Kobaruon (QC Approved 2/2)




  • Impressive speed (allows it to Outpace Chomp and base 100s_
  • Typing is only shared with lucario
  • 4x Resistance to SR
  • Advantages over Lucario (Speed and Bulk as well as Justice Heart)
  • Justice Heart (Attack Boosted One stage when hit by a Dark Type Attack)
name: Swords Dance
move 1: Close Combat
move 2: Stone Edge / Iron Head
move 3: Swords Dance
move 4: Rock Polish / Substitute
item: Life Orb / Leftovers
nature: Jolly
evs: 4 HP / 252 AtK / 252 Spe

Set Description:

  • Fast, good offensive typing and is able to boost effectively with SD

  • Base 91/128/72 defenses along with its Steel / Fighting typing gives it many chances to setup.
  • Close Combat for STAB, stone edge to hit those who are immune / resist
Additional Comments:

  • Substitute can be used since it forces many switches.
  • Rock Polish can also be used in the Last Slot to outpace opponents who have scarf / faster
  • Iron Head has STAB and 30% Flinch rate and has decent coverage with CC
Teammates & Counters:

  • Pokemon that can take Fire and Ice Type attacks, Heatran and Bulky Waters come to mind.
  • Pokemon that Lure Dark Type Attacks
  • Skarmory Can take a +2 CC
  • Wobbuffet can Encore / Counter Birijion
  • Mewtwo can Aura Sphere for a simple KO
[Team Options]

  • Wobbuffet can both bait Dark-type moves for Justice Heart boosts and take Fighting-type moves aimed at Kobaruon
  • Teammates that set up entry hazards
  • Pokemon who can take Fire attacks (Heatran , Kyogre , Reshiram)
[Optional Changes]

  • Sacred Sword can be used over Close Combat, trading power in order to stay away from the Defense/Special Defense drops.
  • Can Run Cheer Up set, but inferior to SD for the most part
  • Can Run CM set, but largely inferior to NP Luke and not much reason to use over SD

  • Scarfed Pokemon who have a Super Effective move on Kobaruon ( EX: Heatran, Reshiram) , Mewtwo, Deoxys forms
  • Wobbuffet can Encore / Counter Birijion
  • Lugia can take hits and T-Wave / Reflect
  • Giratina , Giratina-O , Lati@s, Mewtwo can all easily take attacks and deal large amounts of damage
[Dream World]

  • Kobaruon does not have a Dream World ability
Bloo and I talked this over on IRC, and this is what we think would be best for this set: it can function as a Double Dancer, using Swords Dance against slower teams, and Rock Polish against offensive line-ups; then Substitute can be relegated to OC. In addition to this, mentioning the possibility of using an Adamant nature instead of Jolly is plausible, so don't forget to put this in your OP as well. Finally, the set should be named "Double Dancer" now that SD and RP are the main options of it.



Banned deucer.
Agreeing w/ Setsuna. I have one thing to say, though: remove all Uber mentions from your OP and replace them with OU mentions now that we are writing for the OU metagame.

  • Base 91/128/72 defenses along with its Steel / Fighting typing gives it many chances to setup.
Kobaruon has 129 base Defense according to the serebii link near the top of your page, not 128 like you mention. Other than that, I approve. There isn't much else this guy can do, unfortunately.