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Gym Kax's 2K!!!

Discussion in 'ASB' started by Kaxtar, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. Kaxtar


    Jan 4, 2009
    Hi guys, 2k time. I thought I'd do it in ASB because it's where I spend the majority of my time on smogon, and you guys are really the people who have kept me on smogon throughout school and such.

    So I'm not too creative, but I thought I could put all the people who have impacted me in ASB in the thread, tell them why they are my favorite user, and then make them into an ASB Pokemon. Nothing too in depth, but something to let you guys know how much you all mean to me <3

    But first, a few non-ASBers(who probably won't read the thread, but w/e):

    Pttp: Talk to me more irl, we don't have too many things in common, but you're an intelligent, funny person who I enjoy being around.

    Solace: Great person, I wish I talked to people like you more, but there's only so much time for the internet. I enjoyed the few chats I've had with you and have watched you progress on Smogon, you are an awesome influence on the site.

    Scofield: Hi, we haven't talked in a while, but I still think of the days when I was your tutee, and they really helped me out, so thanks. and your avys are always the best.

    And for the rest of you guys, I'm just going down the reg tower list for people I enjoy chatting with, sorry if I skip anybody! And if you're not active in ASB anymore and I didn't know you that well, assume that I just want you back in ASB because we need more good users (and you are all MissingNo, by the way)!

    Alch: Really awesome person with some fantastic goals, hope you get published one day! You are a hard worker, have a ton of creativity, practically run the day-to-day ASB nowadays, and are a nice user. For your pokemon, I think you can figure that one out by yourself :P Love having you around alch, don't leave anytime soon!

    Atheno: Awesome gym committee bro, knows his stuff and battles as well as the rest. you are a bit quiet though, speak your mind on the important issues because I want to hear your opinions more often! For Pokemon, you are a Lapras. In ASB, you just have a ton of options to work with, though almost nobody has a Lapras. Also, the water-type connection ofc. Speaking of waters, GL in you first gym battle!

    C$FP: Good raid partner, awesome and active ref, great GL, and imo the best battler ASB has at the moment (top 3 for sure). For Pokemon, the first thing that comes to mind is magnezone. It fits in with your gym type, but is also pretty unbeatable in 1v1 matchups due to few weaknesses, Gen 1 movepool, and strong, reliable STAB.

    Danmantincan: Longtime buddy, solid battler, very nice but outspoken as well. Get more active bro! For Pokemon, you are of course a Darmanitan because of the name similarities, the type matchup and the fact that you are generally an awesome person to go to a battle with (just like Darm).

    Deadfox: Beat ref in ASB, hands down. You reffed my TT TLR (with Engineer!) the whole way through for almost four months, do a ton of other stuff, are a strong battler, and a serious GL candidate. GL in your big battle! For Pokemon, I think of you as an ASB nidoking. You have a ton of versatility along with sheer depth of power, but are not as awesome in ASB as you would be irl (Nidoking gets free Life Orb, and you sound like you would be way more animated and awesome to talk with IRL). certainly a boss from down under.

    Deck Knight: You think you're a knight, but you're really the king. You made ASB, run it almost two years later, battle like a champ and know who to delegate power to capable people. TBH, ASB could not have hoped for a better leader than you. Additionally, you are a really intelligent person whose opinion on ASB, politics and life in general I truly respect. For Pokemon, Alakazam comes to mind. He gets a ton of raw power and awesomeness, but has qualities that few can emulate (Magic coat, extensive Gen 1 movepool) and always asserts a dominate position on the battle field. Also, your IQ levels may be somewhat comparable =)

    Dogfish: Great guy all around. You always have something intelligent to say, but rarely come off as abrasive. I really respect your opinions, and have enjoyed working with you and picking your brain quite a lot in the past. For Pokemon, I'd go with Hydregion. Fearsome reputation and can hold it's own in just about any battle, but few traits that are overpowering.

    Elevator Music: I've always respected you on, even before ASB. Always a great battler, the de-facto leader of LC for a time, opinionated yet well-tempered. Talk to me the next time you see me on IRC, I wish we did so more often. For Pokemon, you have to be a dragonite. A pokemon that always commands respect, yet remains humble at the the same time.

    Engineer: RP leader, great GL, awesome raider, hard worker, wonderful ref, cute little 15 year-old kid etc. You are a really great person that never manages to be offensive, but you won't be pushed and shoved by some of the other big names on ASB. You always surprise me with what you manage to achieve, and never disappoint. For Pokemon, I gotta go with pikachu. There's the name, the yellowness (I think of you as asian xD), some signature flare, and you never let down Ash in the anime. It's been wonderful getting to know you.

    IAR: Another bro from the land down under, you, IAR, are one of the most well-rounded people in ASB. You run one of the toughest gyms to best, ref like a pro, are involved in almost every RP, and have ASB projmods (iirc). I really enjoyed our recent raid, hopefully we can do another one in the future. Pokemon-wise, I want you to be a Gliscor. Its probably the avvy, but it also meshes with your gym and is well rounded, capable of healing, attacking, disrupting the foe and being nigh-on-unkillable.

    IIMK: While I've already praised many people above for being easy-to-work-with and generally pleasant, you MK are most certainly an abrasive person. However, I greatly respect your nerve and your wit and the fact that you will stand up for what you believe in. We've done some great work so far in running the Gym League, lets hope it continues smoothly into the future. The only Pokemon I can imagine drinking as much as you do is Slaking, so there ya go (jk of course <3). Its also lazy, powerful, unpredictable and will always have a special place in my heart, just like you.

    Objection: Sorry you didn't get your gym buddy, you would've done a great job. You are an awesome Brit and nice person, your presence on IRC is greatly enjoyed. Keep working at it and I'm sure that you'll someday get a nice position of power in ASB. Pokemon time, and I see you as a Lugia (the only legend here!!). Hypothetically speaking, you never lose a battle and will always come back stronger and stronger. You are also my favorite Pokemon ever in the world, and my favorite brit on ASB too boot (shh, don't tell the others).

    Rediamond: The most ambitious ASBer in the history of ASB, you always have a great idea. Your attempt at ASM was quite enjoyable, as its a shame that you wanted it to be too good to be practical. You should just give it another try one day and see how it goes, I think you might just be surprised. Pokemon, you're a Scylant. Gym reference ofc, but youhave some serious ability, but should always stay within your comfort zone lest you get smashed by an unexpectedly powerful foe.

    SDS: Don't talk with you too much these days, but I have always held you in high esteem SDS. You are one of the most persistent workhorses on Smogon and run many aspects of this wonderful site. Hop on #capasb more often, you've been a good leader. Pokemon is Aggron ofc, there's the gym, the hard-headed stubbornness (;P), and the ability to go beast mode.

    Smash: Talk about an old-timer. Though your activity has dipped recently, you are still great to talk to and I have some good memories of us back in the old days as the first approvers. For Pokemon, you are a Scizor. An old-timer that just keeps getting the love and who can do serious work under the correct battle conditions.

    Zara: Best ASB'er hands down here, folks. Zara, you are truly a beast wen it comes to dedication, imagination, perseverance and success. I've told you this many times before, but raids are the best part of ASB, and you've done a really fantastic job with them all. Keep up the good work my man, I can only hope everyone respects you just as much as I do. As for Pokemon, you're a Chandelure. Your immediate presence on the battlefield

    Special shout-out to people who I miss a ton and/or I wished talked to me more, but are too special not to mention their names:

    DW, Acklow, Alpha Jolt, Albinoloon, Charmander, Texas, Espy, Fireblast, flamestrike, flora (hope college is going well!), Korski, limewire, LightWolf, GK, Lou (get well soon!), NJigg, Quagsires, Tortferngatr, Orc, Jess and Leethoof.

    Finally, thanks everyone for making Smogon a part of my life and a wonderful place to be. I appreciate each and every day I've spent here, every post of the 2000. I've made, and hope the same for the next 2000. My last request, please name me as an ASB Pokemon. I'm curious to see what you all have to say!
  2. MK Ultra

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Aug 20, 2010
    thank you kaxypoo <3
    hmm a pokemon for you...
    slowbro imo - used to be ou, fell into obscurity before carving a niche in a lower tier
    also matches your average ordering speed
  3. danmantincan


    Apr 7, 2010
    Since I'm becoming more active now, it's only natural that we revive team kaxmantarcan!
    It's always fun talking to you on IRC (although I almost never see you on now) from random stuff going on, or about any ASB policies.
    For a Pokemon, I'd have to say Hydreigon. You brought this badass when we were the first team to beat Eye of the Storm and you are willing to go after you want but you are flexible enough to see and make the changes necessary for ASB to get even better.
    You should definitely get on IRC more though :D
  4. Ullar


    Nov 8, 2011
    I'd name a Mewtwo after you. See the irony? Or is it irony...idk.
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