jessifer's art thread

Wow, i was looking through these and thought "wow these are cute" AND THEN I SAW HAXORUS. That is so badass, love it :D. Do you take requests per chance, if so requesting a makuhita using aura sphere, surprised hardly anyone has commented on this!
Edit: also I joined here only 2 days after you :o
Hey, your art is great! Have you ever considered trying to color your traditional art instead of just shading it? I think it would look really good :]
Man, I've been so busy lately I can only really get on and flip through the forums. I managed to do some quick doodles in my spare time though.



I am always tired. Don't bother me.

That greatly reminds me of Cherrim's Overcast form. Perhaps make it a bit more subtle? A different pose might also work.