LC Seasonal Playoffs - Round 4


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Finally after 9 months, 3 seasonals, and close to 400 competitors, only 16 remain! We have a cast of highly skilled LC players left and I'm very excited to see how everyone approaches the fairly new USUM metagame in a high level environment. Without further ado, here are our playoff qualifiers:

#1 Chill Shadow - 35 points
#2 Dundies - 31 points
#3 fitzy72 - 26 points
#4 ggggd - 26 points
#5 Kingler12345 - 25 points
#6 SilentMango - 25 points
#7 Heysup - 23 points
#8 jake - 21 points
#9 FLCL - 21 points
#10 Jox - 21 points
#11 Osh - 20 points
#12 Eternal Spirit - 20 points
#13 Sken - 19 points
#14 Kurukaito - 19 points
#15 tazz - 18 points
#16 PD - 18 points

As you can see, there were quite a few ties. In order to avoid forcing players to play for seeding, the following tiebreak measures were used:

1. Head to Head matchups​
2. If players come to an agreement for their seeds​
3. If players want to battle for their seed​
4. Coinflip​
This resulted in the following:
  • ggggd and fitzy72 battled with fitzy72 coming out with a win. He choose seed #3 and to play against Kurukaito in round one.
  • Kingler12345 beat SilentMango in Spring Seasonal Round 15, so he choose seed #5.
  • jake, Jox, and FLCL came to an agreement. Jox wanted to play Heysup and the other two didn't care about their seed.
  • Eternal Spirit didn't care about his seed either and let Osh pick. Osh choose seed #11.
  • PD and tazz came to an agreement.
There was also some debate whether playoffs should be in SM, the format for all of the seasonals, or in USUM, the newest, most relevant LC metagame. 14 of the qualifiers voiced their opinion and 9 of them wanted USUM. I was also in support of USUM, so here we are.

With all of that out of the way, here are the first round pairings!

Round 1
1. Chill Shadow vs 16. PD
8. jake vs 9. FLCL
4. ggggd vs 13. Sken
5. Kingler12345 vs 12. Eternal Spirit
2. Dundies vs 15. tazz
7. Heysup vs 10. Jox
3. fitzy72 vs 14. Kurukaito
6. SilentMango vs 11. Osh
Round 2

1. Chill Shadow vs. 8. jake
4. ggggd vs. 12. Eternal Spirit
2. Dundies vs. 10. Jox
3. fitzy72 vs. 11. Osh

16. PD vs. 9. FLCL
13. Sken vs. 5. Kingler12345
15. tazz vs. 7. Heysup
14. Kurukaito vs. 6. SilentMango
Round 3

3. fitzy72 vs. 9. FLCL
10. Jox vs. 13. Sken
12. Eternal Spirit vs. 7. Heysup
8. jake vs. 6. SilentMango

Round 4

1. Chill Shadow vs 4. ggggd
2. Dundies vs 11. Osh

9. FLCL vs 10. Jox
7. Heysup vs 8. jake

This is a double elimination bracket. All matches are best of three. Best of luck to all the competitors, I'm looking forward to some great games. Let us know when you plan on playing!
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1. Chill Shadow [60] vs. PD [40]. This is a tough one because purpledoosh is my son, but cs is really playing good littlecup rn and it's hard to envision him losing. I do expect PD to take a game, but the balance of probability is on Chill Shadow's side for sure. the x-factor is how bad both of these nicks are - is chill shadow like a relaxed shadow who likes to hit that loud? or like a ominous shadow? and does purpledoosh refer to anything but an antiquated, ineffective, and really sort of gross method of birth control with the best flavor of kool-aid? who knows.
2. Dundies [65] vs. Tazz [35]. This may have already happened so excuse me if it did. Dundies is really good at jumping people in the opening rounds of tours, and i dont think tazz has watched enough lc recently to understand dundies's playstyle. They'll be some games where tazz is just a little too passive and dundies uses the diglett to set up a disgusting marienenene sweep. fuck that mon. idea for a catchphrase for tazz: "tazzered", like "tazered" but with his name. he could use the police avi and hope dundies is an unarmed black teen at like a mcdonalds or whatever, which is the #1 situation where tazers are employed.
3. Fitzy72 [60] vs. Kurukaito [40]. A wacky stylistic matchup, by which i mean we're likely to see the dumbest bullshit lc has in the team builder. There will be multiple torchics. There will be a team with aipom and meowth. There will be Veil. There will be kabuto. These replays will no doubt make their way into Guantanamo, where "detainees" held in stress positions will be forced to watch them on loop and make comments like " wow, meowth deserves A- rank" and "torchic pass to mudbray is a good and cool strat". Fitzy will win though, the committed soldier: "I was just following orders" to bring torchic veil, says the man himself.
4. ggggd [45] vs. Sken [55]. This is a tough one. ggggd is a strong pick, and very well might be one of the favorites of the tournament. But i like sken here, only slightly, but firmly. These games probably will get grimy, and sken's got a knack for finding wins in weird situations. I think he feels slightly disrespected by popular opinion towards him, and will come prepared with teams maybe slightly more fresh than what ggggd has drip through the exhaust pipe of whatever car trash is driving. Im unsure, though - neither result would surprise me.
5. Kingler12345 [45] vs. Eternal Spirit [55]. The lcer who resembles a slakoth every other turn takes on the only lc player who could viably appear on an episode of Maury. This meta is good for kingler - lots of dig, pony, aipom, 19 speed bullshit. Gama's been hot recently, though, and i can see him coming out swinging and picking up this one. another interesting set.
6. SilentMango [58] vs. Osh [42]. Legend has it this series has already taken place 3251 times on the lc ladder rank 1589 at fake times like 11:30 am EST while both users are using alts like "king of silence" and only typing gg and never "sorry" even when catastrophic hax happens. I give mango the edge because he's won more - the higher seed - and ive played him before and liked his style, though he doesnt leap of the screen with plays. but i like osh and think he has a real shot in this one if he doesnt bring Chespin.
7. Heysup [60] vs. Jox [40]. Another zany one. Certain to occur at like 4:30 AM canada time while jox is like at a dutch youth group trying to fuck. Heysup is going to bring like rocky helmet gible - "'it's an aipom check, aipom isnt broken guys" - and make plays while jox is going to see how many z-moved 19 speeders can fit on one team. Jox is a good player, but, as nine mentioned above, you fuck with heysup at your own peril. Same goes for predicting against him.
8. Zebraiken [55] vs. FLCL [45]. There's a nonzero chance flcl has a pink trophy by the time this one goes - the ever-widening gap between hiye's wins and when they'll slap the trophy on is :suspicious: as hell. Both dudes play lc, but zeb seems to be slightly more committed, and will have the techs to power him through. It's a gut feeling, and i could be wrong, but i like him here.
You know Jox is the true hero because he's literally the only person on the planet who would choose to fight Heysup in a LC tournament
dear nineage and other people but mostly nineage
i volunteered to fight heysup in dpp on aipom army in 2k15 with no dpp experience.
infamy said:
ill fite heysup and whoop him into next saturday rowan dont worry amigo compadre.
and i won. so yea i guess you could say that 067jox is infamy tier and i would agree with that assessment.
throwback thursday.
and wow its actually thursday today. what a coincidence. i am trying to start a twitter hashtag called throwforwardfriday where you say what you will be doing next friday but it hasnt caught on yet. it will though make no mistake it will.
and now our feature presentation.
infpredicts volume whatever.
side note lowkey infpredicts are probably the only reason rowan picked me up midseason that year. he was the first to see the passion of greatness burning deep within my bosom. i wouldve no doubt succeeded inevitably but i thank rowan most greatly for recognizing my brilliance.

1. Chill Shadow vs 16. PD - yall ready know my boy pd finna bring some ghost pepper ass shit and obliterate no name noob chillshadow. jk u seem like a cool dude mr shdow. but purpledoosh is my spirit animal. i was born to an old indian native american medicine woman and a western gunfighter who dressed all in black leather. the last time i ever saw my mother was when i was 5 yrs old and my dad made me burn my first and only toy which was a small top that wouldnt spin no matter how hard u tried to spin it and also he made me burn a picture of my mother and then he carried me on his back naked into the desert. as i looked back on the ashes of my mothers photograph i heard a voice call from above and say infamy purpledoosh is ur spirit animal. and so it was.
8. Zebraiken vs 9. FLCL - zebs an lc mastermind also his name has zebra in it. the noble zebra represents the duality of nature life and death. a little known fact is that zebras are vertically striped because they also function as bar codes. for example one zebra u can could be for a bag of chips and a different zebra could be for a box of twinkies and a third zebra could be for some cigars. all bar codes are based on real life zebras in the wild. they have been replicated so u dont have to clone a zebra and attach it to every bag of chips in the world. the more you know.
4. ggggd vs 13. Sken - tbh i love both of these players because they are extremely cute. i am picking sken because he is from spain and while spain is not a truly white nation because its been contaminated with arab and moorish blood its certainly whiter than brazil so i figure sken has the white privilege. white privilege originates with the game of chess where the white people get to move before the black people. most of the time the white people win but sometimes the black people win and when that happens its called the blues because when you mix white and black you get blue. white privilege extends beyond chess though to pokemon because since white people win more than black people they think theyre better so they do better. this is whats known as the placebo effect and when doctors give people drugs they have to give the black people more drugs to keep them subdued and not angry about white privilege.
5. Kingler12345 vs 12. Eternal Spirit - eternal spirit was on the guerrilla goletts with me and he seemed like a cool dude. also i dont think hes gay. i do not like the name though. i do not believe in anything eternal except death and chaos. there is no spirit that lasts forever not even great kings. let me tell a story to explain. once i met a headless traveller from an antique land in a mumbasa barroom drinking gin and he said two vast and trunkless legs of stone stand in the desert near them on the sand half sunk a shattered visage lies whose frown and wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command tell that its sculptor well those passions read which yet survive stamped on these lifeless things the hand that mocked them and the heart that fed and on the pedestal these words appear
my name is donald king of kings look on my works ye mighty and despair​
nothing beside remains. round the decay of that colossal wreck boundless and bare the lone and level sands stretch far away.
2. Dundies vs 15. tazz - one day a great warrior shall ride out of the mountains heart atop a pale green steed wrapped in the webs of spiders and he shall slay the great beast dundies and from then on dundies shalt be known as dundied but until that day dundies shall tower over the land and rule it as king and that land shall be known as dundiesland. to those few underground historians whom dundies hath not foundeth the land is named little cup a name granted by the great shining one himself when he first created the land from the blood he spilled in the slaying of the sadistic shadows who still remain in the heart of the earth waiting for the day of judgment.
7. Heysup vs 10. Jox - jox is the great warrior on pale steed and he shalt doth slayeth all who standeth in his way to liberate the land from the evil rule of dundies. a most important tool for him shalt be the use of his world renowned youtube channel to enlighten the lumpenproletariat and lead them on into a new dawn of universal love and caring. some may say it is wrong for jox to slayeth in the name of universal love and caring but sometimes if you love something you have to kill it. like when my father left me to search the desert for the old masters and i was alone and came into a town and was adopted by a pleasant white family and then i went to school and then to the seminary and i became the town preacher and then my dad came up out of a cave twenty years later and he dug a tunnel to let the cavefolk out into the light but the townsfolk were muchly afeared of they and they doth slaughtered all of the cavefolk and violated the corpses and my father having spendeth many years and many blisters digging the tunnel for the cavefolk wept and i threw oil on him and burnt him as he wept for i could not stand to see him so grief stricken. also his arms were falling off and i figured he couldnt have a very good life with no arms. later i tested my hypothesis on a small altarboy and found it to be true that no body could have any pleasure whatsoever without arms.
3. fitzy72 vs 14. Kurukaito - what does kurukaito mean. its probably some weeaboo bullshit. thats like my second least favorite type of name. also names should never feature capital letters because capital letters are for greedy soul sucking capitalists. luckily for kurukaito my first least favorite type of name is the type of name that has numbers in it.
6. SilentMango vs 11. Osh - mangoes are an overrated fruit but so is chespin. actually chespin is not a fruit it is based on a dinosaur found only in the detroit area that developed a bulletproof skin to protect it from all the bullets flying around from the cops trying to shoot the black people because the black people were not subdued properly with enough drugs. also every cop in detroit at the time was blind due to an unfortunate accident wherein the sprinklers in the police station were accidentally filled with concentrated pepper spray. this is as opposed to unconcentrated pepper spray which is pepper spray that doesnt try its hardest. and accidentally the fire alarm was yanked and the sprinklers went off and blinded all the cops just as they were setting down to dine on the flesh of a virgin. so bullets were flying everywhere and the dinosaurs adapted by developing bulletproof skin. interesting factoid. factoids are separated from facts by the fact that factoids are half octopus but only the good half that can squeeze through keyholes.

the end.


ps sorry if this is a little weird it is my first time doing infpredicts sober in years.
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lost in a shit series to jox 0-2. gl rest of tour. thanks for being good sport about game 1. I wish i didn't throw g2 out of anger before I knew we were redoing but anyway ggs drunksup loses again.
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jox and i started g1 and he dipped, saying he needed to sleep, so i guess ill take the win for g1. i dont want the whole series and our schedules are bad in terms of how they lineup this week, so im requesting an extension until like wednesday next week (i can maybe do sooner though), as i have finals the first three days of next week.