Jolteon (BW2 Revamp) (QC 2/3)


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in my opinion you should take shadow ball out of the main moveset and put it into additional comments. the reasoning for this is....well just read your reasoning for it. they seem pretty weak because there is really no reason to use shadow ball lol. what should replace shadow ball as secondary slash to signal beam is baton pass. although you aren't passing anything with a specs jolteon, it is incredibly useful for facing teams that feature hippodown/landorus-t/landorus as you dont wanna be caught using the wrong move trying to predict, and baton pass relieves you of some of that stress.

i didnt bother looking over whats going on in this thread nor the other moveset, so i will let the other QC staffers look at that and then i will stamp >:D
Well, since a QC member requested me to axe Shadow Ball, guess I have to, as much as I don't want to. I'll avoid overselling Shadow Ball AC in the writeup.

I'm iffy on slashing Baton Pass, though, so I'll wait for more QC input on that.
From my experience, all-out attacking Life Orb Jolteon is pretty good. I don't feel that a whole separate set is necessary, though, so slashing Life Orb on the Specs set and renaming it to "Special Attacker" would probably be a better idea since the two sets play similarly enough.
That is the thing though.. all out attacking LO Jolteon is Work Up Jolteon. They play exactly the same, you grab a boost when you can, not because you have to. LO Jolteon however plays differently than Choice Specs.. too differently to be merged. Choice Specs Jolteon is punished horribly by spamming the wrong move too early (Pursuit HP Ice / HP Grass, Dugtrio, etc.) Life Orb Jolteon just doesn't care. Plus, as I said before you can Baton Pass a Work Up. Jolteon only needs Bolt Beam to be effective.
.... umm.... lol? You're STILL on this? All-Out Attacking LO Jolteon is absolutely NOTHING like Work Up Jolteon. iirc, All-Out Attacker implies having no boosting moves. I have said multiple times that I am not giving Work Up Jolteon a set.

Also, they do play similarly enough to be merged. They scout with Volt Switch, they both want to end up spamming their Electric STAB. Life Orb just happens to have the advantage of avoiding being locked in. Warrants a merge IMO. Having two separate sets that do almost exactly the same thing with just one minor advantage one has just seems rather inefficient to me.
.... umm.... lol? You're STILL on this? All-Out Attacking LO Jolteon is absolutely NOTHING like Work Up Jolteon. iirc, All-Out Attacker implies having no boosting moves. I have said multiple times that I am not giving Work Up Jolteon a set.
So what is the difference between LO All Out Attacker and LO with Work Up? The Name. That is it. Putting a boosting move on a LO Attacker is a no brainer.

Why don't you go ahead and beat your chest some more? "I am not giving Work Up Jolteon a set because I don't like it!!!"


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Just saying, Sleep Talk Roar Jolteon is the best speed shuffler ever (just switch it into Spore, and you're good to go!)

Just on the topic of Charge Beam / Work Up, I don't think Work Up is worth it, but I do think Charge Beam can be used on the Special Attacker set in place of Volt Switch if you're using Life Orb. You can easily fire one off at something like Gyarados. You either kill the Gyarados or you get a boost (unless you're unlucky) against something else. It's pretty risk-free.
I'm a prime Gengar user and I will take advantage of the signal beam lock, since scouting for specs Jolt isn't hard at all. It's all about what threatens your team, so it should simply be explained that some teams can't afford giving Gengar windows (among many others), while others hate Celebusers.

-Work Up is horrible, and if it's ever succeeded you weren't facing the right people to begin with.
  • It's stopped by practically anything with a scarf.(Everywhere)
  • Laughed at by anything with a sash.(It happens, it does)
  • Forced out too often in a metagame where Jolteon's strength is to force someone out. Most importantly.
Shadow Ball also lets you be Pursuit trapped by Scizor and Tyranitar, both of whom are more common than Gengar, so that is irrelevant. QC decided on Signal Beam being the only slash, so that is what is on the set.

Additionally, I personally advocate for HP Grass being AC'd, but the next QC person to check can decide on that.

If you're going to mention Charge Beam make sure you stick it in A (or even OO for all I care).

It's very much a "better on paper than in practice" move. You give up the ability to damage & gain momentum for a small chance of getting a power boost that'll literally never come in handy. Those moments where Jolteon uses Charge Beam to pick off weakened Pokemon are few and far between, and the move itself is hardly "risk-free" since it can miss.

BTW there should be less emphasis on "power" in the overview. I'd say that Jolteon is average when it comes to power; it isn't strong enough to OHKO most offensive Pokemon, and it has trouble 2HKOing bulky Pokemon (unless it has the right coverage move).

EDIT: I'm fine with an AC HP grass mention
I'm personally fine with AC'ing HP Grass. I used it recently, and I did have the main problem that the only relevant things it covered were Mamoswine and Gastrodon (the latter of which I've found dropping in popularity). Overall those are pretty difficult to justify having a harder time against the likes of Gliscor, Landorus (both formes), Garchomp, etc. unless the team was REALLY weak to Mamo/Gastrodon (might wanna take another look at your team if that's the case)

Also no worries Pocket - I'll get this written up ASAP. If I don't get it written up today it will definitely be written up tomorrow since I get off school early tomorrow.

EDIT: Procrastination is a killer.