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Its Hot In Texas(OU Sun Team)

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by Im Skalayle, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Im Skalayle

    Im Skalayle

    May 28, 2013
    I was never really big on making weather teams and such but i decided to make a OU sun team and i think it came out decent.I won a good amount of games and loss some.I am also new on making RMT threads so any advice you guys have on that would be nice also.


    Ability: Drought​
    Evs:Hp 252 | SpD 252 | 4 SpA​
    ~Fire Blast​
    ~Solar Beam​
    I think this is a pretty standard drought set you have to start some where.I see Toxic as a good option but I picked Will-O-Wisp for switch in physical attackers. Last is Hypnosis, the thing about this is that it can be replaced and with its terrible accuracy its not the best but i picked it so if i do land the hypnosis i can hopefully get a set-up move on another pokemon in my team.​
    Prancer(Sawsbuck)@Life Orb​
    Evs:Atk 252 | Speed 252 | Hp 4​
    ~Horn Leech​
    ~Jump Kick​
    ~Wild Charge​
    ~Swords Dance​
    I know Sawsbuck is not OU but its obliterates and after you get a swords dance off the opponent will have some difficulty.Horn leech Cancels out life orb and with stab its great.Jump kick if your the steel types that come out and think they can stop this beast.Wild charge is for those flying types and politoads.Thru the battles i have had with Sawsbuck i have learned that it is underrated.​
    Darm-It!(Darmanitan)@Choice Scarf​
    Ability:Sheer Force​
    Evs:Speed 252 | Atk 252 | Hp 4​
    ~Flare Blitz​
    ~Rock Slide​
    For this nickname is amazing be Jelly :] . This is once again not a OU pokemon but in the sun and scarfed i think that it deserves some respect.Darmanitan scarfed in the sun is a pure tank.It can plow threw almost anything.The reason why i picked U-Turn over superpower is one that it is scarfed so it will keep dropping its stats and two U-turn and EQ cover most the types that fighting moves are strong against besides normal but there are very few Normal types in OU and even that a good flare blitz can handle that.​
    StarFire(Latios)@Choice Specs​
    Evs:SpA 252 | Speed 252 | 4 Hp​
    ~Draco Meteor​
    ~Hidden Power Fire​
    Latios Specs is nice and very reliable this isn't the first time i have used this set.Dragon pulse could replace Draco becuase of the Spa drop but with specs it kinda makes up for it.Psychic could also me replaced with Psyshock. Even with a ton of fire spread among the team i still like to run Hp fire for the scizors you never know when one of those can ruin your day.​
    Count Glacula(Gliscor)@Toxic Orb​
    Ability: Poison Heal​
    Evs:Hp 252 | Def 252 | Atk 4​
    ~Fire Fang/EQ​
    Im pretty sure i will stick with EQ but i want you guys opinoin if Fire Fang would help because Gliscor can get set up on and with Sun boost will fire fang even be viable?OK i know Counter is not something most people would suggest or even think about but it has came in handy so many times. This isnt a set i just decided to use this is a set i have been using for a long time and yes it may not look like the best but it works.​
    Horny(Terrakion)@Choice Band​
    Evs:Atk 252 | Speed 252 | Hp 4​
    ~Close Combat​
    ~Stone Edge/Rock Slide​
    ~X-Scissor/Aerial Ace​
    We all know Terrakion is a beast and he can be very destructive.Stone Edge may be very powerful but when it misses power doesnt mean anything thing thats why i am contemplating Rock Slide.X-Scissor is nice Aeriel Ace is also and seriel helps out with Keldeo's they are both really good choices.​
    Well that was my team.Like i said i am new to making threads so any advice on making them would be nice but i am not new to competitive.My team is not fully based on weather i think thats a good thing just in case another weather team comes in and knocks out Tailz.Be harsh i want to know what you guys think.Thanks and i hope this wasnt so bad ;]]​
    (I didnt think the pictures would be so big i edited them and they didnt change i hope its not to bad sorry ;-; )​
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  2. Kenny

    Kenny don't expect me

    Aug 1, 2012
    Hi! I have a few slight suggestions for ya. You might wanna consider running a Normal STAB like Return over Wild Charge, as Horn Leech already hits Grass Types like Politoed and is just overall better than Wild Charge. Psyshock > Psychic for Latios too, for getting past the pink blobs. Earthquake is really redundant with Close Combat on Terrak, so you might wanna run something like Quick Attack for that last % revenge kill or even Double Kick for Sash Mamo or Subbed mons. Uh you might wanna add a bit more information about the team though =o
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  3. Im Skalayle

    Im Skalayle

    May 28, 2013
    I respect your opinion but then i get walled by Gengar but the other advice i will take in to account.I thought i put enough info its my first thread sorry
  4. Energy

    Energy formerly Laurel
    is a Tiering Contributoris a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 2, 2010
    Hey man. Cool sun team. The first thing I'm going to mention are some weaknesses I see with your team, and then I'll say what I think you should do to fix these weaknesses.

    - Dragons: You have a sun team with no steel types. You have no switch ins to dragons, and have nothing for opposing Latios. In addition, things like CM Latias sweep you with 2 CMs, because max speed Latias outspeeds Hidden Power [Fire] Latios. Hydreigon can OHKO your only wall Gliscor, and then your opponent can switch to a pokemon that resists whatever you're revenge killing Hydreigon with.

    - Other Weather: Rain messes with you. Nothing on your team can switch into a Specs Hurricane from a Tornadus or a Hydro Pump from Keldeo in the rain. Your Ninetails has no defensive EV investment so it'll often lose the weather war. In addition, you have no spinner so Ninetales takes 25% damage from Stealth Rocks whenever it switches in. Band Terrakion deals with Sand pretty well. Bulky Sand with defensive Hippowdon almost always beats Sun Teams, so that's not a big problem. Even Hail can probably annoy you to heck, the standard synergy of a hail team with Aboma Heatran and Tentacruel is almost impossible for you to break. Your Ninetales lacks Sunny Day, so on a predicted Switch to a weather setter all you can do is WoW. Other Sun Teams also give you big problems, Venusaur with a Growth OHKOs your entire team with Stealth Rocks up. Sawsbuck is faster but can't kill in return.

    - No Spinner: You absolutely need a spinner on every sun team. You are going to lose the weather war almost every time with your current set up. Ninetales is necessary to beat any other weather team, which is about 50% of teams in OU.

    - Overall Lack of Sweepers: The whole reason to use Sun is to spam Chlorophyl, and other powerful sweepers like Dragonite who might benefit from Sun being up (no sand to chip multiscale). You have one sweeper on your team, Sawsbuck, who is very weak to priority with it's poor typing, and probably dies early game all the time.

    - Weakness to set up Sweepers: Things like Double Dance Thundurus-T sweep your team. Your only chance is Terrakion, which needs to come in on it's first set up move because it dies to a +2 Thunderbolt 100% of the time. CM Keldeo is another example, once your Sawsbuck is dead.

    +2 252 SpA Thundurus-T Thunderbolt vs. 4 HP / 0 SpD Terrakion: 367-433 (113.27 - 133.64%) -- guaranteed OHKO

    - No Hazards: Stealth Rocks is essential to every team. It's the best move in the game, for good reason.

    - Alakazam: You have nothing priority. Therefore, you have no hope of breaking it's Sash besides U-turn from Darmanitan, which can't switch into any move but Hidden Power. Versions with Hidden Power [Ice] hurt your entire team badly.


    Now that I've covered some of the key weaknesses to your team, I'll mention things you can do to fix these problems.
    - Add a Spinner
    - Add Stealth Rock User
    - Add Priority to kill set up Sweepers
    - Add one more sweeper
    - Add a Steel type to take hits from Dragons
    - Bulkier Ninetales to win weather wars

    Overall, 3 pokemon need to be changed, and your Ninetales set.

    First. [​IMG] Gliscor -> [​IMG] Donphan

    Similar typing, another Physical Wall, has Stealth Rock, priority, can Spin. Also, Roost and Poison Heal are banned together.

    Second. [​IMG] Darmanitan -> [​IMG] Jirachi

    Another Scarf poke, less hazard weak. Essential Steel type that every team needs, can switch into Dragons and U-Turn to another poke on your team. Laughs at Hurricane from rain teams.

    Finally. [​IMG] Terrakion -> [​IMG] Venusaur

    This guy is the reason to use Sun. Venusaur can actually kill Hippowdon for you. It can also hit Tyranitar hard even in Sand. Doesn't make you much weaker to Sand, destroys most Weatherless teams. Best check is Heatran on Weatherless, which is killed by Jump Kick from Sawsbuck.

    Here are the sets you should use for each Pokemon.

    [​IMG] Donphan (M) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Sturdy
    EVs: 252 HP / 88 Atk / 168 Def
    Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)
    - Earthquake
    - Ice Shard
    - Stealth Rock
    - Rapid Spin

    The Defensive EVs are enough to live every importany physical hit, rest is put into attack, makes your Ice Shard as strong as possible for things like Thundurus-T and Landorus. Also, buffs up Earthquake so you're always two hitting Scizor with rocks up. Donphan can also be an effective lead vs Sand Teams, as you don't want to lead Ninetales vs a slower Hippowdon or Tyranitar. Rapid Spin will increase your Ninetales longevity, you need hazards off the field. Earthquake also hits Heatran, a pain for all sun teams.

    [​IMG] Venusaur (M) @ Life Orb
    Trait: Overgrow
    EVs: 72 HP / 252 SAtk / 184 Spd
    Timid Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
    - Growth
    - Sleep Powder
    - Sludge Bomb
    - Giga Drain

    Very unconventional set. However, it works well for your team. With no other status besides WoW on Ninetales, you can spam Sleep Powder. Growth allows Venusaur to sweep. Hidden Power [Fire] is unnecessary because you already have a fire move on three other pokemon. I also don't see steel types in general giving you too many problems. However, Hidden Power [Fire] is an option if Sleep Powder is not working out. Growth is a staple though, it's a win condition in and of itself. Also, with Sleep Powder you can put anything you don't want to deal with to sleep. How about Latias for example. Then you Growth twice and Sweep if all steel types are eliminated.

    [​IMG] Jirachi @ Choice Scarf
    Trait: Serene Grace
    EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 HP
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Iron Head
    - U-turn
    - Fire Punch
    - Ice Punch / Healing Wish

    Since your not using Hidden Power [Fire] on Venusaur Fire Punch is very important here. It deals with Steel types whom Venusaur can't kill. Adamant Nature because in Gen 5, Dragon Dance Mence and Scarf Flygon are almost never seen, which is what Jolly Scarf ties. Adamant hits enough speed to beat +1 Dragonite. Also, it boosts the power of Iron Heads, for annoying pokemon like Politoed. I have Ice Punch to hit Dragons, who are still annoying with out it. Ice Shard from Donphan isn't going to be enough for Dragon spam teams. Healing Wish is an option too for healing up wounded pokemon on your team like Latios after it took a Bullet Punch from Scizor and killed it with Hidden Power [Fire]. Jirachi also beats Alakazam, who you would otherwise have serious problems with. U-turn grabs momentum for your team.

    Finally, here's the best set for Ninetales.

    [​IMG] Ninetales (F) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Drought
    EVs: 252 HP / 228 Def / 8 SDef / 20 Spd
    Calm Nature
    - Fire Blast
    - Roar
    - Will-O-Wisp
    - Sunny Day

    20 Speed is needed to beat Adamant Breloom. Roar gets out set up special sweepers like Calm Mind Latias. WoW is for burning pokemon like Tyranitar who like to switch in to get their Sand back up. Also for Pokemon like Landorus-T who loves Earthquaking. The Rest of the spread maximizes as many defensive points as possible. This Ninetales is not even 2 hit KOd by Specs Surf from Politoed in Sun. Again, the reason for the bulk is to maximize your chances of winning weather wars. With this spread, you can actually switch into things. Flamethrower can be used over Fire Blast, but I just like the power. For example, it can 2HKO Landorus-T rather than 3HKO. Also, when you miss it's not that crucial, because it's usually to something switching into Ninetales so it's never punished for missing.


    I hope this helps. I'd change some other stuff like give Psyshock to Latios over Psychic to hit Blissey hard, but this is sufficient. If you have any questions just PM me, or quote this, and it'll flash me and I can respond.
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  5. Im Skalayle

    Im Skalayle

    May 28, 2013

    You are telling me i need a spinner but if i change Darm i wont need a spinner and i really dont need a spinner in the first place .Why would i want a steel pokemon in a SUN team again my team isn't fully made to abuse the weather so changing one of the only things that do so is silly.last but not least you are telling me vena to get Hippos and T-tars well i think Sawsbuck has that covered.Yes i know other weathers are my weakness in this time i am trying to solve that.
  6. Energy

    Energy formerly Laurel
    is a Tiering Contributoris a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 2, 2010
    You need a steel type or else you have no switch ins for dragon attacks. I'm saying Venu because it's another win condition and helps with weatherless. In the end, it is your team, I am just trying to help.
  7. Goddess Briyella

    Goddess Briyella Banned deucer.

    Mar 25, 2013
    Hi Skalayle!

    This is a pretty cool team you have here, but I have a few suggestions and things to note that I feel you should consider giving a try. Laurel covered most of the points I would have made, and all of those are very important. I would like to stress that this doesn't really come off as a Sun team. Only half of the team can really make use of Drought and the other half is sort of just there (having moves that get the Sun boost like Fire Fang are pretty cool but not of much overall use for the team). You are very vulnerable to Dragons without a Steel type and you are also plagued by Stealth Rock without a spinner. These two crucial points cannot be ignored.

    Something you should very much consider when running an OU sun team is the high chance of running into opposing weather, particularly Rain. It may seem like a good idea to have Solarbeam on Ninetales to hit Water, Ground, and Rock types with, but I'd like to present a scenario that may shed some light on why it isn't. Let's say you're against a Rain team. If you predict Politoed to switch in, and you go for the Solarbeam, you'll have to spend that first turn recharging (Drizzle activates, removing Drought), and then doing almost no damage next turn, while Politoed can directly threaten you with its Rain boosted Scald/Hydro Pump and you will not be able to switch out. This can be very detrimental and your current Ninetales set can't even touch Politoed. So what I would like to recommend, if you're wanting to have a Grass type move on board, is Energy Ball. That way you can still dish out your super effective Grass attack and not be put into a horrible position after the weather changes.

    Also I would like to note that Ninetales loses instantly to Choice Band Dugtrio. This is also a very important point. It will outspeed and OHKO you with Earthquake. The scariest part of this is that Dugtrio's Arena Trap ability will not let you switch to safety, so you will have to watch in horror as your preferred weather is vanquished and replaced with what the opponent has. This puts you at a serious disadvantage, hugely because two thirds of your team are already weak to Water as it is. Rain as the field weather without the ability to change it to Sun will only make conditions worse. For these reasons, I would like to suggest replacing Ninetales' Leftovers item with Air Balloon. Sure, it's only a one time use item, but smart and conservative play will almost always guarantee you can keep up your preferred weather and not be threatened outright by Dugtrio, who is probably Ninetales' biggest nightmare.

    As Laurel also mentioned, opposing Sun teams can also prove to be a huge issue. Growth Venusaur will have a field day with this team. This is another reason a Steel type would be ideal. I agree wholeheartedly with his suggested team member changes. I would have suggested pretty much the same. Donphan's Ice Shard can prove to be really useful late game for getting important KOs against Dragons and other things that have been significantly weakened but still pose an offensive threat.

    (One last thing I'd like to mention, for future reference, is it's generally customary to leave an exportable of your team, although I don't know if the hide tags have been made to work again yet)

    Well, I hope my input is helpful or at least thought-provoking! I wish you continued luck with your team Skalayle! ^_^
  8. Jasonofficial


    Jul 20, 2013
    You put this up for rating yet don't take any advice.
  9. Im Skalayle

    Im Skalayle

    May 28, 2013
    I took the advice but i disagreed with a little of it.Some of the pokemon that where chosen i think where unnecessary and some where.I mean i am aloud to my opinion also.
  10. Chronic Smash

    Chronic Smash

    Jul 8, 2013
    Hey Skalayle!

    Pretty cool teamI like the originality,but I have a few suggestions:

    1)I see your Ninetales is easily trapped and killed by Dugtrio,for that I would suggest you give your Ninetales an Air Balloon over Leftovers,that way you can switch out safely from it.I also would recommend you give Ninetales Sunny Day over Hypnosis so you can remove unwanted weather and becuase Hypnosis is really unreliable.

    2)You could also use a spinner and hazard support.I recommend you replace Gliscor with Donphan so you provide Stealth Rock and Rapid Spin Support.Ice Shard can help to revenge kill weakened Pokemon.

    3)Darmanitan is good but its weak to rocks,to remove that Stealth Rock weakness,I recommend you replace your Darmanitan with Choice Band Infernape with Iron Fist that way you remove a crippling Stealth Rock weakness,you also get access to Priority in Mach Punch

    4)Choice Scarf>Choice Band on Terrakion,so Terrakion can deal with common scarfers like Salamence or Thundurus-T,so it can outspeed and OHKO with Stone Edge,also keep X-Scissor to be able to check the likes of Starmie.

    5)Psyshock>Psychic on Latios so you're not completely walled by Chansey/Blissey,The specs kinda make up for the fact that Draco get a -2 Sp.Atk drop.

    6)Double-Edge/Return>Wild Charge on Sawsbuck you could use either of those two its up to personal preference.And it provides you Normal STAB which is always nice.

    Here are the sets:

    Infernape (M) @ Choice Band
    Trait: Iron Fist
    EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
    Jolly Nature
    - Flare Blitz
    - ThunderPunch
    - Close Combat
    - Mach Punch

    Terrakion @ Choice Scarf
    Trait: Justified
    EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
    Jolly Nature
    - Stone Edge
    - Close Combat
    - X-Scissor
    - Earthquake

    Sawsbuck @ Life Orb
    Evs:Atk 252 | Speed 252 | Hp 4
    ~Horn Leech
    ~Jump Kick
    ~Swords Dance

    Donphan @ Leftovers
    EV's 252 HP/252 Def/4 SDef
    Impish Nature
    ~ Rapid Spin
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Stealth Rock
    ~ Ice Shard

    Hope I helped,good luck my friend :D
  11. Im Skalayle

    Im Skalayle

    May 28, 2013
    Thanks to all who gave me advice.I may seemed liked i didnt like it but i took most of it into affect beside Donphan.I will replace Gliscor for a spinner but donphan is not what i would enjoy i think its a poor ice shard user.Thanks for all the help

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