can unite the faction. Once every 3 nights, starting on night 2, you may send a PM titled “Night X - Uniting the Pokemon Websites”. In the body of the PM, you must name all users, including yourself, who are on the faction, with no extras. If you do this successfully, your faction will become united and gain the ability to kill.

    You win if the Pokemon Websites are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: One of three hookers in the game, which would have been a huge boon for the Pokemon Sites.

    Player Comments: kingofkongs was doing pretty well when he died, to be honest. He collected some claims from his team and he did some planning with Soultorrent. His mistake: publicly claiming hooker. I don’t see how he could have thought he WOULDN’T get lynched after doing that. On top of that, he never passed on the claims to anyone else, leaving the door wide open for Ace Emerald to fuck up the faction.

    Leethoof - Pokebeach - Thief/Scavenger - Pitchforked N2
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    Dear Leethoof,
    You are Pokebeach.
    You are allied with the Pokemon Websites.
    You are a relatively popular website that primarily focuses on the Pokemon trading card game. You have a rule in place that demands that forum users exhibit proper spelling and grammar, meaning that 90% of Smogon would be perma-banned from the site. You received a surge in attention during early 2011 when Nintendo ordered you to remove all images of Pokemon Black and White from the site, causing you to change all images to pictures of Ditto (not the user, the Pokemon) out of protest.

    Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Stealing USER’s attention”. You will receive another flurry of media coverage, and steal all of USER’s items while they are distracted. You may do this to dead players.

    You win if the Pokemon Websites are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: thief and scavenger nothing new here

    Player Comments: Leethoof didn’t really do much. I believe he claimed to Ace Emerald, who told wickdaggler, who killed Leet. :/

    Da Letter El billymills - Pokemon.com - Safeguard/Announcer - Lynched D3
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    Dear Da Letter El billymills,
    You are Pokemon.com.
    You are allied with the Pokemon Websites.
    Run by the Pokemon Company, you are the official website for all things Pokemon. Need to look up the Pokedex to see some info on Wobbuffet? Pokemon.com. Wanna know when and where VGCs are? Pokemon.com. Need some Pokemon pr0n? You don’t need Pokemon.com, you need help.

    Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Announcing USER as untargetable”. Since everyone listens for your news section, any actions targeting USER that night will fail. However, killers will be inclined to call your bluff, so this ability will not stop kills.

    Additionally, each night you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Announcing a piece of news”. In the body of the PM, write a message (5 lines or less) to be posted on your website and included anonymously in the morning update.

    You are currently holding Manfred von Karma’s wig. While you are holding it, once in the game you may send the host a PM titled “Day X - Von Karma Time!”. That days lynch will be redirected to the person with the second highest number of votes. This can only be used once.

    You win if the Pokemon Websites are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: Safeguard is safeguard. Announcer is there because I fucking love announcers and wanted to inject a bit of humor into my game.

    Von Karma's wig is just a standard Von Karma. I figured that it would be best with the Pokemon Websites because I had a feeling that a lot of people would want them lynched.

    Player Comments: DLE was quite disappointing itg. He didn’t claim to kok, and somehow, despite trying to mole the Epic Let’s Players, he got people to think he was wolf, which got him to sub out under threat of lynch. billy came in and tried to use the wolf claim to his advantage, but I don’t think anyone ever contacted him. Oh well.

    Soultorrent - Serebii - BG/Twin/BPV - Soul Stolen N3
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    Dear SoulTorrent,
    You are Serebii.
    You are allied with the Pokemon Websites.
    If Smogon is the #1 competitive website, you’re probably the #1 general fanbase website. You have a section on everything from the games to the anime to the TCG. You do include some competitive aspects, such as the Pokemon of the Week, which features popular pokemon and their viable movesets.

    Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Naming USER the Pokemon of the Week”. Because no one messes with the Pokemon of the Week, all attempts on user’s life that night will fail.

    Since you are its sister site, you know that Smogon University is in this game. He is kingofkongs. You also know that Smogon will absorb any bad publicity headed your way. As long as Smogon remains alive, the first attempt on your life will fail.

    You win if the Pokemon Websites are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.


    Player Comments: Yikes... Soul hooked up with kok early, but kok did all the planning. After kok died, Soul not only 100% trusted AE, but he pubclaimed and gave AE all the info he had. He then died rather quickly to a Dogfish rand.

    TalkingLion - Psypoke - Inspector - Lynched D5
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    Dear TalkingLion,
    You are Psypoke.
    You are allied with the Pokemon Websites.
    You are a fairly popular Pokemon fansite that has quite possibly the most extensive Pokedex on the internet. You also contain in-depth walkthroughs for all of the games and a popular forum community. You are also famous for your issues in locking down a domain, having gone through 4 different site locations.

    Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Looking up USER in my Pokedex”. You will fire up your Pokedex and find USER’s full role PM.

    You win if the Pokemon Websites are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: Inspector. A weird thing about this game is that no inspector died until endgame :S

    Player Comments: TL was a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, he did manage to contact kok, and he lived the longest. On the other hand, he bought into the “DLE is wolf” thing and in lategame he allowed himself to be bullied into certain lynches. Overall, it could have been worse.

    Cheezburger Network Sites

    Team Layout (open)
    Snike - I Can Has Cheezburger - Thief/Scavenger/Twin/Designated Leader
    Spiffy - Failblog - Self Item Watcher/Twin/BPV
    Maniacal Lemon Paperblade - Art of Trolling - Hooker/Backup Thief
    Coronis - Memebase - Item Renewer
    Lady Salamence imperfectluck - Up Next In Sports - Item Checker/Item Finder

    With all the very good items in this game, I figured an item faction would be very successful if executed right. Item finder and self item watcher to find items, a pair of thieves to take items, and a renewer to make sure they work can be a very efficient team... as long as they don’t get luckfucked the first two nights, with their most important roles going down.

    The Cheezburger Network Sites were the faction that got off to arguably the fastest start, with Spiffy doing a quite good job getting the faction organized. All of the sites claimed to him, with one mole: Ace Emerald. Now, Ace claimed item maker. Not fake item maker. Item maker. Spiffy didn’t buy it and smartly banned him from the channel. However, he then claimed anti-pokemon sites neutral, and Snike started blabbing things, and it all went downhill from there.

    In hindsight, I would have done the following to the faction: make Paperblade a thief from the very beginning, make the thief ability pass down throughout the entire team, and replace Spiffy’s self item watch with Paperblade’s hook. I think the faction would have been less reliant on luck in this case.

    Maniacal Lemon Paperblade - Art of Trolling - Hooker/Backup Thief - Abandoned in a ditch N1
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    Dear Maniacal Lemon Paperblade,
    You are The Art of Trolling.
    You are allied with the Cheezburger Network Sites.
    You are the #1 site for watching how people get trolled. From Omegle to Cleverbot to Mormon.org, you display the best of the best when it comes to trolling. Those who master your secrets become internet legends.

    Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Trolling USER”. USER will be too busy raging to complete their night action.

    You know that your parent site, I Can Has Cheezburger, is in the game, but you don’t know who he is. You do know, however, that if he were to die, you might be able to inherit his powers.

    You are currently holding a Megaphone. While you are holding it, each night you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Yelling into my megaphone”. In the body of the PM, include a message (5 lines or less) to be included anonymously in the morning update.

    You win if the Cheezburger Network Sites are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: Hooker was supposed to be the CNS’s primary defense against enemy thieves. Backup thief was supposed to lessen the pressure on ICHC.

    Started with megaphone because again I <3 announcers.

    Player Comments: Maniacal Lemon disappeared from Smogon between signups and game start. Paperblade came in, claimed to Spiffy, and generally did a good job helping plan. He also posted that survey in his only announcement, which had some hilarious responses. And then he got randed by Engineer Pikachu.

    Snike - I Can Has Cheezburger - Thief/Scavenger/Twin/Designated Leader - COPPA Banned N2
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    Dear Snike,
    You are I Can Has Cheezburger.
    You are allied with the Cheezburger Network Sites.
    You have taken the Internet by storm with the image macros known as “Lolcats”, which consist of an image of a cat with a humorous caption. The ORIGINAL Cheezburger Network Site, you have spawned countless spin-offs and merchandise. You have also pioneered a new form of Internet speak, known as “Lolspeak” or “t3h l0lsp3akz”.

    Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - I can has itemz, USER?”. You will politely ask USER for all items in their possession, and since you are full of cats they will be unable to refuse, even if they are dead.

    Since it is the second most popular site on the network, you know that Failblog is in this game. He is Spiffy.

    Since you are the original Cheezburger Network Site, you are the only one who can unite the faction. Once every 3 nights, starting on night 2, you may send a PM titled “Night X - Uniting the Cheezburger Network Sites”. In the body of the PM, you must name all users, including yourself, who are on the faction, with no extras. If you do this successfully, your faction will become united and gain the ability to kill.

    You win if the Cheezburger Network Sites are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: guess.

    Player Comments: I’d heard good things about Snike from Paperblade, but he was a bit too trusting in this game. He and Spiffy organized things well enough, but then Snike wound up spilling sensitive CNS info to Ace Emerald while Spiffy was offline. Then Ace killed him and later Coronis based off of this info.

    Lady Salamence imperfectluck - Up Next In Sports - Item Checker/Item Finder - Headshot N3
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    Dear Lady Salamence imperfectluck,
    You are Up Next In Sports.
    You are allied with the Cheezburger Network Sites.
    You are the premier source on the Internet for observing balls collide with balls. Well, the best source other than YouTube, anyways. If a person screws up at a sporting event, you are sure to be there to immortalize the moment for posterity.

    Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Kick USER in the balls”. You will assault USER’s ‘nads (use your imagination if USER happens to be female) until they reveal to you all the items in their possession (strangely, this will also work on dead people). You will not obtain these items, however.

    Additionally, each night you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Kick people in the balls to look for ITEM”. You will go around and crucify people’s crotches until you discover the current holder of ITEM.

    You win if the Cheezburger Network Sites are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: This was supposed to be the CNS’s primary way to locate steal targets. Had the thieves lived, this would have been a very useful role. Bit of trivia: Up Next In Sports no longer exists. Go figure.

    Player Comments: From what I understand, LS claimed to Spiffy very late and then didn’t really do anything the entire game due to inactivity. ipl then subbed in five minutes before he died due to Jalmont (as qwerty) telling Brammi that ls/ipl was Penny Arcadian.

    Coronis - Memebase - Item Renewer - COPPA Banned N4
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    Dear Coronis,
    You are Memebase.
    You are allied with the Cheezburger Network Sites.
    Your name pretty much sums up your content: you are the base of operations for the many memes that proliferate the Internet. From rage faces to Chuck Testa, you have created many an image macro based off of these memes. Any meme that’s any meme gets its start either here or on 4chan, and much fewer people hold 4chan in high regard.

    Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - You thought this item was dead? Nope, its just Chuck Testa!”. Ignoring my incorrect use of the meme, you will renew any used-up items currently in your possession. You can only use this once on each item.

    You are currently holding Hypnotoad’s Mandate. While you are holding it, each night you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD, USER”. In the body of the PM, include a posting restriction that USER must follow the next day at the risk of being godkilled.

    You win if the Cheezburger Network Sites are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: Notice that a lot of the items in this game are one-time use. This role was supposed to change that, with the ability to “renew” one-timers so they could be used again. However, the three most broken items (Peace Treaty, Von Karma, and Coin Flip App) were nonrenewable due to being potentially game-breaking.

    In keeping with the power limit of "the item faction starts with the worst items", Coronis had a post restrict, which he used well, but not as well as Dogfish.

    Player Comments: Coronis claimed to Spiffy early, then just kinda sat around and took orders. Notably, he was online during the Snike=>AE debacle, but he didn’t do anything to stop it. Ironically, said debacle brought about his death. He never got to use his night action ;_;

    Spiffy - Failblog - Self Item Watcher/Twin/BPV - Lynched D6
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    Dear Spiffy,
    You are Failblog.
    You are allied with the Cheezburger Network Sites.
    You are basically a museum of the world’s dumbassery on display for the entire Internet to observe. Sometimes involving people, sometimes not, you are sure to capture anytime someone or something screws up. Some might even go so far as to say that you are the America’s Funniest Home Videos of the Internet.

    Since you are the most commented-on site in the Cheezburger Network, you will observe your comments nightly and use this to your advantage. If anyone targets you during the night, they will leave a comment that lists what item they have. They will have used an alt account to do so, however, so you will not receive their username.

    Since, as the second most popular site on the network, you have a special connection to I Can Has Cheezburger, you know that he is in the game. He is Snike. You also know that ICHC’s firewall will be able to protect you from attacks. As long as ICHC is alive, the first attempt on your life will fail.

    You win if the Cheezburger Network Sites are the last faction standing and all hostile neutrals have been eliminated.

    Role Comments: This was designed to help the item finder - Spiffy gets the item name and Lady Salamence finds out who is holding the item. Of course, it was rendered useless when the thieves died :/

    Player Comments: Spiffy played quite a good game. He got the Cheezburgers organized very quickly and was in an excellent position going into night 1. However, that’s when Snike blabbed to Ace Emerald, which led to the death of half the team. In addition, the Cheezburger channel fell into disuse after Paper’s death, which hurt Spiffy’s leading. He eventually turned into the sacrificial lamb that propelled the Let’s Players to victory. I will say, the fact that he was such a massive target for post restrictors (Coronis on N0, Dogfish the rest of the game) was hilarious.

    The Neutral Quartet

    As I said in the game design section, the neutrals were my replacement for the MOLE EVERY faction. Each neutral was opposed to one particular faction, with each neutral having a skill that would allow them to counter said faction. They also were given safeclaims to facilitate their moling.

    Why social networks? It amused me.

    Brammi - Facebook - Odd Night Kill/Alliance Check/Results Canceller - Anti-PA Neutral - Asphyxiated by video game controllers N3
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    Dear Brammi,
    You are Facebook.
    You are neutral.
    You are the most popular social networking site on the internet, with hundreds of millions of people checking you daily.Created by Mark Zuckerburg, you have been constantly improving since your creation. For the sake of this game, however, we’re going to pretend that you hold some sort of grudge against the Penny Arcadians.

    Each odd-numbered night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Cappin’ USER”. You will prove yourself to be a “tru gangstaaaaaaaaa” like so many on your website claim to be and shoot USER in the head, killing them.

    Additionally, each night you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Searching Friends List for USER”. You will find USER in your friend’s list and ascertain their alliance.

    Additionally, each night you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Raising USER’s privacy settings”. You will set USER’s privacy to the maximum, which will block them from receiving their results in the morning.

    You are currently holding the Orb of Confusion. While you are holding it, you will be immune to the first information-gathering role to target you.

    Before joining this game, you first checked your Notifications. As such, you know that Charles from Penny Arcade is not in the game.

    You win if you kill three members of the Penny Arcadians and are alive when the Penny Arcadians lose.

    Role Comments: Each neutral either had an odd or even night kill as well as an alliance check. As I said earlier, their third ability is designed to counter the faction they are against. For Facebook, the results canceller defeats an info role quite nicely.

    The item held by each of these neutrals is also designed to counter their faction. The orb of confusion is an IPV - perfect for beating those pesky inspectors.

    Player Comments: Brammi, the first of the neutrals to die, was mostly a victim of bad luck. He wrote a decent fake, but the Penny Arcadians decided that a results canceller was a ridiculous role and inspected him. Normally, this wouldn’t have been a problem, but the Orb of Confusion had been deactivated by a LadySalamence item check and stolen by Tsuk. He didn’t even get a successful Penny Arcadian kill, as Jalmont punked him into taking out LS.

    wickdaggler - Twitter - Even Night Kill/Alliance Check/Kidnapper - Anti-PW Neutral - Lost N3
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    Dear wickdaggler,
    You are Twitter.
    You are neutral.
    You are a social networking site that’s basically Facebook, but simpler. And yet somehow you are one of the most popular sites on the internet. Go figure. It seems like no one from the Pokemon world uses Twitter, so you’ve made it your goal to take ‘em all down.

    Each even-numbered night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Pitchfork USER”. Using a pitchfork given to you by a Twitter celebrity, you will stab and kill USER.

    Additionally, each night you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - #USER”. You will search USER’s hashtag and determine their alliance.

    Additionally, each night you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Sic the birds on USER”. USER will be NOC kidnapped for a full day and night by your birds.

    You are currently holding a Poketch Coin Flip App. While you are holding it, once in the game you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Asking USER to flip a coin”. USER’s choice for the coin flip will determine what happens to them, but you aren’t quite sure what could happen. The app is fragile and will break after one use.

    You have set up a dummy account for this game, and every player is following it. As a result, you know that the website Marriland is not in the game.

    You win if you kill three members of the Pokemon Websites and are alive when the Pokemon Websites lose.

    Role Comments: This is the role where I had a difficult time coming up with a direct counter to the enemy faction. Evenutally I decided that kidnap is a good utility role to have.

    The Poketch Coin Flip App was an odd little item. If the target chose heads, they were kidnapped for the next night and day. If the target chose tails, their role name would be publicly announced. If used correctly, it could be quite useful, but it was one of the two items in the game that were never used.

    Player Comments: Despite his early exit, wick played quite well, and was definitely one of the better neutrals. He claimed anti-CNS to the Pokesites and anti-PW to the Cheezburgers, which almost got him in trouble with them, but it wound up working out. He negotiated well, but he forgot to ask people to maybe please stop steamrolling the Pokemon Websites, which caused him to lose due to him being unable to fufill his WC.

    Engineer Pikachu - Myspace - Odd Night Kill/Alliance Check/Vote Discounter - Anti-ELP Neutral - Soul Stolen N4
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    Dear Engineer Pikachu,
    You are Myspace.
    You are neutral.
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    You are the most popular social networking... wait, it’s NOT 2005? Oh. In that case, you are the Internet’s abandoned amusement park, only used by desperate musicians and hipsters trying to be ironic. Not even the socially awkward denizens of YouTube use you anymore - and for that, you’re going to make them pay.

    Each odd-numbered night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Abandoning USER”. You will abandon USER like USER abandoned you and leave them in a ditch to starve to death.

    Additionally, each night you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Inviting USER to join Myspace”. You will send USER repeated invites, and eventually they will get so annoyed that they will tell you their alliance just to make you shut up.

    Additionally, each day you may send the hosts a PM titled “Day X - Showing my support for USER”. Supporting USER will have the opposite of its intended effect, making their vote count for zero in that day’s lynch.

    You are currently holding a Tiki Idol. While you are holding it, each night you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Making a Sacrifice to the Idol to assist USER”. The blessing of the tiki gods will enable USER to complete his action faster than normal. However, the tiki gods are quite lazy, so this will only work twice.

    Though it pains you to think of this, you realize that anyone who still uses you is probably too unpopular to be in the game. Because of this, you have searched your user database and learned that ProtonJonSA, a Youtube Let’s Player, is not in the game.

    You win if you kill three members of the Epic Let’s Players and are alive when the Epic Let’s Players lose.

    Role Comments: Bashing Myspace is fun ^_^ anyways, what better way to stop a lynch faction than to make their votes not count, amirite?

    Myspace had the lowest priority of any neutral, so I gave it the Tiki Idol so it could remedy that. Oddly enough, this item led directly to the death of Coronis, since Engineer upped Ace Emerald’s prio, enabling him to dodge Dogfish’s hook.

    Player Comments: To be honest, I’m not 100% sure what Engineer was doing this entire game. He did try to mole the Epic Let’s Players, but that ended when he was inspected by Daenym. Engineer mainly just kept his head down and tried to pick off some Let’s Players. However, he didn’t manage to kill a single one before he was offed by Dogfish for no reason whatsoever.

    Ace Emerald - Google+ - Even Night Kill/Alliance Check/Fake Item Maker - Anti-CNS Neutral - Hit by a car N5
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    Dear Ace Emerald,
    You are Google+.
    You are neutral.
    You are an up-and-coming social networking site created by Google that’s supposed to be Facebook, but better. What makes you unique is the ability to put people into “circles” so that you can control who sees what. Since the Cheezburger Network has a Failbook, but no Failgoogle+, you have decided to take them down.

    Each even-numbered night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - COPPA USER”. Since you only allow people of 18 years of age on your site, you will accuse USER of being under 18 and ban them, effectively killing them.

    Additionally, each night you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Checking USER’s circles”. You will see which circles USER is in and determine his alliance this way.

    Additionally, each night you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Creating a new circle and adding USER”. In the body of the PM, write the name of a fake item that you wish to create and give to USER. The hosts will write convincing flavor for said item and do their best to convince USER of its authenticity.

    You are currently holding a Link to TV Tropes. While you are holding this, each night you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Linking USER to TV Tropes”. USER will be so busy browsing TV Tropes that they will preform their action last that night. However, people will eventually shake their addiction to the site, so this item can only be used twice.

    You win if you kill three members of the Cheezburger Network Sites and are alive when the Cheezburger Network Sites lose.

    Role Comments: Fake item maker should have really fucked with the item faction...

    Ace Emerald had the second lowest prio of any neutral, so he was also given a prio changing item - this time a lowerer. The Epic Let’s Players, when scavenging it, thought it would be a hook, which also would have been funny.

    Player Comments: Ace started pretty shaky, but he straightened up and played a good game - by all rights he should have won. Despite his false start with the Cheezburgers (claiming REAL ITEM MAKER is a bad idea), he managed to extort info out of Snike, and after that he simply sat back and started picking off Cheezburgers. He also managed to gain the trust of Soultorrent, kok’s twin, so he also had the Pokemon Websites wrapped around his pinky for a while. If Dogfish had honored their agreement and hooked Spiffy N5, he likely would have been able to convince the other factions to let him finish Spiffy off and get the win. Of course, Dogfish made another inexplicable move and allowed Ace Emerald to die. I know that feel bro :/

    The Wolf

    Dogfish44 - Google - Kill/Inspect/Hook/LPV/Untargetable Until D3 - Wolf - Eardrums Burst N5
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    Dear Dogfish44,
    You are Google.
    You are neutral.
    You have rightfully placed yourself as the number one search engine in the world. You can follow through with even the most complex of searches, be it random facts, spellchecking a word, a little bit of pr0n, finding common interest groups or anything. You get people to where they need to go.

    Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Stealing USERs soul”. You will slowly whittle away at the user’s sense of self worth and eventually ridding them of their soul, killing them.

    Additionally, each night you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Turn off Safe Search for USER”. With their Safe Search turned off, they will be forced by some unknown power inside themselves to look at porn for the entire night, making them forget about any actions they would’ve taken.

    Additionally, each night you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Search for USER”. You will search the entirety of the world wide web for every piece of information you can find on them, revealing to you their role PM.

    Since you control the results of peoples searches, you have cleverly omitted much information about yourself from the Internet. When targeted with an action, the action results will yield “no results found on USER”. However, the general public will become wise to this and you will be a valid target after Day 3. In addition, the first time a lynch attempt is made on you, you will omit the results of your location and successfully escape the lynch. However, people will wise up to this trick as well, so this will only work once.

    You are currently holding the Terms & Conditions. While you are holding this, each night you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Making USER agree to the terms and conditions”. In the body of the PM, include a posting restriction that USER will be forced to follow that day. In addition, each night you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X - Announcing the new Terms & Conditions”. In the body of the PM, include a message (5 lines or less) to be included anonymously in the morning update.

    Before coming to the mystical, trippy land known as this mafia game, you ran a search on the participants. As a result, you know that the Fruit Fucker 2000, PaperbatVG, Bulbapedia, and SenorGIF are not in this game, and you know that they would have been a rogue, a martyr, a reverse martyr, and a person unable to be targeted, respectively.

    You win if you are the last man standing.

    Role Comments: It’s a wolf, so an every night kill is pretty much necessary. The inspect represents a buffed form of the neutral quartet’s item check. Hook was given so that he would have a way to stop incoming kills. The LPV and untargetable bit were implemented so that the wolf wouldn’t be randed early.

    Those are all very powerful abilities, so I didn’t want to give it too broken of an item. Thus, the Terms & Conditions were born. Dogfish was incredibly creative with his post restricts (at Spiffy’s expense, of course).

    Player Comments: Dogfish made some very... confusing moves over the course of this game. In the early game he just kept his head down and randed his kills. He DID make an effort to mole the Pokemon Websites, but there really wasn’t much left of them to mole. When he started coming out of hiding and negotiating, he made some perplexing decisions. Among these: killing Engineer, who had no chance of winning, and neglecting to hook Spiffy to help out Ace Emerald. Granted, the second one sort of makes sense; he was attempting to cancel the roles of as many Let’s Players as possible in order to stay alive, but like so many others in the game, he forgot about Daenym, and this led to his downfall.

    Game Summary

    Night 0: Jalmont, Flamestrike, and kingofkongs all request claims for their specific factions, promising role PMs in the morning. Yeti and Spiffy continue to fight like an old married couple, and zorbees and UncleSam attempt to be successful nonplayer trolls. Humorously enough, I spoke to one user (I can’t recall who) who mentioned they were trying to decide whether or not Sam was trustworthy. I proceeded to LMAO, then took pity and told them Sam wasn’t playing.

    Day 1: People start claiming to the pubclaimers (including newcomer Spiffy), and everyone gangs up on kok because he’s a hooker and prostitution is wrong (not to mention it’s quite the powerful role).

    Night 1: Neutrals begin their randkilling spree. Notable is that Brammi get’s screwed out of a PA kill because Dogfish outprioed and killed MK first. This was also the night that Brammi’s orb of confusion broke. It’s also when Snike spilled the beans to Ace.

    Day 2: Ah, the “no bold” announcement. Really, it was kind of obvious that it was an announcement, especially since the rules clearly said that votes had to be bold. Oh well. Rumors proliferate that DLE is a wolf. DLE promptly ragesubs to billymills, who attempts to use the rumors to his advantage. However, a vote discount from Engineer Pikachu prevents his Von Karma item from breaking Dogfish’s LPV.

    Night 2: The mighty Penny Arcadians become the first team to unite, just as I thought they would. Dogfish continues to rand, while wick and Ace Emerald use information they obtained from moling to complete part of their WCs.

    Day 3: billymills is finally finished off. Not much else to say about this day except that I was grounded and Empoof overloaded the thread with red pandas.

    Night 3: The Epic Let’s Players unite. Brammi tries again to kill a Penny Arcadian, but it turns out that Qwerty has been lying and LadySalamence is not infact a PA. Engineer, on the other hand, correctly aims at one of his enemies - and hits a BPV. Dogfish rands Soultorrent and the Penny Arcadians use their kill to finish Brammi off. Notably, Dogfish’s rand of Soultorrent costs wick the game.

    Day 4: The lynch Jalmont never let me hear the end of. In the battle of Jalmont vs. Daenym, majority WAS reached on Jalmont. However, Jalmont maintains that Engineer Pikachu would have changed his vote and discounted a Jalmont voter. I find it highly unlikely that this would have happened, but you can believe what you wanna believe.

    Night 4: The Epic Let’s Players get their big break when their kill target, Engineer Pikachu, is killed by Dogfish, which allows them to use the kill again the next night. This leads to Daenym’s grand “lynch spiffy, use treaty, ???, PROFIT” endgame plan. Meanwhile, Ace completes ⅔ of his WC by taking down Coronis, and the final two factions “unite”.

    Day 5: The kingmaker is murdered in a TalkingLion lynch. That’s pretty much it.

    Night 5: Dogfish’s desperate scramble for survival. He knows the Let’s Players will be killing him, but he doesn’t know which one. So he goes for the two out of three by killing Flamestrike and hooking Layell. Unfortunately, thanks to Murphy’s Law, Daenym is the one doing the killing, and Dogfish is no more. Meanwhile, Dogfish hooking Layell means that Spiffy is free to kill Ace Emerald, who was just one night away from victory.

    Day 6 and beyond: The Epic Let’s Players believe that lynching Spiffy will cause them to win. The Penny Arcadians think it will cause THEM to win. So of course Spiffyroll occurs. The PAs, however, were unaware of two things:

    1. Their “crucial” items were fakes manufactured by Ace Emerald.
    2. The ELPs had the Peace Treaty.

    The use of the peace treaty that night gave the Let’s Players majority on D7, where they would have lynched Quagsires. The Pennies would kill askaninjask N7, D8 is a tie lynch, N8 Nighmare Jigglypuff is killed by the Let’s Players, and Yeti is lynched D9 for the Epic (Let’s Players) Win.


    Best Penny Arcadian: Quagsires
    -runner up: Jalmont

    Best Epic Let’s Player: Flamestrike
    -runner up: Daenym

    Best Pokemon Website: TalkingLion
    -runner up: uhhh billymills I guess?

    Best Cheezburger Network Site: Spiffy
    -runner up: Coronis

    Best Neutral: Ace Emerald
    -runner up: wickdaggler

    Worst Neutral: Dogfish44
    -runner up: Engineer Pikachu

    Best Losing Faction: Penny Arcadians

    Worst Faction: Pokemon Websites

    Best Play: The Epic Let’s Players lynching Spiffy and using the Peace Treaty
    -runner up: qwerty

    Worst Play: The Penny Arcadians lynching Spiffy and losing
    -runner up: Snike telling Ace Emerald everything

    Best Luck: The Epic Let’s Players (for getting their night kill back when Dogfish killed Engineer)
    -runner up: Spiffy (for getting to kill the one night Dogfish absolutely could NOT hook him)

    Worst Luck: Brammi (IPV broken and stolen, not getting the kill N1, getting inspected and killed, and being fooled into killing a non-PA by qwerty)
    -runner up: wickdaggler (because the PWs got steamrolled)

    Best Spreadsheet: The Epic Let’s Player sheet
    -runner up: Ace Emerald’s sheet

    Best Channel: #sunshine (Epic Let’s Players)
    -runner up: #sands (Penny Arcadians)

    Funniest Moment: Some of the answers to Paperblade’s survey
    -runner up: Dogfish trolling Spiffy with amazing post restrictions

    Greg Jennings Award: Spiffy (no one else on that team did fucking anything)
    -runner up: TalkingLion (everyone else died too fast)

    Most annoying player: Yeti (I didn’t copy RotS!!!)
    -runner up: Quagsires (see above)

    And finally...

    MVP: Daenym and Flamestrike

    I know I gave Flamestrike best Epic Let’s Player, but Daenym’s endgame plan was so important that I couldn’t leave him out of the MVP discussion. Flamestrike got them to that point, and Daenym got them THROUGH that point, so I found that they were both deserving of MVP.

    Closing Thoughts​

    I know it wasn’t perfect, but I DID spend a lot of time working on this game. I hope it was as fun for you guys to play as it was for me and Empoof to host. And now, the cries of “WALREIN POSTGAME” will finally stop.

    god damn now I know what it feels like to be LonelyNess
  2. Coronis

    Coronis N'Cha!
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    May 25, 2008
    to be fair, I also spoke to AE. really a dumb move from me...... can't believe I did that..... Sorry Spiffy! Anyways it was a pretty good game in general Walrein, thanks.

    EDIT: Oh I forgot! I will definitely e much more proactive in future games >_>
  3. jumpluff

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    Aug 22, 2008
    No, you don't, you finished your postgame.

    Good postgame imo, I didn't follow this game too closely but I finished it with an understanding of what had occurred. ^_^
  4. Spiffy


    Jun 10, 2009
    It was obviously my amazing social skills that allowed Dogfish44 to work with me! :P

    Anyway, I had fun this game, despite everything everyone tried to do to make it hell for me. ;_;

    The Paperblade and Lady Salamence deaths should have never happened. Why would Brammi believe Jalmont; Jalmont wouldn't sell out a member of his OWN team...

    Regarding Dogfish killing Engineer: When I finally called AE out for moling (N1-D2?) he made up a story that he was actually the ELP neutral just trying to finish his sheet, which was why he moled us. And I somewhat believed his story (this story was supported by the fact that he had stepped up to mole/lead the Pokemon Websites). He told me that Engineer was the anti-CNS neutral, which also made sense since Engineer was one of the last empties on our sheet and he had never made an effort to talk to me, so I thought he was avoiding me since he was the guy that needed us dead! The possibility of AE being our killer never left my mind, but Engineer never contacting me basically solidified us believing Ace's story.

    At first I was going to just threaten information out of Ace, and if he killed the right people/gave us information, I would give him information in return. Well that certainly backfired with Snike (and now Coronis apparently) immediately talking to AE after he claimed ELP neutral and spilling some very sensitive beans to him for really no reason whatsoever. :/

    I'm sure they've learned from the mistake since then, but that was really GOOD GAME for our faction. And of course I'm kidnapped the night Snike dies and passes his unite ability to me, so I couldn't even unite the faction until it was like me and Coronis left. (noob wick)

    So on Night 4, I told Coronis that I was going to lie to Dogfish and say that one of Ace_Emerald/Engineer was going to kill him so that he would work with me. I kinda went on a rant about how he was my last hope and that I had no other choice but to work for him. I ended up telling Dogfish that Engineer was going to kill him that night. It was basically a 50/50 between Ace and Engineer, but Engineer failing to EVER talk to me during the game when I was publicly a CNS screwed both of us over and he died that night to Dogfish's kill turning out to be the ELP killer. :(

    And then everyone lynches TalkingLion when I thought I would actually succeed in my gambit and get AE lynched, because of the noob Penny Arcadians not keeping the lynch on Flamestrike.

    And after that the Penny Arcadians screw me over again before I can even get online and lynch me. I KNEW ABOUT THE PEACE TREATY MAYBE IF YOU WERE PATIENT AND LET ME GET ONLINE YOU COULD HAVE WON!

    Oh well, at least a faction lost solely because they lynched me. ;)

    Thanks for hosting Walrein and Empoof, I really enjoyed this game. And congrats to the ELP's for winning!

    EDIT: And tbh no one did anything on my team because I didn't allow them to. I wanted to keep them secret for as long as possible. And Snike and Coronis did help planning night actions etc.
  5. Ace Emerald

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    Jan 8, 2010
    Heh sorry about that, called in a favor :p

    My thoughts on a few certain players:

    Neither claimed to me, which I honestly don't know if that was good or bad for them. It let me think I had the correct sheet D2, which made me less sure of my sheet later and more susceptible to qwerty (more on that later).

    Solid ally, and I feel bad that I sorta contributed to his death by not knowing that Billy was a potential target. He helped me keep the CNS from uniting with his NOC kidnap and gave me the prepared fake to take over Pokemon Websites, so I owe him a lot.

    Easily my worst mistake. qwerty hit at a time when I was unsure of my sheet, and about to lose my strongest ally, wick. I needed an ally, and I didn't want to upset qwerty and lose an ally by pushing to hard on identity, which he clearly wasn't gonna give. I also figured that if Jalmont or any other faction member wanted to talk with me, and knew I wasn't their neutral, that would talk to me straight up, so Jalmont stayed off my list of suspects. qwerty didn't directly hurt me, but since I was talking to qwerty, I wasn't talking to dogfish, who thought I was a faction leader who knew he was wolf. If I had a chance to build an alliance over those cycles with dogfish, he might of actually hooked Spiffy :/

    Indirectly responsible for the death of 3 potential allies, who could win with him :/ As previously mentioned, maybe that last scene could have been by me, but doesn't stop me from being bitter :/

    I coordinated his alliance check night 1, which helped me find engineer, but after that he wouldn't collaborate with me. To be fair I had this really confusing mini convo with him while I was interrogated by Spiffy, but I told him I knew all PA and he basically brushed me off.

    To be fair to Snike, I approached with some solid guesses he confirmed. I guessed Lady Salamance was CNS for this reason: in my conversation with Spiffy, I said I didn't know any other CNS. He asked me what I thought of Lady Salamance, and where I got the info when my guess was not CNS, I guessed to make sure I wasn't lying about my guess. I also was already speaking with Coronis. The major thing he told me was who was uniting, which sealed his doom that night and screwed his faction.

    I might add a few other comments later, but I think I got them all. Overall, fun game, enjoyed playing it, and I can change my sig now lol.
  6. Daenym


    Jan 10, 2008
    Spiffy a star? Famous, but for all the wrong reasons.

    Regarding Ace Emerald, there wasn't any convincing to do. ELP was 100% going to give him the win by letting him kill Spiffy after we lynched the pants off the PAs. It was only because dogfish was tripping balls the whole game that Ace lost. Honestly, if I had to pick a worst player, dogfish would be near the top just because he repeatedly made moves that screwed over himself and the neutrals. Walrein's inability to say what his WC actually meant probably didn't help things :/

    Anyway, I enjoyed this game enough. Being the lynch faction in multifaction (AGAIN) sucks, because there's only so much you can do to "control" the lynch when 80% of the game has its own agendas. The mayor ended up being the key in the end, but a lot of our other "lynch control" was questionable. I don't maintain we were the worst faction anymore, I guess (Paperblade convinced me CNS was), but the fact that we had NO BG and NO hooker meant we were pretty much fish in a barrel at night. Any night successes on our end were more because the rest of the factions were busy fucking each other over.

    Flame leading was fine with me. I checked him N0 worrying that he was a mole, and then we sorta went from there. I basically let him do all the real work while I would just discuss strategy with him, since he was the public LPer already. Flame was also the one who took the time to figure out exactly who had what kill active when based on flavor, which was why the Treaty was used at the most crucial moment.

    Outing EP was kind of not entirely our doing, because some neutral (Brammi, maybe?) actually outed him, and I was just confirming. Then the only other potential mole (Dummy) was killed. But we probably would have united anyway.

    Now, on to endgame. At this point Acklow had already started Underground Mafia, so I was much more engrossed in that for most of this game. So Flame did the bulk of the work here, while I led the charge in Underground. But once it was endgame and we were in a really good position to win, I shifted focus over here.

    In our sheet there are about half a dozen different endgame scenarios, ranging from ideal to worst. We got somewhere in between. Basically dogfish killing EP meant we had a serious chance, because our kill wasn't used. Otherwise this game would have come down to a kingmaker Talkinglion or Spiffy. But being able to kill dogfish was solid, so no complaints. Had dogfish hooked Spiffy, Ace would have been able to get him the following night.

    Instead, dogfish fucked over yet another neutral and hooked Layell. This was the most likely thing, so we planned accordingly. People still generally assumed cypher/aska was BPV, even though it was broken, until Flame died. That meant cypher was safest from death, and the "most obvious" target to use the kill. Flame was gonna die, we knew that. So it was me or Layell to kill, and we ended up saying "they'll hook the known Thief to prevent us from getting some useful item" or something. But Ace dying meant we didn't have absolute lynch control, and were basically going to lose.

    Had we tried to lynch PA, there was a good chance Spiffy would counter our vote, making a tie. After the death of our Mayor, he would have to switch sides again, getting the vote to tie repeatedly. This would have eventually brought us down to a kingmaker scenario.

    The Peace Treaty, on the other hand, was still an option. If we could stall the death of the Mayor one night, then we could have our majority. Spiffy did indeed know about it (we told him in an effort to get him to vote with us), and him being a third party was an undesirable wildcard. But once I was sure that it would SEEM like the PAs would win by lynching Spiffy, it was just a matter of getting them to think we'd hand them a win.

    Why Spiffy got Lynched (open)

    I know it's a lot, but w/e. Anyway, the key was making them go with the lynch before Spiffy could say "WAIT THEY MIGHT HAVE THIS ITEM!!" which would potentially fuck us over. So it's not so much the lynch, that was clearly our best possible move at the time, it's more how I went about it that I was so pleased with.

    Moving on.

    Overall game thoughts:

    • The CNS should have probably had a couple of their item roles rolled (roled. hah) into one, and then been given an extra thieflike role.
    • The PAs bitched a lot, but their ability to unite so quickly was solid. I think bartering information in multifaction is a decent strategy, so a lot of inspectors isn't a bad thing. Maybe one less.
    • PWs it's impossible to say. They practically suicided.
    • ELP would have benefited greatly from either a hook or a BG to give us SOMETHING to protect us at night. Lynchstop never ended up coming into play, but it would have if the lynch hadn't gone our way against Jalmont.
    • For any of the factions, I think, having 2 "specialized" roles, 2 "necessary" roles, and a kind of in-between role would have been enough.
    • The neutrals all seemed fine to me. Much like the PWs, their losses were from questionable play, not questionable design.

    I'm sure I had something else worth saying, but I'm distracted, and this is long already. Anyway, now that I'm MVP of two games back to back (both while teamed up with Flame <3) I await your nametargeting, losers.
  7. Walrein

    Walrein seize the memes of production
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    Jun 9, 2011
    Because qwerty told him, not Jalmont. And all the neutrals thought qwerty was wolf.
  8. Flamestrike


    Aug 19, 2009
    Daenym (hi-5 co-MVP <3) said most of what I had to say, but I wanted to point out a few things and talk about early-game a bit. First:
    N3: I was TERRIFIED that Engineer had mentioned to someone that Cypher's BPV was broken; had he done so Cypher would have almost certainly died and we would have lost what little lynch control we had. Thankfully I guess he never mentioned it so as far as anyone knew as long as I was alive Cypher was protected so I got to play the martyr for my team and draw Dogfish's last kill.
    D4: I have no idea why Jalmont would have thought that. For one, Engineer couldn't have negated one of our votes during the day; it was a night role -_- And like Walrein mentioned, lynching a LPer went directly against his WC since he needed to kill 3 of us himself and there were only 4 of us left (tbh I don't really like that style of WC for a neutral, but that's more of a minor quibble than anything).

    Anyway, I saw that I had the uniter role for the faction and decided that it was for the best that I stepped up to lead. I agonized over having Cypher do it with me basically ghosting for him since he was the one with the BPV, but I figured that if someone talked to him while I wasn't on to tell him what to do it could be disastrous. So I stepped up and IIRC I got claims from Engineer and Dummy, then once the day started Daenym claimed after inspecting me and DLE also claimed. I trusted Daenym most out of any of my claims but didn't give him any info about the rest of the team until like N2-D2 out of paranoia, but I guess this strategy worked out because Engineer was my second most trusted until we inspected him and Dummy died. I did, however, give Engineer my full role PM, revealing Cypher as my twin which was a stupid move on my part, especially when, after we inspected him, I tried to manipulate him into thinking that TL was my twin completely forgetting about the fact that I sent him my PM -_- Oh well, it all worked out.

    Anyway, kok lynch was basically a matter of convenience; the three leaders that were on decided to lynch the 4th who wasn't since "well it's not me/one of my faction so it's fine by me" so sorry kok! Then Tsuk claimed but wasn't willing to give me much info other than the fact that he was a thief, so I had Daenym inspect him expecting him to be the mole... and whaddaya know, he was our thief. We had already decided that DLE was a mole, and I was now 99% certain I could trust Daenym (I think it was this day that I finally gave him sheet access) so the mole came down to Engineer or Dummy, and tbch like I pointed out I was leaning towards Dummy being the mole because Engineer's role was just so much more useful (I hadn't noticed the whole "role would serve well against the faction he's against" thing). Then we ended up lynching DLE thinking he was the wolf fsr (still not sure how that happened, had I known he wasn't wolf I would have tried to lynch someone else for sure), and we accidentally fucked up his von Karma since I had Engineer negate his vote the night before thinking that he would be voting against us. Shame too, since had the lynch been redirected DF would have lost his LPV, which would have changed a lot on D4.

    So von Karma saves billy, and we inspect Engineer, knowing full well that either he or Dummy is the mole. Next day comes, Dummy died and flips clean while Daenym forwards me Engineer's neutral PM. Well, shit. Still thinking billy is the wolf we lynch him and :O when he turns up as a Pokemon Website, and then I give Engineer access to a fake sheet saying that a bunch of random people are the other LPers, which could have worked amazingly... except Engineer already knew that Cypher was my twin since I had already forwarded to him my unedited role PM, so the jig was kinda up there. He ended up hitting Cypher's BPV while we united though, so all was well for now.

    Then D4... Jalmont wanted to lynch DF, who he had inspected and found to be the wolf. I was all for it... until I noticed that DF had a LPV. Knowing that the lynch was my best chance to kill enemies and wasting two lynches on a wolf that I could just nightkill was not an option, I instead drummed up support for a Jalmont lynch that would have ended up tied, except I managed to convince TalkingLion to switch, getting us majority. I fully expected to die that night, but we were certainly going to kill Engineer that night (though we debated about killing DF instead, had we done that it certainly would have been interesting!) and at least we would still have the mayor!

    ...then D5 update comes and Engineer is dead... by Dogfish's kill? Wat? After checking with Walrein and confirming that that meant we could in fact use our kill again the next night we were trucking right along. This was where Daenym started to take over with the endgame plans as school was catching up to me and I couldn't be on as much as I'd like to have been. However, we did eventually agree to lynch TL along with the PA's to minimize kingmakers. Not sure what PA was thinking there; I would have thought it would be obvious that they had to weaken us or risk losing, but hey, not complaining! Then it was just a matter of choosing who to get to do the kill that night to get rid of Dogfish and hopefully pave the way to victory. We knew we basically had a 50/50 shot (there was no way DF would not both kill and hook us) and while I originally wanted Cypher/aska to do the kill since it was unlikely he would be hooked we eventually settled on Daenym and it went through, then Daenym sealed the game for us with the D6 lynch before I even had a chance to get on that day.

    That was a bit longer than I thought it would be... anyway. One last thing, I really dislike the idea of people using anonymous means to contact people without giving away their alliance. Maybe it's just me, but I feel that if you want to get information from people you should have to give up information in return, and being able to talk to people without even giving up your identity completely ruins that. To be fair, I have no idea why anyone would even trust someone who wasn't revealing themselves, but whatever. Anyway, thanks a lot for hosting Walrein and Empoof, it was a fun game. And may your strangely-behaving neutrals not go at an angle!
  9. Layell

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    Nov 5, 2006
    I have to say I’m really glad that we had such an epic endgame for such an epic faction. I think once we were told that our kill on EP wasn’t used because of dogfish I started yelling ENDDDGAMMMEEEE in the chat for all to hear.

    The spiffy lynch plan was amazing and I can’t believe that we managed to pull it off. Dae and I literally planned out every possible option on the spreadsheet and trying to figure out the best option. I am still slightly peeved off about useless items. Having an item that still exists after it has been used it just annoying , but oh well.

    Also I used the peace treaty so you can all thank me for that ;D
  10. Jalmont

    Mafia Champion

    Apr 30, 2011
    First of all our loss was caused by poor hosting by Walrein.

    Just kidding.

    In all seriousness, I really enjoyed myself in this game, and I'm sure that my teammates had fun too (well idk about that actually). Anyways, big thank you to Walrein and Empoof for being awesome hosts and to all my teammates for being cool teammates! I suppose I will randomly talk about certain things I did itg so expect a tl;dr.

    I was really excited to get into this game as I feel that I play probably the best at multifaction (more like I have more fun playing multifaction). After getting my role I decided, why not step up and organize my faction? I noticed in shift, my last multi, that the three main factions did not get organized until n3, and even then I think only one faction (the town) was really organized. Anyways, I was determined not to let that happen again so I stepped up, assuming I would be inspected. I targeted dle with my thief because I am a blatant name-targeter and I didnt have any better options. yeah, im a terrible person. And if it wasn't for that safeguard I would have received a very powerful item that would have saved me in the d4 lynch.

    Regarding the whole daletterel is wolf thing, it wasn't just me that thought that. I showed my result to Quagsires and he also thought it was wolf. I went around to the other people who claimed and while most didn't think it was wolf flavor, they all agreed to lynch him, except one kingofkongs who told me that I was dumb for thinking that. He prefered a no lynch, and judging his reaction I figured dle was most likely a PW. Spiffy wanted to lynch kok anyways so thats what happened instead.

    I can't remember when it happened but I was still looking for at least one or two more PAs when Njigg decides that I am a mole. I was really pissed about this especially after reading his role pm where it is pretty obvious he doesnt receive any results. Fortunately, this didnt really hurt us too bad, as i think everyone kind of forgot him.

    We really got screwed over by AE's fake items. I suppose i couldve questioned ace about it, but for some reason i didnt wonder why he was giving me a bpv. This led me to think that all the neutrals have a bpv or some other sort of protection, so we wasted the TVTropes in order to steal from Brammi, which did not work out as well as i thought it would.

    And now qwerty
    I got the idea of "creating" him after wick inadvertenely told me ae was a neutral because he thought i was dead. I figured it would be a safer way to talk to AE and other neutrals in that they would be willing to reveal more info and more likely to do what i wanted them to do. It worked out p. good as I managed to get access to AE's sheet, although it would have been a lot more helpful if my faction wasnt all inspectors. I managed to get the neutrals to work with the PA, which was good for us. Getting Brammi to kill a non-Pa was a major bonus. I asked him (via qwerty), who he knew were PA's and he told me only Jalmont. I guess he didnt notice njigg's public claim, but hey thats not my fault! I told him that LS/Tsuk were PA's although in hindsight i should have given him two elps. I was worried that he would kill the "bigger name" and if i gave him two lesser-known people he would stick to killing me. So that worked out well, and then we killed him.

    And now the d4 lynch that sucked.
    It wasn't walrein's fault that i was lynched, i probably could have done a lot more to ensure that daenym was lynched. I originally wanted to off daenym because he was elp who were the strongest faction at the time, and spiffy wanted to lynch him. I also did the numbers and figured that assuming i had all the neutrals on my side there was no way i could lose. I didnt count on dogfish killing soultorrent (i couldve stopped him with qwerty i think, but our timezone difference made it hard to find him), but I still felt confident that i would win. But then spiffy and coronis backstabbed me. Ok, we can still win this. I tried offering up dogfish as a neutral, but that was no go. That was probably a mistake in hindsight as a PA could have used the info and colloborated with him. Anyways TalkingLion's vote was just insurance, and it allowed be to let EP vote with the elps in an attmept to get some more info about them. But then TalkingLion decides to be an idiot and change his vote.

    [17:07] <jalmont> oh yeah for internet
    [17:07] <jalmont> dont let flamestrike bully you into changing your vote
    [17:07] <TalkingLion> i know

    Yeah thanks a lot tl. I am actually quite interested in what bullying persuasion techniques Flamestrike used so it would be cool if someone either posted them or summarized them. Even with tl, ep told me he could negate his vote so i was going to have him vote daenym and negate the vote of someone voting me. Alas, Walrein doesnt even give a grace period to change votes (like he did for billymills js), and i die. wow. i still think ep would have changed his vote because he trusted in qwerty completely, but maybe he was playing me the whole time idk. Yeah so overall big fuck you to talkinglion

    I think thats it for now, I am probably forgetting something, but I will just post again or something.

    I cant believe Pa didnt win best spread, we only had all the info from AE's sheet + 3 inspectors. And what was so ugly about my sheet?????? I used nice, light, easy to look at colors.

    Something that I have now noticed two people posting about are the use of anonymous irc nicks. I actually think this is an interesting point of discussion in that where do you draw the line in player impersonation? Is it breaking the integrity of the game? Overall, what are your guys opinions on that sort of thing? I am actually undecided in that on one hand I think they tiptoe the line between player impersonation, but on the other hand there is nothing in the rules against them. Is one exploiting the rules by using one of them? I'm interested in hearing what people think.

    Sorry for being all over the place, but overall this game was a ton of fun and thank you to Walrein and Empoof for being such awesome hosts, and good game to everyone involved.
  11. Engineer Pikachu

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    May 23, 2009
    Except Ace had given me access to his sheet as well, so in about five minutes I had figured out that yours was fake :D

    Anyway, N1 I had heard that PBlade was an ELP for some reason (idr how/where/why) so I just offed him and he ended up to be someone else :/ On N3, I was switching back and forth between Flame and Cypher as kill targets, and eventually decided to go for Cypher in the small small chance that Flame had not figured out that I was the ELP wolf yet; ofc, I had absolutely no clue that Cypher had that BPV, so after that, I was kind of screwed. There may have been a chance for me to get a N5 kill on one of them, but then df killed me >_>

    When Paperblade flipped D1, I hadn't quite started panicking yet, but it was around N2/D2 that I started talking with everyone not ELP, except most of them were "willing to help me off ELP" and ended up not doing much at all. Spiffy tried to contact me I think N1 but I was afk at that time, and he didn't try to contact me afterwards so I thought it was a trivial matter. It was only around N4/N5 that I needed to talk to Coronis, and by extension, Spiffy, but neither of them were able to help me then, since all the BGs had died -_-

    So yeah, this was a pretty fun game, although it was kind of tough for us neutrals imo (personally offing 3/5 is kind of difficult, considering the "lynch the strongest faction" mentality). ELP did a great job, though, and my fate was sealed when I hit Cypher's BPV N3.

    EDIT: Something else that I'd like to mention.
    I'm still not very experienced ?_?
  12. kingofmars

    kingofmars Its 2015 somewhere
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    Jul 22, 2010
    Hey what is that, I'm not getting enough credit here. I told talkinglion the entire faction, and what to do if any of us were lynched, which he didn't -_-

    I'd also like to say fuck Soul Torrent, for trusting ace more than me.
  13. Layell

    Layell Alas poor Yorick!
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    Nov 5, 2006
    Also spiffy I have to say you were the most difficult person to negotiate with ever. You knew that an ELP died with a peace treaty and I was telling you I had it to stop AE from making mincemeat out of you.

    Heck I was willing to give you the peace treaty so you could use it at one point.

    All we wanted was for you to vote for us and let us win, there was a reason we didn't want to negotiate with you to vote with us because we simply did not trust you would.

    So yeah Dae and I decided to pull of the unequivocally most epic move in the game, very fitting for such an epic faction.
  14. Spiffy


    Jun 10, 2009
    Layell you were threatening me.

    I'm obviously not going to negotiate with you if you threaten to kill me ;_;
  15. Empoof


    Dec 4, 2007
  16. Walrein

    Walrein seize the memes of production
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    Mafia Champion

    Jun 9, 2011
    Empoof are you gonna write a mini postgame???
  17. wickdaggler


    Oct 13, 2009
    users: spiffy, and dogfish can eat shit

    that is all.
  18. zorbees

    zorbees Chwa for no reason!
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    Dec 29, 2008
    just want to note that brammi pmed me saying something along the lines of "find me on irc" also I convinved sam to join me in trolling.

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