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Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by pie cream, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. pie cream

    pie cream

    Jul 26, 2011
    Hi,this is my third team posted on smogon (I think so), this is a UU team because of I got 100 post yesterday.This team is based on helping sword dance blaziken sweeping till it's cook its self and eating by a KFC lover (not by the name of my).so here it is.

    EVs:52hp / 204atk / 252spe
    Move:Zen Headbutt
    Why this pokemon?
    I choose mesprit over uxie because it can deal better damage then uxie can do.Her job is to set up sealthrock and trick walls that I think blaziken can set up on.it is also my second revenge killer (behind rotom) if I haven't trick my scarf away.It's also my third ground immune ( behind rotom and weezing ).

    Sealthrock because it's importent to have it due to moltress, scyther, swellow and many more fying types running around in this tier.It also helps my pokemon get KOs they couldn't of with out sealthrock.

    U-turn gets lets me swich to another while dealing damage to them.

    Trick helps me give appertyuies for blazeiken to set up a sword dance on walls (i.e chansey) and deal massive damge to thier swich in.

    Zen Headbutt for a nice stab move to deal good damage if I have nothing else to do or if I think I can beat thier lead with zen head butt.It's also a good clean up move late game if thier dark types are gone.

    EVs:52hp to take a couple of hits from bulkie leads.204atk for power and enough power to break most subs with u-turn.252spe to get up rocks as quickly or to get off a fast trick.Jolly nature to outspeed neutral base 80 pokemon.


    Trait:Shell Armor
    EVs:248hp / 8def / 252spd
    Move: RapinSpin
    Move:Toxic Spikes
    Why this pokemon?

    This is my spike stacker / rapin spiner.His job is to set up (toxic) spikes and rapin spin hazerds away, take a hit or two but he doesn't live very long.

    Spikes to aid the team to get more KOs.Rapin spin to take hazeds off my side of the field.surf to deal damage to spin blockers.Toxic spikes is mainly a filler but it helps at times with walls or late game sweepers.

    EVs:248hp for bulk over all and to swich into sealth rock for times .8def since his defence stats are already high.252spd to take aleast a special or two.bold nature to boost his best stat.

    EVs:252hp / 252def / 4spa
    Move:Pain Split

    Why this pokemon?

    I choose weezing because he is my first swich into fighting types (exept special ones) .He can burn them and take nothing from their other (unless it's zen head butt or boosted attacks) attacks.He is also my first swich into physical attackers in genral (i.e feraligater, leafeon etc.) take a hit and burn them live another hit (if they haven't boosted thier attack yet) and pain split for damage on them and revoery on me.

    Flamethorwer over sludge bomb because slugde bomb may be stab but with flamethrower you can hit steel types for better damage.Thunderbolt to deal with water types.Pain split for recovery and to deal damage to thier pokemon while I stall them out.Will-O-Wisp to wall physical fighting types better and cripple any other physical attackers they have in thier patry.

    EVs: 252hp for bulk, 252def to take physical hits better and 4spa to boost thunderbolt and flamethrower a little.

    Triat:Clear Body
    EVs:252hp / 4def /252spd
    Move:Sleep Talk
    Move:Iron Head

    Why this pokemon?
    I choose registeel because of his defences, resistances and that he looks cool.he is here to wall stuff what weezing can't (execpt maybe alakazam and fire types) .He is also here for a late game sweep if blaziken dies.

    Curse to boost my def and attack so I can pull off a late game sweep ( if needed) .Rest so I can set up on stuff like weezing with no problem.Sleep talk so I don't make my self set up bait for them (still could be set up bait though) .Iron head for a good stab attack for when I feel it's readie to attack.

    EVs:252hp for bulk,4def because leftover evs and 252spdef to take special hit's well (execpt special fighting and fire attacks ) aimed at weezing.

    EVs:4def / 252spa / 252spe
    Move:HiddenPower Fighting

    Why this pokemon?
    I choose rotom because he is my #1 check to flying types.He resistance thier flying stabs (and to some normal stabs too) .He is also my frst renvege killer to most pokemon.

    Thunderbolt for a great stab and to kill flying types.Shadowball for another stan move and to revenge ghost types.Hidden power fighting to deal damage to normal and steel types.Trick to srew with chansey and to help blazeiken set up.

    EVs:4def to take flying attacks as I swich in,252pa to have full power and 252spe to outspeed as much as possible with a choice scraf.

    EVs:252atk / 4def / 252spe
    Move:Sword Dance
    Move:Flare Blitz
    Why this pokemon?
    I choose blaziken because he is what the team is build around off.He is basicly trying to get up a sword dance and burn shit with flare blitz untill he cooks him self.I choose the team to be around him because he tear apart the UU metagame in a pinch, even slowbro has a hard time swiching in (after a sword dance of course).

    Sword dance to boost his attack.Flare blitz to burn shit alive.Low kick for stab on hevier pokemon and for houndoom.Thunder punch to kill water types.

    EVs:252atk for power, 4def because I don't know and 252 spe to out because he's a sweeper.

    so this is the team,hope you enjoy it and rate it for,again thank you.
  2. pie cream

    pie cream

    Jul 26, 2011
    threat list
    black for not a threat
    orange for sort of a threat
    red for big threat
    Offensive threats
    [​IMG]Absol -sword dance: If it has pycho cut then weezing can't burn it and if there adamant then blaziken can outspeed it but if there jolly then then I have to fodder registeel to get the attack drop from super power.

    Choice scraf / band-not much of a threat really, if it pursuits rotom or mesprit then blaziken can set up on that.Weezing can burn and wall it.

    Attacking lead- U-turn againgst it then go to weezing.

    [​IMG]Aggron-Choice band-registeel can take every but lowkick and start curseing, weezing can take every but headsmash and burn it, blaziken can outspeed it but can't swich in (I geuss on a icepunch) and kill with a lowkick or sword dance and rotom can't swich in but can kill with hidden power fighting.

    subpunch-if it gets a sub up then weezing can break it with flamethrower (I thnk so) if it doen't have a sub the it can be revenge killed.

    Rockpolish-if gets a rockpolish up then rotom can outspeeds it and hp fightings it,weezing can live a hit and burn it.

    [​IMG]ALAKAZAM-choice specs-I must predict what move it's going to used or else something is dieing.Rotom can revenge kill it but can't swich in (I guess in a trick but thats to riskie).

    Sub + 3 attacks-if gets up a sub then one to two of my pokemon are dieing.I usualy go to messprit to brack the sub with u-turn then go to registeel to take the shadwball and iron head for damage or if it subs.

    Calm mind- not as threating as the sub set but if it gets to +1 then something is dieing so I can get rotom in safely.

    Calm mind + encore-not a big threat I just don't execpt it but if doesn't have focus blast then registeel can handle it.

    sub + encore-see calm mind + encore

    attacking lead- U-turn with mesprit to rotom if it signal beams then kill with shadow ball.

    Duel sceens- It's not alakzam I worried about it's what taking avantdge of the sceens but rotom can kill it or trick to cripple it, mesprit can trick or u-turn against it.

    [​IMG]Altaria- Dragon dance- weezing can burn it and make it lose its boost by swiching out, registeel can take it's attacks pretty well.

    Bulkie dragon dance-registeel takes it's attacks while he curses along with it.
    choice band- weezing can take it's attacks and burn it, registeel can curse on its outrage.

    Mono attacker-see bulkie dragon dance

    choice specs-registeel can take its dragon attacks (although fire blast hurts)

    [​IMG]ambipom- attacking lead-Mesprit takes the fake out deal damage with zen headbutt or u-turn to rotom. weezing can take it's attacks and can attack back.

    LifeOrb-Weezing can take its attacks and burn it, rotom is immune to its stab attacks and can thunderbolt for massive damage (got to whatch out for pursiut / payback though).

    Weather support-depends on what pokemon they have but same as the lifeorb set I geuss...

    [​IMG]arcanine-morning glory-cloyster takes it's hits pretty well and surf for damage

    LifeOrb-see morning glory

    choice-again cloyster tanks its hits pretty well

    attacking lead-mesprit u-turn to cloyster to set up spikes or surf it.

    special attacker-cloyster

    choice band-cloyster can tank hits (execpt super power and double-edge), Weezing can burn it and thunderbolt.

    subpunch-if it doesn't have a sub up then weezing can burn it, if it does then weezing can break it with thunderbolt.

    restalk-rotom can thunderbolt

    Choice band / scraf-none of my pokemon can swich into this thing, I ethier have sack something to take the flare blitz then get in rotom or mesprit in safely to thunderbolt or zen headbutt it

    Mix attacker-oh shit, again something has to die to get mesprit or rotom to swich in safely to kill it

    sword dance-this is why it's on the team see above sets

    sword dance- weezing if it doesn't have tuant then I can burn it.

    All out attacker-weezing but easier to wall

    bulkie attack-again weezing if no tuant


    choice band / scraf-weezing

    special attacker-registeel

    all out attacker-registeel

    sunny day- if no hidden power fire then registeel

    dagon / sword dance-weezing

    sub dance-weezing

    chesto rest-weezing

    sub fail-weezing


    all out attacker-weezing can pain split stall it till toxic / flame orb takes it toll

    sub punch-weezing


    choice band / scarf-weezing






    mix nasty plot-blaziken

    mix attakcer-blaziken

    lead-swich to blaziken



    sword dance-weezing

    lead- U-turn to weezing

    offensive rapin spin-weezing

    choice band-weezing


    physical attacker-weezing

    sub punch-weezing


    sword dance-weezing, registeel


    nasty plot-registeel

    calm mind-registeel

    LifeOrb-just keep rocks up

    Choice-see lifeorb


    mix attacker-mesprit


    special attacker-registeel

    physcial attacker-weezing

    rain dance-rotom outspeeds and KOs with thunderbolt


    choice band / scraf-weezing


    sword dance-weezing, registeel


    standerd-if no sub then weezing takes care of it

    sub-cloyster but it has to take alot of damage

    Rock polish-weezing

    choice band-weezing



    choice-registeel but have to whatch out for trick


    choice-registeel but must whatch out for focus blast

    LifeOrb-see choice

    sword dance-weezing

    mix attacker-weezing, registeel


    sword dance-weezing, registeel if no brick break

    choice-see sword dance



    rock polish-weezing

    choice band-weezing

    sword dance-weezing


    sword dance-weezing

    nasty plot-mesprit can revenge kill it


    quick feet-rotom can revenge kill it


    special attacker- registeel

    sword dance-weezing

    mix attacker-registeel, weezing

    choice-registeel, weezing
  3. pie cream

    pie cream

    Jul 26, 2011
    bumping to say that the threat list is done and I need some rates please
  4. fatty

    is a Tiering Contributor

    Jan 24, 2010
    both cloyster and blaziken are banned from uu
  5. marilli

    marilli two, but one.
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Nov 26, 2010
    This is Gen 4 UU fatty. They were never banned from Gen 4 UU if I remember correctly.

  6. Bengedoes


    May 15, 2009
    I'm sorry, but the post is very chaotic with not-so-good English and a lot of spelling mistakes. I don't think anyone feels like rating your team because of that. Sorry to say this but it's just the truth.
  7. Harlot


    Sep 11, 2011
    I disagree, I think it's not getting a lot of rates because it's 4th gen.
  8. pie cream

    pie cream

    Jul 26, 2011

    I'm sorry you think that.., I'll try and get better
  9. ShinyAzelf

    is a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 18, 2010
    Just a quick nitpick. 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD EV spread is better on Cloyster because maxing out HP means you can only switch into Stealth Rock 4 times instead of 5!
  10. pie cream

    pie cream

    Jul 26, 2011
    sorry for the late reply... I'll will change that. Thanks for the rate!

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