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Introducing the Smogon ShoddyBattle Staff!

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Shiv, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Shiv

    Shiv mostly harmless
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    Apr 7, 2005
    Warning: This thread is very long and contains huge images.

    Also, I'd like to point out that this thread is as much Iggybot's work as it is mine, if not even more! ps iggy: i really wanted to wait for you but when you didn't reply to my pm for over a day i just couldn't resist anymore!

    Before you proceed to read this thread, I recommend you read this and subsequently this. Doing so will increase this threads value tenfold.

    As you could make out from the posts I linked above, this thread is to do with our good friend glowstick yet again. After last time's encounter glowstick still pm'ed me daily with messages such as 'hi'. Upon resisting for a few days, I couldn't resist no more and I teamed up with Iggybot to take it to the next level!

    A new test was created for glowstick and there again begins his journey!

    (Please note that I'll be editing the logs up or this thread will end up WAY too long!)

    The Test

    glowstick: i want to takke the test to become a mod
    IggyBot: the test is fairly simple
    IggyBot: someone who has come this far shouldn't have too much trouble passing it
    glowstick: i know
    IggyBot: do you think you are worthy?
    glowstick: Yes
    IggyBot: ok so now time for the test
    IggyBot: you have to draw a picture of what you think I look like
    glowstick: yes what do i have to do?
    IggyBot: and show it to me
    IggyBot: if I think it is good enough, you will pass
    glowstick: thats a hard one can i have a few minutes
    IggyBot: yes no problem
    IggyBot: you can just use microsoft paint if you want

    So glowstick must now draw an image of what he thinks Iggybot is like! I'm sure you all know where this is going....

    glowstick: just one thing if thats alright?
    glowstick: your not a robot are you
    IggyBot: I cannot tell you that
    IggyBot: I may be a robot
    glowstick: ok
    IggyBot: I may be a man
    IggyBot: I may be BOTH
    glowstick: ok
    glowstick: do you belive in world peace
    IggyBot: well of course
    IggyBot: is the picture almost done?
    glowstick: its nearly there
    IggyBot: ok good
    glowstick: i hope you like it ;)
    And without any delay, I'd like to introduce to you the first member of the Smogon ShoddyBattle Staff, Iggybot!


    With his brilliant artistry, glowstick was sure to receive Iggybot's approval but little did he know that his journey was still far away from the end....

    IggyBot: amazing!
    IggyBot: it's great!
    glowstick: ill take that you like the pic of you
    IggyBot: oh yes
    IggyBot: you passed my test
    glowstick: yay
    IggyBot: but I can't make the final decision
    glowstick: who do i have to go to
    IggyBot: you will have to talk to Shiv's brother, Shiv42
    IggyBot: he should be coming online any minute now
    glowstick: oh no
    glowstick: shiv 42 is realy hard to get bi
    IggyBot: I know
    IggyBot: but I am sure you can do it

    glowstick reluctantly pm'ed Shiv42 (my evil twin brother!) only to find out that the following:

    glowstick: helo shiv42 we meat again
    Shiv42: what the fuck are YOU pm'ing me again for
    glowstick: i made it passed Iggybot i can make it passed you
    Shiv42: oh god
    Shiv42: did my idiot brother let you take the test again
    Shiv42: when will he learn that you are not good enough.
    glowstick: no Iggybot did
    glowstick: i got sent to you
    Shiv42: ok
    Shiv42: what is the test this time
    Shiv42: ugh
    glowstick: well Iggy bot made mi draw a pic of her
    glowstick: or him
    Shiv42: ok
    Shiv42: go draw a picture of me
    Shiv42: however if i dont like it
    Shiv42: you wont only fail the test
    Shiv42: you will be banned too.
    glowstick: ok ill be a cpple of minutes
    Shiv42: ok
    glowstick: done
    Looks like he had help on it though!

    glowstick: shiv42 is makeing mi draw a pic of him
    glowstick: he said if he doesnt like it he will fail mi and ban mi is it worth it?
    IggyBot: don't worry, I will coach you
    glowstick: gud
    glowstick: and look out for mi if i get banned
    IggyBot: don't worry =)
    glowstick: thanks
    IggyBot: Shiv42 acts tough, but he is really just a fat, sad, evil little boy
    IggyBot: that is what you must draw
    glowstick: im drawing him steeping on a person with blood i think thats whats hes in to
    IggyBot: no
    glowstick: then what
    IggyBot: he doesn't step on people
    IggyBot: he sits on them
    glowstick: lol i think that i better make him standing i really want to become a mod and iv come so far
    IggyBot: no, that's what Shiv42 wants you to think!
    IggyBot: you're falling right into his trap
    glowstick: lol ok then he will body slam like snorelax
    IggyBot: yes, just like snorlax
    glowstick: but hes bigger
    IggyBot: much bigger
    glowstick: i just drawed a pic of him killing a bunny
    glowstick: do you think thats good
    IggyBot: fantastic!
    glowstick had finished his second piece of artwork, could he finally impress Shiv42?

    Here's the next member of the Smogon Site Staff!


    (Sorry for the bad quality, he made it really small and it had to be resized. Its basically Shiv42 killing a bunny!)

    At this time however, Shiv42 had to go afk and couldn't reply to glowstick. glowstick was thus left in turmoil wondering what Shiv42 would say when he finally met him.

    A couple of days later, glowstick received the magical approval from Shiv42! It seemed that it was finally time for him to be a part of the Smogon ShoddyBattle Staff! However, it was not to be as Shiv42 gave him one last test before he could be a moderator. glowstick now had to draw pictures of all of the ShoddyBattle Staff.

    A tough ask indeed, glowstick gave it his all but finally gave up even though Shiv and Jackal both tried their hardest to convince him to go on...

    The Return

    Did you guys really think glowstick would give up? He was back in a few days, ready to draw again! Well not really ready, he was convinced that there was no test and it took a bit of convincing to make him believe there was. Here are some snippets from that conversation:

    glowstick: helo iggy bot
    glowstick: as you can most likey c im not a mod
    glowstick: want to know y?
    IggyBot: why?!?
    IggyBot: why not?
    glowstick: beacsue there is no test
    IggyBot: what?
    IggyBot: of course there is
    glowstick: no theres not admin choses mods when they need some more
    IggyBot: yes, that is true of course
    IggyBot: in times of need, admins may choose new users to become moderators
    IggyBot: however, you CAN apply to become a moderator
    glowstick: and
    glowstick: how
    IggyBot: by taking the tests of various current moderators 
    glowstick: shiv 42 said yes
    IggyBot: but if you want to become a moderator, you must do it
    glowstick: but then he said that i had to draw a pic of every mods
    IggyBot: yes
    glowstick: just couldnt do that
    IggyBot: I had to do that as well
    IggyBot: it takes a while
    IggyBot: but that's OK
    IggyBot: you can take your time, just as long as you don't take TO long 
    glowstick: but how does drawing pics of mods prove your self
    IggyBot: it shows that you know how to read people
    IggyBot: see
    IggyBot: being a moderator
    IggyBot: it's very important to be able to guess what people are like based on their username 
    IggyBot: start drawing those pictures
    glowstick: so do i
    glowstick: no to many mods
    glowstick: ill do two ppl
    IggyBot: you have to do at least 3
    IggyBot: I want you to draw Hipmonlee, Jumpman16 and chaos

    Aha! Its time for the noob to be drawn!

    glowstick: hey
    IggyBot: hi!
    IggyBot: how are the pictures going?
    glowstick: i done two so far jumpman and chaso
    IggyBot: awesome!
    IggyBot: show them to me
    glowstick: whos the other person i have to do?
    IggyBot: Hipmonlee
    glowstick: hipmonlee likes fire type ae
    IggyBot: I don't know
    glowstick: im up loading chaos now
    IggyBot: ok
    IggyBot: also
    IggyBot: jumpman is black
    IggyBot: did you draw him black?
    glowstick: um im draw him now is he fit?
    IggyBot: yes
    glowstick: gud
    glowstick: theres chaos
    glowstick: hes useing twister to kill ppl that dont respect him
    glowstick: you like it
    IggyBot: awesome
    And without any delay, here's chaos!


    However, Iggybot wasn't satisfied with that image.

    IggyBot: but
    IggyBot: chaos is hairy
    IggyBot: you should add some hair and it will be PERFECT
    So here's chaos (bear form).



    After taking on one admin, its time for glowstick to take on another.

    glowstick: ok
    glowstick: jumpman is black ae
    IggyBot: yep
    glowstick: just done jump man
    glowstick: there you go
    glowstick: and those little black squares are ment to be a six pack
    glowstick: theres jump man
    Before I reveal the six-pack of Jumpman, here are a couple of lines which I had to cut out of that convo to stay on topic but which should be mentioned due to their awesomeness!

    glowstick: hey can mods ban pokemon too
    glowstick: iggy bot are you a robot girl or boi?
    I know you can't wait anymore to see Jumpman, so here he comes! watch out for the six-pack!!!



    IggyBot: now just draw hipmonlee
    glowstick: he told mi he like heatran
    glowstick: so he kina like a fire type
    IggyBot: yeah
    glowstick: there hitmonlee
    glowstick: you like it?
    glowstick: i should of put down fire attack
    IggyBot: oh yeah
    IggyBot: hip is awesome
    IggyBot: nice job!
    glowstick does his first Super Moderator in the form of Hipmonlee!


    With his three pictures completed, glowstick was sure he was finally done with all these tests. Little did he know that people had other plans for him...

    glowstick: helo
    IggyBot: hi!
    glowstick: wher is chaos?
    IggyBot: He's not online right now, but Shiv and I talked to him
    IggyBot: he really likes your pictures
    glowstick: when can i talk tohim
    IggyBot: Soon
    glowstick: i want him now
    IggyBot: Sorry, but chaos hates coming on shoddy
    IggyBot: But here's what I want
    IggyBot: I need 3 more pictures
    glowstick: no
    glowstick: you wont even make me a mod
    glowstick: you are just playing around
    IggyBot: no no no!
    IggyBot: see, chaos REALLY likes your pictures
    IggyBot: but coming on shoddy makes him REALLY mad
    IggyBot: so I want a few more pictures to umm....bribe him
    glowstick: no
    glowstick: tell chaos to pm me
    IggyBot: I'm sorry, but that's not a good idea right now
    IggyBot: a couple of more pictures though...
    glowstick: stop playing around
    glowstick: i want to talk to chaos
    IggyBot: I PROMISE
    IggyBot: just three more pics
    IggyBot: and you can talk to chaos
    glowstick: fine
    glowstick: but i want to be mod after this
    IggyBot: Don't worry
    glowstick: fine what do you want me to draw
    IggyBot: hmm
    IggyBot: Maniaclyrasist, Max, and Misty

    glowstick was on fire. He decided to take on three more people, all at one go!

    glowstick: is maniaclyrasist really rasist?
    IggyBot: yeah, he hates black people
    glowstick: does he like jews?
    IggyBot: oh no, he hates jews even more than blacks
    IggyBot: but the worst are
    glowstick: ok
    glowstick: ok lol this is a relly good one
    glowstick: do you like it?
    IggyBot: oh my god, this is incredible!
    I'm not even going to bother building it up after that reaction from Iggy.



    He moves on relentlessly, not even pausing a second between masterpieces.

    glowstick: ok what does Max like
    IggyBot: hmm
    IggyBot: he likes beating people up
    IggyBot: he's a proffesional fighter
    glowstick: like karaty
    IggyBot: yeah, and Kung Fu
    glowstick: ok
    glowstick: BOOT TO DA HEAD
    IggyBot: oh goodness, I love this one
    And our in house karaty champion Max shows his reach!



    He moves onto his third admin without pausing, I wonder how long he can keep this up...

    IggyBot: alright, now Misty
    glowstick: is mist a girl?
    IggyBot: no, he's a guy
    glowstick: um ok
    glowstick: any that he hates or likes
    IggyBot: not that I know of
    IggyBot: he is a computer programmer
    IggyBot: I know that
    glowstick: uploading now
    glowstick: si what are you doing
    glowstick: are you a guy?
    IggyBot: I'm part machine, part man, remember?
    glowstick: helo
    IggyBot: hello
    glowstick: oh yea
    glowstick: well am i talking to the machine or man right now?
    IggyBot: this is the machine Iggy
    IggyBot: hello glowstick
    glowstick: well do you like the pic
    IggyBot: yep
    IggyBot: great, as always
    glowstick: now will chaos pm me NOW
    IggyBot: Shiv and I will take these three pictures to him
    IggyBot: and I'm sure he will PM you
    glowstick: do i have to wait long? 


    At this point, Iggy goes into bot mode as his machine half takes over.

    glowstick: respond!
    IggyBot: error: invalid command
    IggyBot: type !help for command list
    glowstick: help
    IggyBot: error: invalid command
    glowstick: !help
    IggyBot: type !help for command list
    IggyBot: Command List:
    IggyBot: !respond: respond
    IggyBot: !battle: initiates a battle
    IggyBot: !talk: initiate a chat session
    IggyBot: !kick: initiate a kick
    IggyBot: end command list
    glowstick: !talk
    IggyBot: command entered: talk
    IggyBot: hello user glowstick
    IggyBot: I am IggyBot, Smogon Universitys very own Battle Bot!
    glowstick: have you shown the pic to chaos
    IggyBot: message error: I'm sorry, I don't understand
    glowstick: where is shiv
    glowstick: !respond
    IggyBot: shiv is offline
    glowstick: can you get chaos
    glowstick: !respond
    IggyBot: admin chaos is offline
    glowstick: i need to talk to an anim right now
    IggyBot: error: invalid command
    IggyBot: type !help for command list
    glowstick: !talk
    IggyBot: Command: !talk
    IggyBot: hello user glowstick, I am IggyBot, Smogon Universary's very own Battle Bot!
    IggyBot: how are you?
    glowstick: i need to talk to a amin right now!
    IggyBot: I am sorry
    glowstick: urgent!
    IggyBot: it doesn't appear that any admins are active
    glowstick: !mod me
    IggyBot: error: invalid command
    IggyBot: type !help for the command list
    glowstick: ok
    glowstick: very funny
    IggyBot: disconnecting...
    glowstick: stop playing around
    And with that he finally returns to his real half! However, the real half comes bearing some bad news:

    IggyBot: erm
    IggyBot: oh hi glowstick
    IggyBot: what do you mean "playing around"?
    IggyBot: that was my machine half
    IggyBot: sorry about that
    IggyBot: this is the real part of me
    glowstick: sure
    IggyBot: no, really, it is
    IggyBot: what's wrong?
    IggyBot: ok listen
    IggyBot: I realize you're getting frustrated
    IggyBot: will you listen to me real quick?
    glowstick: eine
    glowstick: fine
    IggyBot: ok
    glowstick: that wasnt cool what you did back there
    IggyBot: I told you I'm sorry
    IggyBot: sometimes my machine half just....takes over
    IggyBot: ok
    IggyBot: do you remember Shiv42, Shiv's evil twin brother?
    glowstick: yes
    IggyBot: good
    IggyBot: well, the truth is
    IggyBot: I have an evil twin brother as well
    IggyBot: I SUPPOSE
    IggyBot: I could get him to come online
    IggyBot: and if he likes you
    glowstick: yeah matty just told mi
    IggyBot: then I won't have to talk to Shiv
    IggyBot: and I will go straight to chaos
    IggyBot: ok?
    glowstick: yup
    IggyBot: ok
    glowstick: im ready
    IggyBot: I'll get him to come on
    IggyBot: he is IggyBot2
    glowstick: will he make mi a mod?
    IggyBot: if he likes you as much as I do
    IggyBot: most likely
    IggyBot: ok he is here
    glowstick: what do i say
    IggyBot: I can't help you, he is right next to me
    glowstick now has to take on Iggybot's evil twin! How many people can he impress......

    glowstick: helo
    IggyBot2: what the fuck do you want
    glowstick: to wan to become a mod
    IggyBot2: ok
    IggyBot2: have you passed the test
    glowstick: yes
    IggyBot2: I don't think you have
    IggyBot2: how can you prove it
    glowstick: ask iggybot
    IggyBot2: fuck IggyBot
    IggyBot2: I hate him
    IggyBot2: you have to prove it to ME
    IggyBot2: or are you really that stupid
    IggyBot2: because I don't like stupid people becoming mods
    glowstick: what do i have to do?
    IggyBot2: you need to draw me two pictures
    glowstick: of
    IggyBot2: hmm
    IggyBot2: I want to see different mods
    IggyBot2: two different mods
    IggyBot2: you need to make them good
    IggyBot2: I'm going to tell you the two people that I hate even more then my twin brother IggyBot
    IggyBot2: do you think you can handle it?
    glowstick: yup
    IggyBot2: ok
    IggyBot2: these two people
    IggyBot2: are the two people I hate more than ANYTHING
    IggyBot2: 1.) husk
    glowstick: and
    IggyBot2: wow you are impatient
    glowstick: i just want to get it over with
    IggyBot2: start drawing husk
    IggyBot2: since you are annoying me
    IggyBot2: you will have to wait for the second
    glowstick: come tell mi the other person i have to get off da net
    glowstick: yawn
    IggyBot2: ugh
    IggyBot2: fine
    IggyBot2: it's Obi
    IggyBot2: you need to draw me
    IggyBot2: evil pictures of husk and Obi
    And with that glowstick takes on his final challenge!!!!!! Or atleast, so he believes.....


    glowstick is all pumped up to draw Obi but there's one small problem, he has no idea who Obi is...

    glowstick: who the fuck is obi
    IggyBot2: Obi
    IggyBot2: you moron
    IggyBot2: is a fucking mod
    IggyBot2: like Obi Wan Kenobi
    IggyBot2: from Star fucking Wars
    glowstick: dont know him
    IggyBot2: well
    IggyBot2: use your imagination
    IggyBot2: dumbfuck
    glowstick: you really swear a lot
    IggyBot2: shut up
    IggyBot2: are you drawing the pics or not
    glowstick: yeah man your impatient
    glowstick: oh obi i know him now
    glowstick: luke sky walker is better thou
    glowstick: he beat down darth vader
    IggyBot2: I don't fucking
    IggyBot2: draw me husk and obi
    glowstick: there happy now
    glowstick: seen it
    glowstick: that one was obi
    glowstick: oib
    glowstick: Obi
    And here comes Obi:



    However, Iggybot2 doesn't seem too happy with this...

    IggyBot2: where is husk you dolt?
    glowstick: uploading
    glowstick: so wheres Chaos?
    glowstick: you seen obi?
    IggyBot2: yes I saw obi
    IggyBot2: obviously
    glowstick: you liked it?
    glowstick: theres husk
    glowstick: happy now
    IggyBot2: fine
    IggyBot2: I suppose that is good enough
    glowstick: yes
    Or maybe he did! husk seems to look positively radiant:


    glowstick, the moderator!

    With husk's picture completed, glowstick is sure to finally become a moderator!

    Or is he?

    IggyBot2: however, there is just one more thing
    glowstick: yes
    IggyBot2: introduce me to your evil twin
    glowstick: sorry hes not online
    IggyBot2: well then
    IggyBot2: I suppose you can't be a mod can you!?!?!?!?
    glowstick: spinonsawars01 thats his name
    glowstick: hang on ill get him online
    IggyBot2: I don't believe you
    glowstick: if i get him online
    IggyBot2: spinon can't be your twin
    IggyBot2: spinon isn't glowstick
    IggyBot2: dumbshit
    glowstick: part twin
    IggyBot2: you don't have an evil twin do you
    IggyBot2: don't lie
    glowstick: fine i dont
    IggyBot2: chaos hates liars
    glowstick: oh well
    glowstick: i only have a sister
    glowstick: but she doent like pokemon
    glowstick: or even have ancount
    IggyBot2: well that's not fucking good enough you dumb shit
    It looks like glowstick did all of this for nothing.... He didn't even have an evil twin..... I mean COME ON.

    He tries to talk to Iggy about his problem:

    IggyBot: ugh, you mean
    IggyBot: you don't have an evil twin?
    glowstick: no
    IggyBot: ......why didn't you tell us this
    IggyBot: all moderators have evil twins =(
    glowstick: WHY DIDNT YOU TELL MI
    IggyBot: I thought you knew!
    IggyBot: I mean
    IggyBot: it's common knowlage on this server
    IggyBot: just ask matty
    glowstick: TO be my evilv twin?
    IggyBot: no
    IggyBot: he's not even a real mod
    IggyBot: and even he knows that all moderators have evil twins
    IggyBot: sorry bud, but =(
    glowstick: im a fucking nebi i dont this shit
    IggyBot: I'm really sorry
    IggyBot: =(
    IggyBot: I'll talk to chaos
    IggyBot: but I don't know if there is anything I can do
    IggyBot: =(
    glowstick: hang on
    IggyBot: sorry glowstick
    IggyBot: it has to be real =(
    glowstick: fuck
    glowstick: iggy bot you ther
    IggyBot: yeah I'm here
    glowstick: !respond
    IggyBot: Sorry bud =(
    IggyBot: there is nothing I can do
    IggyBot: chaos won't let someone without an evil twin be a mod
    glowstick: really are you sure
    IggyBot: yeah, I'm terribly sorry
    IggyBot: I didn't realize you didn't have an evil twin
    glowstick: fine...
    It seems that glowstick has finally given up his dream to be a Smogon ShoddyBattle Moderator...

    Atleast till the day I recieve this message again:

    glowstick: hi
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    Nov 1, 2007
    I feel left out :(

    Awesome stuff though!
  3. gorm

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    Oct 4, 2006
    seeing as a hate shiv i kinda wanted this thread to be bad >:|

    oh well >:|

  4. the Lexx

    the Lexx

    Feb 15, 2007
    at this point I have to wonder if glowstick is the one trolling you guys, haha. that's some dedication.

    still though, this thread is hilarious, 10/10
  5. Blue Kirby

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    Nov 1, 2007
    I'm still going to give this some stars.

    I am not a faker.
  6. LightWolf

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    Jul 26, 2008
    This is awsome, can't wait to see if he tries it again.
  7. HD


    Jun 29, 2008
    This is great. glowstick is the most gullible person ever. 12/10.
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    That was some funny stuff. I dig Max's picture, that was funny.
  9. Great Sage

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    Jul 31, 2006
    I've been waiting to see these a long time, and this thread didn't disappoint.
  10. Doomsday

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    Jan 23, 2005

    holy shit man lol

    also the max pic includes a BOOT TO THE HEAD reference, that's pretty amazing
  11. tape

    tape i woke up in a new bugatti

    May 24, 2008
    Hahahaha Shiv this was awesome, I would give it 5 stars if I could.

    How could he not see that a bot typo'd a preset message?
  12. cookie

    cookie Firebot Development Lad
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    Super Moderator

    Mar 20, 2005
    My judgement is impeccable.
  13. DM

    DM Ce soir, on va danser.
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    May 24, 2005
    absolutely epic


    because getting a full thousand available points is much harder than getting 10
  14. david stone

    david stone Fast-moving, smart, sexy and alarming.
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    Aug 3, 2005
    wtf man Luke has a green lightsabre what kind of garbage is this 0/7. I don't care if he had an evil twin I wouldn't approve him to be a mod.
  15. moi


    Jan 22, 2008
    matty showed me some of this log and I was laughing all the way. And then you told me there was more, Iggy. so i waited. and waited.

    I'm pleased :)
  16. Yoshipal13


    Apr 8, 2007
    That was fucking great.

  17. matty

    matty I did stuff a long time ago for the site
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    Mar 31, 2008
    Yeee its finally here. Time to add my contributions.

    All right, so at the time I had been modded for doing the Smogon Tour and our lovely hero, Glowstick PMs me.

    glowstick: helo
    matty: hi
    matty: you need something?
    glowstick: yes
    glowstick: iggy bot is saying that shes part man part robot

    Iggy had told me he was doing something with glowstick, but I didn't know what yet...

    matty: go on...
    glowstick: im takeinga test test to become a mod
    glowstick: he was going tall right untill it went all robot like

    HAHA, I ask Iggy and he told me to play along so I did

    matty: ya hes totally half robot half man
    glowstick: ok
    matty: hes a cyborg; you better watch out though, his robot side is evil...
    matty: what test is he making you do?
    glowstick: drawing
    glowstick: now hes getting iggy bot2

    About 5 mins goes by; glowstick usually is quiet talkative so I wanna know whats going on...

    matty: is it crazy hard? the last guy that took that test had to get his arm amputated
    glowstick: no not hard just lots of time put in to it
    matty: that is exactly what the other guy said...... and then.... well you know...
    matty: hows it going?
    glowstick: he swears a lot lol
    matty: thats his robot side usually
    matty: hang in there
    glowstick: and he really seems ro hate husk
    matty: what is he making you do now?
    glowstick: draw evil pics of obi and husk

    Another 10 min gap

    glowstick: shit shit shit
    matty: what happened!?!?!
    glowstick: i just found out that you had to have a evil twin to be a mod
    matty: ya i have one as well
    matty: its common knowledge, everyone knows that though....
    glowstick: glowstick2 should be talking to you

    So I get a PM from his "evil-twin"... hilarity ensues

    glowstick2: helo
    matty: hey
    glowstick2: i heard my brother had a problem
    matty: oh did he?
    glowstick2: do you know him glowstick
    glowstick2: well do you
    matty: ya ive met him but..... wait..... are you his... ev... >_>
    glowstick2: yup
    matty: ... his evil brother!?!?!
    glowstick2: yes why the fcuk do you care
    matty: whoa. you are evil. you just cussed at a mod
    glowstick2: and
    glowstick2: acording to iggybot your not even a realy mod
    matty: did the evil iggy say that?
    glowstick2: no iggy bot
    matty: lies...
    matty: unless my evil twin.... started spreading lies like that!
    glowstick2: any way i jst made this accoun so my brother could become a mod
    glowstick2: he had to pay mi
    glowstick2: 2 bucks
    matty: whoa, high roller. did he pay you yet, because if he hasnt you should beat him up for it
    glowstick2: well i goto go now bibi ill be back dont worry
    matty: OK!

    matty: man, your twin is evil!
    glowstick: lol i know

    OMG, easily 5 stars; gj shiv and iggy ;D
    Has literally holding my hand over my mouth because this was so fucking funny
  18. Vampy34


    May 29, 2006
    oh my god hahahaha this is amazing

    leave him alone hes just a fucking nebi and he doesnt this shit :(:(:(:(
  19. Shiv

    Shiv mostly harmless
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    Apr 7, 2005
    i love that he finally got his very own evil twin!

    predicting google ads comes up with:

    'buy your very own evil twin for a small price of $40!'
  20. akuchi

    akuchi chaos's bitch

    Jun 4, 2005
    fucking genius
  21. Evisu


    Nov 22, 2007
    Very good stuff, this guy should go to art school with all of that talent.
  22. GTS


    Apr 9, 2007
    Oh man, this was great.

    Would 5star if I could!
  23. DM

    DM Ce soir, on va danser.
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    May 24, 2005
    rofl fucking amazing contribution to an already incredible story
  24. Toothache

    Toothache Let the music play!
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    Dec 27, 2004
    Aargh to much awesomeness!
  25. Scrubs


    Sep 10, 2007
    glowstick: shiv 42 is realy hard to get bi

    lol great thread

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