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Kitsunoh's Pre-evolution design

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This is a quick poll to determine the design that Kitsunoh's pre-evolution will have. Don't worry too much about the quality or if it's not in sprite form, that will be handled after the poll.

In no particular order.



Doran Dragon:

The Reptile:






heralds disaster.
Imma let you finish, but Wyverii's submission is best.

It's menacing and doesn't default to "It's a prevo, so it must have big eyes and stubby limbs" syndrome. It's also a much more subtle pun than Krill's prevo turned out to be. *shudder*
...TBH, while pkmn-taicho's was also appealing, Wyverii got it right the first time.

Wyverii managed to make Nohface look haunting but slow. It's the only one that actually looks like a slow, haunting spirit IMO-and while I think Taicho deserves praise as well for the same principle applied to Kit's masks, I just find Wyverii looks the best out of them.
ASB has no bearing on the stats of this 'mon. Don't assume it does or make desisions based on it. Kitsunoh's pre-evo doesn't have stats currently.
I still find Wyverii's entry to be high on my totem pole-while I wish I'd voted Taicho's instead now, I certainly don't mind Nohface staying as-is.

(incidentally, I think that this would have been better as a bold-vote instant runoff poll.)
My favourite design was actually The Reptile's original. Barring that, though, I've also picked Wyverii.

I agree that IRV is perfectly suited to art polls - if two designs are similar it means the votes aren't split; and if your favourite is a little wacky and gets knocked out, it means your vote isn't wasted.
Doran holds true to the sterotypical "Metal" was of evolving: meet more of your own species, and link up (See Magnemite and Metagross). And I do remember it being said somewhere that it was a gathering of Nohface joining together becomes Kitsunoh. Just me 2 bits.


My vote definitely goes to Doran Dragon. Something about the other ones feels too obvious. A smaller ghost cat with a metal face turns into a larger ghost cat with a metal face? Meh. Doran's, on the other hand, is dramatic enough to be worth of being called an evolution and is a good design on its own. It doesn't feel like it needs to evolve in order to be complete in its identity as a Pokemon, which is something that even a lot of officially existing pre-evos lack.
I was thinking the reptile's, but then I thought about Kitsunoh's art. It is a "scary" looking pokemon, and the prevo should be as such, not something cute. Also, Wyverri's looks like a miniature form most to me, just without the masks.
Ah well.
So I voted Doran Dragon, since I didn't think the design should be animal-like, but more like a wisp.
This one seems to be simple enough to keep that, but also have enough features to make it stand out.
Also, I'm not sure what it is, but the non-masked face just doesn't work for me. I guess I like the mystery of keeping it hidden, or perhaps I don't see it as being pitch-black when the mask is removed.
I had the misfortune of looking at Wyverii's poll count right above me and thinking I was winning for a split second.

Good thing I like Wyverii's design.

@Joey Boy: Wyverii is a "she"


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Voted Wyverii because I think he best captures what I think of when I think of a creature called Nohface. That last sentence sounds a little funny to me but oh well, I chose his design because it also is quite original. All the prevos except for his have masks and I like the idea of Nohface gaining the mask during evolution.


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I really kinda like the name Nohface. Say in conjunction with my concept, it would really bring out the referance to the Noh mask in the name. It would also work with Wyverii's concept with the pun of nohface face.
Poll's closing!

There will be a second poll to determine the winner between the top two. Doran Dragon's sprite and my own will be going through.
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