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It's all Swell...Oh! (UU)

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by yokie, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. yokie


    Jul 2, 2008
    I just cracked the leaderboard, and this team took a lot of the credit. This team takes advantage of several threats that players tend to overlook. I wear down the opponent with Stealth Rock and Spikes, all the while hammering them with my overlooked sweepers' onslaughts. This team has great balance in terms of covering each other's weaknesses. I named this team after my favorite Pokemon, Swellow.

    Team Roster:

    Corolla (Roserade) (F) @ Leftovers
    Ability: Natural Cure
    EVs: 236 HP/252 Spd/20 SDef
    Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Leech Seed
    - Spikes
    - Substitute
    - Sludge Bomb

    People tend to assume that I'm Scarfed, so they run while I set up Spikes. If the opponent is Ambipom or Kangaskhan, I switch to Registeel to take the Fake Out and to set up Stealth Rock. Rotom takes Fake Out from Hitmontop leads. Arcanine is a bit trickier, but Hariyama is good switch-in.

    Leech Seed + Substitute is annoying as hell, and STAB Sludge Bomb smacks enemy Grasses like Shaymin. Subseed will cause switches, which is a great opportunity to set up Spikes. Registeel's Thunder Wave victims are prime candidates for Subseeding.

    EVs: Max Speed Timid to get the Leech Seed in fast. 236 HP gives a Leftovers number and allows Roserade to take some light Special hits like Surf.

    Synergy: Spikes wears down the opponent's team fast. Even with just one layer of Spikes and Stealth Rock, grounded Rock-neutrals lose 1/4 of their health upon entry. Leech Seed gives my next switch-in a little recovery, which Swellow and Torterra use to cancel out their recoil damage. Survives Air Slash from Shaymin and retaliates hard with Sludge Bomb. My best switch-in for enemy Roserade just in case it uses Sleep Powder. Natural Cure is great when I'm unsure about opposing status and I don't want Swellow to take more Stealth Rock damage. Absorbs Toxic Spikes that hinder Hariyama and Torterra.

    Nickname: Corolla is set of petals.

    Ariel (Swellow) (F) @ Toxic Orb
    Ability: Guts
    EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd
    Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
    - Facade
    - U-turn
    - Quick Attack
    - Pursuit

    Staraptor is gone, but the threat of a fast flier is still very much alive. Swellow's Facade hits harder than Staraptor's Life Orb Brave Bird, so for all those kiddies who don't have a Normal resist, you're in for some pain. Plus, after Toxic Orb is activated, Swellow gets plenty of opportunities to switch into status moves. Swellow will evidently cause switches, so I Pursuit them to hell and U-turn their Normal resist to a counter. Pursuit is a very underappreciated move on Swellow. Pursuit + U-turn is a cheap way to score hits, but I'll take it where I can get them. U-turn is wonderful for scouting in general. Quick Attack is my "oh shit I let something set up" panic button; it seems redundant on something with 125 base Speed, but Quick Attack prevents me from getting swept from the fast and frail. I find Brave Bird very redundant with Facade, and the recoil is not appealing at all. The only reason to use Brave Bird is for Spiritomb.

    Max Speed and Attack are no brainers. Jolly to outspeed Ambipom to the priority move.

    Synergy: Switches into status moves like Sleep Powder that are directed to the rest of my team. Swellow takes Earthquakes that Registeel inevitable lures. I use its Shadow Ball immunity only when I really really need it, because Mismagius is usually hiding behind a Substitute and Rotom murders with STAB Thunderbolt. Pursuit wears down the opponent's team as they flee from the Facade. U-turn scouts for counters.

    Nickname: Ariel is a pun on aerial.

    Zen (Torterra) (M) @ Life Orb
    Ability: Overgrow
    EVs: 252 Atk/8 Def/ 248 Spd
    Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Earthquake
    - Stone Edge
    - Wood Hammer
    - Rock Polish

    Steels and Rocks wall Swellow to no end, but they are manhandled by Torterra. I need to watch out for the odd Ice Punch Registeel, but Torterra rips through Rocks and Steels with STAB Earthquake and Wood Hammer. Rock Polish is for a mid-late game sweep, and man, Torterra hits like a tank. With Rock Polish and Life Orb, very little can stop its rampage. People don't realize how much this turtle utterly tears teams apart. Bulky waters that typically wall Ground-types are killed by Wood Hammer. Earthquake gets past the Steels and Rocks that Swellow hate. Stone Edge takes down fliers that resist Wood Hammer and are immune to Earthquake. Once in Overgrow range, Wood Hammer is ridiculously strong and is Torterra's exit with a bang because the recoil and Life Orb tend to KO it.

    I like the extra power of Life Orb a lot, but Torterra has trouble taking in too many Earthquakes and Stone Edges without Leftovers. I usually opt for Life Orb because Swellow and Rotom can take Earthquakes.

    EVs: Max Attack for the most pain, 248 Speed EVs to outspeed neutral Scarf 90s like Moltres, and the rest in Defense.

    Synergy: Tackles Rocks and Steels that wall Swellow. Also comes into Thunderbolts that are gunning for Swellow. Earthquakes for Registeel meet Torterra. Stone Edge is no problem either. Thunderwave immunity is also a plus. Rotom can't deal with Chansey without Trick, and Chansey is total set up bait for a Rock Polish sweep.

    Nickname: Torterra reminds me of a Zen garden. It looks tranquil until it unleashes some butt-whoop.

    zzZAP (Rotom) @ Choice Specs
    Ability: Levitate
    EVs: 4 HP/252 Spd/252 SAtk
    Modest nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
    - Trick
    - Thunderbolt
    - Shadow Ball
    - Will-o-wisp

    Raikou is gone, but don't forget to bring your Electric resists! Roserade takes a serious beating from Thunderbolt if it does not have defensive EVs. STAB Thunderbolt and Shadow Ball compliment each other very well, especially backed up by the Specs. I usually blindly spam Thunderbolt until I meet something that can be better taken care of by Shadow Ball. Thunderbolt is my main attack option, because people don't fear Electric moves as much anymore with Raikou out of the picture. I tend to go safe against Honchkrow and Hitmontop and use Will-o-Wisp, just in case they Sucker Punch. Pursuiters can eat a Will-o-Wisp too. The burn pretty much neuters them anyway. I Trick the Specs when Rotom is really weakened or if there's something that I can't really handle. Chansey and Clefable will absolutely hate getting locked in to one move. Mono-Restalkers will love the Trick =).

    EVs: I don't use a Timid nature, because I really need the extra power boost from Modest. The rest of my team handles Roserade well, it is nearly killed by a Thunderbolt anyway, and Roserade is often Scarfed, so outspeeding Roserade isn't an issue. There isn't much that I need to outspeed, so Modest all the way.

    Synergy: Fighting, Ground, and Normal immunities all in one nice package. Close Combats and Earthquakes for Registeel go here. Fake Outs from Hitmontop to my Roserade meet by ghostly friend. Rotom takes the obvious Explosion from a dying Regi, Camerupt, or Electrode. Rotom blocks Rapid Spin, so Roserade's work isn't for vain. Claydol usually stay in to attempt to weaken me with Shadow Ball, but Specs makes a clean OHKO against Claydol. Blastoise and Cloyster don't stand a chance against a STAB Thunderbolt.

    Nickname: zzZap... It's self-explanatory.

    Ferrous (Registeel) @ Leftovers
    Ability: Clear Body
    EVs: 252 HP/80 Atk/176 SDef
    Careful nature (+SDef, -SAtk)
    - Explosion
    - Iron Head
    - Thunder Wave
    - Stealth Rock

    What team is complete without Registeel? It takes hits from both spectrums like nothing. Clear Body prevents Shaymin's Seed Flare SpD drops, and Earth Power isn't that painful. This chunk of scrap metal is my go-to guy if I'm lazy about prediction. Stealth Rock is essential to any serious team for wearing down the opponent. Registeel spreads Thunder Waves to cripple sweepers, and Iron Head compliments for the cheap and easy paraflinch combo. Thunder Wave is my best shot a stopping Rain Dance teams. Explosion is for when I really can't deal with something or when Registeel has done its job. Registeel utterly blocks sweeps from Espeon and Mismagius. Hidden Power Fighting does laughable damage despite being super effective.

    EVs: Max HP is a given since it is the lowest defensive stat. 176 Special Defense EVs Careful yield a bonus point and provide plenty of bulk. The remaining go into Attack, so Iron Head and Explosion have a bit more bite.

    Synergy: Registeel takes hits from all sorts of attacks and can retaliate with Thunder Wave. Its Normal, Ice, Flying, Dragon, Grass, Poison, Ghost, Psychic, Dark, Bug, and Rock resistances are godsends. If Rotom is down for the count, Registeel can take an Explosion. My best Stone Edge and Altaria Outrage taker. Explosion takes out anything troublesome that isn't resistant.

    Nickname: Ferrous is iron, and Registeel is made of iron. Hmm.

    Oprah (Hariyama) (F) @ Leftovers
    Ability: Thick Fat
    EVs: 80 HP/176 Atk/252 SDef
    Careful nature (+SDef, -SAtk)
    - Whirlwind
    - Brick Break
    - Knock Off
    - Bullet Punch / Stone Edge

    Every team should have a sturdy Special Fire resist, because Typhlosion massacres teams easily. Thick Fat gives me a psuedo resistance and the big guy takes Eruptions with ease. Whirlwind racks up the entry hazard damage from Spikes and Stealth Rock, and blows away set ups. Knock Off is totally underappreciated. Almost nothing will enjoy losing their precious item. Walls need Leftovers, mixed attackers need Life Orb, and Choicers need... Choice items. Without their items, the opponent becomes much easier to deal with. Brick Break destroys Orb Clefable who doesn't care about Knock Off and shatters screens that prevent sweeps from Rotom, Torterra, and Swellow. Force Palm isn't too important, because Registeel does the paralyzing job much better.

    The last moveslot is either Bullet Punch or Stone Edge. Stone Edge does great damage and fits fliers that resist Brick Break. Bullet Punch is useful to hit Absol and Honchkrow since they do big damage to my team. BP also helps picking off weak opponents without making Swellow take SR damage. Flying-types tend to be frail, so BP still covers them. Steel doesn't provide better coverage with Fighting, but BP priority has saved me before. Sometimes I use Ice Punch for the potential freeze and enemy Torterra.

    I've used Milotic in place of Hariyama to better deal with Azumarill while still handling Fire assaults, but I miss Knock Off and phazing. Milotic has reliable recovery though. Milotic makes Mismagius a bigger threat if Registeel is down. Nevertheless, Milotic is a solid choice over Hariyama.

    EVs: Max out the Special Defense completely to better take Eruptions. 80 HP for a Leftovers number +1. 176 Attack EVs for a clean Clefable kill, and they make Hariyama much more threatening. The 120 base Attack stat should not be overlooked.

    Synergy: Whirlwind racks up the damage from Roserade's Spikes and Registeel's Stealth Rock. Knock Off cripples the opponent to make sweeps easier for Swellow, Torterra, and Rotom. Brick Break crushes Reflect and Light Screen, which thwart a sweep easily. Hariyama takes Ice and Fire moves for Torterra, Ice moves for Roserade and Swellow, and Dark moves more Rotom.

    Nickname: Oprah is a talkshow host. Hariyama weighs 559.5 lbs.

    Entry Hazard Threats:
    Toxic Spikes - Roserade sucks them up. Only Hariyama and Torterra would be affected.
    Spikes - 2 immune, Roserade heals itself and the team with Leech Seed
    Stealth Rock - 1 weak, 2 neutral, 3 resist

    Specific Team Threats:
    Baton Pass teams: Whirlwind, Trick, Explosion
    Rain Dance - Registeel stalls out with Thunder Wave + Iron Head
    Sunny Day - Hariyama's life is harder with the sun but it works. Registeel takes Solarbeams and spreads Thunder Waves.
    Sandstream - Hippototas is a dead weight. Torterra and Registeel are immune. Rotom's Trick is a killer, since there are few sand Special Attackers to use the Specs.
    Hail - Snover is a joke, but Snow Warning is not. Wallrein is total bitch in the Hail, and I rely on Trick or Thunderbolt to kill it. I depend on Registeel and Hariyama to beat the icy fighters down. Stealth Rock is absolutely key.
    Trick Room - I don't much of these, but it's quite easy to stall out the short 5 turns with Whirlwind and Thunder Wave.

    My team has brought me lots of success for three major reasons:
    1. Synergy: My team covers each other's weaknesses well.
    2. Entry Hazards: Spikes and Stealth Rock are a tremendous help at softening up the opponent. The great synergy forces plenty of switches. Whirlwind causes more havoc. Rotom laughs at attempts to Rapid Spin.
    3. Panic Buttons: Rotom's Trick, Swellow's Quick Attack, and Registeel's Explosion are what I consider "panic buttons." These moves are in case of lucky hax or a bad match up. Trick and Explosion usually guarantee major destruction against foes that I know my team will struggle against. Quick Attack off Swellow's great Attack stops fast sweepers. With these "panic button" checks, my team can handle plenty of crap that my opponent throws at me.

    One more time:

    The threats list is posted below.

    Please rate/criticize/laugh. Thanks for reading.
  2. Erazor

    Erazor ✓ Just Doug It
    is a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Oct 27, 2008
    This seems to be a very solid team.
    Is there anything that you have trouble with? If so, mention it and I can give a proper rate.
  3. yokie


    Jul 2, 2008
    Here's the threats list:
    Summary: weakness to last Pokemon Cro-sets, SubRoost Moltres (who isn't?), Azumarill, and Honchkrow

    Defensive Threats

    [​IMG] Snover -
    Hail is not nice to play in, but Hariyama and Registeel can STAB their way through. SR helps tons.

    [​IMG] Articuno -SubRoost sets are very annoying. Iron Head can break Subs and then Thunder Wave as it Roosts. Hariyama can Whirlwind it away and let SR kill it.

    [​IMG] Blastoise - Rotom blocks Spin and TB kills.

    [​IMG] Chansey - Roserade Spikes set up bait. Hariyama can kill with BB and or neutralize with Knock Off. Torterra sets up. Swellow Pursuits. Registeel can Explode if need be. Rotom can Trick in a pinch.

    [​IMG] Claydol - Rotom OHKOs and blocks Spin.

    [​IMG] Clefable - Hariyama BB. Registeel Explosion if I'm desperate. Rotom 2HKOs with Thunderbolt or can Trick. Swellow Facade.

    [​IMG] Cloyster - Leads don't have the balls to say in against Roserade. Sludge Bomb hurts but won't OHKO. Rotom blocks Spin and TB kills.

    [​IMG] Cradily -Very annoying in the Sand. Rotom Tricks or WoW if it doesn't have Rest. A big problem if Rotom can't Trick.

    [​IMG] Drapion - Roserade sucks up the Spikes. Rotom does a number even with a resisted Shadow Ball against offensive sets. Swellow Facade. I must switch in on the SD though. Torterra EQ.

    [​IMG] Gastrodon - Rotom 2HKOes with SB. Facade hurts. Set up for Roserade. Due to its high HP, Wood Hammer really hurts Torterra.

    [​IMG] Hypno - it's pretty rare but Swellow can switch in on its status and Facade / Pursuit it. Registeel TW the BP recipient or blows up. Rotom SB KOes.

    [​IMG] Kangaskhan - Hurts if it gets a Sub up but
    Registeel does a fine job except against Focus Punch.

    [​IMG] Lanturn - With SR and Spikes, Rotom 2HKO with SB. Trick too. Roserade sets up and saps its high HP with Leech Seed, cancelling out Ice Beam.

    [​IMG] Lapras - Hariyama BB. Rotom TB. Registeel for physical sets. SR.

    [​IMG] Luxray - Swellow must U-turn to its friends. Most are defensive sets, so its TB doesn't hurt Roserade much. Spike it UP! Torterra sts up. Registeel doesn't really like TW, but can wall it well.

    [​IMG] Meganium - Roserade Spikes bait. Torterra sets up. Hariyama BBs the LS.

    [​IMG] Mesprit - Usually leads with a Scarf or Dual Screens. I don't mind Scarfing Roserade too much. Dual Screeners usually don't have Psychic, so Spikes all the way while it sets up, then Hariyama BBs its hard work and WW the set upper. CM sets meet Explosion or Trick or SB before it sets up too many CMs.

    [​IMG] Milotic - Roserade Spikes on Ice Beam-less sets. Registeel blows up. Rotom OHKOs with TB. Facade 2HKOes easily. Torterra Wood Hammer! Offensive sets get Knocked Off and can't handle BBs.

    [​IMG] Miltank - Not that common, but BB or WW if it Curses. Leech Seed it. Trick or Explode if needed.

    [​IMG] Moltres - Hariyama takes Fire moves from the offensive sets, but must watch out for Air Slash. Most offensive sets are Choice Scarfers that U-turn immediately. SR murders Roostless sets, because Rotom blocks Spin very well. The defensive sets on the other had... I never thought that a SR x4 weak Pokemon can be so irritating. Even with SR, SubRoost sets can safely come into Roserade. Hopefully Leech Seed hits before it can Sub, but Flamethrower obviously KOs Roserade. Registeel is total bait too. Hariyama has to Stone Edge on the switch or WW it away as it Subs, then let SR do its magic. I get so frustrated that I Explode a prefectly healthy Registeel to simply break its Sub. Rotom can come in afterward and KO with TB or Trick. Whoever thought of this set is pure evil!

    [​IMG] Muk - The only Muk user I know is myself on my other team. Roserade can Leech Seed as it Curses up. Rotom WoW but fears Shadow Sneak. Hariyama can Knock Off and WW.

    [​IMG] Nidoqueen - Usually leads with Lum Berry, so I usually save the Sleep Powder for something else. Leech Seed or Spike it. Taunt stops Roserade, but its TS are useless with Roserade in the picture. Rotom can switch in on the Taunt and SB or TB the switch. She's very sturdy, so mostly I let Spikes and lack of Leftovers do their magic.

    [​IMG] Porygon2 - Barely seen except on TR teams. Hariyama can wall and Knock Off the switch or WW to stall out the TR. Most TR attackers rely on Life Orb or a set up move, so Knock Off and WW are very valuable.

    [​IMG] Probopass - I see more Magneton but Registeel can surprisingly defeat it with paraflinch. No STAB Earth Power vs. STAB neutral Iron Head... who'll come out on top? Thunder Wave says Registeel. Most sets don't have Taunt or Sub, so TW turns the tables. Swellow U-turns to Torterra or Roserade for set up. Hariyama BB.

    [​IMG] Quagsire - Encore Curse sets are WoWed or Tricked. WW it away. Wood Hammer murder., but watch out for Ice Beam. It can only come in on Registeel safely, so I'm not too worried.

    [​IMG] Regigigas - Knock Off, Sub, Protect, Thunder Wave, and Confuse Ray are very annoying. Swellow doesn't mind Knock Off or TW and can Facade or U-turn. Rotom Trick or Registeel Explosion if I'm desperate. Roserade can make its life miserable with Leech Seed. Confuse Ray... is cheap.

    [​IMG] Regirock - Usually leads off with SR. I usually Leech Seed first then Spike. Sub eases prediction. Registeel paraflinch and doesn't fear Explosion. Torterra can WH or EQ for a 2HKO, but it's not that easy if it Curses up and the recoil adds up. Cursers get Tricked, WW, or Leech Seeded. Only a real problem if Rotom can't Trick and its the last standing Pokemon.

    [​IMG] Regice - Hariyama walls and BBs. Iron Head it to the Ice Age. Trick it for fun. Repeated SR makes a 2HKO possible with Rotom.

    [​IMG] Registeel - Rotom Trick or Wow. Set up bait for Roserade or Torterra. Rotom or my Registeel to take the obvios Explosion.
    Torterra can WH or EQ for a 2HKO, but it's not that easy if it Curses up and the recoil adds up. Cursers get Tricked, WW, or Leech Seeded. Only a real problem if Rotom can't Trick and its the last standing Pokemon. Kinda like that damn Regirock. Luckily, Cursers aren't common.

    [​IMG] Rotom - Torterra takes a Choiced TB but must fear WoW or SB. Roserade can set up on defensive sets. I usually rely on Swellow to Pursuit it. Registeel takes Choiced attacks well but needs to watch out for Trick or WoW. Offensive Rotom is kinda hard to counter; that's why I use it XD.

    [​IMG] Shuckle - Annoying. Trick it, Spike it, let SR crack its shell, and Stone Edge rips it a new one. I really dislike Knock Off, so hopefully Roserade Subs up and Leech Seeds.

    [​IMG] Slowbro - Facade 2HKOes cocky players that think Slowbro is bulky enough to handle a STAB 140 bp move from Swellow. WH but watch out for Ice Beam. Roserade LS or Spikes agaisnt Ice Beam-less sets.

    [​IMG] Spiritomb - The only reason I'd ever consider Brave Bird on Swellow. Torterra can 3HKO Crotomb. Most of them are Dark Pulse Restalkers. Hariyama can WW and Knock Off, making it easier for Torterra to kill. Leech Seed also helps to negate the LO recoil off Torterra, so hopefully I can survive Dark Pulses. Admittedly, my team gets eaten alive by Crotomb if Rotom can't Trick or if Torterra is too worn out to take Dark Pulse. I try to keep Torterra healthy and Rotom unTricked to the end of the match, otherwise Crotomb walks all over me. WW shuffling helps to determine if Spiritomb is out there. Moderate threat.

    [​IMG] Umbreon - Cursers get Tricked. Hariyama WW away its Baton Pass or BB to kill. Roserade Leech Seed makes its job difficult. Offensive Cursers are trickier if its the last Pokemon and Rotom Tricked already. Definitely Explosion worthy.

    [​IMG] Uxie - Usually leads. Roserade can Leesch Seed or Sub to block the Yawn. Spikes it up as it sets up screens. Hariyama can BB the screens and then WW its set upper. Swellow Pursuit / U-turn / Facde hurts like hell.

    [​IMG] Weezing - Roserade Spikes and Leech Seeds. Swellow can 2HKO on the switch and Rotom can KO easily or Trick. my only concern is that 3/6 of my team doesn't like WoW. Knock Off as it switches in on Hariyama.
    Offensive Threats

    [​IMG] Absol - I only see it as a Swords Dancer which have a very hard time switching in, so hit it hard and fast if it gets cocky and SDs. Torterra is bulky enough to survive a Sucker Punch. Roserade can Sub up to protect against Sucker Punch and Sludge Bomb it to hell. Registeel Iron Heads kills a -1 Def Absol after it Superpowers.
    Swellow Quick Attack outspeeds Sucker Punch. Hariyama can BB for the OHKO if it doesn't have Psycho Cut. Between LIfe Orb, Spikes, and SR, it'll die soon enough, but not without taking a big chunk out of something's health. Hariyama can do a surprise BP. Moderate threat.

    [​IMG] Altaria - SR. Roserade Leech Seeds defensive ses. Registeel takes an Outrage well.

    [​IMG] Ambipom - Registeel.

    [​IMG] Arcanine - SR. Hariyama but Toxic is very unfortunate. Hariyama can Stone Edge to kill it if it decides to use Toxic. Most teams don't carry 2 Fire-types, so Hariyama doesn't have to worry about walling Eruptions if it sees Arcanine.

    [​IMG] Azumarill - Ouch. Not having a water resist is really going to hurt if Azu comes along. I must predict well against CB sets. Registeel can take Aqua Jet and Return but gets worn out by Waterfalls. The SubPunch is a real bitch to my team. If it Subs up like versus Registeel, something is going to get creamed by its Focus Punch. Rotom is not help against the SubPuncher, because Azu will just Waterfall me instead. I''ve considered transferring Hariyama's 176 Atk EVs to Def to better handle this rabbit menace, but it still hits my team quite hard. If it is a SubPunch set, I'll attack it and don't switch (I might even Explode since I hate it so much) regardless of the fear of Waterfall or Aqua Jet, because I cannot let it get a Sub up. Major threat.

    [​IMG] Blaziken - Hariyama takes Fire moves (Flare Blitzing Hariyama is suicide) and Special moves in general. Rotom takes a Superpower and doesn't fear Vacuum Wave. It'll usually have Life Orb, and SR and Spikes wear it down.

    [​IMG] Camerupt - Hariyama. Rotom and Registeel for the Explosion. QA. Spikes, SR, and LO recoiil.

    [​IMG] Charizard - SR. BellyZard and DDer get QA to death. Hariyama Stone Edge or WW it away as it sets up.

    [​IMG] Drapion - Torterra is bulky enough to scare it off. It can't really set up SD on anything without getting nailed, and it doesn't hit hard enough without SD. Spikes and SR to wear it down.

    [​IMG] Espeon - Registeel but its Trick is not nice.

    [​IMG] Feraligatr - Kinda like Azumarill but less scary. QA for the DDer. It can only set up against Registeel who can TW Sub-less sets or BOOM.

    [​IMG] Glaceon - Registeel and Hariyama. SR hurts.

    [​IMG] Hariyama - Most are Guts Orbed or defensive. I switch around to wear the Orb set down and get it in KO range of somebody. Roserade can Sub to stall it out. It's pretty slow, so it's not too threatening.

    [​IMG] Hitmonlee - Walks into Registeel without a care. Rotom is my best switch in and it gets a WoW as it tries to Sucker Punch. QA.

    [​IMG] Hitmontop - Spin this.. -> Rotom. WoW to avoid Sucker Punch. Top will get too worn out from WoW to Spin later.

    [​IMG] Honchkrow - Roserade Subs to avoid Sucker Punch and hits hard with Sludge Bomb. Registeel takes the Drill Peck meant for Hariyama and Torterra, then I KO with Iron Head its -1 Superpowered feathers to hell. Honchkrow is pretty much guaranteed to severly injure my Registeel. Left hanging by a thread, Registeel can still Explode or be used a death fodder. SR is a major help. Hariyama can BP. Major threat.

    [​IMG] Houndoom - Hariyama but watch out for WoW. QA.

    [​IMG] Kabutops - Only seen on Rain Teams. Stall out with Registeel paraflinch or Explode if needed. Spikes and SR with Life Orb are very nice.

    [​IMG] Leafeon - Registeel TW its BP pal or breaks its Sub with Iron Head.

    [​IMG] Linoone - Kill it by preventing it from setting up Belly Drum. SR, Spikes, and WW will send it really hard pressed to BD. Good luck setting up BD on anything besides Rotom's SB.

    [​IMG] Magmortar - Hariyama. Rotom for Cross Chop. SR, Spikes, and Life Orb go the job.

    [​IMG] Marowak - Rotom can come in on SD, Double Edge, or EQ and then WoW or SB it to death. Swellow does the same but with greater risk. Spikes is my friend.

    [​IMG] Medicham - QA for Salac sets. Scarfed sets rely on prediction. Registeel for Psycho Cut that is aimed for Hariyama. Rotom for HJK aimed at Registeel. Registeel handles the elemental punches well. Spikes and SR to prevent too many switch-ins.

    [​IMG] Mismagius- Registeel takes HP Fighting like a champ and Iron Heads to victory. Hariyama can Stone Edge or WW.

    [​IMG] Nidoking - Prediction. Rotom comes into EQ and WoW as it Sucker Punches. It'll usually have LIfe Orb, so Spikes and SR will further drain it.

    [​IMG] Ninetales - Swellow can take Hypnosis and Facade / Pursuit. Hariyama can take Hypnosis-less sets. Only a problem if I guess wrong on the Hypnosis.

    [​IMG] Omastar - Registeel paraflich stall in the rain. It'll likely be a Spiker, so I should kill it ASAP before it gets too many layers down. I try to bluff a Grass move on Roserade to scare it away. It can only come into Registeel is the bluff works.

    [​IMG] Pinsir - SR. I've only seen it set up SR as a lead, but I'll take a stab at it. Rotom can take CC but not EQ due to Mold Breaker. Registeel likes X-Scissor. Swellow for EQ. QA the Salac Flail sets.

    [​IMG] Poliwrath - Registeel is total set up bait. Hypnosis is very annoying since Swellow can't take anything from Poliwrath; Swellow can switch in on the Sub then U-turn to break it and Rotom can take the Focus Punch.

    [​IMG] Primeape - Rotom for EQ and CC. Registeel for eveything else.

    [​IMG] Roserade - Initial switch is always our own Roserade to absorb Sleep Powder or Leaf Storm. Registeel handles the STABs and HP Ice. Swellow Pursuits. I mostly rely on SR and Spikes, since it hits and runs.

    [​IMG] Sceptile - Registeel. Roserade for the SubSeeder.

    [​IMG] Scyther - SR. Registeel but LO +2 BB will do about 80% damage. Rotom.

    [​IMG] Sharpedo - Registeel. AJ is scary but remember that it is a glass cannon. Try to survive the hit and hit back with... anything. QA revenge.

    [​IMG] Shaymin - Roserade takes Seed Flare very well and can Sludge Bomb for a OHKO if there is enough residual damage. Air Slash isn't that painful, nowhere near as painful as a STAB Sludge Bomb. Registeel takes even Earth Powers well and can TW back. If Roserade isn't healthy, the Subseeder requires something to die breaking its Sub and Swellow to revenge.

    [​IMG] Slaking - Prediction. If it kills something, let Torterra set up on the lazy bum.

    [​IMG] Swellow - Registeel. SR.

    [​IMG] Tauros -Registeel for Stone Edge and Return. Rotom for EQ and Return.

    [​IMG] Torterra - My Torterra walls it, so it pretty much becomes a crit war. Swellow must come in on a EQ to QA a weakened Torterra. Weaken it by careful switching of Rotom and Registeel. Hariyama if it is healthy enough. I usually don't risk it setting up Rock Polish and straight up attack it. Spikes, SR, and LO weaken it well. Moderate Threat.

    [​IMG] Typhlosion - Hariyama. SR and Spikes.

    [​IMG] Ursaring - Rotom and Registeel dancing on eggshells as the Toxic damage takes its toll. Swellow QA / Pursuit if needed. SR and Spikes hasten the death.

    [​IMG] Venusaur - Roserade and Registeel.
  4. Thorns


    Feb 17, 2007
    ok your rmt just proved that honchkrow is bl, lol
    so since no team can beat honchkrow, I suggest you use Bullet Punch over Stone Edge on Yama to at least deal heaps of damage to a weakened Absol/Honchkrow. You need SE for coverage, but since Yama isn't sweeping you might as well.

    pretty cool team, offensive rotom is a bitch xD
  5. yokie


    Jul 2, 2008
    Thanks for the help!

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