Jerry "The King" Lawler


Current WWE color comentator, multiple time champion, and WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry "The King" Lawler colapsed, in an unscripted portion of tonights brodcast of Monday Night Raw.

WWE Raw comentator Michael Cole last reported Jerry Lawler was able to now breath on his own, and his heart was beating on it's own, and he is in an isolated portion of a hospital, in Montreal, Canada, and is awaiting a CAT Scan on both his head, and his chest.

To anyone who enjoys the WWE, or knows who Jerry Lawler is, please keep your thoughts with him.
Did they stop the match?

Can't believe this happened in my hometown.
They continued on with the full show, as close as possible as to what was planned, however, Michael Cole only stayed at ring side to give updates on Jerry Lawer's condition. He did not actually commentate any matches after that tag team match.

Michael Cole said there would be no commentary for the rest of the matches this evening as a show of respect for Jerry Lawler, and was only heard from after that while giving updates on his condition.


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Not sure if this needs its own thread, but I'll allow it for now as long as some real discussion comes from it. If it doesn't I'll have to move it to the Pro Wrestling thread.


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The creepiest part about this entire thing is that Lawler had literally just wrestled a match less than an hour earlier on RAW before he had the heart attack. I was reading the RAW results live (since I usually watch it the day after) as this was happening. My hands were literally shaking at this because when Cole said they were performing CPR on Lawler, it meant that there was a good chance he wouldn't make it.

I'm glad he's still alive now though. I just hope he makes it through the crucial few days after his heart attack, and I hope there wasn't any brain/other vital organ damage as a result of the cardiac arrest from the heart attack. I heard he was clinically dead for 20 minutes after the heart attack (I assume that means it took them 20 minutes to get his heart beating again), so I hope they got him in time.

In a sense, it's really a good thing he had the heart attack on RAW instead of a few hours later in his hotel room. There are an enormous amount of EMTs ready for an emergency on RAW, and apparently there were hospitals just 15 minutes away. If he had a heart attack in his hotel room, the EMTs wouldn't have been there.


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This kind of thing is terrifying, especially in front of an arena full of fans. When you add in the thousands watching live at home... truly awful. I wish him well, I always enjoyed listening to his shrill voice at ringside.


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Kind of brings back unpleasant memories of Andre the Giant though. DM is probably the only other one of us who saw that happen, but man was it chilling.