Klinklang (Update) [QC 0/3]


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  • Klinklang looks cool and plays cooler.
  • Shift Gear is a great boosting move, Gear Grind can break subs.
  • Decent Speed and Attack stats are bolstered.
  • Good defenses and Steel typing ensure it stays around for a while.
  • Its movepool is as varied as the inside of a ping-pong ball.
  • Gets hard countered by several Pokemon.
name: Shift Gear
move 1: Shift Gear
move 2: Gear Grind
move 3: Return
move 4: Substitute / Hidden Power [Ground]
item: Leftovers / Life Orb
nature: Adamant / Naughty
evs: 100 HP / 252 Atk / 156 Spe

  • Shift Gear boosts Klinklang’s decent Attack and Speed stats
  • Gear Grind for STAB and to break subs.
  • Return for neutral coverage (because KK has no physical movepool)
  • Substitute helps with prediction and protects against status.
  • Hidden Power Ground and Fire give coverage against Steels and other walls.
  • However, it is better to wait till all Steel-types are gone.
  • Outspeeds everything up to and including Timid Choice Scarf Manectric. (I increased the speed because there are only two 100 base Speed Pokemon in RU and only one uses Choice Scarf.)
  • Spread can be tinkered to beat Choice Scarf Archeops but it’s generally Adamant.
  • Spread can be changed to 216 HP / 252 Atk / 40 Spe to outspeed Scarf Rotom-C and +1 Jolly Feraligatr after a boost and to grant Klinglang more bulk.
  • Life Orb increases damage output and is better with Hidden Power
  • Leftovers increases longevity and is a must with Substitute
  • Entry hazards help Klingklang out a lot (especially Stealth Rock and Spikes and especially when using Life Orb.)
  • After Stealth Rock Entei is 2HKOed and Tangrowth is 2HKOed 100% of the time with 2 layers of Spikes. (Chance is still there for the 2HKO with just Spikes + SR but is much lower.)
  • When not using Hidden Power Magnet Rise Magneton is great teammate being able to take out Steelix, Ferroseed and Agron.
  • Sandslash can wall the aforementioned threats and spin hazards as well as setting them up.
name: Chesto Rest
move 1: Shift Gear
move 2: Gear Grind
move 3: Return
move 4: Rest
item: Chesto Berry
nature: Adamant
evs: 100 HP / 252 Atk / 156 Spe

  • Klinklang can run a good ChestoRest set thanks to its great physical bulk and decent special bulk.
  • Rest, in conjunction with Shift Gear, allows Klinklang to set up more than once.
  • Rest also gets rid of any annoying status.
  • Gear Grind for STAB and breaking subs.
  • Return for neutral coverage.
  • This can set up on weak walls such as Ferroseed, Drapion, Clefable and Uxie without worrying about status.
  • Toxic Spikes helps to stall out walls as Klinklang Rests and Shift Gears.
  • Max Attack because Klinklang isn’t outrageously strong, even at +1.
  • Again, the spread enables Klinklang to outspeed all positive natured Choice Scarf users with 108 base Speed or less.
  • This cannot get past Steel-types, so a teammate who can remove them with ease (Magneton), or can take advantage of their presence (Hitmonlee, Entei) is almost a necessity.
[Other Options]
  • Calling Klinklangs movepool ‘barren’ would be an understatement.
  • Thunder Wave and Toxic can be used to spread status
  • Special set with Charge Beam is ridiculously outclassed, slow and weak. (I don’t want to even mention it, but I left this in, in case anyone thinks it deserves a mention).
  • Klinklang can set up Trick Room but is too fast to abuse it.

[Checks and Counters]
  • Klinklang has few counters, but the ones it has wall it completely.
  • Bulky Water-types and Steel-types rain on its parade.
  • Magneton can set up with Charge Beam, Substitute and Magnet Rise.
  • Ferroseed can come and lay hazards all over the place (and paralyse Klingklang with Thunderwave.
  • Steelix kills it with Earthquake and can lay down the rocks.
  • Alomomola can burn it with Scald and Qwilfish can set up Toxic Spikes on it.
  • Entei is a good, albeit slightly shaky, check thanks to good bulk and STAB Flare Blitz.
  • Rhydon can take a Gear Grind an hit back with Earthquake.
  • If you don’t use Clear Body when it’s released you need your head examined.
  • Also, it blocks Qwilfish’s Intimidate.

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I don't think that you need to outspeed Scarf Galvantula. It's not common at all, and it's not even that good in my opinion, since its outclassed by Manectric in a Choice Scarf role. I think the main spread should be 100 HP / 252 Atk / 156 Spe Adamant, since that's all you need to outspeed Scarf Manectric. I would also edit out the mention of Scarf Hitmonchan. Looks good otherwise.


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I don't think Klinklang really needs an update. We just need to change the spread to that 100 HP / 252 Atk / 156 Spe one, and maybe add a mention of ChestoRest in AC. Other than that, the current analysis is perfectly fine.


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I really think Klinklang deserves to have a ChestoRest set at least. I have tested it, and it does very well as well as playing differently to the standard set.

Also, by mentioning it in the AC we're suggesting that it's similar to the standard set, which I don't think it is. The first set does better against offensive teams, whereas the latter has an easier time against more balanced teams.

EDIT: Also, I wanted to re-write the checks and counters section, because I found it was a bit sparse.


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To be honest, I think ChestoRest sounds mostly inferior to Substitute. Of the four Pokemon you mention ChestoRest beating, Ferroseed and Uxie can't break your Subs, Drapion can Whirlwind you away so it's impossible to set up on, and Clefable is OHKOed by +1 Gear Grind.

The Checks and Counters section seems fine to me, but what did you want to add?


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I wanted to add things like Alomomola and Rhydon. Also ChestoRest can get past Dusknoir which the other set can't.

I guess I see your point though.
Remove the HP Fire slash imo. Its only purpose over Ground has ever been Ferroseed, which is beaten anyway bu Subbing, Grinding up to +6 atk and 2 or 3HKOing iirc with Return. There's really no purpose to it.