Kyurem-B Sub(OU Analyses)

At First this poke disappointed me but later on i noticed i used i very wrong. Once i figured how to use it with the right support and the best moveset this poke takes down at the least 2 pokemon. I have been testing this moveset sense the poke was viable in ou and other sets as well.


Kyurem-B was a unexpected downfall but because of low usage it dropped to ou with gave the metagame a unique pokemon with over 600 base stat to experiment with, to be exact 700 base stat. Kyurem-B also has the typing of original Kyurem which gives him awsome stabs Dragon and Ice. He also has an extra couple of toys the original Kyurem does not. Fusion Bolt gives Kyurem-B some good coverage to hit many pokes much harder thats its stabs would havent such as Heatran, Cloyster, Forretress, Genesect, Skarmory, Vaporeon, Politoed, Gyarados,and Metagross. Another difference is the astronomical attack power with a sky high 170 base atk and also a great 120 base attack a bit lower than orginal Kyurem but still good over all. Another great thing about Kyurem-B is it has great bulk 125/100/90 which is really good defenses.

Kyurem-B is not all great things with this pokemon it has its fair share disadvantages. Its Typing is also a double edge sword giving him a weakness to common Pokemon and attacks such as fighting, dragon, and rock. Its also Weak to Priority moves such as mach punch, bullet punch, and vacuum wave. Its 2nd worst disadvantage would be its the second slowest dragon in OU only out speeding the likes of Dragonite, as Kyurem-B speed hinders its effectiveness a lot being only 95 base Spe. Its worse disadvantage would have to be its weakness to SR taking a huge Chuck out of it every switch in.

Name: SUB UP & Smash
Move 1: Dragon Claw
Move 2: Fusion Bolt
Move 2: Freeze Shock/Ice Beam/ Focus Blast/ Hp FIRE/Earth Power
Move 4: Substitute
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Teravolt
Nature: Jolly/Adamant/Naive
Evs: Jolly/Naive: Hp 52/Atk 204/Spe 252
Adamant: Hp 52/Atk 252/Spe 204

[Set Comments]

Kyurem-B and sub go great together it sets up on many thing that cant break its sub and on switch out when opponents think they can go into a steel type safely but there dead wrong. Why D-claw over Outrage you ask well the reason is that Kyurem-B with its massive attack already has all the power it needs 2hitko most pokes with it, also as a more defensive set up it doesn't need to be locked in one move when it can switch it up keeping the opponent guessing. Fusion bolt is there for coverage where it hits those pokes at top hard while its stabs couldn't. Personally i use Freeze Shock over the other because of the raw power with the base power being 140 and the massive base stat and while using sub it acts a lot like subpunch and has the chance to paralyze but it has trouble with protecting pokes such as Gliscor. Ice beam is usually my second choice which gives me a great mixed set hitting Hippowdon, Donphan, Haxorus, Gloscor, and other dragons really hard. Earthpower hits Heatran really hard and Focus blast hits Ferrothron & magnazone which otherwise walls it pretty decently. The evs i gave it was to be able to set up on Blissey and Chansey with subs and fire away attacks while still being able to hit very hard and be as fast as it can be. Kyurem-B can set up subs on the likes of Magnazone, Politoed, Blissey, Chansey, Deoxys, Ferrothorn without gyro-ball, Gastrodon, Jellicent, Scarfed Thundurus-T t-bolt, Celebii, Tentacruel, Forretress, and Gyarados and switch outs

Freeze Shock vs Ferrothorn hp252/def88 = 60.8-70.8% 2hitko
Freeze Shock vs Celebii hp252/def252 = 99-117.13% (97.35%1hitko without rocks)
Freeze Shock vs Tyranitar hp252/def0 = 62.38-73.51% 2hitko
Focus Blast vs Ferrothorn hp252/spdef168 = 56.06-66.44% 2hitko
Focus Blast vs Magnazone hp32/def0 = 85.15-100.32%( 43.75% chance to ko after rocks)
Dragon Claw vs Dragonite multiscale hp4/def0 = 100-118.52% 1hitko
Dragon Claw vs Rotom-W hp184/def4 = 46.34-54.7% 80% chance to 2hitko after rocks
Dragon Claw vs Blissey hp252/def252 = 39.5-46.15% (about a 50% chance to 2hitko after rocks damage)
Ice Beam vs Hippowdon hp252/def252 = 74.29-87.26% 2hitko
Ice Beam vs Gliscor hp252/0spdef = 100% 1hitko
Fusion Blot vs Cloyster hp0/def0 = 61.66-72.74% 2hitko
Fusion Bolt vs Vaporeon hp252/def252 = 55.29-65.23% 2hitko
Fusion Bolt vs Skarmory hp252/def232 = 44.91-53.29% (95% chance of 2hitko it after rocks)
Earth Power vs Heatran hp252/spdef252 60.1-71.5% 2hitko

[Checks] to Kyurem-B would be Scizor bp, banded Genesect, Ferrothron, Conkeldurr, Faster Dragons and fighting types Latios/tias, Salamance, Hydreigon, Haxorus, Keldeo, Terrakion, Infernape and Landorus with SE.
[Counter] Would have to be Ferrothorn and Heatran which it takes atleast atleast a 3-4 hits to ko ferro and Heatran without the moves Focus blast.

The way i used this Poke was as a Lead and worked really well because the majority of teams are rain and Politoed is usually the lead because i didn't have a weather poke to bring up my weather so i sub on the first turn if they switch something gets hit very hard if not and toxics or scald i can take it with the sub and fire back strong attacks from my sub.