It's Bonding Time! Elements Mafia Sign Ups

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It is what you've been waiting for the advent of Elements Mafia.

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Me and Thorns will be hosting this mafia and are hoping to get it started soon, depending on how fast sign-ups fill up.

1. No deadtalking. Deadtalking is giving away information after death. Dead players may continue to converse with their allies for strategising purposes ONLY. Evidence of deadtalking will possibly have you barred from future mafia games.
2. No pasting Role PMs, fake or real, until Night 0 is over.
3. Each Day occurs for 48 hours. The day may end prematurely when a majority is reached. The lynchee with the most votes at the end of the day is lynched otherwise.
4. Each Night occurs for 48 hours, or when all PMs are received, in which case a grace period of 1 hour will occur.
5. Me and Thorns are so fucking insane that anything to do with chemistry could be included in this mafia. Players are strongly urged to read up.
6. Each player may tell me a death quote on irc. This death quote may not have anything to do with the game.
7. The game ends when a player or group is in a position to win unopposed. This is objective, but may be fairly subjective, however.
8. PMs are to be sent to both Thorns and demon238. Please entitle your PM 'Night/Day X - ACTION USER'. It makes it a lot easier.
9. Action priorities are kept at our discretion.
10. If you want to create a pastebin, mini forum, irc channel, spreadsheet, (I'd make it secret!) or something to organize yourself, notify Thorns and demon238.
11. Inactivity for 48 hours will result in a prod. If you would like to request a prod for a certain user, PM Thorns or demon238.
12. You are allowed to copy-paste things I have said, as long as it is about game mechanics or a role. You may not copy-paste things like 'yes, you are a villager' or the like.
13. If you would like to construct a fake PM, notify either Thorns or demon238. We are happy to help, but we will not construct an entire PM for you.'

There will be 24 players, maybe 1/2 more or less, anyone that does not make it in will be on the substitute list.

Preferred players are ones that hopefully have IRC and active, if you don't have IRC I encourage you get it.
(People that pre-signed up should post to confirm)

Players List
1. Earthworm
2. Gmax
3. Misaki-chi
4. Stoo
5. Serenity
6. porygon3
7. thunda
8. Veedrock
9. Mordock
10. Flounder
11. Myriad
12. Magmortified
13. Shade
14. Jimbo
15. birrymirrs
16. G/S Zubat
17. Lightwolf
18. Macle
19. Sikh Assassin
20. Lesm46
21. moi
22. Hobo Cop
23. CoF
24. Bass
25. cyzir visheen
26. moot
27. Sir Lu
28. TAY
29. Phantasia
30. Yoshi King
31. Ph3artehPh1r3
32. -_-


take me anywhere
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edit to be on serenity's team

also can I be Francium - Killing role when mixed with water (because an ounce of francium + water vapor blows up a building??????)


edit 2 I'm so excited I love chemistry
actually can I be Neon or Xenon ty
edit 3 NO LEAD I want to be Plumbum
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