Jellicent (Life Orb) [QC 0/3]


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U jelly?

name: Life Orb
move 1: Hydro Pump / Surf
move 2: Shadow Ball / Ice Beam
move 3: Giga Drain / Taunt
move 4: Recover
item: Life Orb
nature: Modest
evs: 176 HP / 216 SAtk / 116 Spd

Why this set deserves to be on-site:
  • Provides an alternative spinblocker to Gengar on offensive teams
  • Compared to Gengar, Jellicent spinblocks Forretress and Starmie more easily.
  • Acts more as a pivot than Gengar does. Its water immunity is especially great from preventing bulky waters or Keldeo in the rain from toying with your team.
  • Reliable recovery gives it multiple chances to spinblock if it makes a mistake
  • Hits surprisingly hard, making it a great lure. Its secondary Ghost-STAB makes strikes common water-resists Celebi and Latias down hard

Additional Comments:
  • To get the most power possible, Hydro Pump is used in the first slow, but Surf can be used for accuracy.
  • Shadow is a great secondary STAB and is useful for taking down Starmie, Celebi, and Latias. Ice Beam competes with Shadow Ball since it can take down Dragon-types while still hitting Celebi and Latias.
  • In the last slot, Giga Drain can be used to hit opposing Water-types and can be used to hit Starmie instead of Shadow Ball. However, Taunt is equally usable if using Shadow Ball due to its ability to shut down opposing Water-types and Blissey.
  • EV's allow for Jellicent to tie with CB TTar and hit it with Hydro Pump. The rest is put into special attack and bulk

Teammates & Counters:
  • Hazard setters for offensive teams, especially those with Spikes, are greatly appreciated. Deoxys-D takes the cake since it can competently setup both SR and Spikes.
  • A Fighting-type, especially Terrakion or Breloom, are good teammates because of Jellicent's liability of being able to be Pursuit-trapped. Both Terrakion and Breloom can set up on Choice locked Pursuits and apreciate Jellicent's ability to lure in their counters (Celebi/Latias respectively)
  • Opposing Water-types can be a pain for Jellicent, so Pokemon who can eliminate are very much appreaciated. Breloom and Thundurus-T both are especially powerful attacks who can remove Water-type with their STAB's. In a similar fashion, a Pokemon that can remove Grass-types is also appreciated. Scizor, Volcarona, and Heatran can all destroy Grass-types with their STAB's and synergize well with Jellicent.


Here is a log with MikeDecIsHere showing its annoyingness:
vs Tentacruel with me using Hail:


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We already have an offensive set on-site already (CSpecs), so I find this set rather redundant. Similarly to Gastrodon, we may possibly merge Specs and LO set together, but I'm not even sure if this set is that good just from the two replays you have supplied. I need further evidence of this Jellicent's ability to switch moves outweighing the 10% LO recoil that Specs Jelli needs not to worry.


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I don't like this set for a number of reasons, chief among them is that fact that I hate Life Orb on something slow and offensive, especially if its usually used on a mon that takes a defensive roll. Its not like Jellicent lacks offensive sets, its Scarf and Specs sets are still very strong and in my testing I really found this sub bar, the lack of bulk really frustrating me. An example of this can be found in your log, where Jellicent could have easily been KOed had Mike not suspected Scarf and switched out.

While its true you still spinblock Forretress, so does nearly every Jellicent under the sun so this isn't an amazing feat. You do miss out on Starmie however (whereas Specially Defensive Jellicent would win) as you can no longer switch in, which means Psyshock and Thunderbolt / Thunder can do a ton.

Perhapes we could give LO an OO option, or maybe in the AC of the Specs set if I could be persuaded hard enough, but as it is I just don't see it sorry :(