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I've Never Used Warstories, a Never Used Warstory

Discussion in 'BW NU' started by Stalltaria, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. Stalltaria


    Oct 26, 2012
    Tier: NU
    Mode: Singles
    Rule: Rated
    Rule: Sleep Clause
    Rule: Species Clause
    Variation: +49, -41

    Your team: Bayleef / Butterfree / Fearow / Aron / Nidorina / Lairon

    Opponent's team: Sawsbuck-Winter / Persian / Emboar / Lapras / Kadabra / Mawile

    Okay, let's start here, with a little overview.
    My team is called:
    "F.E.A.R(ow), I can't Bayleef it's not Butterfree"

    I've never done a war story, please don't hate instantly, just please bear with me,
    please give me constructive criticism on how to better write, but please be positive and open minded in your mindset. I really don't enjoy being flamed when I'm serious about something.

    This team I built was to force rage quitting,
    unless I play very well there is literally NOTHING I can do against Liepard.
    This team is flawed, this team is gimmicky, the universe needs to align for me to ever succeed.
    But, one would be wise to FEAR(ow) this team.

    With that out of the way, let us begin.

    Okay, so thinking about my lead,
    I didn't think at all, this Nidorina isn't afraid of shit.
    Without thinking about consequences and repercussions; out goes Nidorina!

    Unicorn Sparkle sent out Mawile!
    Far Canal sent out Nidorina!
    The foe's Mawile intimidates Nidorina!
    Nidorina's Attack fell!

    As usual things do not go according to plan, an attack drop.
    Luckily my Nidorina has no offensive moves, and I don't even think a Mawile could touch the purity Nidorina displays, granted by her luscious Eviolite.

    Without further ado - Toxic Spikes

    Start of turn 1
    Nidorina used Toxic Spikes!
    Poison spikes were scattered all around the feet of Unicorn Sparkle's team!

    The foe's Mawile used Stealth Rock!
    Pointed stones float in the air around Far Canal's team!

    Dammit. Now it's going to be really hard for Aron to come out and wreck him!
    Oh well, I guess I'll just have to cut his HP in half :(

    Start of turn 2
    Nidorina used Super Fang!
    The foe's Mawile lost 50% of its health!

    The foe's Mawile used Taunt!
    Nidorina fell for the taunt!

    The foe's Mawile restored a little HP using its Leftovers!

    I don't think he was expecting that,
    but no matter what Taunts and insults you hurl at me, I'm still fighting...
    Wait a minute...

    Mawile only has 2 forms of recovery, Rest and Pain Split,
    and unless he wants to be complete Taunt bait himself,
    so by theory of averages, he must be running...

    Start of turn 3
    Far Canal called Nidorina back! (you did well QT ^__^)
    Far Canal sent out Aron!
    Pointed stones dug into Aron!

    The foe's Mawile used Pain Split!
    The battlers shared their pain!

    The foe's Mawile restored a little HP using its Leftovers!

    Out comes the Dark lord of despair, and all that is unholy.
    You have just given Aron all of his health back, toxic spikes are down.
    I am going to press Endeavor repeatedly,
    because that's what a good player would do right now.

    Start of turn 4
    Unicorn Sparkle called Mawile back!
    Unicorn Sparkle sent out Sawsbuck! (Sawsbuck-Winter)
    The foe's Sawsbuck was poisoned!

    Aron used Endeavor!
    The foe's Sawsbuck lost 96% of its health!

    The foe's Sawsbuck was hurt by poison!
    The foe's Sawsbuck fainted!
    Unicorn Sparkle sent out Emboar!
    The foe's Emboar was poisoned!

    The peril begins, when it did not need too. This is the power of FEAR.
    My opponent switched out,
    was he was FEARing, when he didn't need to fear?

    How could I hurt Mawile?

    Maybe he wasn't running any attacks and *WAS* Taunt bait.
    So, let's inspire some more fear! =)

    Start of turn 5
    The foe's Emboar used Flare Blitz!
    Aron held on thanks to Sturdy!
    Aron lost 11 HP! (91% of its health)
    The foe's Emboar is damaged by recoil!

    Aron used Endeavor!
    The foe's Emboar lost 98% of its health!
    Aron's shell bell restored its HP a little!

    The foe's Emboar was hurt by poison!
    The foe's Emboar fainted!
    Unicorn Sparkle forfeited against Far Canal

    Aron's, Aron's everywhere, Aron's all over the whole everything.

    A few more things,
    1: I am sorry for Mawile's colour, but he's Steel type, and I needed to make him that colour to justify making Aron orange, as seen above.

    Mwohohoho, my objective was completed.
    As per usual, the underdog with the retarded team, wins again.
    I pray you have enjoyed this short war story,
    I hope I can use it as a platform to increase my writing skills; to divulge into more diverse writing structures. =)

    Thankyou for your time, and patience.
    Kind regards,
    Stalltaria/Far Canal
  2. FLCL

    is a Team Rater Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Past SPL Champion

    Mar 14, 2010
    the purpose of a warstory is to show an exciting battle where both players played to their best abilities, not to show off gimmicks or a humiliating loss in a five turn battle
  3. Django

    Django Started from the bottom...
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    Oct 23, 2009
    That. Please don't post anything of this quality again, and that goes for anyone else readin this thread. We are definitely ok with quality warstories, just not this kind.
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