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Killer Cloyster (An OU offensive rain team)

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by xRob75, Jul 28, 2013.

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  1. xRob75


    Jun 24, 2013
    Hi and welcome to my second RMT! Before I start I would like to say this is my first rain team so this isnt anything special its just a team I made and have had fun using.​
    The Team at a glance
    View attachment 485 View attachment 486 091.png Unknown.jpeg Unknown-1.jpeg Unknown-2.jpeg Team building process: 1. I started off wanting a rain team so I put on politoed with a specially defensive set View attachment 485 2. I needed something to cover politoeds weaknesses and set up rocks so I chose ferrothorn View attachment 485 View attachment 486 3.I decided on who would be the star of the show enter cloyster! View attachment 485 View attachment 486 091.png 4. I was weak to fighting so i added Volcarona for my special attacker View attachment 485 View attachment 486 091.png Unknown.jpeg 5. My brother suggested tentacruel to me so I put it on and changed politoed to a choice specs set View attachment 485 View attachment 486 091.png Unknown.jpeg Unknown-1.jpeg 6.finally I needed a revenge killer latios being my favorite scarfer I put it on View attachment 485 View attachment 486 091.png Unknown.jpeg Unknown-1.jpeg Unknown-2.jpeg
    In depth analyisis
    politoed@Choice specs​
    ability: drizzle ​
    EVs: 252hp 252 spa 4 spd​
    Modest nature​
    -hydro pump​
    -focus blast​
    -ice beam​
    Needless to say politoed is essential to rain teams so here it is. I slapped on a standard specs set it works well but its awfully predictable. I intend on changing this set when i have the chance​
    ferrothorn@ leftovers​
    ability:iron barbs​
    EVs: 252 hp 4atk 252def​
    impish nature​
    -power whip ​
    -leech seed​
    -stealth rock​
    -thunder wave​
    ferrothorn is my favorite wall. this is because it is able to stall out pokemon such as dragonite and scizor with ease. the fact that it supports politoed is just icing on the cake.​
    Cloyster@focus Sash​
    ability: skill link​
    EVs:4hp 252atk 252spe​
    adamant nature​
    -shell smash​
    -icicle spear​
    -ice shard​
    -rock blast​
    Cloyster is an awesome sweeper. It able to easily set up a shell smash when it does so it can outspeed nearly entire teams in the rain. icicle spear and rock blast give it excellent type coverage.​
    Volcarona@Life orb​
    ability: flame body​
    EVs:4hp 252atk 252spe ​
    modest nature​
    -quiver dance ​
    -bug buzz​
    -giga drain​
    Volcarona is my way of using a fire type to take care of grass types without fire moves. Volcarona is great at punching holes in opposing teams to support cloyster. Volcarona is extremely useful on this team.​
    tentacruel@black sludge​
    ability:rain dish​
    EVs:252hp 240spd 16spe​
    calm nature​
    -ice beam​
    -knock off​
    -rapid spin​
    Tentacruel is a good special tank. Tentacruel also provides support for volcarona by eliminating entry hazards. ​
    latios@choice scarf​
    EVs:4hp 252spa 252spe​
    timid nature​
    -draco meteor​
    Latios is the best revenge killer in the current metagame. It is able to take out threats with ease. It also provides the only ground immunity on this team.​
    This team is very reliable. In the 15 games I played with it I went 11 and 4. Keep in mind i am not the greatest player though. If any skilled players are reading this feel free to use this team as long as you let me know what you rank at.
  2. emboarrocks


    Jul 17, 2013
    Don't have a lot of time right now so this will be short but a few suggestions:

    -Swap out Surf or Hydro Pump for Hidden Power Grass/Electric to surprise gastrodon/gyrados on POlitoed. You don't need two water moves.
    -Ice shard seems like a waste on Cloyster as the only time you would use it is to revenge a dragon. At +2, you can outspeed most things anyways. I would recommend surf/shell blade for steel types.
    -Try Scald over ice beam on tentacruel to wall physical attackers too.
  3. Alfalfa


    Aug 31, 2012
    Can you add at least three lines of description please so we are on the same page to exactly why we are using what? Thanks. Anyways, here is my individual nitpicks on each pokemon:

    Politoed: I would really swap one of the water moves for HP Grass to complete the Water/Grass/Ice coverage and hit threats like Jellicent and Gastrodon.

    Ferrothorn: A spread of Impish 252 HP/88 Def/168 SDef allows Ferrothorn to take some more special hits, making him a formidable mixed wall.

    Cloyster: Ice Shard is really not needed with all of that speed. I would switch Cloyster's nature to Naive so you can opt for Hydro Pump > Ice Shard. A +2 STAB Hydro Pump in the rain will hurt.

    Volcarona: Even in rain, Fire Blast will still hurt threats like Ferrrothorn, Forretress, and Jirachi, thanks to Volcarona's STAB on it. I recommend going Fire Blast > Giga Drain.

    Tentacruel: Scald > Ice Beam. Scald is a STAB that allows Tentacruel to take on physical threats much easier, courtesy of the burn chance.

    Latios: Looks fine to me.

    Good luck on the team.
  4. xRob75


    Jun 24, 2013
    Thanks i will put these adjustments on now
  5. Jirachee

    Jirachee scootin
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    Sep 24, 2010
    sorry, but I'm gonna lock this thread. your descriptions are breaking the rules, you need a minimum of three lines for each Pokemon. PM me your updated descriptions and I'll unlock this thread.
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