Lanturn's Art


Hey guys! I'm pretty new to digital art (aka I just started doing it for fun about a month ago and only have a mouse and the Vista version of MS Paint), but hopefully I'll get better over time. Any constructive criticism is appreciated :toast:

So, without further ado, here's what I have so far:

Sealeo playing with Voltorb

Pachurisu eating a Sunkern



Garbodor chasing Tediursa

Articuno in the Seafoam Islands

Vulpix and Foongus


Aron (made of construction paper)




Lanturn in the abyss
(Black and white version)

Derpy Garchomp


Rotom-H: Toaster Forme

Lanturn painting a Milotic

Slowpoke in Slowpoke Well

Ampharos near the Olivine City Lighthouse

Drifloon ^_^

Note: I will NOT be taking any requests until August 5, since I am swamped with exams until then. Thanks for understanding :)
I like your cute style, and you are really good at painting! That Articuno picture is my favorite. You should totally do a Vulpix in your style ^^
I like this! For something done with a MOUSE on VISTA it's really great! I paricularly adore the Articuno! Please please OH please do a cute Muk! Please?

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Wait. No pictures of Lanturn? Regardless, your art really makes me smile. That expression on Teddiursa's face is priceless!

Edit: OOHH!! Lanturn! <3<3<3<3
Amazing! :3
Thanks for the really nice feedback, guys! Here's a Vulpix for Saeglopur:

Lamprey's Muk is up next :toast:

Also, I have colored a few pictures of Lanturn, but Morm did the lineart for them, so I didn't know how appropriate it would be to include them in my own art thread. Here they are, anyway... he said he didn't mind, so I guess it should be ok:

I'm planning on drawing a Lanturn of my own soon, though :)

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You're welcome, Saeglopur! ^_^

Here's a cute Muk for Levitating Lamprey:

Hope it's cute enough lol

Also, an Aron I made out of construction paper wayyy back in November or December or something for Morm because it's one of his favorite Pokemon:
Dawwwww, what a cute Muk; it reminds me of those purple smiling blobs you see on cartoon shows and child vitamin ads! Also, that Aron is EVEN CUTER, but then again, Aron is cute as almost anything. Dawwwww!
wow this is pretty damn impressive with paint and a mouse. when i read that i was expecting the pictures to look like stick figures...

even without considering how you drew them, these are still really nice. i really like the shading/broad lines in the sealeo + kingler drawings!
Wow, thanks for all the compliments, everyone!!!

Rittercat, since I'm working with MS Paint, I can't really resize things without losing some quality... I think... Sorry I'm such a noob! Hopefully, this will do:

Also, here's a Breloom I've been working on:
So, I've kind of let this thread die, and here's why: I was going to draw my favorite pokemon of each type and then post all 17 of them at once~! But then I kind of got sidetracked with classes, so I only got through a few of them before I forgot about it. I guess I'll post what I've got now and draw the rest later lol.

The next one is Sandile for ground, which is a WIP-- I've only finished its head lol:

Here's an unrelated drawing of a Rotom-H because Magic Toaster complained in my VMs about a noticeable lack of Rotom-H drawings, so I decided to draw one:

And here's my latest work. I just discovered Sumo Paint today and decided to fool around with it. Since I'm so used to MS Paint, it was kind of difficult to figure out where everything was, so I decided to just keep it simple. I really like Kinneas's style, so I tried to emulate that while drawing this Jellicent, though my lines aren't quite as clean as his...:

Note that it is NOT an energy ball jellicent. It is the attract variant, as it is very suave with its sexy moustache~
Yayyyy double post/bump

Sup, smogon? I've been really busy this summer, but I've managed to make a couple more things:

Yeahhhh I finally drew a Lanturn today!!! :heart: Now that I've figured out how to use various brushes and stuff on sumopaint (wellll, sort of... I think I went a bit overboard with the light lol), you guys will probably be seeing stuff like this from me from now on ^_^

Older stuff:

So, just after the Garchomp ban, Morm drew me this Garchomp, and I colored it ^_^


All of those are great. Lanturn and magenmite are simply amazing; both look very realistic.

Garchomp is pretty damn funny tooo.


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I enjoy your style of no hard black outlines. Iz very refreshing and gives it that paint/pastel feel. magnemite especially it looks soooo cool!! Do work~
That breloom picture is easily the best. I'm obsessed with capturing depth in photographs, but you did it so well with just MS Paint, it's lovely. The breloom is in much better detail/sharpness compared to the background, but it's so so good! :toast:

Thanks everyone!!!

Commatthew6 requested a Starmie, so here it is:

Starmie is more difficult than it looks-- it was really hard to get it symmetrical :/

Also, here's another Lanturn I drew:

I didn't use MS Paint for this one; instead, I used this program called Sumopaint, which is free online and is a lot like photoshop. Much as I love MS Paint, I wanted to see what I could do with a better program lol

I do take requests! And if you guys don't give me any requests, I'm just going to keep drawing Lanturns :pimp:
Hi Lanturn, I really love your art! I like the warm feel to it; it almost looks hand-painted. If you want requests, can I request a really cute Slowpoke please? Thanks in advance!