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Ivan / Ivy's Music Thread

Discussion in 'Smeargle's Studio' started by Ivan_Starr, May 25, 2012.

  1. Ivan_Starr


    Dec 12, 2010
    Hello there everyone, I shall get to the point and purpose of this thread right now. I felt I was spamming my musical contributions in Bryne's music thread, so I rightfully felt and decided I should create my own music thread. I am an aspiring vocalist with hopes of recording at least one studio album and or EP, releasing it, and playing at least one gig in my lifetime. I started uploading my stuff to YouTube a few days ago, my vocal solo stuff anyhow. I'm currently in a band with my good friend Wes, we are known as Demon Bell, named after the Mercyful Fate song, At the Sound of the Demon Bell. If anyone is interested in what I have to offer, I shall place some of my contact information below in links.

    If anyone would like to request me to record and upload any thing, please tell me so. I'll sincerely consider it and reply to anyhow as soon as possible on a definite answer of me following through with it or not. Here are some current bands I know pretty well and or willing to cover, or at least I feel anyhow.

    Bold indicates some of my personal favorite

    Alice in Chains
    The Beatles
    Black Sabbath
    David Bowie
    Alice Cooper
    Coven (Chicago, Illinois based 1960's psychedelic rock band)
    Deep Purple
    Enforcer (Sweden based traditional heavy, speed, thrash metal band)
    Gamma (San Fransisco, California based 1970's hard rock band)
    Guns N' Roses
    Iron Maiden
    Judas Priest
    King Diamond
    Led Zeppelin
    (the) Melvins
    Mercyful Fate

    Metal Church
    Mötley Crüe
    Pagan Altar
    Spooky Tooth
    The Subhumans (Canada based 1970's punk band)
    Thin Lizzy
    Twisted Sister
    UFO (United Kingdom based 1970's hard rock / space rock [earlier stuff] band)
    Van Halen

    My Contact Info / Websites:


    If anyone has any questions for me or has any interest in me musically, ask away.
  2. Ivan_Starr


    Dec 12, 2010
    In the thought process of image sells, or looks that kill, here are some photos of what I look like. Just in case anyone may have a (man) crush on me or would like to avoid me musically if I may come off as hideous to that specific individual:


    And here's me, on my worst days: Awful beard and extremely messy hair:

  3. avocado

    avocado call me mr. worldwide
    is a member of the Site Staffis a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributoris a Tiering Contributoris a Contributor to Smogon

    Jul 17, 2010

    Anyway, just as I VM'd you, I'd love to see you cover Behind Blue Eyes by The Who. :p
  4. Ivan_Starr


    Dec 12, 2010
    Why yes I love Rainbow and Judas Priest, both Ronnie James Dio and Rob Halford are some of my biggest vocalist inspirations / influences, the latter Metal God being my overall favorite vocalist. I'm going to do some re-listening of The Who eventually and I don't know exactly when, I will re-familiarize myself with their albums because:

    1. I enjoyed their stuff when I did listen to them last summer religiously
    2.(The) Melvins front man and guitarist Buzz Osbourne, a.k.a. King Buzzo, is a huge fan of The Who.

    Edit: I'm going to record a cover of Judas Priest's Dreamer Deceiver for my talent contest entry, a Mercyful Fate medley, and an original by me called Night Writer today and will try to upload the medley and Dreamer Deceiver today.

    If anyone wants an example of how I sound vocally, here's my a cappella cover of Led Zeppelin's The Battle of Evermore.

    Ivy's The Battle of Evermore

  5. Ivan_Starr


    Dec 12, 2010
    Ivan Magallon - Night Writer

    ^ My first original in its earliest forms. Arikado, once I get a very good "feel" for The Who's music again I will upload a cover of Behind Blue Eyes. I wouldn't want to do a half-ass effort or upload an effort of me clearly not at my best or me could have possibly doing much more.

    Edit: Now excuse me, I must get ready for my good friend's birthday party, it is her birthday / graduation cook out bash at the park.
  6. TrueSoprano


    May 24, 2012
    You, sir, have an AWESOME taste in music! You put Megadeth in bold. I love you. They are my favorite band.
  7. Ivan_Starr


    Dec 12, 2010
    They're one of my top two favorite thrash bands, Overkill being the other. Though I prefer Megadeth's first four studio albums over Overkill's (both are damn good), I prefer Overkill overall. Megadeth started slipping after Cryptic Writings in my opinion, and yes I do enjoy that album. Everything after is hit or miss.


    1985 - Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good! 5/5
    1986 - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? 5/5
    1988 - So Far, So Good... So What! 5/5
    1990 - Rust in Peace 5/5
    1992 - Countdown to Extinction 4/5
    1994 - Youthanasia 3.5/5
    1997 - Cryptic Writings 3.5/5
    2009 - Endgame 3.5/5


    1995 - Hidden Treasures 3/5
    1999 - Risk 2/5
    2001 - The World Needs a Hero 1.5/5
    2004 - The System Has Failed 3/5
    2007 - United Abominations 2/5
    2012 - Th1rt3en 2/5

    My fav 5 thrash releases would probably be some thing like this:

    (1986) Dark Angel - Darkness Descends
    (1985 / 1986) Megadeth - Killing Is My Business... / Peace Sells (One of these two)
    (1985) Overkill - Feel the Fire
    (1987) Sarcófago - INRI
    (1983) Slayer - Show No Mercy

    INRI and Darkness Descends are my two favorites.
  8. TrueSoprano


    May 24, 2012

    The first four albums are amazing.

    I seem to be the only one in the world that doesn't like Countdown. I mean, I don't HATE it, it's just terribly overrated. The songwriting in Youthanasia is a lot more interesting to me. Countdown just drags.

    Endgame easily has a spot in my top 5 Megadeth albums. Th1RT3EN was good. Not great, just good. Definitely a step down from Endgame.

    I can't say I'm super into thrash metal (I'm more into melodeath and folk metal), but I do love Slayer, and Show No Mercy is probably my second favorite Slayer album. I never got super into Overkill, but I do like 99% of the stuff I've listened to by them.
  9. the dead mans oddysey

    the dead mans oddysey

    Jul 11, 2011

    lo, just joking. iron maidens one of my favs, but it seems you have a much wider interest in music than i thought. rainbow. then name itself doesn't inspire anything of what the music actually is. 70's rock LIVE ON!

    i have just checked out your youtube channel as well, and id have to say, alot of it is just singing lyrics from other songs. i applaud you for having that confidence to sing, and then actually continuing after seeing the ratings. not many people have seen your videos, and evryone hates it.
    but not me.
    i find it very, well, i dont know. very reassuring to see someone else on youtube that doesnt have a good reputation, or someone that hasnt got many views. i just think "s/he'll pull through. s/he'llget better."

    so, maybe you could expand on your otpions? do music instead of singing? or maybe a serious mix of both. that would really help you out.

    anyway, so for, im just inspired by the confidence you have here ivan :D
  10. Ivan_Starr


    Dec 12, 2010
    I'm not really a fan of melodeath or folk metal tbh, that's just me though. As far as metal genres go, I enjoy my share traditional, doom, thrash, death, and black metal. I personally couldn't give a rat's ass about deathcore, the vast majority of metalcore sucks hard, and folk and prog. metal really don't interest me all that much. I enjoy folk rock and progressive rock, just not those as metal genres.

    As far as Slayer goes, I love their early stuff from 1983-1985, but I couldn't care for them past Hell Awaits. They just release the same re-hash stuff and do nothing to excite it. At least Motörhead release quality stuff like Inferno and Motörizer in modern times.

    I love Iron Maiden's early albums with Paul Di'Anno and also enjoy the Bruce Dickinson albums up to Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Everything Maiden have done post-1988 is just extra imo, plus I actually I'm more interested in the bands Iron Maiden have covered like UFO and Thin Lizzy. Thank you for applauding my music taste though.

    I don't let dislikes worry me, anyone can make a YouTube account and waste their time trolling. I've been told I'm a bad singer on numerous occasions, the folks who have told me that are brain dead top 40 sheep who can't think for themselves though. Those who have applaud my vocals have been actual music fans themselves and or advance chorus girls. I mean look at how hard Black Sabbath was bashed in their early days, now those same morons at Rolling Stone praise their works.

    I'd do music, believe me. I can't exactly play a musical instrument though, not to mention I currently have an irritating skin problem on my hands that would prevent me from really learning as much as possible if I decided to take up bass guitar or drums. As of now though I'll just upload me covering stuff, I'll try to upload stuff with Wes when we finally get around to rehearsing again.

    As far as my confidence goes, I have never lacked any in singing since I've really started it. I have a stuttering speech issue, but I never stutter when I sing.

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